Sep 13, 2004 - Just a note..


By the way, the other night while I was trying to update some packages on the server I totally screwed up pretty much everything php-related, which includes the gallery and the forums. Gotta love how everytime I do a package update, it pretty much destroys my system. Oh well, in the process of fixing everything I was able to find many problems which lead to this disaster, and as a result we've ended up with a much newer version of the galleries and forums, and a few other utilities too.

And for those of you with rblords-hosted web pages, the stats are working again - and have been upgraded to a new version as well.

Oh, and at popular request - I've removed the awesome Terminator2 midi from the page. You can still run it if you like from here. DO IT!

Sep 10, 2004 - Catching up...


Whoops! Almost went a full month without updating there, don't want to fall into that old groove! Or do I? Really, I'm asking you!

Well, a lot of nothing has happened in the last month. I went through a week-long frenzy of playing Doom3 (thanks to Unit3) but now I've finished that. I finished the book I was reading, so thats done. The weather is still sucking, work is alright. Went to Candle lake last weekend that was pretty cool, missed out on soul_dsoul_d's party so that wasn't cool....but they were nice enough to think of me when they set off fireworks in my backyard and left them lying on my lawn afterwards.

But thats okay, I'll get Unit3 and Blue4130 back on the way to Salt Lake City next week, by forcing them to sit on either side of me during the trip, and then crapping my pants and crying the whole way.

Oh, I know what else I did during the last month - I watched the olympics.....very closely. See the picture on the left to see why. My favorite events included Women's volleyball, women's trampoline, women's mudwrestling, and men's highjump.

During my spare time I also found a rad-ass midi file to attach to the webpage and be played constantly - hope you like it.

Hmmm just read and it seems Unit3 is pressuring me into implementing some sort of spam filtering software on my server, even though he doesn't have a mail account on my server and I happen to love spam - A LOT. I'd like to take this time to announce that I won't be persuaded so easily - in fact I gave this some thought last weekend at the lake and decided to embrace spam as a friend even more than I did before. Afterall - what has it ever done to me other than fill up my inbox with hilarious penis advertisements and horrible viruses?
ooooh yeah, thats kiss a little....

Oh, I should also mention that I hate Blogger. Why? Because I wanted to 'add a comment' to Fredish's Blog the other day and it wouldn't let me because I didn't have a blogger account! So fine, I signed up for a blogger account - but apparently you can't have a blogger account without creating a blog of your own! Why? Because they're stupid whores. And because of this a new (perhaps the greatest) blog was born - Keep in mind that this site is now obsolete and is no longer updated. However if Unit3 feels the need to add it to the gateway, he can feel free to use this icon

Thats all I had to say for today - apparently everybody is getting drunk at Dog Pound's tonight so good for us. See you there.


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