Jan 30, 2002


Sorry for the wait here....busy working on a new site layout (truthfully). But to keep Doc Razor in order I promised to post the content he sent me a few days back....

The content comes in the form of a song. I would like to draw Unit3's attention to this beautiful piece, as I told him to watch for it awhile back...so here it is. The Song is entitled "Every OS Sucks", by "by 3 Dead Trolls in a Baggie". It's a great geek song for anyone who has been into computers since the 80s (or longer)...or even if you weren't. If you've never heard of a computer then don't bother. Otherwise, have a listen!

While I'm here I'd might as well spit out some other useless crap...like this site, and this site. Go on, check them out...you just know that if I link to them, they MUST be interesting. Make sure to scroll down and read all of both pages....

So hang on tight, I'll be back with a bigger, better rblords in no time (ie. months). A note to mrp - I think I've waited a substantial amount of time to see a new update on your site...snap to it! Oh well, _SPACE_ and Unit3 have been updating their sites constantly lately, so go there if you need some more good reading.

But for now I'm going to leave you with another great nugget of celebrity advice:
"My only complaint about having a father in fashion is that every time I'm about to go to bed with a guy I have to look at my dad's name all over his underwear."
- Marci Klein

Jan 28, 2002


Hello everyone, and welcome to the newest installation of the Rblords update (on it's 5th wind, but not yet on it's last leg). There have been a number of developments over the past few weeks that I feel everyone might like to hear about. First off the annual Holocaust, aka Holopalooza 2002 took place last Saturday evening. Appearences from the newly formed Bastard Machine and a special guest appearence from Fuckface with their chart topping hit "Fuck" riled the under aged crowd at Holopalooza.

Other guests such as the lonely ravers, super sexy lezbian, sheman turntabler, and Jo Jo the turned down-half upset-well bodied stray joined the party. It was not complete with a lot of extremely loud music, tons of loitering and destruction, an out of control smoke machine, and ultimately a visit from the Saskatoon Fire Department (thanks boys).

With the winter season in Saskatchewan comes the crazy ass freezing cold weather, and with that comes supreme sickness. One of which my body decided not to repel, I have been out of comission for several days because of the flu; many others are also just getting over. All things exciting seem to come to a standstill when old bastard winter comes to town, everyone stays home and falls into a deep depression (This is why I've decided to warm the hearts and souls of those people experiencing the winter blues with a collection of wonderful pictures I've found floating around the Internet).

With winter in full force, thoughts of summer are becoming very prominent in the minds of friends and family. In the past week I have heard our annual may long weekend Pike Lake extravaganza mentioned on three different occasions. This year everyone has made a non verbal agreement to use absolutely no scruples when in pursuit of members of the opposite sex. This should prove to be a very interesting and successful event for many this year.

Rblords unofficially heard that Jet D is now attending University to unofficially receive his doctorate in martial arts "single blow" death moves..... unofficially of course. Also joining him is Dog Pound who is attempting to receive a masters in making babies, and trailing behind in the game of education is myself attempting to complete grade twelve before I turn 30.

As many of you may already know Spitfire has been spending much of his time watching the market for a house where he can begin the next segway of his life as an independant man with an excuse to create offspring and store appliances on the lawn. Recently he has been on the look out for more of a peaceful and remote location like an acreage where he can shoot his guns in the morning without hitting innocent bystandards and let Dog Pound park his acumulation of american muscle cars.

That concludes this update, stay tuned for more!

Have a good week and enjoy.............Toodles!

Jan 22, 2002


(sigh), well....thank you Audiophile for the enlightening update :)

What's this? Updating twice in one week? Thats right! I've got some more Sh!t to shove down your throat, and you're gonna take it like a good reader should! Lets start, for example, with a discussion of just how incredibly cold Saskatchewan can be...well...today was the first day that I actually slapped on my headband to protect my ears from the sharp, icey fingers of this stupid cold winter (okay, its been pretty nice up until now...but still). Interested in a second opinion, I promptly email JayB to ask him exactly what he thought of the weather...his response was a resounding "ITS FUCKING COLD". I concur.

Now that I'm finally warmed up, I've got some more mindless dribble to pack in. Like what? Well....ever wonder why Britney Spear's breasts change size and shape every time you see her? Well although this has never occured to yours truley, somebody else has apparently been losing sleep over it...and he has compiled this flash video to bring forth the scandal.

Wow, I just realized that a great deal of the content on this page lately has had a direct relation to breasts. Well...can't hurt to add another.

Alright, alright, enough with that for awhile....hmmmmmm.....
For those of you who like watching stupid-dangerous motorcycle tricks, have a peek at these videos: [1] [2] [3]

Well those should take you awhile to download, but let me tell you - they're well worth it. There's just something about watching other people endanger their lives that makes you want to laugh a good, hearty laugh. As if you were actually there yourself participating in the magic of these wonderous occasions. Enough to make DP punch himself in the nuts!

Note to _SPACE_ :
Thank you for mentioning me on your site. And yes, I do want you to start making up things about me...now that I'm not the most popular person on the internet anymore, I could use the attention.

