Dec 22, 2004 - Farmboy soul_d has been slain in the forest by Journeyman Necromancer


Ho ho ho!

I hope everyone out there in internet land is having a good holiday season (except for the krowld weather here in Saskatoon). Big thanks to Audiophile, Kujo, redbandana and Kerri for the snailmail xmas cards. This year every card on my mantle (aka TV) is actually address to me - I'm so proud!

Looks like I have a couple weeks to report on - so I'll try and wrap it up quickly. Two weekend ago I attended Fredish and Dog Pound's big birthday bash at the Hose - which was a blast as always! Afterwards Dog Pound actually made it back to my house for the after party, rather than falling asleep in someone else's truck outside. It was good to see everyone who came out - and I apologize to those of you who ended up dancing with me!

This past weekend marked a significant moment in the history of the world - James McKay through a party to rival my new years shindig. (Well, okay, it wasn't really his party - but it was at his house!). Mad pr0pz go out to Paula and Steph who not only kept the party sane and together, but also made some deliciously super-sweet suger-balls which I had the pleasure of marketting. Highlights of the evening were:
What a Tragedy!

  • Blue4130 telling Shannon that he was going to put his dick in her mouth by the end of the night.
  • Trevor getting all pumped up over the thought of jumping college drive on his quad this new years, and soul_d informing Trevor that said jump would require an approach of ~370km/hour to clear
  • Tyler breaking a beer bottle within 5 minutes of showing up
  • Giving Trevor a sugar-ball which was already in Rae's mouth
  • SELLING a sugar-ball (for $1) to some guy I didn't know, which had been in Travis' pants.
Look at me!! Thats all I can remember right now, but I'm sure there was more. Overall, good times.

Before I forget - soul_d would like me to remind everyone to upload your music for the new years party ASAP as he still needs time to sort through and burn the music. Lets try and get it submitted by early next week.

In other, other news - Dog Pound is the new king of sports select as he raked in $2800.00 in winnings today on a ticket he thought was a dud. If you need somebody to hit up for money, you know where to go! In a breif interview this morning, Dog Pound stated that he'd like to spend the money on 3 things:

  • A diamond-studded set of tires for his truck
  • A custom made XL (not double XL) T-Shirt that reads "Trevor Coulman's mom is a whore"
  • A benefit concert to raise funds for Audiophile so that he can move back to Saskatoon for good - hosted by Canadian rock-gods Helix.

Man, I love Helix so much.

I must apologize if any of you have noticed the horrible crappiness of the rblords server lately - which was the result of several problems, the first being a root comprimise sometime last week which led me on a bit of a wild goose chase but it seems to be fixed now. Unfortunately, in fixing this I started to notice what a notice things have become - and how much I could really benefit from some extra disk space. As a result, I may be re-installing oden sometime in the next couple weeks - but I'll let everyone know when that is about to happen. Good times.

Aaanyhow - for some long overdue content donated by our long-time reader Razor, check out this article regarding a rumor that there may be a Lucasfilm Star Wars TV series featuring Mark Hammill in the works. And after your done reading that - you HAVE to watch this awesome flash video which document what REALLY happened at the end of Super Mario Brothers.

There is also talk in the works right now of another house boat trip on the shushwaps this coming summer, probably late June - I'll make sure to keep everyone posted. And thats about all your gonna get from me until after New Years - so everybody remember to show up at my place next Friday (especially you, mrp!) - and remember to send in your tunes. I'll see you there! (And hey, it wouldn't hurt you to submit a comic once in while!)


Dec 14, 2004 - Quick Note about server problems..


Some of you who use RBlords services may have noticed some problems over the past few days - namely lack of disk space, and a complete halting of the mail service. These problems have now (hopefully) been corrected. In addition, it has been brought to my attention that there is a problem with Legend of the Green Dragon (can't create new accounts) - and I'm hoping to take a look at that right away. I will, as always, keep you posted. Peace!

Dec 09, 2004 - Get on up (Like a Sex Machine) Ow!!!


