Dec 27, 2000


Almost the end of 2000, just a few more days...isn't this supposed to be the real turn of the milenium or something? I remember hearing around new years last year that it wasn't REALLY the new milenium until the end of 2000 or something like that, which has given me new hope for the end of the world. Which reminds me of the other night when I was watching Ghostbusters on DvD and listening to the talk-over by Harold Ramis and he was like "If the world ends in the year 2000, I guess you just wasted a lot of money on your DvD player, but if it doesn't, HEY!".

Anyone who has been in the computer world for longer than the past couple years may remember that not too long ago, Intel and AMD had another competitor to worry about, the MIGHTY Cyrix. Cyrix once competed on the level of AMD, as a low-cost, slightly lower-quality product to rival Intel's Celeron processors...pricewise Cyrix was usually the cheapest, but were known for being very non-overclockable (due to very non-leniant testing measures/limits). However, they were cheap.

For awhile now nobody has heard from Cyrix, especially since the last chips they produced were early Pentium clones, with clock speeds up to 200Mhz. However, sometime last year the mightly Cyrix got bought out by VIA Technologies Inc. along with Centaur processor divisions from IDT, and the dream was born again! Oh wait...what dream?

The new Cyrix III Processor features a .15 micron die, giving it significantly lower power consumption capabilities, along with far less heat generation. In fact, these chips don't even need a fan! However, Cyrix has had problems matching performance with that of AMDs Durons and Intel's Celeron processors. They are hoping for a market in handheld/laptop technologies due to the low power consumption/low heat characteristics. I wasn't able to find any prices of these chips yet, but I am expecting them to sell at around......oooooh $2 US. LONG LIVE CYRIX!!

For anyone who hasn't listened to any of the brilliant masterpieces of MC Hawking, you're in for a real treat today! He's one dope motherfucker, and he's back with another phat rhyme:

The mighty Stephen Hawking is a fucking Quake master!

There isn't much more I can say about this guy, but check out his page. He's got a PHD in pain, and a master in disaster...

Razor dropped me a line today with a very depressing seems that his hit counter on his site is going down, or has stopped completely. If you don't know Razor personally, you should know that he is very attached to his webpage, in fact some days its the only thing that keeps him going. Every night he comes home from work and checks his counter to see how many hits he has received, and the answer usually determines his mood for the rest of the evening, or sometimes the rest of the week! Please be charitable and drop on by his site for a visit, its for a good cause, really.

Ever wonder why you should be drinking that disgusting, creamy white cow excrement we call milk? This is why.

I had some more content to post, some from Blue4130, but I left it at work so it will have to go up tomorrow. Actually, I'm a day late with this update so maybe you will get a double-update today if you're lucky! CHOW!

Dec 26, 2000


Well, I trust that everybody enjoyed their christmas! Myself, I can't complain as I sit here now happily filled with Turkey and about ready to go to bed. One thing I have noticed now that I have had the chance to sit down at my computer is that bandwidth currently SUCKS. I just ran a ping to which turned out in 90% packet loss, which aint all too good. This leads me to believe that either a lot of people got signed up on my ISP this christmas or Jay B is at work right now pulling wires :)

I've had a lot of emails from people claiming to be making winamp skins for me, so that makes me happy...however nobody has actually turned any in yet.

For some humorous geeky reading material for today, Larmal forwarded me a news article about a kid who got suspended for using PHP! (Yes, the web scripting language).

Thats it for now!

Dec 22, 2000


One more day of work until christmas!! Today was a pretty strange day...I woke up this morning to bitter cold, then this afternoon it dropped down to -23 which (I can't believe) actually seemed really warm. Now, I just got home at around 11:00PM and its really freakin' nice outside! Thats good ol' Saskatchewan for ya tho, if you don't like the weather - wait 5 minutes!

Hello my friends, and welcome to the 208th Rappablords update!

