Jan 30, 2003 - Horry crap! Now that is how you support your favorite website!


Ok, to all you girls out there I'd like you to follow the example of this dedicated rblords fan. Baring your naked breasts is an excellent and effective way to show your support for the website. Keep 'em coming.

Oh yes, and of course there is new comic today.

Jan 29, 2003 - Let's talk about me today...


This is crazy! RBlords has, over the past month, exploded into a colossal mass of incoherent regularly-updated ramblings, a surge of new comics, and generally enough mindless drivel to power a Ukranian submarine into the 25th century. I am so impressed!

And you bet - there's a new comic today. And many more to come. So if you are wondering why I have not posted your comic yet, chances are it will be very soon. Please feel free to send in mindless ramblings of your own as well, if you feel the need to update rblords. Keep in mind our policy of "No Scat Porn" still stands. I'm still waiting for Audiophile to enlighten us with an update about his trip - or just talk about boobs. Whatever, it's all good.

What's new in my life you ask? Well, having finally recovered financially from xmas (poor planning on my part) I'm trying to take advantage of this cold end of winter by pinching pennies and paying off as much debt as possible by the time May rolls along.

More sand sculptures: [2] [3] [4] [5]

I do this every year because I find I'm just not motivated to do anything in the latter part of winter, so I'd might as well pay off some bills. It's also a good pre-cursor to camping and partying like mad all summer, which always ends up costing more than I plan! All in good fun though, of course...although every summer it seems as though I've got to buy one more toy for myself. It started 3 years ago with my Supra (which is no more), the next summer it was the boat and the stereo, this past summer it was my house, and this summer I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy a nice daily-driver. I've got my heart set on a little 1/4 ton truck, but we'll see what fortune brings me.

Other plans for the summer? Maybe planting some grass in the backyard, finishing the deck, pooring a sidewalk alongside my house and possibly redoing the padio while I'm at it. This could be interesting as I've never mixed/poured cement before but I hear it's really not all that expensive if you do it yourself, and I do know a couple people who claim to be quite good at it. Of course we can't forget the hot tub party this summer, which mrp has once again suggested he may finally join. This year I have purchased a pool table to set outside ala Drew Carey for some added fun/destruction.

And that's about it. If you were looking for some flashy content I guess you're out of luck for today...hmmm, actually you'd better check out this monster chainsaw powered by a harley V-Twin motor! There, that should keep you happy for awhile!

PS - Nobody responded to the lyrics quiz I proposed a couple updates back. They were from "Venice is Sinking" by Spirit of the West - if anyone was curious!

Jan 27, 2003 - Does anyone even read these stupid titles?!?


So....Oakland got stomped last night at Superbowl 37... I guess the streak had to come to an end some time, much to the regret of many Raiders fans out there. C-Hump from Demoni.ca seems thrilled with the outcome, although this opinion is apparently not endorced by the rest of the Wascana gang :P

Everybody remember to drop JayB a line today, seeing as how it is his 33rd birthday and all. JayB has been a good friend of mine ever since we realized we shared a similar love for accounting principles while enrolled in CST.

Audiophile is back in town, and has submitted a comic so go check in out. I'm sure we will see an update from him in the future. I also have the next installment of !zebu!'s comic saga to post, as well as MANY other comics that have been submitted. Don't worry folks, I'll post them all - it'll just take awhile :). And keep drawing them!!

And for all of you folks following the Lord of the Rings, I have some bad news for you.

That's it today - I'm sure you didn't want to listen to me blab anyway. G'day!

Jan 24, 2003 - The old come here to kiss their dead...


If somebody can guess where that title quote comes from (without cheating and looking it up on the net), then good for you :P Some good lyrics in that song...

Well now, I suppose I forgot to mention it in my last update but Saskatoon (RBlords hometown) has finally been hit my winter. Until recently we were having to import iceblocks from the yukon in order to maintain repairs on our melting igloos. This, as you can imagine, can get incredibly expensive - and caused some people to downright give up and buy a new igloo - such as __SPACE__, who purchased a new one just recently. That's right, she's still alive so go visit her site, and remember to visit it religiously like I do.