My friends....I may not be living in America, but I just got back from seeing the Godfather of Soul at SaskPlace and wow - what a show! For a man in his mid-70s, I can't believe the energy he still has. This man is definately to funk, as B.B. King is to the blues - and it was a real pleasure seeing him perform to a very small audience of 2000 people. Not to mention he had many hot dancers in hot-pants and I had binoculars even though I was only 20 feet away. He also had Morgan Fairchild onstage with him at one point - so I can now add another super-star to my concert binge of 2004 - David Bowie, Metalica, Aerosmith, Skid Row, and Nickleback

In other sad music news - I hear from Blue4130 that DimeBag Darryl was shot dead today ON STAGE by some crazed American with a hand gun. These are sad sad times my friends...

Before I can started with some important content (keep reading!) - I'd like to give a shout out to soul_d for his wicked-awesome Physics pub crawl last weekend, it was good times other than the fact that James, Paula and Steph totally ditched me at the Pat. But other than that I had a good time! And the free santa hat was a bonus. Too bad S-Pred had to miss the party but hey, being a movie star kinda gets in the way of being awesome sometimes. Oh, I should also mention that S-Pred is a 10-pin bowling super-star as he consistantly whopped my ass on Wednesday night. He is also a sex machine (get on up).

Okay, there are a few things I need to mention now for the sake of a good party, and the request of the late soul_d (yep, he died). First order of business is in reference to the great new years hootenany that will be going down at my Sutherland residence on this December 31st (which even turns out to be a Friday night this year!). soul_d would like to set up a system similar to the hot tub party for uploading any music you'd like to hear played this year - anyhow click >>>here<<< for the flash intro and more explanation on the music uploads.

Another big announcement - for those of you who were big into BBS games back in the day - is that Soul_D recently discovered a remake of the game "Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD)" which is done entirely in php. I've installed this for him at so you guys can go nuts playing it. This version is actually just 'based' on the original and actually contains original content, with serious nods towards the original version by the famous Seth Able.

Anyhow, its bed time...catchya'll later

Dec 01, 2004 - A Rehearsal for Murder...


Well folks, I just got back from seeing Dog Pound's performance in the gateway blockbuster "Rehearsal for Murder" at Castle Theatre, and I have to say it wasn't the shittiest play I'd ever seen. And since I've only seen a few plays, that probably means that this was one of the best, right? Anyhow Dog Pound did a great job at his acting debut, especially considering he is currently battling a strep throat infection and I know how fun that can be

I have scanned in and posted the image from the program for your viewing pleasure. Now I'll give you a quick rundown of the plot

Basically there is this crazy playwrite who has this girlfriend who supposedly commits suicide. After a year passes by, it turns out not only does he not believe his girlfriend's death was a suicide but he suspects one of his faithful actors had done her in. Thats right, MURDER. (Do I have you on the edge of your seat yet?). He attempts to stage a mock-play (within the play) re-creating the circumstances leading up to his girlfriend's supposed suicide a year earlier, hoping to catch one of the actors and discover the murderer. However, the play takes a turn when it is revealed that the whole thing was a sham to expose the true murderer who was actually another actor who was hired to play the role of a cop in his fake play. Have I lost you yet?

It doesn't end there. The cast re-appears and does their final bow for applause - I stick around to have a chat with the Pound after the show and proceed to retreat into the main lobby where I enter into a conversation with none other than James MacKay. It occurs to both of us at this point that the play isn't over, and that we are indeed IN the play as we are standing there, most likely on trial for some obscene murder charges we couldn't even imagine. This just freaked the hell out of our beans - in fact even now that I am home I imagine the play continues, although I have come to the conclusion that the true killer was, indeed, Paula.

Anyhow, mystery aside, I was really quite impressed by the Pound's acting ability - especially the fact that he played all of the roles and there was no other cast. Truely amazing. Also I don't think I have ever seen a murder mystery which made such good use of modern concepts such as time travel and ghost-busting.

So that was my quick update, go out and see the play if you have the chance and make your own conclusions!!


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