Oct 30, 2002 - It's HARROWEEN!!



Ok. Please excuse the tacky incorrectly spelled title and poorly cut animated gifs, I just got carried away. It is, however, the season to be busting heads and I'm not going to be making comprimises! I have my trusty new sacrificial sword (stupid Ebay TriX0ring me into buying things). I'm going to start chopping and running, and if YOU get in the way its not my problem!!

I don't really have any news to report - other than the fact that I made a trip to Edmonton last weekend which was very fun. Got to visit my good friend Kujo, eat pizza in a hotel room, dick around at the West Ed mall, eat at the Olive Garden, shop at Ikea and beat up some ugly children (I did that for JayB). All in all some good fun. Also this past weekend the young and only YC threw a big party at his house to celebrate his big raise, and promptly passed out to miss half of it!

ACK!! It's Camel-Toe Elvis! Halloween truley does bring out the worst in some people! (Insert joke about my last year's superman costume here).

Well...most people anyways. Check out this sweet bikini! I think that is what __SPACE__ is going to be wearing this year (she told me). I was all like "I don't think that would be a good idea, you might get really cold" and she was all like "shutup I can do whatever I want with my fine, sexy body" and I was like "Damn! True Dat!!"

On a similar subject Dog Pound is really trying hard to think of a good costume that he could wear this year which would also be appropriate to wear to work. Mail him your suggestions if you have some, or maybe just yell at him a bunch. He likes that. Yeah, DP rocks. Anyway, I'm sure he's not going to beat YC's costume!!
You know I was just visiting my girlfriend at the Pet store she works at and noticed a sign stated that they will not sell Black cats during the halloween season due to people torturing them (thinking they are witches, I pressume). I thought this was interesting - I guess it would be a good time of year to keep your black cat indoors as well. Anyhow, while standing around I read a book about exotic pets and decided that I want to pick up a pot belly pig. What a practical pet! You can keep him around while he's small and cute, and then when he gets big and mean you can just kill him and eat him! I'm sick and tired of eating cats. SICK and TIRED!

I went and saw the new Jackass movie last night. Before I say anything about the movie I have to complain a bit about the movie prices. $6.50 to watch a movie on a 'cheap' Tuesday?? Whats that? I thought regular price movies were $7! Oh wait, no, they're anywhere from $10 to $13 now! Sheesh - for two people to watch a regular priced movie and get popcorn and two drinks costs damn near $40 now!

Anyway...if you are a fan of the original Jackass series you'll love the movie, plain and simple. If you haven't seen the series - maybe you should get ahold of an episode or catch a re-run (do they even show it anymore?) first. I would rate the movie in DP heads but I just don't think that I could - because its not really a movie. It's simply a two-hour episode of the show! But with the raunchiest, most naked and obscene jokes they could muster that wouldn't possibly be aired on TV.

Don't count on this show making it to your local TV station!!

Well that's about it - I threw in a lot of content on this update! (If you missed some of it - go back carefully over all of the highlighted links. ALL OF THEM!). Seems that people are starting to bug me about updating again (now that I've actually made a few). You know what I think? I think you should all start bugging Razor to update HIS page because its getting old. Yeah, you heard me. OLD.


Oct 16, 2002


Wow - I just noticed that I've barely made 10 updates since the beginning of this year, thats pretty lame! Yet this site still gets bombarded by hits so frequently that I had to upgrade the connection (put icecubes on the cable modem). I also count spiders and bots as frequent readers. What? Thats fair! Good thing this new server can more than handle it!

That reminds me - check out my new server. If you're a true geek you might be interested in this, otherwise don't bother clicking on the link. Just click here instead to play with a farting doughboy. Am I the ultimate entertainer or what??

It also just occurred to me (I'm having a memory relapse here) that I missed something in my generic summer update. My friend Bryce had his annual 'party to end all parties' shakedown at his residence sometime early August (I think). LOTS of people, LOTS of free booze (including a cooler full of very stiff punch and a LOT of miscellanous shots). I think the pictures should explain the rest.

- Make sure to check out this picture. Guess who that is chugging cheap german wine from a golden challice and win a prize.

Winter is coming - this has become painfully obvious lately with the shrill cold mornings and the occasional snow flake falling from the sky. I've been so busy running around putting away patio furniture, draining the water out of the boat leg, and generally winterizing things that I've forgotten to partake in the true spirit of the season by killing children. Oh well - I suppose there is plenty of time for that yet...maybe this year I will hose down my driveway on halloween night! If you have a more original idea, let me know, I'm sick of the old poison-apple routine.

Blue4130 asked me today if I was going to have a halloween party this year. Sounds like not a bad idea - but I suppose I'll have to get a new costume this year - the old one is a bit ripped. Guess thats what I get for squeezing into a 12 year old's costume - but adult costumes are just so damn expensive!

My last edition of 'Signs that you live in the hood' went over so well that I've decided to continue the series. Today it is all about da rides.

Damn! Dre would be proud, yo!

Well - thats it for now. If you need some more entertainment, try reading up on how to build your own beer cooler using a jet engine. This is one project you SHOULD try at home.

Later Homes!

PS - the 'Search' feature in the left-side menubar should be working now. Thanks Blue4130 for pointing out that it was broken (about 6 months ago)

Oct 15, 2002


Server is up - only a couple small bumps, but it's finally over. I've been meaning to make the swap for a good 6 months now, which just goes to show the power of procrastination! As far as I know everything is working great so far (I know the search feature is still broken, Blue4130, but I'm working on it. Really!).

Since I'm at work now, I'm going to leave the real update until later tonight (or tomorrow...or the next day...), but I'll leave you with the following information, so get ready to pick up your phone and order one:

I know Dog Pound will appreciate this. He loooooves camels!

Oct 08, 2002


Just a breif note to my readers that RBlords.com will be having a breif downtime sometime within the next couple days, as I am finally upgrading the server. As a result all services will be down temporarily (web, email, ftp, etc).

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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