Jul 29, 2004 - 2 Weeks left until Tub 2K4!


Howdy folks....another week, another update...

Ran into Kujo shortly after we returned from the lake and he informed me that he can not make it down for the hot tub party. This makes me sad....and MAD!! In fact it made me so made that I decided to google-bomb his website...but after I realized he didn't have one, I just sent him some anthrax in the mail. And when I say anthrax I actually mean crushed up lick-a-maid sticks. And when I mean crushed up lick-a-maid sticks, I actually mean nothing at all. Hmph. Anyhow, if you're reading this Kujo - call in sick!!

Uhhh...yeah. Hey! I received a comic the other day by a new reader! See if you can guess who it is.....if it isn't obvious by the email address! Anyhow, check out the new comic here!

Well folks....two more weeks until Tub 2K4!

Click on the image to the right for the official invite, provided as always by the originator of this fine tradition - soul_d. Make sure the watch the whole thing, as its kinda in two parts - especially you, Dog Pound! This invite both scares me and excites me at the same time, I'm not sure what to think.

I can say, however, that I've had many emails on the subject of the party - sounds like a lot of people have been looking forward to the event and thats awesome! There are very few people from last year that won't be making it again this year, yet there are also many new people coming - so it should be a blast indeed. I even picked up a crappy foosball table the other day to add to the 'games area'. (And no, it wasn't from Sharon - she's still 'fresh out').
Thats right....ITS TIME!!!

I guess my birthday is also coming up (the 5th) - I'm hoping already looking forward to my birthday teen-burger (mmmm). That's the only thing better than a gummi-lunch, my friends.

Let's see....what else is there to talk about? I ran into Blue4130's Del-Sol last week....that wasn't exactly cool - in fact it makes me mad because I didn't even realize I hit it! Damnit - maybe I need glasses?? Hmm....oh yeah, and I actually booked another bike road test (yeah, I've been driving 2 years without a full licence - so what??). On August 9th...I'd better remember to show up!

I'd better come up with some interesting content fast, before I lose you all...uhhhh....OO OO! Check out this SWEET Castlevania Flash game!. Whoever designed that thing must have spent a hell of a long time putting it together! Also - check out Ebay to get yourself pictures of a drunk, armless midgit!!

And here's an interesting site which archive videos taken of staged situations with a high-framerate camera. Check out the sweet clips of guys punching each other in the face. Now thats good science!

And last but not least, check out the trailer for the latest game from Vitrelecix!! (the guys from HomeStarRunner.com)...

there you go...some actual content. Time to go - see ya'll later!

Jul 20, 2004 - Otara's Millionaires Club - Best Band Ever.


Hey guys and gals...sorry about the breif downtime, but we are now back and in full effect. Lets just say the problem started when I started unplugging cables in order to run a cat5 line to my garage (in preperation for the hot tub party), and was futher complicated when shaw changed my ip to something completely different! I assume these incidents were un-related as I never actually touched the server or the cable modem, but who knows....karma I guess. (I've been kicking that cable modem a lot).

Whats new with me? What the hell do you think this is, Spitfire's blog??? Who the hell wants to know about me anyhow. Hmmmmm. I've got an idea, lets see what this website would be like if it WERE a blog, and as if I were someone else....like, I dunno... Dog Pound?.

Click to see the inside! Well that was boring....sorry for that, on with the news...

You know, I had a great article that I was excited about posting - an interview with Britney's ex-husband (Jason Alexander) who reveals all of the sexy details of their weekend marriage - but it turns out it was just some British tabloid so now I'm pissed off! Sorry Audiophile....I thought I had a good read for you. I guess if you guys still want to read SOMETHING, read read this. If you find that boring, you're not the only one!

For those of you too tired to read (or drunk) - try out this new addicting flash game. I think my record is around 80 feet. How far can you drunkenly stagger??

Speaking of drunken staggering - I've been giving some thought to the quickly-approaching hot tub party in an attempt to iron out and problems I had last year. Long story short - I hate rules, so I'm not going to write up a law for the party (not like anyone would take it seriously anyways). I think the big thing is - if you are going to bring fireworks, please don't get the hugely loud 'shotgun' sounding ones, and set them off before 1:00! Also hopefully we can keep everyone in the backyard (not the front yard / street). Other than that, party hard. Oh, no racism I suppose. I've had a great response regarding the party this year, I think the turnout will be fantastic. Somebody find me a foosball table - Sharon is all out.

