Mar 27, 2003 - Isn't spring-time yet??!?


Oh man, I still can't get over that stupid cartoon-shockwave thing in the last update - it's hillarious! If you'd like to see more like that, go to this fuX0red up site. Seriously, some of those animations are beyond my comprehension entirely.

Yesterday I was quoted in the Ottawa Citizen in a piece discussing the success of Pink Floyd's 30 year old album The Dark Side of the Moon. It was part of a post I made to a forum a while back, where I posted under the name 'barlent'. A picture of the article is here since they've pulled it off of already. Not much of a quote, but hey I was still impressed they used it.

Aha! Springtime is here, and soon us Saskatchewanians will be able to enjoy the 2 weeks of warmth we get each year, before returning to our caves and igloos yet again. Although winter didn't exactly seem to drag on like it did last year (to me, anyways) I'm still looking forward to it. And what better way to celebrate than attending the anual first car show of the year? Well - other than a lesbian sleepover party, I suppose.

I've also taken the week after Easter off - not sure why. Oh wait yeah I do - the combination of hollidays and EDOs that month fall so that I only need to burn up 3 of my actual hollidays to get 10 concecutive days off, so I figured I'd be stupid NOT to take advantage of that. Guess this will be my chance to do some spring cleaning, and maybe polish up the boat a bit in anticipation of those two weeks of warmth I was talking about. Oh, and also maybe plant some grass - weather permitting, of course.

Perhaps, like the girl on the right, I'll even get around to doing some fishing this year. I might finally get a chance to try out my new, 30 year old fish finder. (long bamboo stick).

Well guys - I'm really sorry to do this to you, but I'm afraid since nobody else has drawn me any more comics lately, I'm forced to put up "Part 2" of the "Ghetto Kitty" series. And there are a lot more where those came from too!

Alright....I'm obviously scraping the bottem of the barrel here so I'm going to start randomly throwing up content that has been mailed in to me. For starters, I really think that all of you should take a good look at this flash nice music video that Fredish sent me. It involves lobsters and magnets, how can you resist? And if that really confused you, here's a page of various monkies that Blue4130 sent inclined to send in. He also mentioned something about a survey, and called me a bitch. He sounded like he was in a hurry.

One last thing before I take off - have a look at this picture. Imagine this is the first thing you see as you open your eyes in the morning. Now tell me if this is a bad thing or not? Honestly, I can't seem to decide!

Mar 25, 2003 - Scream thy last scream!!!



Mar 24, 2003 - Some more cheerful content, given the time...


Alright, lets forget the war for a moment and get some good content rolling. First of all, cudos to our good friend Mr. Sasko for a great party at his place this weekend. There was a HUGE turnout, at one point too many in fact, but other than a broken kitchen table I believe that everything was left in tact. A mess, but in tact. Of course I am going completely by memory, but I hope that is the case. The hot tub was good, the punch was great, and the usual 150 random shooters are always a great source of inspiration. One source tells me there was about $700 worth of boos supplied this year. Once again, cudos to Mr. Sasko, you know you to throw one mean party.

Anyhow, onto the content - which is what you salivating anonymous readers are waiting for anyways.

First let's start off (for the guys out there, and the lezbos) with many hi-res pictures of some very sweet surfer-girl asses from the "Reef Girl" competition. Yeah, take a good look at this. Ha! Got you! And for your information that last photo was taken at Disneyland, on that dark day last year when the pirates raped and pillaged everyone including those who sought refuge in the Mickey-mouse house! It was indeed a sad event, but I think we all learned a lesson that day. It's morally wrong to hunt and capture wild horny pirates and force them to live under gruelling working conditions eating fresh food and entertaining millions of happy children. Set the pirates free!!

Some of you may have heard of the controversy surrounding an unauthorized Nokia advertisement that was released on the web a few weeks ago. You can read the article here and watch the video here I think YC will really get a kick out of this one.

And for those of you into cars, especially new cars, here are some pictures of the new Mustang concept. Take a close look at those gauges! Not only are they meant to look very similar to the late 60s model mustangs, but they are gear-driven! Interesting stuff.
Check out the Cougar!

And of course, what would an update be without a new comic? And the author of this one is none other than the newest edition to the RBlords fanclub, Sabastien Poncho Paris. With a name like that he's sure to fit in just fine.

Aaaaaaaaaand that's about it for today, go entertain yourself by watching some Strongbad Email!


Mar 20, 2003 - America at War


Well, I've been meaning to update again since I have this huge pile of content to post, but all I'm thinking about at the moment is the current events. Yeah, war with Iraq - it's on. Let me take this opportunity to express that my opinions on this site obviously do not reflect that of my readers, and certainly not that of any specific group of thought whatsoever. I'm just ranting.

