Jun 30, 2001


Summer Is Here!

Good evening, this is weekend update, and I am your host, Soul D. Our top story tonight:

The Sodding on Coy Proceeds with Caution

The Sodding of CKB's Coy Avenue residence is proceding slowly. Spits has tilled the earth and layed his walk, but will continue with the grass on a later date. He is making sure that the job is done right so that the lawn looks good. Sodding is hard work. In other news, the Sodomy on Coy Avenue is proceeding nicely.

Abby has a Birthday.

Tonight, at the Odeon, many people will be filing in the great doors to wish Abby a happy birthday. It is rumored that Jet D will be in attendance, as well as Chest Busby, Blue 4130, and the Notorious SGP. Rumors have been pouring in all day as to what will be happening at the bar tonight, but experts claim there will be dancing and drinking. "It is simply the most logical answer," Says Burt Reynolds, "as the Odeon is a night Club, for danceing and drinking. I completely dismiss the rumors that there will be man on man castration and log cutting constests. There simply are no grounds to support these theroies."


Heather is a boss girl.
She is probably not from Moose Jaw.
But if she is I will hurl.
Because that is the law.

Here are the three questions that will be answered today:

The Question: Kerri Henry: Evil Queen or Love Machine?

The Answers:

  • Graeme: Evil Queen Sherri. OH YEAH!
  • Cayley: Claytons Evil Queen Love Machine. I can't belive Graeme slept with here.
  • Clayton: Evil Queen Love Machine. Is it just a co-incidence that the initials, re-arranged, spell her name?!?!?
  • Vance: Clayton machine
  • Dog Pound: Evil Queen
  • Connor: Dont know her.
  • Kujo: Evil Love Queen
  • Jet D: Almost evil, but not quite love. And flash and bone, not a machine. More likely, an imposter.
  • Fredish: Well, since I am the Love Machine, she must be the Evil Queen
  • YC: I want no part in this :P
  • Darren: Evil Love Machine stuck on Military Mode.
  • I-Gene: Love Machine of Queen

The Question: Respond to the following statement: Cool chicks dig Darude. (short answer)

The Answers:

  • Graeme: Indeed.
    HA HA HA!
  • Cayley: AGREE
  • Clayton: I have no evidence to form an answer for this question...but I believe I can offer something:
    Chicks, chicks, everywhere...
    eating all the food.
    why is it that fat chicks come,
    whenever there's Darude?
  • Vance: Cool chicks do dig Darude as long as it is getting pumped out of a Flaming Camaro. Which shall lead to many good adventures involving women, a 74 Camaro, Dallas and...Uhhh....Rubber gloves maybe.(Rave chicks are weird)
  • Dog Pound: Ich Bein Berliner
  • Connor: I dont know who/what darude is. but i bet cool chicks dig it
  • Kujo: Damn right!
  • Jet D: I like darude, I like girls that like darude. I only like cool girls. Figure it out.
  • Fredish: FUCK NO!!
  • YC: Umb, I think there's a type there, it should read "Cool chicks dig dicks".
  • Darren: Cool chicks dig Sausage
  • I-Gene: Quoth the Jamie: "WHAAAT????"

The Question: What is the meaning behind the pictured labeled Sunsets?


The Answers:

