May 28, 2002


Hey everyone - it has been awhile since I've updated this page but I've been pretty busy lately...what with Pike Lake 2K2 and moving and all. Right now I have just about everything I own packed in boxes except for my bed and my computer, so I thought I'd put up a quick warning before I shut it down too. If you're reading this now, please be advised that all RBlords services will be shutting down tomorrow around 5:00PM - that would be Wednesday the 29th to be exact. If all goes well everything should be back up and running again by Monday.

Pike Lake was a blast this year, I have to say we had a pretty decent turnout...even the late JayB was in was gay Larmal. Everybody had a good time, despite the fact that the conservation officers were really giving us a hard time for no reason at all...but soul_d and myself are currently taking care of that :)

Hmmm what else? B.B. King was a great concert...the man is getting old (76) but his music is just as good as ever. It never ceases to amaze me how his opening band can be so good, and then he just blows them out of the water. Heh, I guess thats why they call him a blues legend! Anyhow, I think Audiophile and Dog Pound really enjoyed the show too.

Not much else to say, I'll update when I get everything set up again. Audiophile is preparing a video 'collage' of the events of Pike Lake 2K2 for all those who are interested. I expect to have that available to you on Monday, so hang tight!

Until then....for a good time click here!

May 08, 2002


Hello everyone... It's been a while since I made an update for good ol' Rblords and since Nigs Peterson (aka Spitfire) is busy with his affairs I shall take the spotlight and steal what attention I can until Spitfire realizes I am slowly turning his website into a multi-level marketing cash cow.

This week (May 10th) the "Blues Boy" himself will be visiting Saskatoon. Yes BB King is still touring and we are lucky to have him visit our city. I consider this a once in a lifetime opportunity as I have never had the chance to see a live blues artist, not to mention one of such talent. I know that Spitfire is quite a big fan of BB King, but I haven't had the chance to get to know his music so I am looking forward to having my first listen and I'm sure I will be pleasantly surprised.

Once again another year has passed and old man winter (although still showing his ugly face every now and then) is going home to make room for summer. And what better way to kick off a new summer than packing up your gear and going out for a helluva good time camping at Pike Lake. The tradition lives as the staff of Rblords and all of it's affiliates (and their wives, kids, mistresses, and addictions) are once again re-living the Pike Lake experience this May 17-19. Come one come all... I can't stress how fun it can be to roll around in a tent making out with the opposite sex for 3 days at the low low price of a campsite. Or maybe going for a quick dip in the refreshing lake during the middle of the night naked with a bounty of beautiful (but not illegal) young willing women. Or having the rain pour down on what you expected to be a nice warm night only to have you ending up mud wrestling with a plethora of young beauties. YOU'D HAVE TO BE CRAZY TO STAY HOME!

As of lately there seems to be a trend developing among the Rblords staff. It seems this year motorcycles are in and walking is out (leaving me to set my own trend for being 22 and still never owning a car). This all began when someone bought an old vintage motorcycle to drive for the summer. Then the next guy decides that's a good idea and buys a motorcycle until everyone ends up owning one. Then we end up forming a motorcycle gang and eventually a Mafia ring called the Christ Punchers. I can already see it happening so I advance ordered the embroidered leather jackets for our up and coming gang.
As many of you have probably read in previous updates, Spitfire just bought a lovely new home somewhere in the booneys where he can raise a wonderful family and sell cars on the side. He will now live away from all the amenities except the Sutherland bar, and of course Jet D. I don't know the exact address, but I will include a picture of what the house looks like and as of June 1st I was specifically told to invite as many people as possible for a party that ends all parties. So if you spot this house feel free to join the party at any time. Rumor has it once the party gets too big Spitfire will be moving the party into his backyard where he will supply a hottub and trampoline for the pleasure of his guests.

For the last few months I have been busy recording music for a friend who is the member of a two piece orchestra of rock. The album is scheduled to be released in its entirety by late summer, but I have a hunch that pre-mastered tracks will be kicking around to be heard very soon. The band is called Bastard Machine and Rolling Stone calls it "THE REAL FUCKING DEAL".

