Dec 28, 2005 - New Years Party Update


Alright, soul_d has just reminded me that we should be taking submissions for music for the saturday night party, as we did last year. And so, for this purpose, please send your favorite music to rblords via ftp...use the login name ny2k6 with password party. Or click here:

** NY2K6 FTP site **

Other than that, christmas was a good time, I got an air compressor for my garage and a nice router as well! Guess I have no excuse not to make those subwoofer boxes now. Anyhow, hope to see you all at the party this saturday!

Dec 20, 2005 - New Years Party Invite


First and foremost, as I mentioned in yesterdays update, the New Years party invite is coming soon. So soon, in fact, that it just arrived. So without further delay, please:

**Click here to view the invite**

Just to be clear - everyone I know is invited to the new years party (next saturday) - just don't steal any of my stuff! I mean it! mrp will be in attendance this year - so that should give you an indication of how important this is. There are rumors of a wild like show but that has not yet been confirmed. Also, blue4130 has personally given the 'thumbs up' on the salvaged wine from the flood, and has also brewed up a batch of moonshine vodka which may be present at the party. Thats right, expect to go blind by 12:00!!

Alrighty....lets get some content on this site. Since we are all in the christmas spirit, and considering the amount of snow lying around outside this year - I think you all should check out this awesome 454 powered snowblower. Make sure to view the extra pictures!

Also, for you guys (and lesbians) I've posted some nice christmas cheer pictures to the right of this years 'Santa's Little Helper'. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to y'all!

Santa's Little Helper
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Dec 19, 2005 - Holy crap, time for an update already!


Wow, forgive my neglecting of this site....although its nothing new I suppose.

For those of you wondering what the hell I was doing in California (after reading that last update), I suppose I should explain myself. (Like you care, right?). After 4 years of searching I finally found what I considered a very good deal on a Firebird convertible which I just couldn't pass up - and after a heated bidding war on ebay (winning the auction eventually by slipping a bid in with 3 seconds left) I became the proud new owner of a 1968 Firebird 350 Convertible!

68 Firebird 68 Firebird
So, after paying a small down payment on the car I quickly booked a ticket (along with my father, and soul_d for company) to Los Angeles to pick the car up. Since I didn't have any holidays left to take I had to get this done over a weekend - which was tricky, because I was driving the car 2000 miles back home through horrible blizzards (the blizzards were not planned) - and the US government is very strict on having at least 3 days notice prior to exporting a car, excluding holidays - and this was over the american thanksgiving!

Needless to say it was a bit of a stressful situation, and upon seeing the car in person there were a few somewhat minor dissapointments - but luckily the seller was more than willing to bend on the price enough to still make the car a good deal. So, we jumped in the car and got on the I-15 and headed north....through Vegas (right down the strip actually!), and into Salt Lake city. The next day we cut through serious storms all the way to Great Falls Montana and crashed for the night because of the horrible weather. The 3rd day (sunday) we drove from Great falls all the way home by midnight. Not too bad!

Anyhow, there is more to the having some horrible times at the Canadian customs, but you can ask me personally for that story! Important part is that the firebird is parked safely in my garage and now I get to stare at it until spring!

Here are some pictures of the trip. I'll post more pics later....thats it for now!

PS - Watch for the New Years Eve party trailer coming soon...

Nov 25, 2005 - Quick Update...


Just a quick update before I run off to California in a couple of hours....if you don't know why, then I'll tell you when I get back (Sunday).

Anyhow, Rememberance day was host to a 'guys night out' party that was definately off the scale. It all started at my place, turned into a live8 singalong (just got the DvD!), which then turned into taking raw egg shots, which then turned into one of the most out of control 'meetings' I've ever attended at the kitchen table, which then turned into 'Lets go to the Sutherland for some reason'. Anyhow, there's really not much more I can say that the pictures don't - and luckily (?) Blue4130 had his new fancy camera handy at all check out the pictures.

Thats about it for now, I'll catch you all next week and finish the update!

Nov 02, 2005 - Halloween Pictures Posted


Thanks to all the people who came out to the Halloween party this year, it was a lot of fun and there were a lot of new people who came out!!

And a big 'fuck you' to whoever decided to clean me out of $300 worth of DvDs, sunglasses, booze, and CDs. If anyone has any tips on this, I'd be glad to let you keep the 66 of rum if I could get the opportunity to 'talk' to the theif. So long as there aren't any cameras in the room, that'll do nicely.

Anyhow, nothing fancy this update - just posting the pictures - so just click on the picture to the right to view 'em.

