Apr 27, 2003 - My Hollidays are over


Holy crap did this past week fly by! Isn't that always the way with hollidays? And not a single update either....sheesh.

So here's a small one. I managed to get a lot of 'spring cleaning' done around the house on my week off, including finishing a few projects that I had left unfinished last summer (adding railings to the deck, painting the fence, etc). Overall, mixed with the AWESOME weather we had - I'm quite pleased with what I've accomplished!

BUT - there's one major issue that has to be resolved, and people keep asking me over and over: "Where the hell are we going for the may long weekend this year?". Good question, here's my take on it:

I personally have nothing against revisiting Pike Lake this year - it is tradition, and personally the 'trouble' we've had with the COs in the past hasn't really bothered me. After all, they have still yet to successfully kick us out - however I know that some people nonetheless felt that the weekend was ruined by having to worry about being kicked every night. SO, this year we have an option. The Pike Lake trip every spring has always been based around a single purpose: getting as many people together as possible and having a good time to kick-start the summer. Pike Lake was chosen because of its close proximity to Saskatoon - ensuring that the maxiumum amount of people could make it out, even if just for a single night.

Another option we have is Eagle Creek, which is about twice as far (still not that bad - about 40 minutes from the west side of Saskatoon). The plus side to Eagle Creek is that it is a regional park, which means it will be cheaper. Also, from what I hear they are quite a bit more accepting of parties on long weekends out there, but there are certainly no guarantees. The bad part? For people working on the weekend this will also mean for a slightly longer commute. Also it's a bit harder to give directions to get to, but I'm sure we could figure that out. There is also not really a lake, or a place to swim (although it has been VERY rare when it has been warm enough at Pike Lake to swim anyway - but some people prefer a lake to a 'creek'). Overall Eagle Creek is a much nicer looking place in my opinion..

We could also go to Wakaw lake campground. Wakaw is 50 minutes from the EAST side of Saskatoon, and is also a Regional park just like Eagle Creek. Personally I think Eagle creek is a better choice based on distance, and just a nicer campground.

So...it's time for a poll. Drop by the new Discussion Board to vote! Oh yeah, there's a new discussion board - if you're used to the one over at Demoni.ca then you'll feel at home on this one because its basically identical. Go speak your voice. And for those who care - I've moved the old webboard into the 'Old Content' section.

Oh, I should also mention that I just took a look at the bandwidth usage reports for the rblords web server. Apparently rblords.com and its associated pages have been sending out around 10-15 GIGS of data each month, thats getting pretty big considering surprisingly little of that is actual video files. RBlords is the busiest of all of these pages (about 10GIG/month), followed by _SPACE_'s page (~600megs/month), followed by 71malibu.com (about 100megs/month), followed by Regland (~10megs/month). The rest of the hosted pages pull in less than 10megs/month - but I thought this was pretty interesting nonetheless! Cheers!

Apr 15, 2003 - Area man is dead, but don't tell anyone


I think this cat ate a dog! First off - it was nice to see the demoni.ca crew in Saskatoon for the weekend. We made it out to YC's birthday on Friday (happy bday YC!) and also hung around on Saturday and had a few drinks. Surprisingly nothing was destroyed - except for the red reclining chair that has been sitting beside my garbage in the alley ever since the hot tub party! I'm very glad to be rid of that...

Second - the late Blue4130 is dead. Stone dead. To find out why, read my funeral dedication poem on demoni.ca. Why is it there if I wrote it? Because apparently Unit3 is faster at scooping up news than I am, EVEN MY OWN NEWS!!! Well - how's this for news: Man burns own penis while using laptop. And guess what? Even the blondes are against the war now!!

New comic today by our beloved !zebu! - who incidently will be moving away overseas shortly. Did I already mention that? It's hard for me to remember - I'm so flustered!

I would also like to point out for those of you who don't keep up on _SPACE_'s website - it seems she is siding with YC on the issue of the toilet paper (which he posted awhile back).
Hey, that reminds me - I thought YC was going to be making an update. Come on guys! Pick up the pace :)

Not much else new - except that it was nice to see that last dump of snow finally dissapear, although the current forcast seems to be calling for more tomorrow (can you believe it?). All this spring time warmth has reminded me that I need to do some yardwork this spring - quite a bit of it. Besides finishing off the deck - which shouldn't take too long - I need to actually grow a lawn in the backyard, and perhaps replace the front yard as well. Oh well - I've got all next week off so I guess (weather permitting) I'll be doing it then! So that means if any of you are off work for some reason, feel free to stop by and visit.

Aaaaaaaaand that's it. Keep sending in that content - and drawing comics! It makes less work for me!

Apr 09, 2003 - The young YC grows one year not-as-young...


You know what's stupid? Orphans. Yeah, you heard me.

What? Androids? Well - you guys have been sending in requests for android content for the past 3 years, and although I don't have any to give you - Kujo does. So check out this page if you'd like to build/buy your own android, or perhaps if you are simply interested in the science behind 'android building'. This probably won't interest dark overlords such as The Saint who are already in possesion of vast android armies - but for the 'android enthusiast', it might just be what you've been waiting for. Somewhere on that page there is a link to Robo-Saurus - the 2 million dollar car/jet eating robotic dinosaur. I can't think of anything better to lead an android army into battle!

Some more content from Kujo - I'm not quite sure what to say about this one. Looks like a Japanese penis festival to me, but maybe I'm missing something?!? Somebody please fill me in!!

And last but not least - here's a nifty waterproof/shockproof/fireproof laptop which I'm sure Blue4130 will want now.