Although the car on the right is an old Mercedes Benz and not the classic Volvo, I can still picture Unit3 driving in on his way to the Liquor Store with Rammstein blasting out the Public Access horns he would have glued to his roof. And with tires that nice and big what would stop him from actually driving on other people's lawns, I mean lets face it.. there's less traffic on lawns. The only thing I think this car is missing (if it were under Unit3's posession) are some nice big bull horns on the hood and a cow catcher grill.

That concludes this Rblords installment, stay tuned for more exciting adventures. Have a good week and Enjoy!


May 03, 2002


Ok...only one update last month, I have to admit that is pretty lame. I'd love to post some videos for y'all but I have to resolve the issues with web bots leeching them constantly...and I'm not sure how I'm going to fix that yet. Oh well, I'll get to it. Eventually.

At least someone is doing something with their webpage..._SPACE_ has updated the layout of her page so go have a look!

To be honest, I just can't wait to this point my house is a mess and I can't bring myself to clean it up because I know I'm just going to be moving in 3 weeks anyhow...and Pike Lake 2K2 is going to be here in 2 weeks, yet apparently it's supposed to snow tomorrow. BAH! The new server is pretty much ready to go, but I'm having problems with the SCSI array right now ... hopefully I'll have it fixed by the time June rolls around because the rest of the system is freakin' sweet.

Today in an email conversation, YC, Blue4130 and I discussed the art of 'selling out'. From this we got into a discussion about designer jeans; CK, Ralph Lauren, Versache, etc...and whether or not people were stupid for spending $200 on a nice pair of pants. Anyhow, I have come up with a single good use for brand name jeans (once they have worn out of course), and have posted my solution to the right.

A couple days ago YC emailed me a link to put up on the site, and I'd better do that while I'm here so I don't forget. Anyhow, follow this link to the sweetest 'Type R' you've ever set your eyes on!!

I also have an obligation to mention Red Bandana Online, as Barb has been tormenting me to do so. Also, she has mentioned me so I guess its only fair! Anyhow, all I have to say is I really like the new layout of her site, it rules. I only wish someone would make me a nice looking interface, as I'm so freaking useless! Yay, Barb!

Ha, this update is very difficult to type when my computer keeps randomly rebooting every few minutes...quite frustrating really but I have no idea how to fix it. I hate computers, therefore it makes more sense to just buy another one than to fix this one for free...but I don't want to spend the money. So I am going to live with this computer reseting every few minutes. In a way its kinda refreshing. Everytime it boots back up I here those wonderful windows 'chimes', and I feel reborn! It's a very spiritual, uplifting experience really. Last night I left my computer on and the sound cranked up so that every few minutes the sound of the windows chimes would pierce through the quiet of my house, and rejuvenate my spirit. Needless to say I slept in and was late for work the next day. Fucking windows.

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"I Think We're Alone Now..."

Heh...I can just imagine Blue4130 filling his pants right now (sorry for the image). Yes, on the left is none other than 80s pop star Tiffany, who incidently posed nude in playboy for the April issue. Feel free to browse through the pics by clicking on the links below the picture to the left. I think all you guys will agree that this is the best thing since Jefferson Airplane. And since I actually have way more pictures than shown here, you can download the complete set here.

If you are offended by nudity, or you just don't want your girlfriend/wife/kids to see you looking at these pictures, perhaps you could amuse yourself with this humerous picture of a male and female carrot. Hahahaha....oh man, thats hilarious!

Ahh, here's a link I've been meaning to put up for a long time! I think this guy might be using his brain too much, but some of his experiments are pretty cool to play with. In particular, give the human head a try - its a blast. You can easily spend way too much of your time on this page, especially if you're a geek.

And for all of you local Saskatoon dwellers might find this interesting: a live broadcast of local police radio. I think that Razor may be running this website out of his closet...either way, its quite entertaining and completely legit. I listened to a couple of cops talk for almost 15 minutes about their low carb diets before one of them decided to actually go help some kid that had been passed out against a Macs store the whole time. Ahhh great fun!

Anyhow...that was just way too much content...time to leave this off with a celebrity quote as always...
"I adore Beavis and Butthead. It is an extraordinary, powerful and important piece of work. It also makes me laugh like a drain."
- Patrick Stewart

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