Click for the rest of the pictures...

Oct 25, 2005 - All sorts of delicious junk!


Once a month.....hey, at least I'm consistant - and in the end, isn't that all that really matters?

Click for more carvings! First and foremost I am updating to let everyone know that there will be a halloween party at my place this Saturday, Oct. 29th. Come one, come all - and dress up if you can find a costume!! Halloween is usually a lot of fun and this year is no exception!

Secondly, the Salt Lake City Pictures are up so go ahead and check them out. These are Blue4130's pics taken with his new fancy digital camera, so if you'd like the full size version of any of these photos just talk to him and you'll get them in some ridiculously high quality!

Are you still paying attention?? I know this is a lot of information for an RBlords update....just stick with me.

Unit3 forwarded me an mp3 today which I just have to share with everyone, so don't even consider not downloading it! ** HERE IT IS **. Download it!

(Check out the awesome 3d pumpkin carving on the left! Click for more!)

Another important announcment concerns RBlords itself, or at least the services of RBlords. I have been asked a number of times over the past few years to host many websites, some of which were business-related. Of course, having run this server since 1999 on a residential internet service, this was out of the question (My current ISP doesn't allow running servers period - let alone for business gain).

So...this got me thinking, which lead me to discussing this problem with reps from both SaskTel and Shaw. In the end, I have upgraded my service to a commercial internet service which offers me the ability to host whatever I want, even for business gain. So, for those of you who might be interested in running any sort of work-related website now can. I may just have to charge a small fee for these pages....but believe me it will be much cheaper than other alternatives out there! And if I somehow manage to make a profit off of this (doubt it...for now anyhow) - I promise to spend every cent of it on funny hats. THAT is a promise.

With that out of the way, I'd like to send a shout-out to Amy K and Amy S for meeting their lifelong hero, Dan Ackroyd at the bar in Calgary recently. If anyone sees these gals in the next little while just ask them about it, they are carrying framed pictures with them to prove it!

One last snippit of content (if you're still with me)....I know there was a video going around a few weeks ago slamming PETA, so on that note I have a HILLARIOUS video involving playing a prank on a nice (and gay, I do believe) PETA member. Watch it here!

And thats it for now....catch you all at the Halloween party on Saturday!

Sep 21, 2005 - Salt Lake City


Wow....keep meaning to get around to doing an update but things have just been really busy as of late! So here it is....finally....and hopefully some decent content too.

Blue4130, Soul_D and myself went for a jaunt down to Salt Lake City for the annual Pilgrimage Demo Competition. This year we managed to get there in time to enjoy two entire days in the city, instead of just one and a bit...which was nice. Blue4130 was able to put his new fancy camera to the test in capturing a few of the MANY beautiful mormon ladies in the area. In addition to this we hit a bar called Area 51 which just happened to be hosting its annual wet T-Shirt competition that night (thanks Jen), and then managed to make it to the Piper Down (which we visited last year) for "6 months to St. Patrick's Day" night, which was pretty crazy also. As an added bonus, Soul_D got to drink Pabst on the interstate which has been a life-long dream of his.

Feel free to click on the images to the right to see the extent of our trip....
SLC Girls
[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]

So other than the SLC trip, I've been keeping busy with contractors and such - rebuilding my poor basement. Also, I am in the process of getting a gas line put in this weekend so that I will finally be able to heat my garage. Woohoo! Perhaps some actual car work will finally get done??

Anyhow, onto the interesting stuff....everyone should check out this awesome video of a hyptonized group of people humping their chairs. Then its time to watch this video to get an idea of what I do when I hit the gym after work.

For the guys out's some scenery. First off, Paris Hilton's boob, then this great shot of the CN tower. And to finish it off for today, here's a game that should keep all you pimps busy for hours!

I'll be back with more....I promise!

Aug 12, 2005 - And it all wraps up....


It's over!

A big thanks to everyone who made it out this year for the biggest hot tub party ever! With over 100 attendees across both nights, this annual event has definately grown out of control!

Hot Tub 2K5
Click for the pictures!
Thanks go out to Dallas for the giant burning dragon, the glow neclaces, the music, and so much else - he really puts as much work into this party as I do. Thanks go out to Vance for arranging for the BBQ, purchasing the delicious burgers, and cooking them Saturday night!

And of course thank-you to everyone who pitched in for my birthday card on friday (especially Steven and Dawn for arranging it)! That was COMPLETELY unexpected but much appreciated and thank you so much for all signing the card as well, especially I-Gene (if you read the card, you'd know why).