  • Graeme: This is a comtemplative picture of Rowdy Roddy Piper as he contemplates the destruction of his planet in an alternate ending to "They Live". He is watching as a ball of nuclear fire appears on the horizon, casting deadly toxic waste high into the air and across the water, melting the trees (and the front of his left shoe), burning his home. As he views this you can see the agony on his face as he wishes that he could have discovered the alien invaders sooner and somehow stopped their evil plot, perhaps with a well-placed sleeper hold on the head alien.
    He also misses his kilt.
  • Cayley: solve for jet_d:
    jet_d = (dallas/2)+(wuss/2)
  • Clayton: Ok, this is a long story...but you should know that only I know the true answer because I was there!
    It all started on stormy night when Jet D decided to drink a _little_ too much of Greg Prediger's special moonshine, and wandered off through the bush at Pike Lake (2000). Co-incidentally, I ran into Mr. D while galavanting naked through the brush with a good friend of mine, Katie Mahon. A little confused, Jet D could not focus his eyes fast enough to recognize me, so he began to throw rocks and swear very loudly at myself and at Katie.
    What does that have to do with the picture? Well, this depicts the emotion Jet D felt once he realized that he had just stoned his fucking friend to near death and then thrown him somewhere into the lake.
  • Vance: Looking at the picture I see that the sun is roughly 10X it's size on earth so I can only assume that this is some far off place in a different galaxy, where life has evolved somewhat like ours but the people have grown taller. The sun seems to be erupting many sun flares which leads me to believe that it has an abundance of excess gases and will end up exploding into a white dwarf which will cause the planet to crumble and die.
  • Dog Pound: The meaning is that some poor smuck is standing at the river, because he realizes his car is at the bottom.
  • Connor: The meaning of the picture, is dallas looking far beyond the sunset, looking across the ocean looking for connor way in london saying, too bad you didnt make it to pike lake, and too bad your not doing very good on the survey!
  • Kujo: It's to prove that Nathan believes in the power of the sun god and that he will soon follow in the footsteps of his chosen one, that and he's lost and stoned
  • Jet D: When the sun goes down, the rest is darkness.
    As the colors fade, so do I regress.
    But if there is hope, in this lack of hue,
    It is the stars, and how they shine for you.
  • Fredish: Well. it's quite obvious that the sunset is symbolism for changes taking place in the young man's life. The length of the beach means that he has a long life ahead of him and the far away trees predict that his future will be rich and prosperous. His peculiar stance (with his feet pointed towards the front of the picture) and the reflection of the sunset indicate that the young man is torn between his youth and carefree days and his new adulthood.
  • YC: That the sun is going down?
  • Darren:
  • I-Gene: I can't see it, but I'll say: YOU MUST DRINK MORE BEER!!!!

The Commitee responds:
Kid Rock:
Cool chicks suck MY dick.
Sean Connery:
Kid, I'm not sure that you are not retarded.
Jet D:
I am a little confused as to how people mistook me for both Rowdy Roddy Piper and Nathan Holowaty, but I will take it as a compliment.
Jon Voigt:
The other day I was shopping for donuts at the safeway in the Circle Center, when out of nowhere, this big guy with a blue nike hat and a blue and yellow shirt grabs me from behind, spins me around, and then cuffs me across my noggin. That was not the nicest thing that anyone has done for me.

Note: The opinions of Kid Rock, Sean Connery, Jet D, and Jon Voigt are not necessarily the opinions of Rblords.com, the CEO and shareholders of Rblords.com, or the ISP providing net access for Rblords.com. Rblords.com accepts no liability in whole or in part for the opinions of the above stated. In fact, those responsible for the hiring of the committee have been sacked. Mr. Reynolds has also been sacked. Those responsible for the sacking of Mr. Reynolds have been Rowshamboed. Mr. Reynolds would like to thank the following people who did not sack him: "Check out Steven's Back."

4th of July Party to take place at Jet D's.

This week, come celebrate American Independence at Jet D's place. There will be fireworks, loud music, and Miller Genuine Draft. Feel free to bring your own agression!

The Jet D Weekly:

Friday night, in the wake of disappointment from the cancellation of the Deifenbaker excursion, Jet D ended up at Champ's. Jet Went to Champ's with Blue 4130, Spitfire, and the lovely Dawn. Immediately upon entering the Bar, Jet D ran into Adrian, a wonderful girl he had met at Dino's earlier in the week. Jet D talked with her for a while, and for a moment with her friend, before seating with his group. Jet drank a few Margaritas, and had an alright time sitting with his friends, and scoping out the women. Eventually, some smart girls noticed Jet D was in Champ's and placed a sign on his table announcing his presence to the bar. Above and below are scans of the sign the considerate girls placed on Jet D's table. Unfortunately, their boyfriends showed up and Jet D was unable to converse with them. After a while, CKB took his girl back to his love nest, leaving Jet D and Super V to wander the bar. Jet and Vance eventually ran into Brandy and Nicki, two very nice girls they had previously met, and said hello to them. After a short while, Vance was approached by Tiffany, who wished to dance. Jet D stayed behind and mingled with some of the guys standing around the floor, before being approached by a sharp girl named Leanne, who wished to dance. Jet D hit the floor with her for a while, and they dance for a spell. Eventually, Leanne wished to pursue other affairs, and thanked Jet D before leaving the floor. Jet D was about to leave the floor, when a keen girl with a black top and black hair, and deep blue eyes asked Jet D, "No, please stay!" So, Jet D danced with her as well, before calling it an evening. Of course, on his way out, Jet D was being totally eyed up by a cougar. But, what night at Champ's is complete without an older lady checking out Jet D?

