Jul 26, 2002


Hmmm....looks like it has been an entire month since the last time I updated this site. Has anyone noticed? Didn't think so. But I have to make, at minimum, monthly updates in order to continue referring to myself as one of the greatest webmasters of the century - which I am, without a doubt. Trust me.

News? Kujo is moving out west so that his finance can follow her career in education - in the meantime he will be an unemployed bum, so you might want to get ahold of him and send him some money or something. Either way, we all wish him well in his move, and his new life in hickville, Canada!

More news - Dr. Razor has updated his site and would like everyone to take a look. This new site design is the painstaking result of 3 solid days of work. This, my friends, is a perfect example of the miracles one can accomplish by simply putting your mind to it. Bravo, Razor, Bravo. OH - and another example of the miracles one can accomplish by simply putting your penis to it - Dallas and Nicole recently had a baby. About time!

Probably none of you are asking yourselves "What ever happened to that new server that Spitfire was promising? Why isn't it here yet? Well, that seemed to be a project that peaked my interest breifly and then left just as fast. Unfortunately, during that time I had already ordered all of the parts on Ebay. So...it may finally get put up as soon as I get my 20gig UWSCSI RAID5 array functioning...but that might not happen until winter at least.

Interesting prospects - after a long and hearty conversation with the internet legend Larmal last night, there was breif talk of a new satiracle site being born, in the style of the original 'Extreme Jerks'. This should be considered a rumour at this point, and may never happen. However, I will tell you that there was talk of the involvement of the following famous internet personalities: YC, JayB and Bill Gates. More on this as it develops.

I almost forgot how difficult it is to come up with ridiculous crap to paste all over my site - even when you only have to do so once every month. Best bet is probably to just link to hillarious content to take the spotlight off of myself - like this hillarious urinal sketch. WATCH IT!

Now, if you're still bored - go check out Demoni.ca which is more frequently updated, or check out what _SPACE_ is doing. If you're looking for some good laughs you can always count on TheOnion.com. There you go!


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