Feb 15, 2004 - Scarey fucking Unicorns


Well - as most of the other blogs have already mentioned - another Valentine's day has come and gone. My thoughts on this? My friggin' 8 year aniversery with Dawn is tomorrow, so I haven't really been thinking much about Valentine's day at all - although Dawn and I did get out for a movie and .... errr..... other Valentine's day stuff. Blue4130 and Fredish weren't even home so I knew I wasn't keeping them up. Bah, its not like I'd be keeping them up for more than a couple minutes anyhow :) BOOOOOO!

OH MY FRIGGIN BA-JEBUS! So, it was Sunday morning and I was sleeping in with my lovely girlfriend (Dawn) when I hear a knock at my front door. My first thought "Aww who the hell is YC dropping off today?", but then I suddenly realized the more likely possibility that the hot Johovah girls were back to give me my weekly copy of the Watchtower magazine. I rolled out of bed buck naked and walked to the door as I always do with the Jehovah girls (hey, they keep coming back!) and friends - what I saw at that moment literally would have made me shit my pants, if I had been wearing them. Thank god for laminate flooring!

So it turns out Darren wasn't talking shit about those shit-disturbing polka-dotted killer unicorns! My neighbor quickly snapped a picture before being eaten alive by the horrendous beast. Also note that the sheer ferocity of this animal literally melted all of the snow on my house/lawn and summoned flowers to sprout all around to gaze upon its magnificant form.
The police tape was because of a completely unrelated incident which occurred only moments earlier, but I won't get into that. Long story short the fucker went away after I fed it 3 deer steaks, a block of cheddar cheese and LoneStar.

Moral of the story: Valentine's day or not, pay special heed to Darren's warnings.

Oh yeah - I should also mention that soul_d threw a 'spring break' party last night (yes, Sunday night) which was attended by myself, the pound, Shea Adonis, James and Mandy. I stopped by with the pound to knock back a couple drinks and play some ukranian card games and ended up crawling through my front door at 4:30 in the morning. Needless to say I had a splitting headache all day - but I did make it to work, albeit an hour and a half late.

I'm not sure if I should thank soul_d or not...I guess I will. Good party. Good times. Shit my head hurts. And its my aniversery tomorrow, and I have to make a roadtrip to Edmonton on Friday. eek!

Musical recommendation of the day: Anything that rocks, kicks or licks. I personally recommend David Coverdale's solo version of "Slave". That's right, David fucking Coverdale. EAT IT

Also - there is a new comic today so go eat that as well, please.

Feb 14, 2004 - *Hearts*


Happy Valentine's Day everyone....

You may have noticed that RBlords (and related webpages) were down over night - I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm blaming it on the fact that I was updating a lot of packages on the server yesterday and somehow probably shutdown apache without starting it up again. But its back now! Special thanks to Unit3 for reporting this in a drunken message on my answering machine late last night, and special thanks to redbandana for leaving the beautiful touch-tone song.

So to apologize for the downtime I've brought with me some valentine's day content!

For the guys - who aren't at work - here's a valentine for you. Oh, and as an extra bonus (also not to be viewed at work) - follow this link and choose carefully....

For the girls....well, hmmmmm. Get out your credit card because I've just found Mr. Tall, Dark and handsome for you. Or, if you're more into mystery presents then go ahead on bid on this.

Even Dog Pound is in the Valentine's day mood, he has sent a comic for this special occasion.

Thats it - now get back to bed and make that Valentine's day special! I don't care if you have a 'significant other' or not!

PS - Before anyone else asks me, the 'censored' photos from Hallapolooza are not boobs. In fact no man should be interested in seeing them.

Feb 10, 2004 - Pictures..


Just a quick update to post the pictures from Hollopalloza 2004 (click on the picture to the right). These pictures come courtesy of Dog Pound so mad pr0pz go out to him for providing them. There are some good shots....some of which were too good to publish because I'm too lazy to actually censor them properly!

Kujo - if you're reading this, I'm planning a trip to Edmonton for the weekend of the 20th/21st....I'm going to call you sometime to see if we can arrange to get together or whatever...Dawn wants to make a trip to the new Ikea - and my brother needs a ride home. Go figure!

Some of you noticed some disruptions in the site last night...sorry, that was me being a dumbass....I was working on the new bios and deleted some tables in the backend DB that I probably shouldn't have been fucking around with. But its fixed now....hmmm, makes me think I should be backing up this damn webpage. The damn things is over 2 gigs!

