Nov 30, 2000


I'm sick, so here's YC:

So, looks like i'm in charge of the update today seeing as spitfire is sick.

So how about that election? Looks like it was over in a day, not like the lame americans who can't count a bunch of pieces of paper in a couple weeks. Maybe those americans should watch a bit more sesame street so they could learn the basic principles behind counting.

It's pretty obvious in this country that there's a huge split between east and west. The alliance took almost ALL of western canada minus a few seats. Then the rest is pretty much all liberal. I went to Politics Watch and did their little questionaire to see who I should have voted for (because I didn't vote) and it turns out that the alliance was their first recommendation, and big surprise the liberals were the bottom of the pile. What does this mean? That probably every policy the liberals will enact will be contrary to what I want. I tell you what, all a party has to do to get me to vote for them is make indians pay taxes. However we all know that no politician has enough balls to try that. Maybe we could make a deal with them, they pay taxes, we give them quebec. Sounds fair to me :)

Well, spitfire and I were talking this morning about income tax and how the gov't rapes us every chance it gets. Well it turns out that even though his salary is a reasonably amount more than mine, we have almost the same take home pay because he pays a fair amount more income tax than I do. This is off base salary, however the lucky bastard gets a car allowance as well and works overtime. I don't get paid for overtime at my job, I just get to bank the hours for time off, but that's good too. So after his car allowance and OT he's better off than me, good'ol government jobs. Clayton, you should be buying more volares, you could get a new one each month. I mean what else is a car allowance for if not buying more cars???

Ok, enough of the serious stuff, now on to some more interesting stuff that your actually likely to read. You know all those pictures you always get in your email, or at least spitfire does. You know, the nekid photo's of usually famous people and sometimes you are left wondering if they are real or not??? Well, for you I have found the answer. It's a site called The Fake Detective. All you have to do is send him the picture and he'll tell you if it's fake or not. If it's a good one he'll make it into a case file for other people to see. Also you can look at all the old case files and see a crap load of fake nude pictures. All the harsh ones are censored out though so if your a sick pervert looking for a hard core brittney spears picture you won't find any.

Here's something else for you. We all know how hard it is to find a good site that doesn't require a credit card and i'm not sure how I stumbled on to this one but at some point in time I did. It's pretty much the only free site I know of that doesn't ask for a credit card or anything. Just head on over to teens missing their panties. Sorry girls I don't have any sites for you, I don't swing that way.

Well, that is about all for now, I must leave and continue preparations for the summer of 2001, or as some say, the SUMMER OF YC.

PS - get your ass onto the message board, i'm tired of having to stir the pot to get any action goin on over there.

Nov 29, 2000


Well, sorry for the downtime folks. My ISP had some problems for awhile there, and then the system was up and then I took it down again for some maintenance which turned out to be a whole lot more work than I thought it would be. In the end, I'm back where I started. I know, I'm mumbling again...

I had some nice pictures to put up today to dazzle all you kids, but alas our email server at work doesn't seem to be working properly and all the content I sent home seems to be gone. No matter, that just means that I will have to babble some more random thought....hmmmm.....errr.....????...ok that sucked, lets get on to something (relatively) interesting...

Tuesday means cheap day, so off I went to go see UnBreakable with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. I mean I didn't go WITH Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson, but they were in the movie. Get it? Good.

Anyhow in short this movie was dissapointing. The story had premise, the acting was good, the directing sucked ass. They could have made a truley awesome movie out of this idea however they spent most of the time trying to build up characters and suspense, yet in the end nothing really came together or made sense. This movie contained no explosions, boobs, swearing, violence or surprises (except maybe for the surprise ending). So what was good about it? The story was decent, and parts of the movie were funny. Also, the ending was fairly unpredictable but also didn't make sense. Oh yeah, and the webpage is even worse than the movie. I give it 1 1/2 DP heads...

Anyhow, thats enough raving for me. I have this terrible cough that feels like I have a feather lodged half-way down my throat and it won't go away. The thing that really pisses me off is that I don't get paid for sick days until Dec. 5, so I don't want to miss work. Stupid cold.

Nov 28, 2000


Almost the end of the month, and almost payday!!

I can't believe how fast Christmas is creeping up on us this year. Its already getting dark around 5:30 every night, people are setting up christmas trees, and carols are playing in the malls. Is it just me or does christmas seem to start earlier every year??

Today I have a special treat for all you loyal RBlords fans. Since neither Blue4130 NOR Audiophile sent me an article to post, I was forced to write my own. I tried to stick with a topic that everyone would find informative and useful. So please click the link below and pay special attention, because you never know when you may need to know....