Speaking of affiliated sites, somebody had better call the suck police on mrp for failing to provide an entertaining page on pwrsrc.net for quite sometime. I'd work him over myself, if he didn't live all the way down in sunny San Jose. Oh yeah, and if he weren't an invincible ninja.

I realize that I haven't posted a live-feed webcam yet, but after second thought I don't think that I will. Why? Because it would be incessently boring for anyone willing to waste their time to watch it. However I am still considering a cam portal, so I'm expecting all of you avid-rblords readers to aquire webcams and set them up to be hosted on this prestigious site of mine. Boo-yeah!

For those of you who know Kujo, he will be back in Saskatoon on the weekend of the 15th. Wow, I'm just full of interesting news today! Like, I bet you didn't know that you can print your own organs using biological matter in your inkjet printer, instead of conventional ink. Oh don't act so surprised, we're sending mokeys to the moon for fuck sake.
Click on the wonderful story-book covers above to view the full list in all their splendor.

Oh, I almost forgot - there is a new comic today. Also tonight is the big party to celebrate the return of Audiophile, hope to see ya'll there.

Jan 21, 2003 - Babies - not for eating


YC expressed his rage with me the other day over the fact that RBlords has been updated far too frequently over the past couple of weeks. I beleive the source of his aggression stemmed from the fact that his update has been pushed far to the bottom of the list, so I guess he'll just have to make another update, possibly far angrier than the first.

There has been some important news happening over the past couple days. First and foremost, long-time Rappablords friend The Saint and his wife received the blessing of their first born child last week, named (I hope I got this right) Simon Joshua, born Friday night at around 11:30pm weighing in at 6lbs, 9oz. Congrats to the happy parents, I send a genuine RBlords salute out to you!

On a far less serious tone, a long time avid-reader of RBlords has sent in the first of a long series of comics featuring our beloved RBlords mascots. His name is !zebu!, and this is his work. If you need background information on our mascots look here.

Also, speaking of babies - the michelin man finally gave first to his first child! Here's the photo. What a spitting image of his father!

Have you run out of places to pierce and tattoo your body? Ever though of piercing your legs?? I don't even know what to say about this one except that when Kujo originally sent me these pics, I thought the latter one was of him. But thankfully it's not - SO RELAX! I know you were concerned. But that's all I have for today...keep an eye on the comics section for new releases.

Jan 17, 2003 - Just a quick update...


Holy crap - updates 4 days in a row, that has to be an alltime RBlords record!

Anyhow, just a quick one today. The new 'Paint your own comic' page has been bringing in a flood of comic submissions, but keep them coming! Today's installment is from none other than my arch-rival Unit3 from Demoni.ca so check it out!

Also take a look at the picture on the right before you complain about your job :P. Our take a look at these guys working on the Empire State building, or even even these crazy japanese telemarketers. Yikes!

I've come to the conclusion that the best possible (and most satisfying) job would be the job of a Terminator.

Anyhow, keep sending in your comics and I'll keep posting them... DO IT NOW!!

Jan 16, 2003 - A barrel-full of fun! But not in a donkey kong smashing sort of way...


Well now, it's a cold day in hell when mrp of pwrsrc.net contributes content towards our site, but nevertheless it has happened. mrp has prepared a comic for today's update that is both emotional, and deeply metaphorical. Please, take a moment to have a look. Please try to contain your tears (of joy). And if you'd like to take a stab at making your own comic but you're too lazy to open up MS Paint, click here to use the new 'RBlords Comic Maker'. Just click 'Send' when you're done and the comic will be sent to be for approval.

The Saint contacted me by email a couple days ago to express his conern that the new Dodge super-bike (see Jan 4th Update) looks suspciously similar to another bike he has seen in movies. Could this be the dawning of a new age where light-cycle racing is finally not only possible, but required to settle disputes in our municipal court system? Lets hope so - maybe the price for a trip into space will come down a bit as well. If I could only hold myself back from constantly buying replica space station modules I might have a chance to afford it...