Tonight I swung by Manos lounge to have a couple drinks with some friends, including my newly hitched up friend The Saint. The times were good, the conversation was swell, and the night was young, and so was YC. Sounds like The Saint is thinking of making a move out to Kamloops, BC as well to pursue his interests in GPS Programming. He also informed me that he could (and has been) spy on me through GPS imaging whenever he wants, so from now on I'm going to take the time to walk around everywhere outside with my pants down as a deterant. I think that should do nicely...

Oh, I have also made the decision that I am not buying anything nice for myself until May. This should allow me to pay off most if not all of my debts by that time. Think it will happen? Maybe...I hope so ;)


Silly me, forgot to mention yesterday that it was Dog Pound's birthday. I mean, its not like I have to remind everybody as it comes marked on almost every single calendar in production today, but just thought I would remind you. Dog Pound is now 16 and is allowed to borrow his moms car whenever he wants. He is also allowed to have beer if in direct supervision of an approved parent.

It is my duty to inform all of my loyal readers that if you are out to find some cheap-ass computer parts, KazCorp is having an online 'blitz'. There are some pretty kick-ass deals there, a lot of 17" monitors for less than $200 and some decent motherboard/cpu prices as well. I was so impressed that I am going to link to his site for free, so if you ever forget the link, just click on the banner in the menu bar!

Anyhow, its been pretty damn quiet in my mailbox lately, where is everybody? Where are my winamp skins? Send me something!

Blue4130 has really been into custom case building lately, having converted the side of his case to a single sheet of fiberglass with a pretty LED on the outside displaying '666', the current speed of his athlon. The other day while we were looking through sites to find some wicked cases, we came across the one on the right. When it comes to the art of case mods, I think this one takes the cake. I can't even imagine the time that would go into something like that. I mean, damn, that thing is almost as nice as the one I posted a few days ago that looked like a dog :)

Also as I was thinking of this whole 'custom' case idea, and how l337 it was, I realized something. If you REALLY wanted to be the l337est guy on the block, and you needed to do so on a tight budget, why buy a case at all? For a little bit cheaper you can simply buy a power supply and rest your motherboard on your desk. This would look cool, be better for cooling if your into overclocking, and cheaper because you don't have to buy a case. Wow. Do I have to think of everything??? :)

Well its too late for me. I was just reminded tonight that I have yet to put up Kujo's bio, so I will try and have that up soon....goodnight to you all and a Merry Christmas if I don't update this weekend!

Dec 21, 2000


Today was a very busy day indeed...and was it ever cold! Yes, it was! I finally broke down today and bought myself a new battery for my car with 860 cold cranking amps for those freezing cold starts. That should be all the love my super-volare needs to keep going for the rest of the winter...

I'm starting to get the impression that you guys are catching onto the fact that my updates have been getting more and more lame lately, as we come towards winter. This may be true, but completely unrelated to the fact that I have been in a shopping frenzy to buy Dog Pound as many gifts as I can afford. I did hear from Ed209, a loyal reader, who claims that he is hard at work on a winamp skin for the COME ON PEOPLE, GET THOSE IN! The official deadline is now Jan. 1 so hurry up.

If you would turn your head to the right you will notice some eye candy for all you guys and lesbians out there, straight from YC himself. He seemed angry that my updates have sucked lately, and perhaps a little annoyed that I kept posting his emails on the site as jokes when they were never meant to be. I took these pictures as a peace offering, so now I offer them to you. Warning: Don't click on them unless you want to see a lot of naked body-painted girls.

[1] [2] [3] [4]

Today, out of my boredom and the extreme coldness outside I have bourn another computer. I suddenly realized that I had enough parts lying around to put together yet another computer, so the name 'gozer' lives again. I have attempted to update the server info page to reflect the new changes. What am I going to do with this new computer? I don't know...I have no idea. Maybe I'll try and get my beowulf cluster up and running again...but it would hardly be worth it without a couple dozen more units :). I'm also using that old HD that came from oden which is filled with errors, so if anyone has an old 500meg HD lying around let me know and I'll buy you supper as a trade :)

Today is the 4th month aniversery of the day that I got my super-volare (what, you don't believe me??), so in honor of such an event I present you with the song of the day. It is performed by a wonderfully talented band called The Screaming Blue Messiahs, and is entiriled (however so suitably) ... "Jesus Chrysler Drives A Dodge".