It has come back.

Bryce Sasko's hot or not rating at publishing time: 8.4

Nokia Cell Phone $25 OBO

Nokia Cell Phone, good condition
All resonable offers considered.
Seller agrees to pay shipping.
(306) 230-6173
Cellular Phone may not be exactly as pictured

Oh my God, it's Danger Kitty!

Well, that's the news and I have get down to The Odeon. Graeme is gay.

Jun 26, 2001


I thought I would update today. Just because I love you all so much.

So I was doing some laughing today at work, laughing because of how great the emerald lake weekend was, and then more laughing because we were out of town during the gay parade. The Star Phoenix had this awesome picture of a bunch of hudderites watching the gay parade as it passed by the farmers market. I thought it was really funny that the gays paraded by the farmers market, instead of down broadway, where everyone is too stoned to care. Maybe they just wanted the farmers to look at them, I don't know. What really got me laughing was the picture of the convertable on the front page that had a whole bunch of gays and lesbians in it, and some transgender people in it too. What was so funny about that? Well, Larmal was driving it. Then I laughed more about the weekend. And then, I started thinking about CKB and his problems with his car on the way out of town. That wasn't so funny, but it got me thinking about this great old picture I had drawn way back in highschool. I think it pretty much explains the way CK's suspension was installed. Check it out below. Also, come out this weekend to the great party down south.

Jun 25, 2001


Monday monday monday, no money money money. This weekend cleaned me straight out!

So whats new with me? I bought a new boat this past Thursday...a 1979 Chrysler V-Hull w/105hp MoPar motor. It's basically the boat version of my Volare. I was kinda paranoid once I got it to the lake (thanks to Dog Pound for the tow) that the damn thing wouldn't start, but it did and we had a good day of skiing/kneeboarding/biscuiting between my boat and YC's. Finally, we went camping and encountered some pretty kick-ass weather. Oh yeah, and Blue4130 and soul_d got some action, so thats pretty funky...

Now that I think of it, I haven't even put up the Pike Lake 2K1 pictures yet....in fact I don't think I've even developed them! What a lazy ass I've been! Oh well...

Gah....hmmm....what to say....I know, lets play a game! It's a memory game, so take a moment to have a couple deep breaths. Alright, now take a good, long look at this picture of superman. Make sure to get a good, long hard look and notice any details there are because this is a game of memory. When you finally think you've got it, take a look at the next photo...if you can pick out 5 or more differences between the two pictures you are of above average in your ability to recognise precise details...I only found 2! Alright, now take a look at the second picture. How'd you do?

soul_d phoned me the other day, VERY pissed off at that 'stupid fucking comet-cursor' that I put on the page. I figured it would only ask each person once, but apparently not so I apologize, and it has been removed for YOUR convenience!

I gots nothing more to say, go babble on the babbleboard...

Jun 24, 2001


Summer Is Here!

Good evening, this is weekend update, and I am your host, Soul D. Our top story tonight:

Big Party At Emerald Lake

The weekend trip to emerald Lake was a smashing success. The weather was incredible, everyone got a sunburn, and there was a serious amount of bottle blowing going on. Darren Mills patroled the campground relentlessly with his portable siren/flasher combo. Steven Prediger followed behind in his famous purple gich (and nothing else). Many young peoples were frightened that night. YC killed a crow. Dawn became very very red. Vance proved he deserves the name rocket pants by attracting a very pretty and very drunk lake girl. They kissed. Jet D also had a great time (mad props to Blue 4130 for his great work as wingman!). More on this in the Jet D Weekly (below).