Shane emailed me the other day to let me know that the name of the underwater restaurant listed in the last update is "The Red Sea Star" and they indeed have a webpage, here. I now have to admit that I really did not look very hard when I posted the pictures. For this, I wholeheartedly apologize.

Dog Pound informed me the other day that C-95 constantly plays "How Bizarre" by OMC. I have now set my clock-radio to this station.

Alright, I'm outta shiznit to say.

sotiredcan'tbelievebryceissogay S

Jul 07, 2004 - 3 Weeks of partying, now a breif rest...?


Hello there ladies and gents...

Now that I come to the end of my 3 week party binge, I can't believe how fast it all past by! God damn, its the 2nd week of July already and we already passed the longest day in summer - seems like the more you do to extend summer, the shorter it seems. Only one more month until the hot tub party - I hope everyone has the weekend of the 13th booked off. And I'd better get to reserving that hot tub pretty soon.

Anyhow, Canada came and went - and although we didn't see much sun, we also didn't see much rain so I'm pretty happy with that. RedBandana put on a great party as always - I think it may have been a little smaller this year but we still had a lot of fun. The fireworks were good, the jello shooters were great, and hey - I even I even climbed a light tower and overcame my fear of heights. Oh, and I should also mention that a new game was developed this year - out of a need to torture the people who went to bed early - and thus Rubber Tire Concern 2 was developed. I am hoping to compile an instructional article on this game in the near future.

For pictures of the Canada Day festivities - make your way to Red Bandana Online - or view the gallery directly here. Notice the blurry pictures - you can blame Shane and his shaking hands for those!

Check out the picture on the left - I've had these pics for awhile and keep meaning to post them. This underwater restaurant is in Israel (although I wasn't able to find a name for the restaurant other than 'Underwater Restaurant"). Looks like a pretty neat place, I think we need one in Saskatoon so that you can dine comfortably amid a pleasant atmosphere of sunken boats, tires, and raw sewage.

And while we're in an underwater mood - check out these pics of an aligator eating a deer. That's something you don't see everyday. I didn't even know they existed in the same habitat!
An underwater restaurant??

Back to actual news - I can't forget to mention that the July 4th party at soul_d's place rocked as well. It was good meeting Bill the ex-marine - and listening to hours of Toby Keith looped over and over. It was also cool to party with Eli and Heather again - and Heather and Crystal rock for buying fireworks and letting me set them off (damn some of those were loud!). All in all good times - Steven did not end up passed out in an alley this year, and I actually got to bed at a decent time.

Now...I know what you're all thinking - "All this content is great, but what about the latest protein man comic?!?". Ok, so none of you were probably thinking of that - in fact, most of you have probably stopped reading at that point. But for those still reading on - take a gander at the last, yes the LAST Protein Man comic ever!

Wow - I'm spent. Way too much work on this update. I kinda want to change that retarded webcam picture but I'm out of creative energy - somebody make me one. Uhhh yeah, get to it.

Jul 01, 2004 - Canada Day!


Well - it's Canada Day, and that brings us one day closer to the anual Canada day party at redbandana's cabin! You'd think I'd be tired of all this partying after going to Emerald lake two weeks ago, and to Sicomus, BC last weekend.....but I'm not!! (Just broke)

The Houseboating Crew! Top row: Vance, ffoeg (geoff spelled backwards), Crystal, me, Dawn, Jen, Justine, Lana. Bottom row: Angeline, Fred, Adrian, 
Robin, Steven, Erin Sooo.....houseboating was a blast! Quite the drive up there, but it really didn't phase me much - even though the seats in Connor's Vue could be a bit more comfortable! And talk about pushing that little SUV to the limits - it was sweating its way up those hills pretty good!

Look to the left for a picture of the entire 'crew' - hover the point over the picture for the list of attendees. Turns out I didn't get to be the captain afterall, as it was decided this duty should be given to the one sober person on the boat - Brenda. Brenda is missing from the picture on the left for some reason - but you'll see her in the other pictures. Oh yeah, click on the picture to the left to see the rest of the pictures. Props go out to Dog Pound for letting us use his digital camera once in awhile so that I could leave my camera at home

Well, I mostly wanted to update to post those pictures - I have to run so that I can see the fireworks tonight - still not sure what the plan is exactly. Usually a bunch of us get together to check them out, but I haven't really talked to anyone because I've been in my garage building a workbench. Hmmm, perhaps I'll just spin out on the bike with Dawn and avoid a whole lot of traffic / parking hassle.

Anyhow, soul_d's July 4th party is this sunday, and even Eli should be in attendance - so make sure to drop by! See you there...


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