Anyhow, there are many more people to thank...Crystal B for the cake, Ken for being a trooper, Shane&I-Gene for taking some great pictures, and all of the out-of-towners who made it in! We had people from Calgary (Erin, Candace), San Jose (I-Gene), Maidstone (Derek), Regina (Barb/Shane), Lumsdun (James), Vancouver (Darren) and London (Toni)!

Anyhow, the #1 reason for this update is to post the pictures. The pictures posted in the rblords galleries are a combination of my 'Best-Of' pics of Shane and I-Gene's pictures, along with some of mine which nobody has seen yet.

So take a look through the pictures.....that should keep you busy until next update!

Aug 05, 2005 - Hot Tub 2K5 Today!


Not much to report....except get the hell over here!!

Webcam portal is up, but there is only one cam this year due to time restrictions! Click on the webcam picture, or here to view it.

Aug 02, 2005 - Hot Tub Coming!


Well folks....Hot Tub 2K5 is IMMINENT. Not only that, but it looks like we may be looking at some of the best weather we've ever had for the event! Main event starts Friday night, anytime after 5:00. We will likely be having an 80s music hour at 8:00 just like last year - but the real party gets started as the sun goes down!

Just a reminder to everyone - the ftp site is still open, please go ahead and upload some tunes for the party as we will be pre-compiling the playlist tomorrow night! And please do remember to include your name within the title. One more thing, try to upload just the songs you want to hear - not your entire playlist!

Also, a notice to everyone - I have been informed that this year's party is going to be filmed for the first time ever, documentary style - so look out for the guy with the camera! (no, it's not me)

Also also - the webcam portal will indeed be opened again. Anyone willing to donate a decent webcam (especially one that has decent vision in low-light) - it would be very much appreciated!

Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke
[2] [3] [4] [5]

Aside from the party, what else is going on this week?? Well, the Dukes of Hazzard Movie is premiering this friday so I've supplied you with a little sample of what to expect from Jessica Simpson playing the role of Daisy Duke! And if that doesn't keep you busy enough - why not try building your own insect driven airplane?

Anyhow, bed-time for me!! See you all thsi weekend!!

Jul 19, 2005 - Shuswaps 2005 Pictures


The crew of the S.S. Hymen Hammer (2005)

The Crew of the S.S. Hymen Hammer

(Click for the pictures)

Jul 18, 2005 - Official Tub Invite


Just a quick update today - first and foremost the houseboating trip was a success and I hope that everybody had a great time! For those who attended - expect a partial refund to be coming your way, as we ended up under budget on a number of items. Not bad, hey? Anyhow, I will be looking into booking the trip again for next year, so I will be in touch with all of this years 'attendees' to see if they are interested.

Second, the official Hot Tub 2K5 party invite is ready, care of soul_d of course. You can watch it HERE.

Since our music system from last year turned out to be such a success, I have decided it would be a wise idea to repeat it. Therefore the ftp site is now open for all of you to upload any music you'd like to hear played at the upcoming party.

Just FTP to, Username: hottub Password: 2k5 (all lower case)

...and upload away! Make sure to rename to songs to include your name as well. If this turns out like last year - we will end up with far more music than could possibly be played, so it is good to know who uploaded each track so that when we need to sort through them, we make sure not to remove all of one persons tracks by mistake!

And last note about the upcoming hot tub party - there has been interest in setting up a webcam again this year and I don't see why this would be a problem. If anyone has a camera they'd like to donate, we could always use more angles. One that could see half decent in low light situations wouldn't be half bad either!

Oh, and for those who haven't heard yet - mrp WILL be making it to the party this year, all the way from San Jose just for the event (and to kick some ass).

See you there!

Jul 09, 2005 - The real update


Alright, now here is the real update.....but first I must say that this must be one of the most ridiculously busy summers I've ever had the opportunity to survive through!

London pics! London was great - and considering this was a completely sponanteous 'last minute' trip, everything really fell into place rather nicely. Of course the reason I was going to begin with was to see the Live8 concert in Hyde Park - however at the time I booked the plane tickets I still didn't have tickets to the show. In fact, until we were actually IN London I had no idea if we were going to be able to get tickets or not. Luckily (and I do mean LUCKILY) out of 25 people on the net I had contacted about purchasing scalped tickets for the show, 3 of them came back with reasonable prices (< $600 CAD) and one person had offered them for only 100 which was almost unbeleivable.. So in a leap of faith I offered to meet this person at a train station in central London at 7:15 on the friday and lo and behold they showed up and I became the proud owner of a pair of Live8 tickets. Take a good look, they weren't easy to get!