Well, like I said, this was a quick update. Not much else new these days, just waiting for winter to pass by. I also have to save my pennies to ensure I have a spot on Erin's awesome houseboat in June, that should be a blast. At this rate I'll never buy my thousands of dollars worth of stereo equiptment! Oh well thats life I guess, maybe I should buy food first?

Feb 08, 2004 - Because it's 18 and Life, you got it...


So Hollopalooza went off without a hitch - good to see JayB, Travis, and (to a lesser extent) Dog Pound in attendance. soul_d made sure to pack the house with more stereo / lighting / DJ equiptment than I can honestly say I've ever seen in a house before. James entertained us with his constant, yet entertaining, complaining about women. All in all, a good time was had by all (right?).

ARE YOU READY TO ..... yawn... I think it is of greatest importance to mention that Skid Row (or what is left of them) will be making a stop in Saskatoon AND Regina very shortly. In Saskatoon this brings them to 'The Roxy' on March 3rd. If you haven't heard of the Roxy before, it is the former Zoo-bar, which was formerly Rehearsals Canada....on 21st. For the Skid Row fans out there, keep in mind that the only member left of the original band at this time, as pictured to the left, is the great "Snake" Sabo - lead guitarist of the original band. Have a look at the pictures on their site to prove that they can still rock with the best. If that is not enough proof for you, please go to the News section on their site and scroll to the bottom to read the "12.6.02" review of how they literally "brought down the house":

In celebration of this event, and in part because of all of the lame musical recommendations popping up on associated blogs as of late, the musical 'mood' of the day is 'Skid Row - 18 and Life'.

And buy the album, I dont' want you to see you downloading this shit because its fucking illegal.

Over the week or so my 'audiophile' itch has re-surfaced as a result of looking for a new DvD player. Since I've already decided on the Pioneer Elite DV-47A (believe me, $500 IS the cheapest you will pay for TRUE SACD/DvD-A high-resolution playback) - this has opened the doors for a whole world of wallet-draining additions to my already high-priced two-channel system. On the plus side, I've actually found a true hi-fi quality 6 channel pre-amp, and probably the only decent one under $3000US. No decoder, no filters, no bass/treble adjustment....just a simple no-comprimise 6 channel volume knob with a 6-channel analouge DVD-A/SACD input. It is called the Audio Refinement Pre5 and is 'affordably' priced at around $1200CAD....hopefully I should be able to grab a used one for around $500US. This means also purchasing additional amps for the rear and center channels...for this application I hope to stick with AudioSource Amp/Two amplifiers (2 more of them).

For now, the plan for rear channel speakers is to build a set of monitors out of the extra 2 W17E002 6.5" Drivers I have sitting around, paired with a new set of tweeters which I have not yet decided on. Since I already have the midrange drivers, all I will have to purchase is the tweets and x-over components.

Gah, of course this whole project is going to take at least another year to complete. This audiophile stuff is addictive, and adding a HT aspect to it just blows all cost considerations out of proportion! So unless I win the lottery soon, this could be awhile. But it's always fun to dream isn't it?

Fun stuff....so I suppose I should also mention that I went to the Nickelback concert that was in Saskatoon last week... and I have to admit, although I like Nickelback from what I've heard of them on the radio, I wouldn't have considered myself a huge fan of their music - but I have to say that they put on one hell of a concert. For a Canadian rockband, there was no shortage of showmanship on their part....plenty of pyro, good music, and Chad Kroeger was very interactive with the audience which helped keep the energy high at Sask Place. Like Dog Pound so adequately put it: "They rock out like its the last show they will ever play". I have to agree, totally worth the $40....and I now have a new-found respect for these new Canadian-born rockstars. One last thing I'd like to mention is that they have a VERY audible classic-Metallica influence which shows through very clearly in their live performance.

So...for those of you who were forced to watch the SuperBowl over Canadian Television (probably most of you) - here's where you can watch the US Superbowl Commercials. These are always good, so give it some time and download all of them...

The new profiles section is coming along....slowly....I've forgotten how long it has been since I've last tried to web-program. This is what happens when you work for the government for 4 years! Anyway, I hope to see some progress and get at least a couple of the profiles up by the end of this week - so keep your eyes peeled because they will be great.


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