UGH, just about for got. A big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to The Saint, who has recently become engaged. He has assured us all that this will not in any way effect his evilness, but will instaed only help him grow stronger by providing offspring to carry on his evil empire...

Thats it for me today, GET THOSE WINAMP SKINS IN TO ME OR ELSE!! And if you got a problem with it, you can go post it on the discussion board!

Dec 20, 2000


I have a christmas 'lunch' tomorrow, and I just found out today that I had to buy a small gift ($5-$10) which will go under our little christmas tree and get given out at random during the lunch tomorrow. I didn't realize until I went shopping tonight how incredibly difficult it is to buy something that will appeal to anyone, ages 19-60 girl or guy, let alone trying to keep it under $10. This is why I hate secret santas - because I suck at shopping.

Anyhow, I checked my mailbox today and didn't find ANY winamp skin contest entries. I suggest you guys all get into high gear and whip some up, especially YC. Speaking of YC, I have another email quote from him:

"Fuck so this morning I hear on the radio that it's like -10, then I look at the weather site and it says -27 so I got pissed off and went outside to start my car before I eat breakfast. Then I hear again that it's -10 so I look at the weather site and alas it also says -10, fuck I hate cache, not to be confused with cash."

On the up side of things, I may have aquired myself a new cheap car bargain. Unit3 smucked up his super station-wagon and is thinking of scrapping the car because the repairs are going to be expensive. If all goes well, and he doesn't change his mind, I should be able to pass him $100 and I'll have a brand new shiney broken station wagon. Good deal? Maybe. I could always use a broken station wagon. In fact, I can't think of anything I'd rather do than buy more crappy cheap cars...except maybe receiving a good ass-paddling...

Dec 19, 2000


Damn was it cold this morning!! Last night it wasn't all that bad so it lead me to think that this morning would be the same. Not so! I just about lost my ears walking the 6 blocks to work from my convienient parking spot. Anyhow, I had the opportunity today to boost a friend's truck at work that wouldn't start so that makes 3 vehicles that the Volare has saved as compared to 4 times that it has needed to be saved. I hope this ratio gets a little better...helping people is good for its (and my) Karma.

Hey we haven't had a contest around here in awhile, and Razor has decided to kickstart one! Its a design-a-rappablords-winamp-skin contest and everyone is elligible to enter! The prize is one shiny, glazed doughnut. So get your submissions in!

The first submission is by none other than Dr. Razor himself. If you need to know how to make winamp skins, then figure it out damnit!

YC sent me an email this morning which I found quite amusing. It read as follows:

"I made a cake last night :) Haha but before you get impressed all I had to do was mix water, oil, eggs, and powder together and put it in the oven and somehow a cake came out 30 minutes later."

Ahhh YC, I never tire of your antics...

While looking for a wicked cool case for my computer tonight with Blue4130 I came across If you are looking for some decently priced, orininal case designs you need look no further! Not to mention the site has this awesome huge interactive flash interface with repeditive, annoying dance music which alone wins a place in my heart. Have a look, I'm sure you'll find something you like...

Oh, I also realized that I was broke so I'm not getting one, so all of you can add that to my christmas list! I know you all had your heart set on cash...but this will do as well...

I think I want to go to Calgary on the 29th, anyone going that wants to give me a ride? Somehow I don't think that the super-volare would make such a trip. The car might, but the crappy tires wouldn't. Maybe I'll just steel Blue4130's Del Sol...

