Nov 29, 2004 - Wow....barely squeezed in two updates this month...


So...I've been thinking of doing an update for the past week (because I thought I had a lot to talk about) - but it turns out its just me brain writing cheques and my web blog typing fingers can't cash. But thems the breaks. Anyhow, I'm here to clear up some horrible rumors by doing my part - combating them with more rumors.

First of all, yes my dishwasher is broken - and lying in pieces in my kitchen....which I took apart on Thursday and haven't touched since. Yes I put my mouth over the disgusting drain hole in the bottem of the dishwasher to blow out the blockage - but the fact that the dishwasher broke because of a bucket of sand I tried to wash is greatly exaggerated!! It was, in fact, a glass candle holder which had been filled with sand during the hot tub party to be used as an ashtray - and I had dumped most of the sand out, and decided to let the dishwasher to the rest, which I believe burnt out the pump in the dishwasher. In the end, I've got a job on my hands - and to be honest I can't wait to get my dishwasher back to wash some more sand buckets.

Another thing I've been busy with lately is planning this damn Vegas trip. I'm really excited that things are coming together after planning this out like 2 years ago, and its looking like the trip is going to be a lot cheaper than I thought we could have pulled it off for. I've still got to make my way over to wherever the student loans headquarters are and talk some sense into them so that Dallas could make the trip, because he HAS TO COME!! Fuck, come on - that guy taught ME how to forget about school and just go out and get drunk on weekdays! :-). I understand the situation with stupid student loans though, and its sucks bad. Unfortunately the only way we can arrange this so that he can go is to boot Dawn out of the trip. And considering I still maintain that we have always set the date of our departure as "the first week both Kelsey and the UofS are out" - that wouldn't exactly be fair to Dawn. However, bombing the student loans center will comence....or we'll have to work something out. Dallas said there was a 95% chance that he can't come, and I'm counting on that 5%.

In other news - the new years party is taking shape. As of this moment I am assuming that the great I-Gene Leong will be in attendance to prove once and for all that he is still the Sensai of getting down. And to comemorate this attendance, as well as great past memories, I will be having Dawn pose naked ontop of a sweet VAX system, as long as I-Gene can provide said VAX system.

I managed to get my hands on a copy of The Sims 2 the other day and it has had its evil life-sucking hands on my ever since (hence why the dishwasher is still in pieces on the floor). Damn that game. For any of you who were addicted to the first one, you won't be dissapointed - it is much the same, just improved - with many new ways to torture and kill your neighbors. I think there are some other features as well. Either way I look forward to providing the great readers of RBlords with a breakdown of my successful family unit as soon as I've logged some more hours into the game.

And thats it for now - no content for you!

Nov 04, 2004 - A Quick Note...


Just a quick note...the forums are back up and functioning now. I doubt anyone noticed that they were gone, but I had some problems which resulted from the configuring of these forums. As far as I can tell its working now, although I've unfortunately lost all of the custom re-add them!

McDonald's has undergone some renovations

I also thought I'd add this sweet picture....I took that yesterday when I was driving down 22nd street. Funny how that place has changed. And check out the house that was next to it. I think the guy who designed MY house must have gone on a bender and designed that other house...perhaps after inhaling a delicious sandburger from the restaurant above??

Hey - I have one other piece of news today, finally shipped the book I ordered back in July - "Inside Out" - A biography of Pink Floyd as written and archived by its drummer, Nick Mason. This book has been a LONG time coming, as any big Floyd fan would know - the original release date was back around 1988 and it has been constatnly delayed on account of Nick adding more material to the book, revising it, etc. Anyhow the reviews on the book have been really good, and its a HUGE hardcover book with lots of previously un-released pictures so I'm quite excited. I also find it interesting that the Canadian Amazon site has this book for sale now, yet the american site isn't expecting it until April!

Exciting stuff, I its time to mosey on...

Nov 03, 2004 - Does anyone read these anymore??


One update a month, thats my goal...

Thanks to everyone who showed up at my Halloween party this year - it turned out really well considering I forgot to invite anyone (except for the invite on rblords - but who reads this crap anyhow?). I was particularly impressed at all the new faces - namely Wayne/Katrina and company, the UofS Physics crew, Dut, Trevor, and both Cayleys. This party now holds the record of being the first time anyone brought home-still moonshine (thanks for the taste Wayne - and for leaving some behind!). In fact, this party actually holds a double-record - as it was only the 2nd party that YC managed to forget about and not show up to by mistake! He'd better make up for it by coming bowling this friday...

I'm in training this week for work - can't say it was something I asked for. Oh wait, it was exactly the opposite - but I won't get into that. Only nice thing about it is that I get a free toolset to keep and a pretty nice digital multimeter - but so far I'm 3 days in and I haven't learned a single relevant detail which pertains to my work.

Thats pretty awesome, gotta love it when your supervisor just picks something at random out of a magazine because she spent all the actual education funding on herself. . I'm not disgruntled. be honest I'm turning more and more into the type of employee soul_d has always wanted me to be.

So lets see...what else is new? I've pretty much finished all the drywalling in my garage, I sold the Monaco (for a ripe $200), finished fixing the breaks on Shannon's BMW, pushed the Plymouth outside for the winter and I have yet to drain the carbs on the bike for winter. Pretty exciting stuff, I know. I also bought a bag of 50 gummi treats for halloween and then only had 1 kid, so I've been chowing down on them pretty hard - they go great with that swish that was left over at the party.

Can pants be too tight?

Today, while I was bored during a break in my training, I did something I haven't done for months....I actually visited everyone's blogs. So now I guess I'm up on the times - watch out!!

Shout out to Audiophile for the wicked pumpkins he carved - I've included this picture on the right for your pleasure. If you'd like a closer look, just click here. Now tell me - can pants be TOO tight? I think not. Well....maybe on dudes.

Some good halloween-related bodypaint
[2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
I know its a bit late - but look to the left for some sexy halloween-related body-art. You're welcome!

Here's some news: I've recently adopted a new favorite TV series - everyday after work I look forward to watching "Kung Fu - The Legend Continues". For those of you who haven't seen this show, it is an excellent early 90s tv series dealing with mystic Shaolin monks and corny ass-kickings. It truely is a remarkable show - just ask Dog Pound who loves it too. If you want to know more about the show (I know you do) then this is all you have to know (I clipped it from a webpage): "The show usually dealt with mystical shaolin dealings but at times had events such as kidnappings and stopping robbers.". Well said. Kwai Chang Caine would be proud.

A couple weeks ago I picked up my new winter beater - a 1979 Dodge Magnum. For those of you who aren't familiar with this type of car, thats not surprising as they only made them for 2 years - but check out this link to see a picture of what it looks like (same color - but mine doesn't have mags). Pretty awesome huh? Thought so. Anyhow it has a decent 360 motor and a rebuilt transmission with suregrip rear, dual exhaust and a torsion bar suspension. If all goes according to plan, I'll drive this for a winter or two and then transplant the power train into the Plymouth.

Well thats enough about me....if I haven't caused you to flip to another website by now, here are some links to keep you busy care of Blue4130:

- Rafting Tournament on Sex Dolls in North Russia
- Der Schlangemann, the German Ken doll which cums in '3 sizes' - this you have to see

And thats about it for now - I heard some rumour about another party next week for rememberance day - but thats all the details I have. I think its going to be at Dog Pound's house.


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