So after recovering from a couple days of bad jet lag, we arrived at Hyde Park @ 9:30am on Saturday in order to stand in line at the gate until 12:00 - then ran up as close as we could get to the front and continued to wait until 2:00 for the concert to begin. The show lasted until 1:00am and other than the complete brutality of standing for almost 14 hours that day, it was definately an unbelievable experience that I will not soon forget. 200'000 people in the audience (packed like sardines) and an awesome musical lineup that couldn't be beat....what can I say? And for a huge Floyd fan like myself, seeing David Gilmour and Roger Waters playing together again was something I never would have expected to see in my life. So here's to spontaneous, expensive vacations! :-)

A big thank-you also has to go out to Jim and Toni in London for letting us stay at their place for a few nights - I certainly hope we weren't too much of an inconvienience! Both Jim and Toni were able to answer a lot of our questions about London, as well as introduce us to Wagamammas and a tour of Jim's studio (where we apparently just missed Annie Lennox by a matter of hours). I also discovered that there a quite a few rblords fans in London (namely Jim and his studio guys) and I have therefore pledged to update more frequently and post a lot more hot, hot booty. I don't think thats too much to ask?

Anyhow, enough about London - the pictures are here.

And that update took WAY too long to do, so I'll be back later with the naked women...

Jul 08, 2005 - Back from London....still alive


Thought I should make a quick update now that I am back from London - especially to let everyone know that I'm still alive (we flew out of london about 12 hours prior to the bombing). Sort of a close call, considering one of those bombs were on the exact train route we were taking pretty much every morning at that time!

Other than that...quick news basement flooded with 2 feet of sewage while I was gone so Blue4130 is temporarily living with his parents for now - he can still be reached at his cell phone as always (222-2080). Myself, I picked up a new cell phone - so anyone with my old number (227-5437 or 975-7635) - these numbers will no longer work. Please call me @ 260-6507 now. Thanks!

Houseboaters.....the final list is in, we will have 20 people attending the houseboat this year. We leave next wednesday hopefully around 6:00pm. I will post more details as I figure them out but the easiest plan would be for everyone to meet in one location where we could then load up the van. This location will be decided....and I'll call everyone involved on Tuesday with the final details. The cost of the van (for those of you coming in the van) will be around $75/person. This includes rental, gas and trailer which we will need for the baggage.

Thats my quick update for now....more to follow, including London pictures!

Jun 26, 2005 - Some updates...


As always, updates are sparse during the summer months - but I'd better make a breif appearance just the same!

First of all, 4 days after my last update my domain registration ran out for an entire weekend without me noticing - so I apologize if that upset anyone. Haha, no really.

Second of all, Vegas was a BLAST - I'm not going to spend any time blabbing about it because everyone has probably already heard the stories. All I have to say is that I don't need to see another margarita for a looong time, but I WILL certainly miss the AWESOME food and entertainment!

You can have a look at the pictures I took in the RBlords Galleries - however the other galleries are curerntly offline. I have also brought home many prostitute 'trading cards' from vegas, in case anyone wants a souveneir!

Next, Vance's birthday was last week (happy birthday Vance!) and we all headed out to the Hose & Hydrant which was a good time as always. Rest assured that he was fed many good drinks and was adequately drunkened.

Las Vegas Trip Pictures!

This weekend the guys (plus Erin) headed up to Brightsand lake with the boat for a night and day of partying (very nice lake - hadn't been there before). We got the boat out on the lake (after getting Steven's truck stuck twice at the boatlaunch) but unfortunately nobody was brave enough to go tubing. We did however polish off a substantial amount of liquor and had a sweet campsite right on the beach - which I'm sure we will be re-visiting some day.

Other important news - I've been receiving a few emails regarding the hot tub party this year, which has reminded me that I should get my ass in gear and make some sort of formal announcement. I will be making a more formal announcement soon - but for now you can be sure that the dates will be August 5th, 6th, and 7th. Hope to see you ALL there this year!

Another huge news story (especially to Pink Floyd fans like myself) is that Pink Floyd has announced they will be reforming to play a set at the Live8 concert in London, England on July 2nd. Seeing as how I made a promise to myself some time ago that I would go anywhere to see them if they ever got back together, I've bought two plane tickets (for myself and Dawn) to fly to London and we leave this wednesday. Nothing like a spontaneous skip across the pond, right?? Anyhow besides the fact that everything in London is FUCKING EXPENSIVE, I'm sure we'll have a great time! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures!