Anyhow, since the internet sucks so bad these days (come on! Snap to it, soul_d!), I'm going to make this short and leave you with a little nugget of advice:
"In our family, the rule was, never keep a soda can between your legs when you're in the car. My father told us this wicked story about a man who was driving with a can and between his legs and got into a bad car wreck. And pfffttt! He lost his Johnson. To this day, I cannot drive with a can between my legs. And I warn all my friends, too. I say, 'Don't do that man.' And they say, 'Why?' And I say: 'Because you could lose your uh-uh that way. I mean, seriously, man."
- Brad Pitt

Jan 18, 2002


What's that soop?
Timmy's stuck down in the well?

OH, you like breasts!

Jan 15, 2002


Wow....quiet night tonight. It's good to have some time to one's self once in awhile, so that one can make quality RBlords updates which nobody will read because they have given up on the site long ago.

So...what's new with the world? I see that Razor actually changed his page! If this were the most exciting content I had to post, I would really be in trouble....

I have to commend _SPACE_ for keeping her page up to date, and yes I do read it from time to time. She should be mentioning me more often though but I guess I'll have to live with that. I have had occasional contact with the late, great JayB as well...he's rocking out hard as ever. What else? Jeez not much.

I've been looking for house and the market really sucks right now...a whoooole lotta crapola out there, but with Dog Pound at my side we will find the ultimate party pad (we DID locate one house already which had a toilet installed right beside the bed in the bedroom - what a bonus!). Anyhow I'll let you know if I actually find something...

Razor fired me an email almost a month ago with a link to an online version of "X-Men vs. Street Fighter". This may be of particular interest to Surly YC (who is even more surly now that he has shaved his head). So here's the link. Give it a shot - they've done an excellent job porting this one! Where are you Elmo? I want a re-match!!

I don't know if any of you are familar with "The Man Show" or not, but you may have seen some of the videos floating around the net with the little boy who goes around saying obscene things to people...either way I've got a few videos here, they are well worth the time they take to download! Give them a good look:

As a bonus I'll even throw in a bonus video which explains why it is a bad idea to poke a cougar with a stick. Not into that kinda stuff? How about a picture of a naked blonde holding two fish. That outta cover everybody....

That's it for now...gotta hit the sack, but I have a pile of content to post so check back in a couple days! Cheers...

Jan 06, 2002


Hello? Yes, I do like football...  Nachos?  I love nachos....Beer?  yeah, sure, sounds great! Screw the Kolinar!
THERE AIN'T NOTHING FINER I wish that time machine was real. They don't make them like this anymore.
I'll dream of you in Math.  And Chem.  And Math Lab.  And Chem Lab.  And even during football.  All football.

Memorable Quotes from Saturday Night
you don't get to know who said them, because you might tell Steven, and he doesn't get to know

"OH MAN! That girl has her hand on the other girl's boobie!"
"There's lots of lesbians here."

"Nathan, you are full of shit. I mean, I'm full of shit, but someday I aspire to be as completely full of shit as you are."

"So this is the Pat."

"In my chest beats a regulation size NFL football. My skin is covered with the chalk of the fifty yard line."

"Ok, next Saturday we have to go back to the Pat so I can wheel the beer tub girl."
"Oh my God! She is so hot! I can't even look at her, it hurts my eyes. It is like staring at the sun. That is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life!"
"She's not that great"
"Good, you stay away from her ... Oh crap. She has a boyfriend."
"Well, you win some, you lose some."
"The football has just been torn from my chest."

"I have ovaries. They're just undecended testes. I am glad I am fertile. Being barren is uncool."

"She's crazy. I mean, put it this way. I went to her place a while back, and you know, hung out and had some coffee. When I left, I forgot one my CD's that we were listen to. Instead of going back to get it, I decided to buy it again."

"Woah, I'm in love with that girl."
"What's she doing working at the 7-11?"

"Head like a hole, black as your soul, I'd rather die than give you control. FUCK YOU, ANTICHRIST. YOU'RE GOING DOWN!"

"Viking 2-6, this is Blue Velvet."
"Roger Blue Velvet, this is Viking 2-6. We are about 5 clicks your november, over ... Blue Velvet, this is Viking 2-6, we are under heavy fire, over"
"Viking 2-6, you're in the back seat of my car."
"Caution, Blue Velvet, your coming into a hot LB."

"Hey, check out GI Jane over there."
"Hey dude, she's setting us up with GI Jane."
"Oh no."

"I hate Charton Heston. You're going down, antichrist!"
"He was Moses."

"It's ok, I just got stopped by the cops last night."
"I love her, she's the reason I come here."
"Head like a hole, black as your soul, I'd rather die than give you control. FUCK YOU, BUSH. DON'T FUCK WITH MY CARIBOU, MY CARIBOU!!!"
Graeme is gay.
"If some guy tries to get in my pants, I'll bite his face off. I had a dream that I did that."

"shit!!! fuck!!!"
"C'mon hurry, get in the car! get in the car!"
"she's gonna kill us! fuck!"


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