Apr 30, 2001


Last day of April...and I didn't do an update on Friday...why? I was sick. This weekend passed by fairly quickly (in my opinion), and apparently soul_d thought my bonfire on friday was dumb, but YC has moved into his new place, and his party on Saturday rocked for as long as I was present.

My cars are still both in the shop, and this is starting to get frustrating. My Supra has finally had its motor pulled out, and now the mechanic that is working on it doesn't want to put a new motor in, because he's scared of ever having to take the motor out again if something were to go wrong. So thats 3 professional mechanics now that I have scared off with my car. Tomorrow I'm off to the dealership to ask how much they would charge to drop a new motor in with a warranty attached, I don't think I have much other choice. My Bel-Air, on the other hand, should be ready tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday...so I can't wait to get that back.


And thats it!

Apr 29, 2001


The Quick Weekend Story

Jet D spent the weekend trying to install a monster Xplod system into his camaro.
Audiophile has been helping him every step of the way.
YC is now king of sixth street, and there is a cute catholic school girl next door.

Friday night was dumb.
Saturday night was pretty good until the fighting started.

Five lines from five songs to think about:

This world is only about you.
The smartest thing you ever did was take a chance on me.
So whatever it is you puffin' on that got you thinking that you superman - I got the kryptonite and I smack it with my dick and the mic.
Cause I'm in no rush and I can't stand rushin' - everything's slow motion like I'm trippin' on tussin'.
When I come and bring the ruckus suckas duck out the door.

So that's it for now.

Apr 25, 2001


Paint paint paint, still getting the new house ready (yeah, I haven't moved yet). Dog Pound came by to encourage me under strict supervision for awhile which made the job a little less lonely, but then he fucked off to go visit his real friends at the bar....Jack and Jim. What a lush!

I think soul_d is mad at me. He phoned me today to see what I was doing and I was like "I'm going to the gym, then to go painting" and he was like "you're always fucking off somewhere else" and I was like "so what" and he was like "not like I care" and I was like "yeah" and he was like "*click*". What a jerk!

I have a video for everyone today. Thats right, content!! Anyhow, this video is simply a hilarious beer commercial. (Warning: Contains nudity. Unit3 should probably not see this).

But thats about it, I have to get back to setting up dialup on oden so that I will have an actual internet connection when I move out. I'll probably get high-speed hooked up at home as well, but even then it takes 2 weeks for them to come out and hook it up! Oh well...its freakin hot outside (+21 today) so I'm not gonna sit around and complain about slow internet speeds, I've got to get practiced up for all the sweet beach vollyball I'm gonna be playing with all the babes at the lake this year! Oh, and my girlfriend too of course :)

Apr 23, 2001


Well...the speakers are in and set up. All I can say is "Wow". These speakers honestly sound better than I even thought they could have, so in short I am very happy with the end result. Audiophile and his brother did a remarkable job in applying the veneer and staining it for me, they honestly look twice as good in person as they do in the pictures from last update. So come on by and have a listen!

So, where is everybody? Haven't had any RBlords donations for awhile (other than DP and his Mr. Roboto Article), and I can't keep this rambling on forever! Know what? I think its time that mrp submit something for me, like an article perhaps, rather than wasting all of his time in stupid school. That is, of course, assuming he even reads this page anymore.

Nobody has offered me any money for the Volare yet, which is very surprising at that low, low discount price! So I'm going to offer this deal, this week only...buy now and get 20 feet of premium Cat5 cable free! The car must be gone by the end of this week, so please jump at this chance to own part of automotive history!

I found a motor for the Supra, but its out in Toronto. Hopefully if all goes well I'll be able to drive the car once again in the next couple weeks (depending on how long it takes to ship an engine from Toronto). I'm pretty excited about this, even though it means paying a goodawful sum of money to have the work all done. One thing that has helped me to get through all this pain though, is that a friend from work managed to do the exact same thing to his Eagle Talon about a week ago, so at least I'm not in this alone!

I don't know what happened to the weekend update, I'm typing this at 11:00PM on Sunday night so unless soul_d is up late doing it tonight, it might not happen. Who knows. The big Pike Lake trip is coming up soon though, less than a month away actually. Everybody remember to come on out May 18th, 19th, and 20th. We're planning on pissing the CO's off good!

Wanna see something totally messed up? How about a guy who had his wife preserved in a coffee table after she passed away. Now that is seriously fucked up.

Thats about all I have for today, good luck to all you poor school kids who are in the middle of finals right now! School sucks! But computer's also suck.

