Sep 25, 2003 - Late September Update


As you can see, I am getting really original with my update titles lately!

Alright, I've got a whole crap-pile of content to unleash upon you crazy readers, so you'd better take your time to sort through it all. I tend to stock-pile all of that crap, and then by the time I want to post it, most of it is out of date. Oh well, I'd might as well get you started by seriously warping your mind with this link that Fredish sent me a couple weeks ago. I spent an hour trying to figure out all of the retarded little games that are part of that twisted pile of hoo-haw. For some reason I can just picture Razor doing the same...anyhow, take some time to really go nuts - a little bit of acid is encouraged.

Click to see a bigger ass!! You guys have to watch this awesome hockey commercial that got forwarded to me the other day. When you're done, check out this video of a cop who accidently fires her gun on camera.

If you like boobs (and I know you do), click here to learn your entire abcs using cup sizes!

I know I know, you guys were expecting something a little more hardcore. Ok - now for the content that you can't view at work. Check out this girl who can REALLY hold her booze, and here are some pictures that teach you not to stand in front of your window naked, even if you are watching a building burn down across the street. I don't know - that girl really looks like a hooker to me!

done yet? I haven't even started!

Here's another commercial, which is particularily funny because it involves somebody getting their nuts crunched.
And here's a picture I took using MY time camera, of Soul_D's future wedding. (I love the expression on their faces)

Comics? Have I forgotten about the comics? Honestly, I have had dozens of comic submissions over the entire summer, and even a few within the last couple weeks, and out of all of them, THIS was the best one.

Take a real close look at the picture on the right - those aren't real undies - its a picture printed on the skirt! 'Apparently' this was supposed to be a new hot Japanese fashion, which seems fitting. By the way - what ever happened to those butt-cleavage shirts that were supposed to be all-the-rage this year??

Hmmm....ok well thats all the content I feel like posting today - that takes a lot out of me!

Sounds like Dog Pound and myself will be joining Blue4130 and Fredish for the David Bowie concert in Calgary this January. Should be some good fun!

I'd love to see the Simon&Garfunkle reunion tour as well but the only Canadian stop is going to be Toronto (of course) - and the tickets are $190 a piece! I thought that was expensive enough, until I looked at the ticket prices for the MGM Grand in Vega - $1950US a piece!!! No wonder whenever you see boxing matches on TV at the MGM the first 5 rows are celebrities and rich oil sheiks!
fake bums!

Well - time to hit the sack I think. This update took me nearly an hour and a half, I'm beat! Maybe I'll update the webcam image while I'm at it. Anyone want to write their own update for rblords that doesn't include scat pornography? Send me one in Word format and I'll post it if its tame!


Sep 09, 2003 - September Update


Well, looks like I'm back at the one-update-a-month game again, but at least this year I'm managing to swing it!

Not that I have much to say - the end of summer always seems to be such a mad dash to get everything done while enjoying every last drop of hot summer sun possible. I am guilty of this, and for that I am sorry. The other day someone had the gall to challenge me to make an update about myself - which baffled me, because I really don't think I'd make a good update subject, but lets give it a try.

Dawn's first day of school was monday. Dawn? Yes that would be my mystery girlfriend whom I never mention on this website because I don't like to make _SPACE_ jealous. She's taking Bio-Technology at SIAST, and so far she is enjoying it. One thing I didn't know about the program is that Bio-Tech and Vet-Tech are very closely tied together, so she has a lot of shared clases with the Vet students. In fact, for one of her labs she is going to have to desect a cat - which she isn't looking forward too. Anyhow - I am looking forward to visiting her so that I can brush up on my Street Fighter vs. Marvell skillz. Go Henry's!

My Monaco is for sale - somebody come and give me $200 for it, I'll even deliver it (except to Regina - nice try Shane). Runs great, its just ugly and loud. Sound like a good deal? email me. Yeah right, I know that link will only generate about 200 more spam emails in my account per day. (Yeah shut up Unit3, SpamASSasin is for homos).

Other than looking forward to the lake trip next weekend (Emerald Lake Sept. 19th, bring your friends) I've been doing a lot of fall prep-work. I re-tarred a section of my roof on the weekend that had been leaking during heavy rainfall (which I am now glad I did - after walking a block from my parking spot this morning I'd might as well have taken my pants straight out of the washing machine). Also, I've started throwing more insulation into my garage, and I've gotten started on the walls now. Who knows - if we have a long fall that garage might be fully insulated and polly'd by snowfall. In fact, it probably will - w00t! For now the trampoline still stands, so feel free to stop by and break your neck on it if you feel so inclined. But if you do, we'll push it over onto the neighbors lawn before we call the ambulance.

As for cars - I have Unit3's new 1978 Impala in my garage which I need to start working on. If I can get it running well there's a chance he might let me drive it for winter, and that would rock because there's nothing better than a RWD V8 car to drive in the winter, even if I'm not allowed to destroy it! I also found a replacement engine for that 1/4 tonne Dodge truck that I have sitting in my garage, all I have to do is drive 3 hours east to pick it up. Maybe Dallas will come with me and we can stop by Canora on the way back or something, plus maybe have dinner at that Chinese restaurant.

Happy super-belated birthday to Kujo (it was on the 1st). I can never forget his birthday because its on the same day as my dads, and my dad won't let me forget his!

I'm thinking we (Saskatoon gang) need to take a roadtrip soon, and I'm thinking that this roadtrip has to happen in Blue4130's Cadillac, and this roadtrip should be to Regina. And so proclaim: we shall locateth the Intowner, and lo we shall lodge therin, and eat not but burning hot pizza, and drink not but horrible scotch. I don't know why, but all the horrible things I hear about the intowner just makes me want to stay there more!

Hmmm - well for those of you who made it through this lengthy update, here's some real content for you: Read this article about a guy who lost his job over a fart, and then play this flash game to see if you can tell the difference between a programmer and a serial killer.

Here's a neat photo taken from space of the NY Blackout last week, and you have to check out this sweet holiday inn commercial featuring a supposed bouncer from Saskatoon on Jeoprody. Uhhh....well, thats enough content for now.....EXCEPT

Is there a boat??
Wooo! Look at the boat!!!


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