Normally I don't pay a lot of attention to the government and what they do, neither in the States or Canada, but I'm finding that more and more as I get older I find more than a passing interest in the subject. First of all I'd like to express how proud I am that Mr. Chretien officially announced a few days ago that Canada will definately not be backing the war without UN consent. I know this was a huge relief to many Canadians (punctuated by the standing ovation our prime minister received after making his speech), but I think there is so much more to be proud of than the fact that we've declined to back the war. I'm not stated that the war on Iraq in ill-conceived, nor am I suggesting the alternative, but I do however maintain that Canada's involvement in this war should be kept to a minimum. Why? To put it crudely - the US doesn't need our help, and this is not our war. As usual our peace keeping forces will be sent in after they have bombed the country to pieces so that we can do what we have consistanly demonstrated we can do best - keep peace, and pick up the pieces of what the Americans leave behind.

No sarcasm intended. As the diplomatic custodians we have become this only seems fitting, but the point here is that our government has actually turned down the request to help our big brother in the south. This is indeed very big news - and once again I do not mean to cheer nor berate the decision, I just wanted to mention that this is a significant change in our pattern with dealing with our southern neighbors. Of course this time there was an excuse - we can hide behind an angry UN.

As for the war itself - I am certainly not qualified to comment. Despite honorable efforts by the US public (the last I heard 53% of the polled population were AGAINST war with iraq) the call to war has still been made regardless. And as I puzzle over how this can happen while boasting a quasi-democratic society (I admit true democracy is about as practically feasible as communism if attempted in its purist form) I have to pause and wonder how many of these American citizens (or Canadian citizens for that matter) have any real idea of what war is about.

Stragely enough this thought came to me when I happened to come across a quote from actor/comedian Chris Rock. He was stating something along the lines of "I don't think any single American, unless having been directly involved in some form of military force during a war, have any inclination of what war is all about". After the events of 9/11, news anchors roared about the event being the first attack on American soil since the bombing of pearl harbor. Compare this for a moment to a country like Iraq, or almost any other country for that matter (other than us Canadians, who are in the same boat) where innocent civilians have actually had to suffer the consequences of being at war, whether being part of the military or not. How is the average American effected by these wars over seas? Their gas prices might go up, but so will their RRSPs - and once it is all said and done, we'll see a great economy boom of a proportion that can only be acheived by such mass patriotic warfare.

A sad state of affairs, but did this really have to happen? 53% of the American public say no, and this should say something considering their past attitudes towards confrontations such as the Gulf war (when 60% of polled Americans were in support of the war). But either way we all have the option of sitting back and watching the score from the comfort of our livingroom. Indeed, my heart goes out to any innocent victims who will likely die as part of this attack on Iraq, despite the fact that over 90% of them would rather see Saddam removed than face the american onslaught. Let's hope they find Saddam and then get out of there.

Mar 12, 2003 - Yay for Pink Floyd cover bands!


Ok - this post is a day late, but I'm afraid that after receiving my new video card I became infatuated with Grand Theft Auto 3 which ended up completely dominating most of my weekend plans, as well as last night. Damnit, I'm hooked!

Anyhow, the reason I *wanted* to update last night was to talk a bit about a show I went to on Monday night. If you're a Pink Floyd junkie like myself, or even if you listen to your local rock station regularily you no doubt already knew that this month is the 30th aniversery of their classic masterpiece "Dark Side of the Moon". On monday I attended a Floyd tribute band calling themselves Outside the Wall who performed the entire album in its entirety in front of a completely packed bar (I arrived almost an hour early and still had to stand for the whole show - keep in mind this was an 11:00 show on a MONDAY night). Needless to say I had my doubts about how good of a reproduction they could pull off of one of the greatest selling albums of all time, but considering the band claims to have over 100 YEARS of experience between them, I was certainly hopeful.

Some Floyd eye candy

And they did not let me down! Considering the material they were trying to play (most of these songs were performed with multiple backup vocalists, saxaphone players, and a lot of mixing in the studio) they did an excellent job of bringing it to the stage...and with a pretty good light show to boot. And after the main show, they continued with a production of almost the entire Wish You Were Here album, followed by some pieces from The Wall. What I enjoyed most about the performance is how they were attempting to play everything note-for-note exactly how it was on the album, not adding their own improvisations like some other bands do. So what am I getting at? If you have the chance to see these guys, and you really like pre-80s Floyd, then you've GOT to check them out! They are a Saskatchewan band, so Unit3 should even be able to catch them at some point. They are also playing here again on the 28th and 29th. Good stuff!

Anyhow, to fullfill my 'clickable-content' quota for this update, I'll let Kujo fill us in:

Ever had those nasty nose hairs?? Practice pulling them here

For the homey in all of us here is a site that has everything.

More preachers need to be like this.

That's all for now, I'll be giving you a couple of these a week to keep Rblords kicking DEMONI.CA right in the bawlz.

Thanks Kujo, I'm always up for kicking anyone in the Bawlz, but only if it's spelled that way!