Apr 20, 2001


GAH! Stupid SGI and they're inability to withdrawl money from my account on the right day! Because of them I am accidently broke for the next 10 days! Grrr....

I can't remember if I've mentioned my speakers on any of my previous updates, but a few weeks ago I had Audiophile help me pick out some 'replacement drivers' for some old cabinet speakers I had lying around. Well, I started out with a $200 budget and I thought that was stretching it, and then after much thought and convincing I decided to go with a more expensive 'do it yourself kit'. I ordered the drivers, crossover parts, etc, in kit form which came in a couple weeks ago. Seeing as I'm not much of a carpenter, I had Audiophile take the drivers to BC with him for easter break so that him and his brother could assemble cabinets for them. I have been very anxious to see and here these speakers, which I have sunk a pretty penny into, and I finally have some finished pictures of what they look like.

Click on some of the pictures on the right to see exactly what kind of work went into creating these 1.5" thick monsters. The kit, if you are wondering, is called the Seas Odin, and is comprised of two Seas W17E002 6.5" magnesium cone woofers (with 2" copper phase plugs) arranged in an MTM design around a single T25001 1 inch Fabric dome tweeter (with a magnet the size of my fist). These drivers are part of Seas' Excel line, which are their "high-end" drivers. Audiophile has assured me that these will sound better than any speaker you could find in Saskatoon, which is nice to know! I mean, come on, Gnomes made them!

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Thanks to Audiophile for all the advice, hard work and time that he has put into these speakers on my behalf, and a double-thanks to his brother for all of his advice and contributions! I can't wait to hear them...

Bah, Dog Pound has become enraged that he has not been mentioned on this site for a long time, in fact he has actually threatened to sue me for his decrease in record sales over the past month. What can I say? He HAS prepared a little something for the site however, which is the Story of Mr. Roboto. I think Unit3 may be especially interested in this! Read on!

Man, if you like stick man karate then the flash video to the left is for you! YC sent this out today, and I thought I would put it up to share with all of those violent people out there who would enjoy this kind of stuff, namely The Saint and Dr. Razor. Enjoy!

There's really nothing out there that can beat a good stickman animation, except maybe free pr0n.

News flash from the car world...my Supra is going to need a new motor, there isn't much of a debate about this issue anymore. I have found it very hard to get ahold of a rebuilt motor for my car, but I can however get my hands on a Japanese spec motor with less than 50'000 miles on it for a decent price, and I think thats going to be about my only choice at the moment. I'll fill you in as I find things out though, but for now I am driving the Bel-Air again!

Well, thats plenty for a Friday update, I'll finish off with this beautiful new slogan:


Apr 18, 2001


Why does everything in this stupid world cost money?? Better question: Why does everything in this stupid world COST A LOT OF MONEY?!?!? I mean, why can't the world just revolve around favors? You know, like you paint my car and I'll slap your ass kinda thing! :) Oh oh, speaking of cars, I tried to enter the Super-Volare for sale on Ebay today, and after almost a half hour filling out forms and confirmation notices, etc, it informed me that it costs $25 to sell something. Whats with that??? Oh well, going by the fact that I'm sure as many people frequent RBlords as they do Ebay, I'll just post it here instead:

1978 2-Door Plymouth Volare 318
Sport Console, Sport mags, Cold Air Conditioning, HOT Heater.
Runs like a charm! Transmission slips, and is kinda ugly, also missing complete exhaust system.
A real head turner!

You can email offers to me. Also, I have a 9 pasenger '79 Caprice Station wagon for sale for $200obo. Once again, email me if you are interested. Buyer takes care of delivery!

Audiophile has been hard at work with his brother in BC putting together some cabinets for my new speakers. Hopefully I will soon have pictures that I can post here so that you can have some sort of idea of what I'm talking about. I can't wait to have them home (Saturday) and have a listen to them, they'd better rock because they are costing me a small fortune! All well worth it though, of course.

Well, ya know...I just don't have anything else to say. Does anybody read this anymore? Sure seems quiet out there, even the Discussion Board has quieted down significantly. Must be spring fever...I guess I'll let it slip. Oh, I just received my notice in the mail that the RBlords.com domain is due to expire within the next month, and now I know why the registration was so cheap! The renewal fee is 3x the price of the oringal registration! I'm thinking of just letting it expire and then re-registering it for another $15 since I'm so cheap....so if all of a sudden you can't get to the site and you really, really need to, try oden.pwrsrc.net....OR the classic Rappablords.eu.org which still resolves...