Heather came to the lake.
She made Eli's knees shake.
'cause she grabbed his balls.

Here are the two questions that will be answered today:

The Question: How many times have you been to Champ's this year?

The Answers:

  • Graeme: ummm... probably 6. And that's 5 times too many as far as I'm concerned.
  • Cayley: boobs
  • Clayton: Don't recall...everytime I leave that place I seem to have no reccolection of the events of the evening. I think it has something to do with the way I always end up leaving...
  • Vance: Many. I don't recall exact #'s. But it would be close to 3.
  • Dog Pound: 7-8, Linsie grabbed my bum there
  • Connor: I have not been to champs since chem free grad. and it wasnt alot of fun then.
  • Kujo: 20 at least
  • Jet D: I am Champs.
  • Fredish: Since Jan 1, 01?? Like 15
  • YC: I am proud to say I have not been to chumps this year
  • Darren: More times than I'd like.
  • I-Gene: I've been outside it more times than I can remember, but...

The Question: What song best describes Jet D?

The Answers:

The Commitee responds:
Kid Rock:
Sean Connery:
How about this one: "La la de fa da lawn, Jet D is a dumb Ukranian"
Jet D:
Shit You, Connery.
Jon Voigt:
One time I was shopping at the Walmart, because I needed a new kettle. I had a kettle, but the cord frayed on it and it wasn't working so well. Sometimes the tea would be cold and I prefer to drink my tea hot. I thought I found a good deal on a kettle at Walmart, but it turned out that I would have to back order it because they sold out.

Note: The opinions of Kid Rock, Sean Connery, Jet D, and Jon Voigt are not necessarily the opinions of Rblords.com, the CEO and shareholders of Rblords.com, or the ISP providing net access for Rblords.com. Rblords.com accepts no liability in whole or in part for the opinions of the above stated. In fact, those responsible for the hiring of the committee have been sacked. Mr. Reynolds has also been sacked. Those responsible for the sacking of Mr. Reynolds have been Rowshamboed. Mr. Reynolds would like to thank the following people who did not sack him: "Check out Steven's Back."

Red Neck Weekend to Come

In the future there will be a Red Neck weekend. So far, the itinerary is still being planned, but as of publishing time, the day looks something like this:
  • 9AM Breakfast at Stan's Place
  • 10AM Horse Riding
  • 1PM Tailgate Picnic
  • 3PM HO DOWN!
  • 6PM BBQ
  • 10PM Long Branch.
Everyone is welcome to attend. Please check the future updates for more info, or email Soul D for more info.

The Jet D Weekly:

Jet D ruled Emerald Lake. Early in the morning he awoke and was whisked away by Clay, but barely made it to the night owl before Clay's extremely awesome Bel Air blew a rad hose. So, The whole team pitched in a repaired it, with the help Dawn's father. Jet D was escorted by the fairest Dawn to Part Source where he purchased a $12 dollar rad hose and 2 75 cent worm clamps. Dawn's dad rewired the Trailer lights so that we wouldn't be a threat to ourselves or others. 5 hours later, the Bel Air was on the road again, until it dropped a poorly installed shock in Blaine Lake (shit you, Snyder). Spitfire unhooked the shock and we bounced our way to Emerald Lake. The weather was great, and all had fun. Jet D found himself a nice lake girl to hang out with (and she had a friend for vance). Jet D talked all night with this cool girl. It turned out that she lived in the area, and her parents had a cabin on the lake. She was quite smart, and funny too. Jet really enjoyed his time with her. Around three in the morning they went down to the beach, and went fishing in the dark.
The next day Jet D woke up and went swimming. After that, Jet D went and fixed Clay's boat for him, the float was stuck in one of the carbs causing it to flood, and make spitfire frown. Jet D was handed a crescent wrench (the only tool on hand), since he was the only ukrainian on hand, he was the only one there qualified to handle the ukranian socket set. Jet D freed the float and then spitfire smiled. Then he went tubing and had almost as much fun as he did friday night. YC provided some insane waves for Jet D to ramp that Sea Bisquit over. Eye witnesses report that Jet D went flying "over two meters in the air" after nailing on serious froth of boat wake. The rest of the evening, everyone partied with Daniel and Brian, who came up for the evening. Jet D was very tired and spent the evening relaxing. He was actually kind of glad he could relax, because he really needed to. The next day, we all went home while the rain washed away the evidence of our debauchery.