And, as if this summer couldn't get anymore busy - the weekend following my trip to London is the big shuswaps houseboating trip of 2005! For those who are coming and can't remember the details - we have rented the same 15 passenger van which we used on the vegas trip and are planning on driving all 13 Saskatoon houseboaters. We will be departing around 6:00PM on Wedneday, July 13th and returning late Sunday evening.

And thats about all I can remember for now....I'm sure I've missed out a few credits.....oh yeah, I'm starting a new job as of the first of July so I'll let you know how that goes as well. In the meantime, keep it real Saskatoon!

May 16, 2005 - Holy smokes, I still have a website???


I'm actually kinda serious...I think I'm about 24 months late on my domain renewal and for some reason everything is still resolving.....neat stuff

So how have you all been? Me, not to bad. Survived looking after the parents place while they were gone for 10 days in LA and Vegas....also survived the 2005 annual texas mickey party which was this past thursday. Shit, I'm sure a lot has happened in the past month that I just don't remember at all - but there's also lots happening in regards to the very near future which prompted me to get off my ass and actually update this damn page!

First off, Pike Lake 2K5 is coming up THIS WEEKEND. This would be officially the 10th annual event that has taken place (although only a few of the original members are still attending!). Last year we brought this party back to pike lake after a 1 year subatical at Eagle Creek - it was good times, AND WILL BE AGAIN! So even if you can only make it out for a night, please do can give soul_d's cell phone a call for details on which campsite we are in (230-5384) - somebody will be up there from Friday at noon to Sunday. For more information you can hit Soul_D's Summer-Time Party Website.

Second, the vegas trip is only 3 weeks away and everything is ready to go - everything is booked including the awesome huderite van so it should be good times....I've even managed to score some free tickets for a show at the stratosphere...

Aaaand I had more to write, but no time right wait for another update coming the next few days...

Apr 19, 2005 - Gone....and back again.


Well folks, I apologize for the downtime this weekend....there were some very messy issues occurring on the server and Idecided to just re-install the whole damn thing. Keeps me in touch with my linux side, I suppose....the nice thing is that I have been able to correct a lot of things which bothered me from the last install....including installing a larger HD!

Right now email, webserver and mysql services are back up and running....please let me know if you find otherwise...within the next few days I hope to resurrect all forums and galleries as well.

In other news, a big congratulations goes out to mrp for jumping on the marriage wagon last week! I hope somebody has a camera in hand when he drops to the ground at the alter and does the Homer Simpson spin on the ground. Whoop-ooop-ooop-ooop!

Goodnight all!

Apr 03, 2005 - Wait...does anyone actually read this sh1t??


Okay hommies - soul_d was giving me the gears last night about not updating the site, so lets see what I can do. I've been a busy boy lately - and glancing at some of the other blogs it looks like I'm not the only one. Springtime is here, and a few events are quickly approaching which require a great deal of preparation!

Number one - I know I mentioned in a couple of my past updates that I had my eye on a limousine to purchase. Well, I was finally able to take this fine vehicle for a test drive this weekend - the idea being that I had put a 24 hour permit on the car and could use it for the full 24 hours. Unfortunately (and rather dissapointingly) the car had a few major issues, the last of which forced me to return the car to the owner within a couple hours of having it on the road. Long story short, unless he is willing to replace the transmission, fix some wiring (which occasionally catches on fire and stalls the car), and safety the car before selling it - its not going to work out. This is really to bad as the rest of the car is in exceptional condition for its age and actually drives really well. I haven't completely given up hope yet, but I am definately going to be 'shopping around' for other options.

Secondly, the houseboat roster for this summer has been filled. There are 18 crewmembers booked, and technically room for a couple more if they want to buy in after the fact.

As for things happening in MY life (forgive me for having a blog moment here), I'm eager to dig the bike out to enjoy this nice weather and celebrate the melting of the snow. Hopefully next week I will start shopping for a new helmet and a front tire / fork seals / brake caliper to make her really ride nice. Of course this is all minor compared to my larger plan of finally finishing off the major work on the Bel-Air. I've ordered the last piece of metal (drivers side rear quarter panel) and a new windsheild - and if all goes well I will be stripping the old paint of the car within the next couple weeks and shopping for some base/clear to repaint the whole thing. Exciting stuff - this really has waited too long. I'd also like to overhaul the suspension one last time as I was never happy with those damn cargo springs in the rear, nor the way the front end sat up so high. With the Bel-Air off the road, this means I'll be driving the Magnum and the bike for at least another month.