Peace out ma brothas!

Apr 16, 2001


Guess I missed Friday's update...oops. Well, I was supposed to be moving this weekend but the house was not ready, and by the looks of it I may be waiting another week or two. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to get out before the end of the month.

The Supra is going in for surgery tomorrow and I'm hoping to see a full recovery by sometime in the next week or two. The Bel-Air has a new set of tires, a new pair of front fenders, and after next week hopefully a new front-end. Either way I'm hoping to have both cars back on the road by the end of the month. Would anyone be interested in purchasing a 1978 Plymouth Volare for $100?

Sounds like __SPACE__ has found a new job...I suppose it is about time for her to start counting the days to the last day of school. She also sent me an email to apologize for not submitting her Easter article on time, but assured me she hasn't forgotten, but she may change the topic to "how much I love being done finals AFTER Easter". Can't wait!

Short update, but thats all I have to say! Send me something!

Apr 14, 2001


Good evening, this is weekend update, and I am your host, Soul D. Our top story tonight:


The notorius asshole Cayley Humphries has returned to his summertime stomping grounds, and citizens of Saskatoon are urged to double lock their doors and board up their windows. C-Hump is staying with his brother G-Hump. The two together are incredibly more dangerous than either one individualy. When C-Hump and G-Hump join together they form Mega Ultra Hump, and rain doomsday upon the innocent. Jet D is working overtime to combat this new development.

Car Curse Nails Second Victom.

YC's Chevelle has been struck by the dreaded Car Curse which claimed it's first victim in Spitfire's Supra. YC reports that his vehicle has a stuck valve and will not be in operation for another 2 weeks. It is speculated that this recent rash of car disasters is in some way related to the return of C-Hump to 'Toon Town.

Ryly's Not Open on Good Friday.

Ryly's shut it's doors for Good Friday, preventing the trio of Blue 4130, Fredish, and Jet D from entering the premises. It is reported that Jet D was very upset when he found out that he was not going to get to go to Ryly's, kicking and scream, and swearing a blue streak about the bar being closed. The purpose of the trip was originaly to investigate a promising dream that Blue 4130 had.

Jet D runs out of Pike Lake Memories for the Update.

Here is a small list of really cool things that happened at Pike Lake last year.

  • Eli getting noosed.
  • Eli's car and the rocks in the hubcaps.
  • Eli's radio being noosed.
  • Eli's radio being smashed.
  • Eli being smashed.
  • Eli's campsite with Chris Osler sleeping under the Picnic table.
  • Eli finding 30 Grade 10 students.
  • Eli bringing Drew.
  • Eli's campsite having Danni the Fire Marshall in it.
  • Eli's campsite having Drew Thompson's car with Drew Thompson's car alarm.
  • Nicole Leatherdale.

    The Pike Lake Survey

    Last weekend there was an incredible outpouring of Support for Tony Danza. Tony is a very special actor, and obviously has many very special people who care about him.

    The Question: What's the deal with the Huddle?

    The Answers:

    Cayley: big gay men grabing each others asses
    Graeme: 17 chinese what??
    Clayton: Top quality food and treats for special rock-bottom prices. They also have sweet 10 year old arcade games and sell camera film for $10 a roll (premium film)
    Vance: So full of China it isn't even funny
    Steven: Not enough retired Vietnam Vet's hanging outside asking for change
    Darren: Fucking immigrants
    YC: It's where all the asian's huddle together during the night to try and stay warm, but mostly it's where they huddle together because they are safer from the american soldier known as sould that way.
    Jet D: It's a football thing.

    Jet D Comments on the Survey:
    I don't think the people like the huddle.

    Blue 4130 Vs. Winnipeg

    Last Wednesday, Blue 4130 made an emergency flight to Winnipeg for job related duties. He reported that he spent a lot of time playing Zelda on his laptop, and that he spent some quality time in the hotel's lounge. Blue spent the evening ogling a very hot girl, and being served drink's by Gary Coleman's big brother. "That double Gin and Tonic was pretty strong," Mr. 4130 noted, "That coleman was wack."