Dec 18, 2000


A sad day indeed...Unit3 phoned me saturday afternoon to ruin my day by informing me that 3dfx Interactive is officially going to be bought out by nVidia. Technically, nVidia will be buying all patents, patents pending, stock and the Voodoo name from 3dfx, and will then become a video card super-monopoly and rule the world with rediculously high prices and crappy hardware. Well, maybe not. Perhaps now that they own the patents to some decent FSAA technology they can use it to make some cards that produce some respectable picture quality....

The 3dfx legacy has ended. See here for the official press release.

I think I am about ready to proclaim Extreme Jerks officially a dead/retired site. I think that JayB has run out of the magic kind of energy that it takes to run a super-cool webpage. I hoped that Skinny Elvis would be able to take over to fill in the gap of JayB's laziness, but alas he is as unreliable as any other american and probably hasn't even checked the site himself (except for the 10 minutes it took him to update yesterday).

I've been keeping a close eye on my counter lately and realized that my traffic has decreased significantly over the past couple weeks. Are people finally getting bored of reading my senseless ramblings or has the spirit of christmas finally pulled people off their asses to go buy gifts for their loved ones?? That reminds me, for all of you that have been wondering what to get me for christmas this year, cash will be fine. I'm only saying this because I know that Razor has been really stumped lately even though he won't admit it.

"Well. i love adam. hes my idle.I mean it to. hes really cool. I only have 2 idles and the other one is Jim carry. oh man hes the funniest thing that i know. "

- Travis (on how much he likes Adam Sandler)
One more full week of work and then christmas is on its way. Maybe its just me but it seems that nobody has gotten into the spirit of christmas yet...maybe its just all of this damn cold. Everybody is so busy wishing it would get warmer out that they don't realize that there's only a week left before they get a visit by the big fat man in the red suit (and I don't mean Unit3). Anyhow, not much more to say. Have a good monday and I'll see you again tomorrow! Same bat time, same bat MOTHERFUCKING channel. Hehehe...

Dec 15, 2000


Super-Volare made it to work and back without complaining so I'm hoping that it got all that rebelling (and built up carbon deposits) out of its system..

We haven't had any good pr0n on the site for awhile, and for the most part I have stopped putting it up simply because thats the job of The SDB Server. However, today is you're lucky day because I just happened to have a large amount forwarded to me at work today. How about a group photos of all of the German Playboy Playmates? Or if naked cheerleaders are your thing maybe you should take a look at The Viking Cheerleaders, or our own local husky cheerleaders. Had enough? Well tough thats all I got.

There are many things in life that you probably shouldn't drive $100 cars in the winter, sleep in your garage with the car running, and picking a fight with a bear over some food that he worked very hard to catch. Yesterdays update should have given you sufficient reason to steer away from the first situation, the second situation I may be wrong about (try it and get back to me), but the third one is what we are here to learn today.

Check out this video to find out why...

In case some of you haven't heard yet, it seems that the automotive giant General Motors have announced that they will be phasing out the Oldsmobile division. After over a century of existance, Olds will finally see the end of its line of vehicles. I am assuming based on the fact that Olds has always focussed on sport-luxury sedans, that the SUV market has a very large role in their loss of sales. Too bad, because I really liked the Bravada...

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I really hate to be a whiner OR a sell-out but please click
on my sponsors to help fund the site. It would really mean a lot...

Dec 14, 2000


Aaach!! I hate downtime. IP changed as a result of being switched to another router yesterday and took awhile for the new dns entry to come into full effect. WHERE ITS AT!!!

Today probably should have been the worst day of the year for me, and I'm going to explain why. Last night I didn't get to bed until around 12:30, which is later than I would have preffered but I got caught up setting up the new dns entires for rblords. I didn't realize until I was almost asleep that I had totally forgotten to have a shower, and since I hadn't had one in about 3 months I figured it was long overdue. This causes a lot of problems seeing as how I have a 15 year old sister who (as far as I can tell) gets up at 3 in the morning and occupies the bathroom for 6 hours. I set my alarm early and managed to beat her to the shower....problem solved, but I was a little tired.