Bryce Sasko's hot or not rating at publishing time: 8.4

Nokia Cell Phone $25 OBO

Nokia Cell Phone, good condition
All resonable offers considered.
Seller agrees to pay shipping.
(306) 230-6173
Cellular Phone may not be exactly as pictured

Where did these guys come from? Ikea?

Well, that's the news and I have to cruise it up. Graeme is gay.

Jun 18, 2001



I have returned....and for all of you still reading this page, this means regular updates once again! Well, as regular as they were before they quit being regular anyways...which means 2-3 per week. You may have noticed some new updates around here lately, Audiophile beat me up and stole my password, and has been using it to update ever since. I also see that soul_d has been keeping you busy with a little reading material as well...good job guys!

I guess the 'newest' news around here, is the addition of a new webpage to the RBlords family. I'm not sure if I can say a proud addition or not, but Blue4130's page boasts both consistant updates, and a name you'll never forget. Well, okay you probably will. And for the record, yes, I DID pay for the domain once I found out it was available! Other than that, I suppose I have my Supra back on the road...thats news! Finally after over a month of waiting, the black beauty returned to my hands last Sunday. Of course everything can't go right at one time though, I seem to be missing my break lights now, my check engine light is on and one of my front tires seem to be rubbing against the air damn when I turn sharply. Oh yeah, and the engine catches fire occasionally, which isn't really THAT much of a problem as long as I notice soon enough and drive the car into a lake.

Did somebody say LAKE?!?!? YES!! Emerald lake trip this weekend and everyone is invited...I'll be running up friday morning, so you should be able to spot my Bel-Air...

I am also mostly (kinda) moved in and settled, although my dad is still packing my remaining possesions into boxes and leaving them on the front step...I suppose one of these days I'll get around to picking the rest of it up. Thats what happens when you live in one place for 21 years and have the whole basement to yourself for the majority of your teenage years...I managed to collect a whole shitload of junk...

Well, may be a lame update, but its an update. Go chatter away on the Discussion Board or something...

Jun 17, 2001


Summer Is Here!

Good evening, this is weekend update, and I am your host, Soul D. Our top story tonight:


This weekend there has been much drinking, yelling, and loitering. Vance and Darren are rolling over another year and the rainbow pride flag is flying high. Vance left the Odeon last night rather abruptly and in a quite pickled state. We all hope that he is not sleeping in the Antoine Hotel. Darren drank many more beers after. The party does not stop yet, though. Tonight at Champ's we will be celebrating some more. It is expected to rock hard.

Weekend Update Revamped

Weekend update has been given a shot in the arm by the hiring of Burt Reynolds to the position of News Director. Mr. Reynolds brings to the team his years of experience in all forms of media, as well as vast connection inside and outside of Hollywood. We are all very excited to have Mr. Reynolds as part of the Rblords crew. Mr. Reynolds has already reshaped the look of the update by adding a glowing green muscle man at the top. When asked to comment, Mr. Reynolds had this to say to the viewers: "Hey, Check out Steven's Back."

Kujo's Got a Girlfriend!

Once there was a girl named Heather,
Who was waiting for the end of the winter weather.
Now she kisses Eli.

TSN Executives Claim Breach of Contract

Representatives for TSN have stated the the sports station is "unimpressed" after Pike Lake 2K1 came and passed without the Rubber Tire Concern tournament that they had been promised. "We were told there would be a tournament, and we spent a lot of money advertising it and put a lot of work into preparing to air it, only to not be given a tournament to air." For some reason or another, there was no rubber tire concern to be broadcast during the PL2K1 weekend. Many people tuned into TSN on Friday, May 18th only to be presented with a 2 hour time slot of Dog Pound scratching himself. "Surprisingly, it turned over a 5.1 share of viewers, still we're pretty fucking mad."

Here are the three questions that will be answered today:

The Question: Which is more boss: Bryce Sasko, or a Chinese midget?