    Jet D Looks Good in Versace

    Last night found Jet D at Champs, drinking Millers and scoping the floor for honeys. Overall, Jet D was not very pleased with the evening in general, but did manage to find a few good looking girls. "It was quite depressing, actually," Jet D said of the matter. At one point during the night, The Shooter waitress told Jet D that he looked like he needed a shot. Jet D asked her for "the meanest one that you have." She obliged and was suprised when she found out that Jet D was purchasing the shot for himself. It tasted like cinnnamon.
    This morning, Jet D awoke bright and early in Blue 4130's apartment and did some exercises. Later, Mr. 4130 and Jet went down to Spitfires house and woke him up. The trio had breakfast at the Double Deuce. Jet D decided that to combat the depressing events fo the last four days, he would go shopping. He purchased a monsterous 12X10" tent at Canadian Tire, as well as a 505 piece tool kit for loving his Camaro. Shortly after, Blue 4130 decided he was in need of his couch, so Jet D parted ways with him and wished him well. Hooking up with Shea Adonis, Jet D found himself travelling down to the Bayside inorder to shop for clothes at the Ultimo Euromoda. Jet D looks good in his new Versace jeans.

    Nokia Cell Phone $25 OBO

    Nokia Cell Phone, good condition
    All resonable offers considered.
    Seller agrees to pay shipping.
    (306) 230-6173
    Cellular Phone may not be exactly as pictured

    Well, that's the news and I have to go for dinner with the family. Graeme is gay.

Apr 11, 2001


In the spirit of Easter...

Kinda lame update tonight but hey, Dr. Razor sent me this home video from his youth.. WATCH IT!

Apr 09, 2001


GAHHH!! My precious, precious 82 days of uptime are gone! Power got knocked out this Saturday for almost a half hour and oden got rebooted. Damnit, I was really hoping to hit 100 days!

So I found somebody this weekend that is willing to take a closer look at my Supra and is willing the pull the motor out. For the first time since I blew it up, I have received some happier news. It is this particular mechanics opinion that if oil pressure in my car dropped to almost 0, that the first thing on the car to go would be the turbo, then the overhead camshafts. The rod bearings are pretty well for sure gone, but I know the turbo survived the whole ordeal. Sooo....I can only hope that the cams are fine (crossed fingers).

My other car, the big Bel-Air, is getting a set of 4 new tires on Tuesday, then going in to get the front end and control-arm bushings replaced sometime this next week to get it on the road. I hope to have the thing painted and finished by June if at all possible. The combined cost of the repairs to the Supra and the Bel-Air is gonna break me, but hey, its only money right? And thats what credit cards are for!

Now here's a picture YC can truley appreciate...

Just caught word today that there is a Cougar prowling around my fair city of Saskatoon today. Police are warning people living near the river to stay in their homes until they manage to capture the animal, who apparently wandered into town following the river by mistake. Jim Madden, the city mayor, announced this afternoon that the cougar is not welcome in our town, and shall be expelled indefinately at any cost. Police were instructed to capture the animal peacefully, no matter how many officers had to die in the process. Madden, who has been Mayor of Saskatoon for not even a year, was also spotted last week chasing down the driver of a vehicle which collided with his own. I for one salute our gallant new Mayor and hope that he doesn't get himself killed before he has the chance to run again.

This past Saturday night was witness to a miraculous breakthrough in rap music, with the introduction of a new band consisting of myself, Audiophile, soul_d, and Blue4130. Our first single, "You don't wanna f*ck with Cayley" is expected to be in stores as soon as we can think of a name for ourselves. Keep an eye out for the platinum hit to be released to the RBlords audiences first. Thats right! You know where you heard it first!

Easter is on its way, and one RBlords die-hard fan sure hasn't forgotten about it. That fan is __SPACE__, who has even agreed to write an article about why she loves Easter so much, and have it ready for this Friday's update. What a doll, make sure to drop by her page to pay tribute to the hard work she puts in each and every day... (even though she never updates it!!)

Thats it for now!

Apr 07, 2001


Good evening, this is weekend update, and I am your host, Soul D. Our top story tonight:

Connor Prediger Turns 19

Connor Prediger, the youngest of the Prediger Angels, turned 19 friday night. The event was celebrated at Whiskey Jack's, with many people in attendance. VIP Jet D lit the place up in his new yellow shirt, while Unit3 chilled to the max in his Edge shades. Of course, Dog Pound, Ritz, and EZ-C showed up, renuniting to celbrate the coming of age, and to promote thier long awaited new single (See artical below) Dog Pound electrified the bar as he took the stage and ripped forth like no one else. From the early shout-outs to hendrix style music worshiping, Dog Pound was awesome. And of course, there were many fine women in attentance, including one wild child that couldn't stay off the table. Connor had a great time, infact, she had such a good time that she had to be escorted out of the bar. As always, the Prediger Angels were keenly interested in Jet D's Anaconda.