I grab my keys and run outside to start the super-volare. It BARELY starts...after a couple pumps the damn thing floods and I mat the gas peddle to the floor in a desperate last attempt and she actually fired up. This probably should have been a sign, but I quickly ignored it. When I was about half way to work, driving down college drive I remembered that I had neglected to fill the tank with gas the night before and I was quite low. This normally wouldn't have been too big of a problem until I got stuck in the middle of an intersection because the traffic had stopped as a result of a 5 car pileup on the university bridge. Here I am stuck in the rightmost lane surounded by other cars. Without a word of a lie, I sat there for 15 minutes without moving an inch...then when traffic FINALLY began to move, 'PUUUH' the car runs out of gas. I cranked it over to make sure that it didn't just stall, and the battery dies. Super.

So here I am in the middle of INTENSE traffic, lined up several blocks behind me. These people are already pissed off that they have been sitting for 15 minutes, and now they have to squeeze into 2 lanes instead of 3. I flipped on my 4-ways and ran into the confectionary across the street and phoned a tow truck. The company informed me the wait would be about 1/2 hour. About an hour and a half later the guy shows up (I had already phoned into work by this time) and is like "Man, you're not having a good day today are you?" then I look at my car and the freaked tire is flat. Now I'm out of gas, with a dead battery and a flat tire. Pretty sweet.

Anyhow I get home and call a cab to drive me to work, and I'm not going into detail but I can say that my entire day was nothing but a reflection of what had happened earlier. Nothing was working out for me today at all. Must be all that bad karma I racked up by hitting pedestrians...

Anyhow, I didn't expect rblords to resolve this quickly so I'm caught a little off guard and didn't have any real content to give. Kujo picked up a new computer today (Duron 700) and can now join the hi-tech community with pride. All this is starting to make me want to build up another machine, but I really seriously have to stop buying shit until spring or I'll never get myself out of debt!

Dec 12, 2000


Well today I am going to update from work because lately I have just been finding it far too hard to come up with good things to talk about when I'm falling this should be a real quality update. Quality??? Whats that???

Well first off I would like to admit to everyone that I have not yet bought a single christmas present. No wait, thats a lie I picked up something for my father yesterday but other than that I haven't started. To top that off I'm all out of money until payday (Friday) so that leaves my christmas shopping to this weekend. Every year I try not to leave my christmas shopping to the weekend before christmas but it just always seems to turn out this way. After all, whats more exciting than driving around for half an hour looking for a parking spot, only to find the mall just as crowded?? That combined with the fact that I have no idea what to get any of my family this year could make things very interesting. Everybody likes those singing fish things right???

SDB is still kicking. Simply Uncomprehendaba!

I think the whole internet has died. JayB has stopped updating EJ...I tried to go to EIF today only to find a public apology by Craig, and a declaration that the site will be down forever. Razor doesn't update his site anymore, and even __Space__ has been slowing down in her updates lately... Whats with this?!? Oh yeah, and I dropped by StileProject yesterday too (haven't been there in months) to find out that it has now become a huge marketting sell-out, with banners all over the place and even less content than it used to have. You might want to check out Mr-T once in awhile, as Unit3 has been updating fairly frequently.

Damnit, it was cold, cold, COLD today, and it looks as if it will be this way for at least another week. I'm not sure if the super-volare can take much more of this pain and suffering....although I have to admit it started very well this morning and even after work without a single complaint...however it was was giving me a hard time driving home considering THE FLAT FUCKING TIRE. Ugh...changing tires at -32 in the dark for an hour with a crappy jack was great fun.

Oh, and BTW if you tried clicking on the YC World link I used yesterday you may have noticed that it was down. This was my fault, as I seemed to have deleted YC World from the server in my mad panic to get rid of the damage done to my server over the weekend. My apologies, hopefully YC can re-upload the site and it can remain drawing bandwidth from this glorious site!

