Jun 21, 2002


Well....the server is up (duh), and I am more or less settled into my new house. I'll have to post pictures of my new 'Flintstone' house as soon as my camera makes it out of the repair shop. But hey - everything seems to be working on the site, although I haven't finished that new server yet...soon enough I'm sure. It's tough to think about computers and the site with all of this nice weather we've been having!

Aaaanyhow, I wasn't expecting to put up a real update today, so I won't. Instead I am going to throw up the official Pike Lake 2K2 video - put together by Audiophile out of footage taken on the May long weekend. It's a large download (45 megs) but well worth it, so check it out!

I'm off to the lake...if anyone is in the Emerald lake area this weekend make sure to stop on by....chao!


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