No Mercy for the Bitches (Single)
Released March of 2001 on Scratch Canada Records

  1. No Mercy for the Bitches (7:54)
  2. No Mercy for the Bitches (radio edit) (3:15)
  3. No Mercy for the Bitches (Beatin' Da Bitch Mix) (4:13)
  4. No Mercy for the Bitches (Smackin Da Ho's Mix) (6:12)
  5. My Hastings Bitch Has Aids (2:24)
The latest, and most highly anticipated Dog Pound release to date. With Ritz in full health and back in the band, all hell breaks loose. With serious bass bombs being laid out by The Masked Mother Fucking Madmen, and Dog Pound's insane lyrics, this single kicks. The Radio Edit does no justice to the uncensored cut. The Beatin' Da Bitch Mix unleashes bass like nobody's business, and has been banned across most of Canada, and the midwestern United States due to it's graphic depiciton of Domestic Violence. The Smackin' Da Ho's Mix Lyrics read like a police report. And the B-side, My Hastings Bitch Has Aids, is a fine bonus. The song is a beutiful ballad set over top of the Masked Motherfucking Madman's "15 Hertz Special," probably the most taxing bass beat to date. The song tells the woeful tale of a young man and his half-sister girlfriend who contracts Aids while whoring herself out for crack money. This single is truly inspiring.

Spitfire's Supra in Peril

Spitfire's Supra is in serious danger and in need of an immediate motor transplant. The search for a suitable donor continues. At this time, everyone is encouraged to support Spitfire in his time of need, and to stop calling him names.

Leong Downs American Spy Plane.

The pilot of the F-8 fighter that colidided with an American spy plane off the coast of china has been identified. His name is Fei Pai Leong, and he is related to The Notorious MRP, I-gene Leong. Evidently, this pilot has a hostory of flying way too close to american planes with no obviouis intent other than to annoy them. Sources at the pentagon, which wish to remain anonymous, have released a partial transcript of the conversation between the spy plane and the two f-8's. Leongs plane is identified as Leong, the other f-8 is identified as f-8. The spy plane is identified as e3.

f8: Attention american spy plane, you are entering chinese territorial waters. Please allow us to escort you out of our airspace.
e3: This is international airspace.
f-8: No it isn't
e3 Yes it is.
f-8: is not.
e3: Is too. What the FUCK?! Attention f-8 fighter you are flying way to close to our aircraft! Please fall back to a safe distance!
e-3: SHIT!! we've collided! We've lost half our left wing! We're going down! Repeat, We are going down!
e-3: Go eat a bag of hell.

BRIGHT UFO SIGHTED IN SASKATCHEWAN UFO ROUNDUP Volume 4 Number 24 October 7, 1999 Editor: Joseph Trainor Masinaigan@aol.com

On Wednesday, September 29, 1999, "a resident of a rural area near Pike Lake Provincial Park," located 30 kilometers (18 miles) southwest of Sakatoon (population 186,058) in western Canada, "reported seeing a bright light in the sky at about 6 a.m."

The light changed colour several times. What caught her attention was the way it zipped over Saskatoon from the south, then back again. She took a videotape of her sighting."

The video was reportedly broadcasted on STV in Saskatoon, an affiliate of Global Television on Thursday evening, September 30, 1999. (Many thanks to Darrell Noakes for this news story.)

The Pike Lake Survey

Last weekend the question of Graeme's attendance for Pike Lake 2001 was answered. This weeked, we will search for the answer to another enigma.

The Question: Which is more boss? Tony Danza or Jet D's Camaro?

The Answers:

Cayley: Tony Danza
Graeme: Ohhhhhh man... Tony Danza's *the* boss... but.. Jet D's Camaro *is* Boss... uhhhu uhhhu hhhh.. I guess whichever one makes it to Pike Lake. AND IF THE BOTH MAKE IT THEY MUST FIGHT IN THE PIT!!!
Clayton: Tony Danza IN Jet D's Camaro!!!
Vance: Jenny Monza
Steven: Danza, has the italian blood, but not flames on his face
Darren: Tony's Camaro
YC: I dunno who tony danza is so I guess he wins. J/K the camaro.
Jet D: Jet D's Camaro.

Jet D Comments on the Survey:
What's with all the love for Tony Danza? He must be very happy to have such friends.