Amongst all the busy server installs, wild parties, Mountain Dew cans and volare nightmares I have just realized that my room is quite a mess. In fact, its getting quite hard to even open the door anymore. I think while I'm out christmas shopping this weekend I ought to find myself one of those big steel snow-shovels, that should get rid of my problem. Then again, half of my problems lately have been Dog Pound. Every time I talk to him on the phone (and I phone him quite regularily to see how he is feeling) he hangs up on me. What a jerk, after all I have done for him...and all I ever got back was a broken heart and a fractured foot...

Dec 11, 2000


Busy busy weekend, it hardly seemed like a 3 day weekend at all! Between trying to catch up on some sleep, recover from a cold, and re-install oden I haven't really had a lot of time to spare to pay attention to this page, so I apologize for the lack of updates late last week. I assure you this shall not become a trend!

If you're looking for something amusing to give you a break from work, have I got the link for you! YC sent in a link last week to the site This site will allow you to convert your favorite webpage into a huge mess of adult, offensive language. Highly amusing, but not for the kiddies...try it out, RBlords has never looked better!

Other 'Golden' stories
Wow, I just took a look around my room and counted 15 odd Mountain Dew cans. I really like Mountain Dew.

Soul_d scanned me a sweet image from an old comic of his featuring O.J Simpson and his "Spot-Built" runners. You have to check this out. This has all brought back memories from the time that OJ was announced innocent and soul_d drove all around town in his red 1/4 ton pick-up screaming "THE JUICE IS LOSE!" as loud as he could...

I just got out of having an in-depth discussion with Dog Pound about linux proxy servers. Man that guys knows his shit...

Since I'm tired, I'm going to leave this update a little early. Just remember: if you ever have old aunts pinching your cheeks at weddings saying "You're going to be next!", you can shut them up by waiting till the next funeral, pinch their cheeks and repeat the same phrase...

Dec 09, 2000


I know, I know not much updating lately but I had Friday off and was feeling lazy.

Just so everybody knows, the security of oden was once again comprimised last night by an 'anonymous' assailant. This is really starting to PISS ME OFF. As a result oden has suffered a fair amount of file loss and damage to some system files. Quite literally, it is standing on its last legs right now. To be honest this machine has been barely running for the last week because of a few screw-ups on my part in the recent re-install of RH6.2, but I was hoping to wait it out until I could re-install it this weekend. HOWEVER, thanks to this latest hacker who liked to run multiple instances of the SETI client on my machine, the machine not only crashed (as it does with SETI usually) but took a good chunk of itself down with it. The webpage will remain up for now, but don't be surprised if I have to take the system down for another re-install.

To any of my other, loyal, users who rely on oden for their webpages, email, file storage, please by advised that so far there has been no loss in /home. This means that your files SHOULD be ok. If you are concerned about the security of oden, please email me and we'll discuss it further. I expect this to come to a stop in the near future, or we may see a possible retiring of RBlords period. I don't have the time to waste on issues like these.

Telnet and ftp are down temporarily, hopefully they'll be up by Monday

Dec 07, 2000


Well, today marks the end of my sickness, this I have declared! To celebrate I ran to the store and bought 36 can of mountain dew only to find out that the price on each box ($3.32) didn't include the extra $102 of taxes PER CAN, so it ended up costing me a lot more than I was expecting. Stupid hidden taxes. When are they going to learn that people would buy more things if they appeared to be more expensive yet didn't have added surprise taxes?? Well, maybe that wouldn't work. But it WOULD work if Canada passed some sort of law forcing all stores to include taxes in the price of their products, no? Then it wouldn't matter if the price looked a little higher because it would be the same everywhere else! Damnit, why don't I run this country...

I had some time to sit down and work on the site today, and it is now officially a little bit more 800x600 friendly (at least the title bar is). The rest you will have to scroll around for now until I learn not to use such huge graphics on the page.

Nothing like a review of a sweet-ass classic Nintendo game to get you in a nostalgic, sexy mood. Today the game will be River City Ransom. This is probably the best NES review I've read since Jeff K reviewed the game Karnov.