Events that have passed since last update? Draggins car show was fun as always - not much of a turnout, but the first carshow of the year is always a good experience for me. It was interesting to see lots of ~1940 cars...although none of them a Plymouth. Looking into restoring a car of this vintage poses a lot of new challenges compared to a car from the 60s - not to mention a whole different group of enthusiasts...although the Plymouth project is not a rush job by any means, I'm trying to get a 'feel' for the type of alterations I will be making to the car to ensure I end up with what I'm looking for. Namely, I am in the market for a Mustang II front end / suspension - so if anyone has a line on one of these cars please drop me a line!.

I attended Dawn's Bio-Tech pubcrawl this Saturday which was fun! The week before was the car show, and Whiskey Jacks with Shannon/Travis. Week before that was Diana's birthday at Whiskey Jacks, soul_d's Physics pubcrawl, AND Tasha's birthday pubcrawl. Everythign else is a blur!!

Okay this update was probably a little dry and boring - but I will try to make another update soon with some actual content of sorts. In the meantime keep it real, as always, and don't smoke anything James wouldn't.

PS - Please enjoy the update below, submitted by redbandana the weekend of the carshow, after we got back from Whiskey Jacks....if you can make sense of it!

Mar 26, 2005 - *Barb's Drunk Update* I heart Steve Prediger!

red bandana

Hello@ I canna see!!!! Hmm. Save to field? Hello Dawn ! Shane, Clayton, Dawn adn I are sort of drunk. And I'm a typing fanatic. So I WOULD JUST like to say mad pr0ps to Graeme and Julianne because it's bad. Bad that I say hello. I would like to thank Clayton for the Academy Award that he stole for me. Shane, you fag! ! I like pink cadillacs. It's a drink. And no, I'm not gay, people. Dawn is here. And Clayton has something on his leg. I AM NARRATING TONGIHT!!!

YARRRR SAY THE PIRATE. W00T W000T W0000000T! Hi dallas. Sallad! SALAD! SALAD NOW. \\

SCOOGE? scooge. Oil? MASSAGE OIL! Shane has jizz on his pants. And Appparently I jacked that guy off. Yo. YO YO YO! uM.\

Lost. Let's phone.................................... something. I'm being vaccuuumed!!!! AHNO!

We hav eour own toy, the dustbuster 2.4 volt. Yo. Shane's a sexy sexy biatch. I don't know what else to say. But there are screws all ove rthe place

And now, I would like to apolgoize for the horrible spelling errors, grammer errors and all errors in general, because, I, and everyone else present is very very drunk. We went to Whiskey Jacks tonight and said hello to Hot Steve, Ian, and other people. Shannon was there, and so was Travis, and I am the queen of Jello Shooters with a capital J and S!!!! I liked Shannon's boobs. Sexy stuff, baybee. \

Now, Shut the Fuck up. And Fuck the hell off. Because, fuck. Yo. :P I fucking rock.

Mwahahaha. I have control now Barb. Barb is drunk. Dallas is drunker. Clayton found spooge on his leg. Dawn is sober. Weee. That was ALL Barb.

Feb 21, 2005 - Reactor Party


Well, no sense in updating unless there is news to report....

Seems we managed to make it through January and February without a Holo-cost (aka Hollo-palooza), so although that was sort of disapointing - Soul_D would like all of the party people out there to know that there is salvation - the Physics Students Society's 'Reactor' party coming up this Friday (click on poster for more details). Cost is $5 and sounds like a wild time - click here for the trailer. See you all there!...

I was reminded the other day by a concerned party that I never mentioned the awesome UofS Bio-Chem beer night that I attended a few weeks back - anyhow good job Fredish and Sharon on one of the best beer nights I've been to. And I apologize if the city hall crew terrorized the party too much, but they had a great time also.

This past weekend was yet another pub crawl - which I thought was Lily's birthday but apparently was not. In fact the pub crawl was for a gentleman whom I never even had the chance to meet that night. But on the upside it was another good time, with good company. Indeed, my own personal minipitcher collection has now grown by 7. Also Dog Pound was thrown in the drunk tank after swinging at a cop, and I walked out of a 7-11 with a $7 Hungarian sub which I didn't pay for. Good timez.

And as long as we are on the subject of get-togethers, it appears that Soul_D may be putting together a house-arrest party this coming month so keep an eye out for that as well...