The Answers:

  • Graeme: Chinese midget. Bryce may have twice the lice, but I'm sure than midget knows kung-fu and/or is a ninja. Oh, and did I mention the ninja's invincible?
  • Cayley: MIDGETS (oh wait, saskos a midget too :P)
  • Clayton: Well, I saw two Chinese midgets in the last week (yes, different ones), yet I haven't seen Bryce for at least a couple weeks....sooo....I'd have to say Bryce...because he's basically a Chinese Midget anyways.
  • Vance: Well both can claim midget status but only Bryce can claim Porn star status, So I'll go with Bryce.
  • Dog Pound: Hmmmm, is this a trick question? I totally thought they were the same, Bryce tries hard to hide the slant
  • Connor: Bryce because i don't know any chinese midgets
  • Kujo: Bryce riding a chineese midget
  • Jet D: Bryce on Tuesdays, the Chinese Midget on Thursdays.
  • Fredish: Definately a Chinese Midget
  • YC: I've seen more chinese midgets as bosses in nintendo games so they win
  • Darren: Bryce Sasko dating a Chinese midget.
  • I-Gene: ME

The Question: Name 5 girls Jet D should sleep with.

The Answers:

  • Graeme: I can't think of any that he _should_ sleep with that I don't want for myself.
  • Cayley:
  • Clayton: This isn't a fair question, so I'm not gonna give you a fair answer.... Connor, Connor, Connor, Connor, Connor.
  • Vance: Connor 5 times in one night
  • Dog Pound: Barb Busby, Robyn Busby, Josie, Barb, Mat
  • Connor: 5? i thought there was only one girl for you? dallas im hurt...
  • Kujo: Angel girl 'nuf said
  • Jet D: Those 6 girls I found at Champ's last Saturday. Hey, I can have more than five!
  • Fredish: me, who cares about the others. He can sleep with me 5 times, forget them.
  • YC: Haha again? refer to previous list.
  • Darren: Dea, Diah, Deeah, D-ah, D-yah
  • I-Gene: I don't know enough girls over there so I can't say

The Question: Would Carrie-Anne Moss date Jet D?

The Answers:

  • Graeme: No, as she's currently dating the chosen one, and he knows both Kung-Fu _AND_ drunken boxing. I believe that Jet D's drunken boxing skills are limited to lying at the side of the road yelling "STAY AWAY FROM MY BEER!"
  • Cayley: Do pigs root in shit?
  • Clayton: I dunno. But Moss rhymes with Boss, so yeah. GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY FOOT!!!!
  • Vance: Would Jet D want to date her is a better question.
  • Dog Pound: No, cuz she'd be with Eli
  • Connor: Yes
  • Kujo: Damn right
  • Jet D: Of course, cause I am the guy. I am the chosen guy.
  • Fredish: Uh, sure, I still don't know who she is...
  • YC: I dunno
  • Darren: no, but Kerri-Lynn might!
  • I-Gene: Probably, though I hear it gets smelly in that PVC

The committee responds:
Kid Rock:
MY NAME IS KID ROCK! Jet D has girls coming OLD SCHOOL! I met that Carrie-Anne down at one of Unkle Kracker's partys once. Man, CRACK WHORE! Shit, Old School with the Steel Dick.
Sean Connery:
I'll tell you about five chicks that I've slept with. YOUR FAT MOTHER! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!
Jet D:
I am very happy that everyone put so much effort into filling out these surveys and I am pleased that the answers are original and well thought out. I hope everyone else feels as much joy from this survey as I do. And I must appologize to Connor; I never meant to make you cry. I am for real.
Jon Voigt:

Note: The opinions of Kid Rock, Sean Connery, Jet D, and Jon Voigt are not necessarily the opinions of Rblords.com, the CEO and shareholders of Rblords.com, or the ISP providing net access for Rblords.com. Rblords.com accepts no liability in whole or in part for the opinions of the above stated. In fact, those responsible for the hiring of the committee have been sacked. Mr. Reynolds has also been sacked. Those responsible for the sacking of Mr. Reynolds have been Rowshamboed. Mr. Reynolds would like to thank the following people who did not sack him: "Check out Steven's Back."