No new comic today, in fact that's it. Current events? YC has moved into his new mansion! I won't say much more because I have requested that he make his own update once he has everything in order. Today is also his birthday so make sure to send him your birthday wishes, and acknowledge that YC has, as Audiophile says, grown one year not-as-young.

Apr 07, 2003 - Loads of...uhh....content...


Well well, way too much content for today. You guys are going to be blown away. Honestly! Well, that is if I find the energy to actually type it all out. You see I've got this advanced stage of don't-fucking-want-to-update disorder. I think I caught it from mrp somehow even though we don't even live in the same country.

Anyhow, first on the list (as if there's any order to begin with) Demoni.ca has been updated to the new site layout! Go check it out, as I see he has finally gotten rid of those pop-up side menus that seemed to screw up in IE so freakin bad. Also he's started a cam portal and added my cam to it, so I guess I should do the same. Blue4130 has been talking of doing the same, even though he no longer runs a site.

Next on the list - look out internet, there are two new webpages in town which have been breaking hit counter records since they first graced the net only a matter of days ago (thanks to extensive SPAM advertising and political bribes, not to mention that spot on PBS). Make way for Dog Pound's online weblog, and "Popcorn Pimpin'" (Audiophile's new site - which is also primarily a weblog). Make sure to check them regularily, especially Audiophile's site...but especially Dog Pound's site.

Click for Video of Sasko's table breaking!

That said, another RBlords super-viewer has news to share - Regan of Regland has been accepted into some stupid university which is causing her to move away. Oh....oops, it's 'McGill university' and I guess this is pretty good news and I should be proud of her, which I am, but she still has to move away which sucks. Seriously, I'm almost as upset as that time _SPACE_ moved away for a whole year to that stupid town in stupid BC.

As for local news - thanks so Soul_D's weather machine we've been stuck with snow up to our knees for the past week. This came conveiniently the day after I put plates on my motorcycle. I think maybe soul_d should spend less time building diabolical contraptions, and more time running his internet.

Wow. Hope you've already clicked on the video up there! That was of course from the recent Sasko hot tub / bday / annual party from a couple weeks ago. But of course I've saved the last - I know you've all been waiting to see me drink from the golden challice again, and now you can finally relive the memory. Click here to watch the clip! These video clips were filmed on a little digital camera, pretty impressive hey? I didn't know they were even building them with sound now!

Aww crap I'm running out of time ... uhh ... new comic today...uhhh look here. Uhhh and if you wanna see something gross, look here. Welllll....on that note!

Apr 02, 2003 - Just a quicky...


Just realized I forgot to include pictures from Sasko's latest anual bash. So here they are. I'm dissapointed to see that there are no pictures of when the party really got busy (too busy) - but I suppose the cameras were probably hidden at this point. Well either way have a look. Oh wait a minute, looks like I DID already post that link. Hmph. Well, guess you get it twice then because I'm not giving up on this update!!!

Other news?? !zebu! is officially taking his beautiful wife and moving to London. Well, temporarily we hope. Guess they decided it had been a couple years, and it was time to tour the world again. Makes sense to me. !zebu! is, afterall, a world renowned artist and will no doubt be received with the attention he knows and deserves. I can only hope that he will continue to submit his fine pieces of comic art to us as he travels abound...perhaps chronicalling his adventures for us lonely plain-dwellers.

Other than that - it snowed like hell today...what's with that? I just plated my motorcycle yesterday and now this happens! Oh well, as long as it clears up for my week off in April I will be ok. I was also informed today that its ok to plant grass (in fact, its encouraged) this early in the season - given the snow clears up - so I'll chalk that up as one of my 'spring cleaning' chores that I have to do...well, except that its not cleaning...per say. But whatever, quit looking at me.

Uhhh.....ok everybody try this game out. I know Kujo will get a kick out of it.

Oh, and a new comic too! Man, check out the majesty!

Apr 01, 2003 - War time in Iraq?? Holla back!


Hello everybody!

I don't have much to say today - except that I'm extremely angered at a $470 gas bill I just got in the mail (I think I'll be phoning about that one) - so I'm just basically going to dump a whole bunch of content to keep you happy - much like what they do on demoni.ca! Who really wants to read about ME anyways?!? Unless of course, the stories include super invincible ninjas - which this week, they do not.

BUT, Dog Pound has provided me (gasp) with the next best thing - and begged and begged for me to put a link up to this movie trailer. I don't think I have to say much - other than it involves ninjas, soccer, and looks very simlilar to Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. Thus, it is a dead ringer for the best screenplay nomination in next years DP awards. I usually host these types of clips directly from my site for archival purposes, but since that site seems to stream at zillions of k/sec then I will leave it there.

What about war coverage you ask? Could I possibly have a hilarious picture to make light of an otherwise horrible piece of the current events? Why of course - RBlords always delivers - and I just happen to have here a picture of a patriotic US soldier working hard to defend his country. If you'd like to keep up to date on the happenings of the war, perhaps you'd like to check out the gangsta's version of CNN. Ah yes, good stuff indeed.

Some of you may be happy to know that !zebu! has come to the rescue with a new comic to stop the spree of Ghetto Kitty comics supplied by Sebastien Poncho Paris. So go check it out!

Wow I got such a huge commendation for my link to the Reef Girl competition, that I just thought I'd bring up an interesting fact about those pictures. Take a close look at this one and try to figure out what is so hillarious about it. If you already noticed this on your first look then you are either female, or gay. Of course I noticed the second time through so I'm ok.

Well that's it - think you can choke that down? I'm going back to play UT2K3 for a bit before bed, and I think mrp should seriously consider setting up a dedicated UT2K3 server on his high-speed super-line. . See ya suckers!

P.S. - _SPACE_ is getting slack in her updates again.


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