In other fun-time news, both the Vegas trip and the Houseboat trip are signed, sealed and promise to deliver. By this I mean that the roster is full and so long as everyone involves pays up for the Houseboat trip by the 14th of March then we're in good shape.

I would also like to present, for those who have not seen it, Microsoft's new guide to internet slang. Finally I know what the difference between a n00b and a newbie is!! Thanks to razor for the link.

And before I go, please treat yourself to some awesome videos of people doing stupid, painful things. First check out this body slam off of a house roof....then check out how NOT to ramp a go-cart. I know that Dog Pound and Unit3 will enjoy these.

...and that's it for now!

Feb 06, 2005 - Updatez in the hizz-ouse


So I've been delaying on this update for awhile, although the only reason I can provide is pure laziness, and having lost the will to upkeep this website yet again. It's a love-hate relationship that I have with this website, really.

First off I'd better fill everybody in on the Vegas/Houseboat news. I beleive we have all available slots full for both trips so there are no worries there. In addition, last weekend I had the opportunity to inspect a couple of potential limousine's to purchase for the ride down to Nevada - a 1985 Cadillac 60" stretch limo, and a 1989 Lincoln 70" stretch limo. Given the prices and conditions of these vehicles the Lincoln is a definate winner - and although I will be keeping my eyes out for any better deals, this will likely become our ride. Once the snow starts to clear I'm hoping to take it out for a test drive and see how it handles on the road.

So that being said, anyone reading this who is involved in either trip please get your down-payments in to me asap.

Click for full picture - DO IT!! That aside, I have some useless information to share with all of you. For starters, I know most of us are pretty big google fans, but I'm afraid there is a new search engine on the internet which may deserve some attention - Gizoogle. Try a few searches and I'm sure you will be very impressed with the results.

Also, for those of you who are big Daily Show fans, you've probably already seen this - but if not, check out Jon Stewart trash-talking CNN Crossfire's Tucker Carlson during the '04 presidential campaign. You can watch Jon Stewart's followup on his own show here. Tucker has since been fired/quit from CNN to persue a talk show on MSNBC - but apparently Jon Stewart's comments regarding how shows like Crossfire are "hurting America" struck a chord with Jon Klein, the new president of CNN

And just for the ratings - I'm going to post a video of a gymnast performing topless.

I'd also like to note that we need some more comic entries, and although soul_d's contributions have been great - lets get some other artists in here as well! Especially Dog Pound, whose elusive humour leaves us scratching our heads for days.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Mr. Sasko and Robin Sasko for inviting me out for the wicked pub crawl last weekend. It was a riot, and I had a blast at the Hose even though we lost Travis. He appears to be alive and well however, as I attended a Texas hold-em poker tournament at his place last night. So thank-you to Travis for pulling that off as well and ending up with all of my money (Who knew Shannon was such a good bluff??)

Not much else to say - I'm keeping pretty busy over the past couple weeks with small jobs on the side which are tying up my evening time - but the money is good since I'm going to be pinching pennies for the next couple months in preparation for the big Vegas trip. Maybe if I can get good enough at bluffing Shannon, I can win back enough money next game to pay my way to vegas, where I can bet it all and come back a millionaire. Hey, it could happen.

But thats all I've got!

Jan 17, 2005 - House Boating 2005


Just a quick update regarding the house boating trip this summer...

The trip is booked! However once again not for the weekend I planned it for. Our official dates are July 14th - 17th (leaving to drive to Calgary from Saskatoon on the 13th). So everybody better start taking holidays and marking your calendars because Crystal (the ass lady) wanted me to let everyone know that anyone on this houseboat gets a free trip to brown town, care of herself.

In addition, anyone interested in joining this trip - drop me a line, as the roster is not yet full!

Jan 16, 2005 - It's a celebration, bitches!!


Well, since my last update both soul_d and cK have celebrated birthdays, so happy birthday to them! Of course I was only able to make it to the party that was in Saskatoon (soul_d's) - but it was a blast. Nothing like a little bit of 'nostalgia', as he put it, by having a birthday party at Rylys. This followed with an afterparty at the Durand household, in which I believe everybody had a good time, especially myself having been 'fed' a caramel doughnut very aggressively by Amy. Here's a message to all of you out there reading this: If you're looking to get yourself into a foodfight of any sort, Amy is not an opponent for beginners!

Some of the pictures have come in from the big new years bash, but I'm hoping there are still a few on their way if I can ever track them down. Unfortunately a good half of the shots ended up with my thumb in the picture, so I think its about time for me to invest in a digital camera (or cut off my thumb, which is cheaper). Anyhow, click on the picture to view the rest of the album.