King YC's Monster Chevelle Rules Toon Town

King YC has just installed a new monster carb on his steel chariot of fastness. Too bad it rained on him. Audiophile reported that the car kicks even more ass, and might even be able to beat that civic with the double spoilers on it. This would be quite the feat, considering that King YC has no spoilers. Race on, you crazy diamond!

The Jet D Weekly:

Jet D has been stirring up Mack Frenzy's so hard that several Trailer Parks have been blown away. As well, Jet D travelled to the Bone Reunion on Friday, and had a great time. He was Accompanied by Cayley, who managed to nail just about every hitch-hiker they passed with the door of the rental car. Jet D has plans to go horse back riding in the future, and he prays that some day he might find him a redneck girl. Jet D figures that if he is sitting on a horse it will be easier to spot a redneck girl because you can see farther. For now he has to make due with the 15 whiteneck girls that are demanding his attention. "It ain't easy being D."

Bryce Sasko's hot or not rating at publishing time: 8.4

Nokia Cell Phone $25 OBO

Nokia Cell Phone, good condition
All resonable offers considered.
Seller agrees to pay shipping.
(306) 230-6173
Cellular Phone may not be exactly as pictured

Check out Steven's Back!

Well, that's the news and I ought to be sleeping. Graeme is gay.

Jun 15, 2001


Welcome to the Friday Update. I've got so many goodies for those dedicated Rblords fans. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be like "who the hell is making these updates, and why can I not understand a thing he is talking about... Don't they screen these people?"

First things first, our friend Blue4130 is celebrating a birthday this month, on the 19th to be exact. Everyone is asked to please donate to his "fix my convertible" fund, or just toss a case of BO on his front lawn. Either way he will accept your birthday wishes, as long as he can get ripped like nobody's business. Also Pimpin D has released two new songs that are topping the charts in their first week. The first song titled Baby One More Time features Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa singing with Britney Spears in a trio to her hit song Baby One More Time. It can be downloaded here! The second chart topper was mixed by Pimpin D and rapped out by the infamous group of thugs called "Kracka Rap" consisting of Spitfire, Soul Devourer, and Blue4130. As you will hear, this deadly duo will mow down any nigga in their path, not only have they dominated the Top 10 Charts, they have also dominated respect from Gangsters everywhere. The Song Entitled Don't Mess can also be downloaded here!

Kujo was spotted at the Annual 24 Hour Relay at the University grounds running in circles while highly intoxicated. He was later escorted off the premises for grabbing young buttock and pretending he was Burt Reynolds. Rblords caught a picture of Kujo just hours before being removed from the relay event.

And in other news Dog Pound stumbled across a small nomad woman who is unknown around these parts. It seems she has no real name other than Fred, and loves to cook MMMmmuffins and other assorted delights, we still cannot figure out why she wears tinfoil hats.

And King YC has once again added more horses to his already blazing fast Chariot. Although no one has ever been fast enough to catch YC in order to ask him just how much power his car has. It is rumored to have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 525-50 horsepower. When asked why he desires such loads of power on demand his comment was "I can go fast.... And I get more box" Below is the new carborateur he has added to his list of insane parts.

And lastly, Spitfire has finally decided to furnish his new house with a high speed Internet connection so you can expect more action on the Rappablords scene. The new connection is scheduled to be hooked up on Monday. Also keep an eye out for Soul D's weekend update coming soon.

Kicker Square Subs, sold exclusively at Dahliwahl's Audio Bonanza Blowout!

Have a good weekend and enjoy....... Toodles!

Jun 14, 2001


As soon as all the survey results are in, the Weekend Updates will resume.

Jun 09, 2001



I was nineteen feeling sixteen and loving it, I needed it.
When I was sixteen, I never felt much, and I hated it, never wanted it.
It was so exciting just to be in love with someone who was so much fun,
in the back seat of your friend's tempo, livin' it, believin' it.
I was singing you some Shania song that I didn't know and wouldn't have
but it didn't matter cause it made you laugh and that made my heart sing
It was so strange to step from the cold into the sunshine of your smile,
the way you sang and the way you laughed, it meant so much, it lit me up.

You set me on fire,
You made me feel so much higher.