In this game you learn some very important lessons, like its ok to skip school, beating up people gets you money, and "Home Boys" are lazy slobs that have lots of punch power. Have a look at the review for the rest of the details...

Do you like to overclock everything that isn't bolted down? Have you ever thought of overclocking your calculator?? this guy did, way back in 1975, and you can do it too!

Time for me to get to bed. I still haven't gotten around to adding the new reader bio I had submitted by Kujo, but I'll try to have it up tomorrow, ok? I knew you'd understand.

Dec 06, 2000


FTP is back up for any of you who use it, and the security hole has been fixed. I've been seriously considering a move over to OpenBSD but not until I have a chance to try it out, and for that to happen I would need to get my hands on another motherboard to build a new system. Hell, I may have to break down and just go get another case. Anybody got a spare ATX case lying around that they are willing to part with??

Blue4130 sent me the pic on the left and it kinda freaked me out, especially after just getting back from seeing The 6th Day, which I must admit was quite a bit better than End of Days.

I'm not going to give you a review of The 6th Day, you'll just have to believe me that it was good and go see for yourself. What I WILL do, however, is give you some rad-ass links to some Furniture Porn, a site about making hats out of meat, and Some Latin phrases that you don't hear every day. O! Plus! Perge! Aio! Hui! Hem!

Soul_d is insisting that I offer to everybody this delightfully artistic windows icon of mrp's head. Just one of the ways we have learned to cope with his mysterious dissapearance sometime a year or so ago...anyways, click here for the icon.

Time for me to hit the sack, see you all on DA FLIP SIDE! :P. Oh, and before I forget... to those users out there that are suffering trying to read my page in 800x600, I'll have it all cleaned up for you in the next couple days, please bear with me!

Dec 05, 2000


Alright, I promised a totally excellent update for tonight, and I won't dissapoint you! There's lots of stuff to get through, so hold on and ride it through...

Before I get started I'd like to mention (although I already sorta did) that I spent a good portion of last night tracking down a security hole on oden which allowed an anonymous prankster to break through sometime later last week and screw around with __SPACE__'s page. This problem has been eliminated, so you don't have to worry any longer! I'm sure you were all VERY concerned...but aside from all of this I have decided to upgrade oden's hardware and I am currently on the lookout for an AT form factor socket370 motherboard that can be set to run at 500Mhz or greater. I haven't had any luck finding a mb that fits this description so far, but if you have one please fire me an email.

Anyhow, let me start out this update by informing everyone that Dog Pound is very sick, and has been for about a week now, however he did manage to make it out of bed just long enough to hunt me down a video to post on the site. This video is kind of funny because when I first watched it I thought that the guy in it was in fact Razor, but alas it is not. Check it out anyway, that is if you like seeing people getting hurt...

I think everybody needs to know that there is a new article by the author of The History of the Macintosh out, and it is all about Debian Linux. This is very educational material, so please have a read...(unlike YC who refuses to visit the links I post).

Wow...all of this learning...when will it stop?!?!?

Today I finally present to you an article from the seldom heard, and often misunderstood Blue4130. Within in, he discusses (and reviews) a new game called "Alice" which looks like its going to be quite the game. I remember Larmal telling me about this game about a year ago, and how happy and giddy he was when he found that background wallpaper of Alica holding a bloody knife and looking really mean. Awww...those were the good ol' days. Where has that Larmal kid gone anyhow? I guess we'll never know. But either way, check out the review...

(yawn) sheesh, this update has taken me forever to make today! But thats not all! Remember when RBlords used to have comics all the time?? Remember when the title 'The Daily Comic' actually meant something?? Well, apparently Soul_d does, because he's sent in a comic for today! Yay!

I have more to post, including a new Reader Bio, an icon for your windows desktop, and a couple of other goodies but they will all have to wait for tomorrow. See you all then!

