Aug 22, 2003 - End of August Update


I've been putting off this update for awhile because I was waiting for all of the pictures to roll in from the hot tub party. Well - most of them are in now, although not all of them are scanned. You can take a look at RedBandana's 109 pictures she took with her digital camera here. Also, Fredish emailed me some extra pictures of hers. I haven't gotten around to even devloping mine yet, but I'll add them to the same location as Freds as soon as they are done/scanned. Oh and I almost forgot, Dog Pound also sent in some pictures, so they are here too.

Cudos goes out to everyone who helped with the weekend!

Greg Prediger for the wicked-ass BBQ and firepit, everyone who brought food for the Thursday night BBQ, James McKay for supporting a strong and free Isreal, Dallas for spending a HOT afternoon putting together the 'burning man' for Saturday night, Crystal for buying pizza for everyone on Saturday night, Devin for making that sweet ass Yakaflutz (sp?), Vance/Steven/Brad for cooking burgers, Kevin my neighbor for spending all night with us and not calling the cops, Barb/Crystal/Vance/Fred/Steven/Connor for taking pictures, Golden Tiger for bringing the fireworks, YC for selling me his pool table, JayB for taking my foot to his nose during a serious trampoline 'war', Graeme for donating his 'bling-bling' to me, Linsie for showing everyone her boobs on Friday night, Tasha/Jodi for being good sports while my neighbor compared their boobs by feeling them on Friday night, Chris Heibert for almost killing himself setting off fireworks in his hands, Bart/Dawn for actually showing up, Mel and Ryan for actually showing up!

Ryan B for managing to ward off sickness for the weekend, Ellen for doing a GREAT impresonation of Rebecca "Oh look at me! I'm all wet and you can see through my shirt! I'd better take it off!", Rebecca and Bre for showing up and making the day for all of the single guys at the party, Ian G for all of the sweet Cobra Clutches, Steven for taking most of the Cobra Clutches, Ian P for breaking his record of throwing up at every party I've had that he's come to, Barb for breaking HER record of NEVER throwing up at any party she's come to of mine (that I know of), and Cayley...well, just for being Cayley. I think I've got most people covered there. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Friday night we had a record setting 40-some people at the party, with Saturday being the 'mellow' night with about 25 people. I think overall we got our money's worth out of the tub, and my lawn got its fair share of watering (with tub water...and beer...and blood). Good times, my friends!

And so comes the end of my hollidays - Cruise 'Weekend' is this weekend so maybe I'll see some of you out there checking out the sweet cars, I'll be bringing my camera!

Aug 05, 2003 - Jon D'lancie better friggin call me today


Just a quick hot tub related update today - the pool table is setup, I built stairs for the deck...everything is falling into place.

But the real reason for this update is that Soul_D has made the:


Unlike the unofficial video on - this one is less than a meg!

Aug 04, 2003 - Hot tubs are upon us


How nice to have a long weekend in August when you haven't been able to take any real hollidays in all of July!

This will be a relatively short update because I'm mostly just here to let everyone know about the details surrounding this years annual hot tub party, which is coming up THIS WEEKEND. Thats right - the 8th and 9th are the official dates, so make sure to at least show up for one of those (or both). It is of course BYO-everything, except for hot tub. I suppose you *could* bring your own hot tub if you wanted!

New features of this years hot tub party include:

  • Outdoor pool table
  • Grass (goodbye stinky mudpit)
  • Deck railing/benches so there's more room to sit down.
JayB has contacted me to warn me that he will be bringing no less than a dozen G10 biznitches - what can you say to that?? We're hoping Erin makes it down from Calgary for the party...unfortunately Kujo and mrp can't make it down this year.

Now - what I need all you you attendees to do is send me some music. We'll have the same setup going as last year (I'll just drag a PC into the garage) - so you'll have to send me all the music you want to hear. You can ftp it to:
Username: hot
Password: tub

Don't upload more than 3 gigs, because thats all I've got. That means you, soul_d. But especially you, mrp!.

I think that's it for now - except that soul_d is insisting on posting the Visitors Guide to Regina. He downloaded it form the SaskTourism page, but they have since removed it due to *truth.


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