Audiophile sent me this contribution to my "Signs you live in the ghetto" collection. This is actually a picture of one of Blue4130's first BMXs. He found the suspension a little hard, and the bike itself was really hard to manual so he traded it in.

Speaking of Audiophile, he is planning on returning to the bridge city late next week from his month-long vacation in BC. I haven't quite had the heart to tell him yet that DP ransacked his apartment, stole all his furniture, and ate all of his fine aged cheddar. Either way, I beleve he is returning on the 24th so we will be having a get together at the old haunted Sutherland residence to celebrate his return, and to finish off the rest of the booze that was leftover from new years.

I guess it's time to throw out some content now. I came across this picture on the net the other day and thought it was neat. Stare at it for awhile and it'll drive you nuts.

Also, I'm afraid I'm going to have to force you to watch this video because it's hillarious. I can't tell you anything about it because it'll ruin the surprise. Just watch it!.

Also also - you may have noticed the appearance of an 'RBlords Cam' in the menu bar to the left. I plan on setting up a camportal page very soon, but that will come in good time. Thanks to Larmal for the donation of the old EJ cam...

...and that's about it. Back to work for me!

Jan 15, 2003 - YC has a new chariot!


Hey hey, not really much to say, things have been sort of quiet lately. Nice to finally get a few -30 days in, makes you appreciate how nice -20 actually is! Unfortunately I am extremely sick of winter already, and it's only january. Worst of all, no stat holidays until the middle of april. Well, at least there shouldn't be more than another 2.5 months to endure.

To alleviate some of the mid winter depression, and mostly just because of the fact that I really wanted one, I recently bought a new car, a 2001 honda prelude. It's a sweet car, low km, loaded with black leather interior, sunroof, heated seats, etc etc. Nice step up from my old cutlass.

Well, enjoy the cold!

Jan 14, 2003 - Mopar's new super-cycle o' death.


Just a quick update today - it's damn cold outside. -31 this morning, that makes -43 with the windchill. Guess we've had a free ride until now, so I'm not going to complain too much. Good thing spring is just around the corner, right?

I had to throw this picture up in honor of Mopar. Now I may not be the hugest Mopar fanatic in the world (for the record - Mopar fanatics probably hold the record for being the most devoted to their beloved manufacturer) but I do respect the way they tend to ignore all of the normal rules when designing their new concept vehicles - and the fact that they constantly (historically and currently) push the boundries of the automotive market all while being the smallest of the 3 dominating north american manufacturers.

Take a look at this bike (and click on the picture for the article). I mean look at it. 500hp Viper V10 with a seat mounted on top of it. Now thats just fucking rad.

"This four-wheel, single-passenger vehicle has a 500-horsepower Viper V-10 engine powering the dual rear wheels which gives it a potential top speed of nearly 400 miles per hour, "for anyone who wants to test it," says the company. Its 0 to 60 mph time is estimated at 2.5 seconds. "
Who wants the first test drive?...

Jan 09, 2003 - DP is in da house - his OWN house!


Amidst my excitement of writing an articles and posting naked woman-turkies on my site, I completely forgot about DP and his recent adventures. That combined with the numerous threats I have received from the office of DP has lead me to post an update solely about him. Oh, and his adventures.

The old haunted DP place You see, because of certain unforseeable circumstances in the music buisness (DP blames it on the return of swing music), the pound has been losing major album sales and could therefore no longer afford to maintain his romaine-lettuce eating, fine cheese and bologna devouring lifestyle. As a result he has placed his pad up for sale, and has reloacated himself to an apartment on the eastside. Unfortunately, because of his current financial situation, he was also forced to lay off both of his butlers and all 16 of his chamber maids. His good friend Fredish has been helping him to select the finest, affordable yet delicious imported aged cheeses to fill his new pantry alongside his extensive selection of smoked European meats and deliciously juicy yellow peppers.

At first glance, DP's new lifestyle may not seem all that different that it was previously, minus the new living quarters, but the fact is that this move has really made a big impact in his day-to-day life. In addition to his complaints that his bathroom "does not have a shit stink removal fan" he has also found himself sleeping at night clutching an 8" butcher knife which provides him with a sense of security to replace the 26 armed guards who had to be reluctantly laid off.