Speaking of big parties, this time of year (post-new year) is usually time to celebrate the big up and coming Hollopalloza shindig. However, Tyler has so far stuck to his guns regarding his statement that last year's party was going to be the last one. This is indeed a terrible tragedy, so I suggest everyone do what they can to pressure him into throwing a party anyhow, even if it has to be in the underground superstore parking lot.
Click for the album

Further planning has been taking place in regards to a couple of fantastic summer vacations soon approaching (yes, winter is almost over. Seriously.). First, for those who are involved in the Las Vegas expedition - the limo will be leaving the morning of Saturday, June 4th and we will be returning to Saskatoon Saturday, June 11th. So make sure to book your days off!

As for the houseboat cruise, although reservations are not final (should be tomorrow) - we are now looking at the weekend of July 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th. The plan is to leave on Wednesday the 6th after school/work and make the trek to Calgary. Much like last year, we will leave early on Thursday morning to make it to Sicomous by noonish. The trip officially ends when we bring the boat back early Sunday morning. Last year we make the trek back to Saskatoon that Sunday by 10:00, so if all goes well you should only have to miss out on Thursday and Friday for work/school/whatever. At the moment the plans are to reserve a CruiseCraft III boat, which is a larger, more luxiurious version of what we had last year.

Before I forget to mention it, soul_d was gracious enough to submit to us another great comic which leads little explanation from me. Well actually, it probably does - but don't look for any.

Anyhow, thats it for today - I will report back tomorrow with the final rundown for the houseboat trip!

Jan 04, 2005 - Happy New Year 2005!


Well then, happy new year to all you hommies (and homm-ettes) who celebrate this wonderfully religious holiday. And by religious I mean drunk, and by holiday I mean party. You catch my drift.

So the big New Years party at the flintstone house went over pretty well I think - at least I've received a lot of positive feedback! Myself, I kept fairly busy keeping an eye on things and holding Dawn up by the end of the night. I had also been drinking since noon which proved to be a sizable handicap of its own, but I managed. A big, big thanks goes out to soul_d who always manages to do an excellent job of the music (and the timing of it) - even given a limited selection and time period to do it - and to Crystal for the 200 odd Jello Shooters which dissapeared VERY quickly once they were set out. Here's a list of my favorite happenings in no particular order:

  • Crystal S. showing up with an inflatable donkey, and forcing me to dig my 'new years prize' out of its ass (no pun intended). The prize turned out to be cinnimon flavored lube.
  • Finally convincing Sharron to dance in the livingroom which basically consisted of us spinning in circles for 5 minutes. Surprisingly, no puking there.
  • Clint accidently spewing some chunks when he burped during a conversation
  • Trevor taking out his new quad and hosing Dallas and Vance with snow
  • Dawn drinking an entire bottle of Vance's wine, then proceeding to enter into a lesbian orgy with Erin and Crystal on my bed.
Pictures to follow - as soon as I get them developed - if anyone out there have any to send in - please email them to me!!

Somebody buy me one of these Thanks again to everyone who showed up and made a great party, with record attendance. By simply thinking of names I was able to count 60 people who were there throughout the night, but there were probably more. I had a great time - hope you all did too! And now its time to put the pressure on Tyler for Hollopalooza 2K5 (although he denies that it is going to happen).

I was sad to see that a few people didn't show up this year - ESPECIALLY MR.P!! I guess that just means that he will have to make the hot tub party this year for sure - so get your papers sorted out and book the flight now!

Big trips are in the plans right now as most of you probably already know. Las Vegas trip happening the first week of June, and currently the wrinkles are being ironned out on a possible houseboat trip on the shushwaps the last week of June. If you haven't heard about the houseboat trip yet, don't worry - its in the very early stages. We are in the need of somebody with a beefy credit card and good organizational skills to plan it! More details to come.

I'd like to report that I was assaulted today at the Wendy's on 8th street and I have both Erin and Dog Pound as witnesses. As I accidently reached to grab the wrong tray of food at the till, an hungry ninja behind me cursed at me and grabbed my arm with ninja-like strength. It was by my pure wit and charm that I avoided this close accident. However, I still believe he's put a hex on me.

Anyhow, I'm hurtin from the gime (thats how I spell gym) so its time to go lay on the couch and each potato chips. Cya holmes'

(oh, and there's a new comic today - keep them coming. Lets get the ball rolling again....that means YOU, zebu!)


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