Kujo Becomes Father.

As many of you already know, Kujos child was born on Tuesday. Anyone wishing to pass mad props may visit him at his home in the Trainyard. Please bring a case of beer for the father. Don't expect to see the Kid, because Kujo's not exactly sure where the mother and child are at this time. Check down at the liqour store sometime next week for a women with a baby and piece of cardboard. She will be screaming for you to "stay away from my beer." (you like that G?)

Jet D Is Not Afraid of Cats.

It has been reported, in less refined forums than this, that Jet D is afraid of Cats. Jet does not fear cats. Well, maybe giant invinceble cats. Jet D simply doesn't like cats. Jet D doesn't hate all cats, for example, Spitfire's cat, Oreo, does little to bother Jet D, while GRAEME'S CATS CLAW HIS PANTS AND ATTACK HIS NOSTRILS WITH THE SHEAR STENCH OF FELINE HELL.

The Ford Car Has Been Sold!

This fine ford car has been sold to Chris Osler of Saskatoon, who put forward the best offer of $200. Way to go, Chris!
Car may not be exactly as shown

Well, that's the news and I have get some sleep. Graeme is gay.

Apr 06, 2001


Sheesh....piece of advice for y'all...don't run your car outta oil. This whole Supra fiasco is testing my nerves, and my wallet.

Do I ever have a site for you! Its stupid, its pointless, and its simple...its KirkPunch.com. Basically, the site just has a main page with a picture that reloads every 10 seconds with a picture of kirk and some funny caption underneith it to do with his ass. Its amusing and kept me busy for hours today (on my break of course). I haven't had this much fun since I won 30 banana bucks in the "Punch the Monkey" moneytree game!

Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention that I was at the Deuce tonight (rib night) and was totally playing up the VLTs with a little help from Audiophile. I basically made enough money to pay for my drink, my ribs, Blue4130's ribs, and have $6 left over. Pretty sweet if you ask me! Whats my secret? LOVE!

"Kiss the ass of the ass ruler.....Me!!!

OH OH OH I have the funnest link to post today that I'm sure you'll all enjoy (if you haven't already seen it). Its called HowStuffWorks.com. Have you ever wanted to know how a rotary engine works? How about how a turbocharger works? How about how skyscrapers works? It even has a page on how that big 'new' hopped up invention nicknamed 'Ginger' works, and nobody even knows what that is. Either way, this play has neat little flash interactive programs to demonstrate how things work and will explain everything from the fuel guage in your car to the entire infrastructure of the internet. Check it out!

And finally, a gift from The Saint...


Apr 04, 2001


Alright, well since I missed my Monday update I was going to surprise everybody with a Tuesday one early this morning. However, for some reason or another I was having problems getting my SQL Client to establish a connection, so I just gave up...

Biggest news right now, the Supra is dead. Yeah, my flashy little sports car fried itself late Saturday night when I managed to drive it for a long time with very, very little oil. The problem? Leaking valve cover gaskets. I knew they were leaking and, in fact, I was planning on having them changed the next morning which would have averted the entire problem, but instead I neglected to check the oil on Saturday (assuming it would be alright as it had never really leaked that fast at all), and with my stereo on most the night also didn't notice the knocking in the engine until it was too late. Needless to say I'm pretty pissed off, its likely going to need all new rod a main bearings, and the crank itself is going to need grounding or replacing. Cost? With a mechanic friend of the family doing the work I hope to keep it under $2500, but could easily be more. Sure feels like a kick in the nuts to me! Donations are welcome.

Blue4130 sent me the picture to the left of an actual candy dispenser (sold at WalMart!) that actually 'craps' out brown colored candies for you. It even says it has moooooving parts :). Click on the picture for a larger copy.

Miss Jay B's old tech support calls? Well you can stop sulking because once again Blue4130 has come to your rescue with a link to some hilarious tech support calls. My personal favorite is the guy who phones Apple for software support. Damn that guy gets really worked up! I have to say I've never come across a situation THAT bad before.

Speaking of the office, has anyone caught that new Dilbert cartoon? I saw it the other day and thought it was pretty good. The comics are still better though...

Haven't had a video on here for awhile, so here ya go...the video of Randy Johnson pitching a fastball which managed to kill a dove in mid-flight. Amazingly enough, this isn't the first time this has happened...you can read more about it here.

Lastly, Doctor Razor sent me a link to some fun flash videos called "StoneTrek". Check them out also.

By for now, keep checking back for exiting future updates!


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