On the highway, the radio's going, "Video Killed the Radio Star."
In my heart the love was growing, pushin' back the clouds of dark
Feelings that I never knew, like softness and warmth
came flowing in like a river and touched upon the banks of my soul.
The best night of my life was with you in my arms.
You were dressed like a princess, I looked like a preacher.
I remember I never felt so free, like everything would be alright.
Those day's are gone, but as I recall, they were the best days of my life.

A depitction of favorite girl. Circa 1997

Jun 08, 2001


Audiophile here with another update, this time with a few random pictures for your reading pleasure. U Cook Barbecue at YC's pad today, everyone is welcome to come. An admission fee for barbecued goods is in place, the admission is also valid for the night party to be held at the same location following the barbecue. There will be tons of drinking, yelling, and loitering as well as a super happy fun time for all.

Jet D, also known as the Camaro revin' son of a ninja has been wreaking havoc in my neighbourhood. Seems he does not use a phone to contact his acqauintences anymore, he just drives to their houses, cranks his stereo, revs the piss out of his engine, and waits till someone yells at him, then leaves.

Dog Pound has been out and about playing "homers" with the indians. The game consists of a bat, several indians, and 50 softballs. The object is to hit as many indians as possibe with the softballs or bat without them thinking that you are trying to injure them. If they DO catch on?....... RUN.

According to Blue4130, if you do tricks on your bike that normally cause broken bones, the women will come. Yesterday while doing L33T BMX tricks for a large crowd of people Blue4130 was approached by a beautiful blonde midget riding a Harley. While in the process of asking Blue 4130 out on a date, her bike fell over due to her tiny frail limbs that were not meant to bear such a load. Ends up she left the scene in an ambulance, Blue4130 laughed and rode away into the sunset..... I THINK!

And finally King YC's Chariot has been upgraded with the finest in aluminum magwear, below are some recent pictures provided by the King himself.

Nuance, sold exclusively at Dahliwahl's Audio Bonanza Blowout!

Have a good weekend and enjoy........Toodles!

Jun 04, 2001


Ok, so its been a looooong, looooong time since I last updated the site. But I have a very good reason! I ate a whooooole bunch of rank hot chili and have spent the past couple weeks with severe ass lepracy. That, and the fact that I moved into my new place on the 20th and haven't had internet since. Hopefully I'll have it hooked up again soon so I can continue to update. I had asked soul_d to do some updates, but it looks like he's been too busy also...but I see that Audiophile managed to throw an update up, so at least it hasn't been TOTALLY quiet...

So whats new? Pike Lake was a little dull this year, mostly because of the weather....Friday afternoon kicked ass, but Saturday rained and rained....not that I can complain THAT much because I was down in Craven at The Saint's wedding. But overall, I had a good time at the lake, although the turnout wasn't anything close to what it was last year...

And the wedding...something very strange occurred....we all saw the The Saint dance! It was truley an inpirational event. Also, Larmal was tanked and kept trying to sing Kareoke into the MC microphone during the cereonies.

Other news....the RBlords dns has been flakey, in fact for some people it simply won't resolve...so I think I'm going to pay my renewal fee now :).

Jun 01, 2001



Audiophile here with my first update in the history of Rappablords existence. I would like to address several new additions to the current events. To start King YC and his Anti-Rice Chevelle of Anarchy will be hitting the SIR strip tonight at around 6:00. Everyone is welcome as there will be more than enough burning rubber and hashish to go around.

Also in the news the infamous Spitfire has found a new corner of the city to call his home, his family in hopes of making a just replacement has employed a clumsy black dog named Cookies to take his spot.... coincidence....not likely! After the races there is rumored to be a huge party at his new pad. He asks that everyone please just walk in and get comfortable even if it looks as if there is no one home.

And in other news Jet D has had his hands full! And finally Dog Pound is rumored to be prepping both himself and his Explorer for an unleashing at SIR later this summer. In preparations for his unveiling of the new and improved Explorer SS Dog Pound's words on the matter were "Porn inspires me to do cool things".

Well that is my update for today, unfortunately I haven't the ability to add pictures to the site yet, otherwise I would have been banned by now. But I am working on it, until then....toodles!


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