Dec 04, 2000


Eck. Cold. -30 degrees Celcius this morning with the horrible windchill, but my Super-Volare started fine :)

Alllright, I had this super huge awesome update planned for today but because of some other troubles I wasn't able to get around to it. Seems I have a little bit of a security hole on oden that is causing some trouble so I ended up spending most of last night patching that up. Eck. Stupid haX0rs. light of these fun problems there will be no excitement today, but as a result there will be twice the excitement tomorrow!

I have to say the page seems to be working pretty good, no more strange Hebrew errors or pictures not loading properly (for me anyway). One thing I maybe forgot to mention is that the page will look absolutely terrible in anything less that 1024x768. Poor Kujo just got a computer and can't get it to run over 640x480. I shudder to think what this page must look like at that resolution...

Dec 03, 2000


In case you haven't noticed, the page is still under construction. This weekend I managed to get all of the updates converted over into a MySQL database and link them to the php scripts that run this page. You might notice that you will now only see the last 11 updates on the main page, which should speed up the page viewing considerably. At the bottom of the page there is a link to see the previous 10 Updates. Why do you get 11 on the main page?? The 11th one is a bonus, thats why. Also, you can still view entire months of updates using the links on the menu to the left. For awhile people were having problems with a requester popping up when they loaded this page, asking them to download a Hebrew character set. I don't know where this came from, but I managed to fix it.

Also, you may notice that clicking on the 'Discussion' icon on the title bar takes you to a new message board that I am currently testing. Have a go at it and let me know what you think. Its so configurable its really quite scarey, and may be a bit overkill for the application. Either way, I'd appreciate some feedback. If you want to post on the old one, just hit the link in the menu to the left...

Oh, one more thing. For some reason I have had problems with the title bar loading properly. I'm going to try and get that fixed right away as well. Sometimes the main page won't even load (what the hell is with that??). Oh well, one step at a time...if you find any outrageous problems remember to let me know...

Check back in a bit for an actual update...

Dec 01, 2000


Wow, December 1st already...does it feel like Christmas? Personally I think it came around quite quick, and I can only hope that the rest of the winter should pass this quickly so that I can get right on into enjoying spring again. However, for the time being I will bite down and endure the harsh cold and take salvage in the fact that I can rip sweet doughnuts in my volare, and uhhhh... well I'm sure there are other fun things you can do in the winter too, I just can't think of any right now. Oh I know, parties are usually more rockin' and more abundant in the winter because people don't want to go where are they??

I knew I was forgetting something! Everybody please send Razor an email wishing him a happy 23rd birthday (his birthday was the 30th I believe). Even though he is a year older, I still expect every one of you to treat him with just as much respect as you always have, if not more. Remember, he is one of the only guys I know that can actually mack out and keep it real at the same time...without a doubt.

Speaking of Razor, thanks for the pics you emailed to me, I was running out of things to put up to make this site look less boring. I am trying desperately to reach out to the illiterate audiances out there, and I figure this is the way to do it. That, and more pr0n. Hmmm...haven't had pr0n for awhile :)

Anyhow I hung out with YC tonight for awhile. I think I hung out with some other people too, but I just thought that I should mention that I was with YC because thats where the action is. He told me a story about how when he was at work one day he wrapped something tight around his finger and then forgot about it for a long time, and then later he couldn't feel his finger and his finger was blue.

I have actually (truthfully!) been overhauling this page over the last couple days and I have made significant progress! Of course, nothing has changed for you readers yet until I implement the changes. However, I should notify you that there is a possibility that this page may not be updated early next week because of the renovations. If all goes well I may be able to get everything switched over this weekend, but if I don't....well, then thats why I wouldn't be able to update early next week. I was going to refer you to EJ to entertain you during this time, but it seems as though JayB has dissapeared. You'll have to just read __SPACE__'s page instead.

If you missed YC's update yesterday (it was late in the day), then make sure to just back to the November Updates to have a look.

Time for me to jet...keep it real and have fun...then stay fit and mack frenzy...


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