Mar 06, 2003 - Exciting Happenings...


Well, there's been a little bit of action in the Rappablords community as of late. For one, yc has been donated a lot of his time towards developing a web interface for creating/editing updates on the site. This will make it much easier for all you non-techno junkies to update if you want to. I'm not sure what inspired yc to develop this - but I get the strange feeling this web app is going to lock me out of my own site, and then he's going to ask for money in order to get control back. Or perhaps he's just going to triX0r me into giving him my secret password, thus turning rblords into a horse pr0n site. Either way, I guess you win.

First up today (and what a rare occasion this is!) is an article. Yes, that's right - the first one since....well, since DP wrote a page about Mr. Roboto in 2001!! Well - the author of this article has requested to remain anonymous so I will comply to his wishes out of desperation for actual content. So here it is.

Second on the agenda is another comic. This officially exhausts my supply of 'art', and as you can see I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. But - it IS drawn by the great !zebu! so I have to respect that. Why don't you go have a look.

Now to link to some outside content. EVERYBODY HAS TO SEE THIS. I had to read this article exactly 153 times before I could believe it - but apparently it is true! Shit, why couldn't this happen when I was pre-16 - I'm sure it would have helped me to develop into an even more twisted, perverted slimeball than I already am. I mean come on!! Now that's edu-ma-cation!

Looking for some games to play to pass the time away? Audiophile sent in this fun Michael Jackson game to drive you crazy. I especially like the evil spiders he throws at you between hucking babies off of the building! In addition kujo sent in this stick fighting game, "Backdoor Shot", and "Finger Fillet". Those should amuse you for hours...

Looking to actually learn something? Well - yc sent me a spam email today that made me realize why I don't want to use gay spam filtering software like Unit3 - check out Lezbo 101 class!

Ok that's it for today. Blue4130 just informed me that he has aquired a new webcam, so be on the lookout for an RBlords cam portal to appear in the not to distant future! If anyone wants to be part of it, all you have to do is ask. Oh yeah, and complete the Lezbo 101 class.

Mar 02, 2003 - Minstrel music, helper monkeys, and bush??


Guess I'm long due for an update here - although you have to admit I really had the ball rolling there for a couple weeks. Ahhh, good times. Now I suppose it's time for me to make excuses as to where I've been - but I really can't think of anything. Oh I know - I finally broke down and bought myself a new computer - which means my trusty BP6 has finally been retired after giving me a good 4 years of service.

Well, first off lets get this show started with the second installment of 'Ukranian StarTrek' by soul_d...check it out in the comic section. I'm running low on comics people, so please fire up those creative, juicy braincells and scribble out some 'art' for me. COME ON!!!

More Bush Pics: [1] [2]
I should mention that I just got home from attending my first ever night of Telemiracle. That's right, I actually went and watched the show live for a couple hours and got to scream "RING THOSE PHONES" at the top of my lungs while stuffing my face with french fries and drinking mountian dew. Earlier in the evening I attended part of the Saskatoon Winter Meltdown Blues Festival and got to see the Dave Clark band featuring Amos Garrett on guitar. What a great (and unique) blues guitarist, and Dave Clark has got to be the best tenor saxaphone player I've ever seen live. What really impressed me is how the show was a 100% non-smoking event. You have to understand - this is a blues festival here, everyone smokes. Needless to say they still packed the place and had to turn people away at the door - so there goes the theory of losing business by going non-smoking!

Now lets take a breif moment away from all this serious talk, and focus on funner things - like tattoo'd dinks and bad team photos. Why stop there? How about some boobs - or maybe just some damn poor road planning. Can you tell I'm trying to offload some content here?

I have become temporarily fascinated by a band called Blackmore's Night. Remember Richie Blackmore? Well, even if you don't you should at least remember Deep Purple, for whom he played lead guitar. If you don't remember Deep Purple, who should at least remember their biggest hit "Smoke on the Water". ANYHOW, Richie Blackmore is one hell of a guitarist - very underrated in my opinion...but what I didn't know about him is that he has since created a new band, along with his wife Candice Night. The music? Some sort of mix between contemporary rock and mideivel bard songs. Have a listen yourself, it's really quite interesting stuff. DO IT!!

And since I haven't had a video on here for quite awhile - please take some time and download this car dealership commercial. It's 3 megs, but well worth it because it involves cars and helper monkeys. Best of all, it's funner than any game that soul_d might trick you into playing.

What else happened this weekend - oh yes, I attended _SPACE_'s housewarming party (she figured I'd forget!) on Friday and had a really good time. What a neat house too, I'm really impressed - not to mention the great job they did refinishing the original hardwood floors! Good job guys - makes me think about renovating my place...heh...hmmm....well, maybe not. That sounds/looks like a lot more work than I'm willing to commit!

And on that note, I'm off to bed. I advise you do the same (and I don't care what time it is when you read this). Keep it real, peace and all that jazz.


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