"I done miss da goons, yo" DP spouted as RBlords reporters approached the international ultra-kronic rap superstar Saturday afternoon while moving a handful of his Grammy awards into his apartment. "da pound can watch his own back, y'all know what I'm sayin? Still there aint nothin' like the mothafuckin touch o' goons. Straight up.". Amen to that, my friend. Amen to that.

Where can you catch this hard-to-find celebrity who lives above Nordon Drugstore in Saskatoon, SK? Well - you're best bet is probably the studio, where he has been recording his newest album "I done fucked all the bitches". Or possibly if you're lucky you may catch a glimpse of him at the IGA on 8th, argueing with the assistant manager about the outrageous price of honey-roasted peanuts. Oh, or you could always email him.

Jan 07, 2003 - Get your hands off my turkey, jerky!


Well now - let me just start by saying there is a great chronicle of the new years party on the new Demoni.ca. There you can find out all the latest gossip about the attendees, and maybe even learn some things you didn't know!??

Now that New Years is well behind us, it's time to move on and accept that the world is yet another year closer to it's eventual anhilation by space aliens. Can we have a moment of silence please? For god's sake won't somebody think of the children? At least think about the Turkey!! ...

Mmmm...turkey.... sure beats mastering the piano with your shlong. But then again, that could come in handy!

I don't really have much to say today except that I am working on an article - which will be the first RBlords article since April of 2001!! Expect it in the next couple of days...(hey, you have to admit I've been a lot more regular with my updates lately - so give me some credit!).

Jan 02, 2003 - A New Year...or is it?? Seriously somebody tell me!!!


As I was preparing this update I noticed the date I had typed in '1/2/03'...pretty neat if you care about retarded things like that! heh. well...

The New Year's eve party I threw went down and was a kickin' good time. More people showed up than I expected (~30), but it was all good! A bit of a mess, but good none the less. Thanks to everyone for coming!

Red Bandana supplied us all with about 160 Jello shooters and Unit3 brought his trade-marked Royal Red. It was nice to see soul_d and Tyrac in attendance, along with their new guitarist. DP was, of course, in da house and so was Blue4130, Fredish, JayB, Regan, Hellsh0k and the king himself, YC amongst many others.

Note: Click on the picture on the right to see the rest - thanks Red Bandana!

Features of the night included:

  • Blue4130 jumping from the house roof to a pile of snow he shovelled onto my deck
  • JayB spilling half his beef on my couch only 1/2 an hour into the party then denying it happened.
  • Blue4130 flipping random breakers on and off, resetting all of my clocks and rebooting RBlords
  • Myself having a drumming competition with Tyler from Bastard Machine which ended in me breaking a stick in half
  • The shortlived NES 'Blades of Steel' competition downstairs on the 80" projected screen
  • Me offering my sister to Hellsh0k in return for his.
  • Dog Pound
  • Ryan rolling skunkweed on my dresser before I booted him outside because of the horrible smell
  • Snowwresling in the front yard with JayB (multiple victems)
NOTE: RedBandana pointed out that I wrote 'beef' instead of 'beer'. SO WHAT?!? :P

The neat thing about this whole fiasco is that my house now smells like SARCAN, even after I cleaned everything up. A special thanks goes out to DP's sister who took all the gum from my gumball machine and threw it all over the house. And a special special thanks to Blue4130, once again, who caught some of said gum in his mouth, chewed it a bit, then spit it on the floor or in the sink. Nevertheless, I ended up with a mickey of vodka and a shitload of mix to keep for myself so I suppose that was my reward for cleaning up the mess.

Also I'd like to thank everybody who attended for not stealing or destroying anything during the party, so far I've got a good record going here and I'm glad that I can add this party to the list! However....I did see very little of Kehfee that night, so perhaps I should be checking for catfood in strange places....

Anyhow - good times, good times. Word to your mother and all that shiznit. You know me - big blingin' and shit.

I'll put up pics of the party as soon as I get them....also I think I'm supposed to be helping DP move tonight but I'm not sure. I suppose I will call him. Aight.


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