How to Build your own Super Sky Fortress and protect it aginast the forces of Evil

Shit I'm tired today, and just for that reason I have nothing else to say. You can check out this naked picture of Britney Spears if you want...or you can view the original here. Fun fun fun. (yawn)

Nov 27, 2000

Spitfire about living paycheque to paycheque, I have $10 to my name until Thursday and I don't have anything to pack in a lunch, so I guess I'm gonna have to either live cheap, or learn to like eating cat. :)

In computer news, I received my new 19" monitor in the mail on Friday, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. This is the first 19" flatscreen that I have seen and I have to say the image quality is quite impressive. Oh yeah, its a SamSung 955DF. Oh yeah, and thanks Audiophile for pointing out that the price of this monitor just went down $50 after I bought it. After some poking around on Onvia's site I noticed they offered price protection within 14 days of purchase, so it looks like I'm getting a better deal than I thought!

For the first time in a very long time, RBlords is expanding by hosting a column maintained by the notorious soul_d. For all of you waiting to see the pictures from last weeks trip to Edmonton, this is where you will find them. So mosey on over there and have a look. You'll also notice that there will be a link to this new addition on the menu bar to the left, so make sure to check back on a regular basis!

Here's a good link for all you guys out there who spend any amount of time at work staring a a computer screen: Games of the 70s. They have all of the addicting games of the 70s (plus 80s and 90s) there for you to play all over again!

Beware though, with the games come a curse. I got stuck playing Lunar Lander for 2 straight hours trying to land that stupid ship and it almost got me fired! Good thing I was able to get my boss addicted to it too...

JayB seems to be getting a little depressed lately over the small number of people visiting his site. I never like to see people sad so please send him an email or something to make him feel better. I'm sure he'd really appreciate it.

I don't really have anything more to say today except that I worked a fair bit of overtime this weekend which is going to be nice with Christmas coming up. Also, one of the 64meg DIMMs in my computer decided the other day that it was now a 32meg DIMM which really pisses me off...but I guess thats what I get for buying RAM from the bargain bin at Techtronics. I never keep receipts for RAM either, because I expect it to last forever. Perhaps from now on I'll be more careful as this is the second stick that has gone bad for me in the last year...

Nov 24, 2000


And the flaming wars continue...

I spent all day at work excited because there was a possibility that when I got home there would be a brand new monitor staring at me, but alas there was not. I really hope it gets here tomorrow because the wait is killing me.

Finally some real exciting news to grace the front page of the best webpage on the internet...Michael Jackson has a new single out. Yes, you heard it right and you heard it here first folks.

After waiting for the smoke from his huge court battle over child molestation, MJ is back and kickin out some phat rhymes. His new single "Jealous Ghost" includes a modern beat, but other than that it blends in well with any other MJ hit you have sitting on your shelve.

The single isn't actually out on shelves quite yet (settle down!), but MJ has personally given express permission to the staff of Rappablords to promo his new hit, so you can download it here.

If anybody experiences problems with this site over the weekend, I am offering an apologize in advance. I'm not 100% sure yet, but oden may be going down for an upgrade. At the same time, I have been wrestling to get MySQL working and its getting to be a bit of a pain in the ass. I don't remember it ever being this damn hard last time I had it working but that was over a year ago and my memory just aint that damn good :)...

You know what I hate? Rocks. They just get in your way, they chip your car, they get in yours eyes and hurt your feet. I hate rocks. Almost as much as I hate you.

Wanna know another thing I hate? Well I can't think of anything else I hate right now. I guess I'm just too filled with love.


Who needs a truck anyway?

In other news I downloaded an mp3 ripper today, so I have been encoding all of my store-bought audio cds into mp3s for no real reason. I'm kinda dissapointed though because the damn encoder doesn't seem to be multi-threaded so its not effectively using both of my CPUs. Doesn't that just piss you off?

YC just informed me that he is very damn close to having one year of cracking time for SETI. Too bad he will never catch up to me! NEVER I SAY!!! Okay, I think its time for bed for me...

Nov 23, 2000


First off, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to The Discussion Board as it is seeing the most activity it has ever seen since the day it was conceived. My only question is, where the hell is Dr. Razor in the midst of all of this?

Another amusing video from Check it out!

I don't really have all that much to say today except that I am looking forward to the end of the week so that I can catch up on my sleep. Oh, I'm also pretty excited about getting a new monitor, although I'm not sure when it is going to get here. Could be anytime before next thursday but I'm hoping it gets here before the weekend, as I have had good luck in the past receiving things from within 2-3 days of ordering...

As of the past month or so I have become extremely adicted to the god of all pop: Mountain Dew. Some of you who knew me from school may remember me getting hooked on Orange Crush while I was there, in fact I practically lived off of it...but those days are no more, for I have realised the superiority of the Dew.

Some quick facts about Mountain Dew that you may not know:
  • Pepsi purcahsed Mountain Dew from the TIP corporation in 1964
  • In the 1960s, many Mountain Dew bottles were sold with names of employees from local plants engraved in them, to help promote a 'personal' feel to the beverage.
  • Mountain Dew contains more caffine than Jolt cola, except for in Canada, where law prevents non-dark sodas from containing caffine.

Goodnight everybody, its time to go to bed. I hope to see you all back here again for the next exciting Rappablords update!

Nov 22, 2000


Last night a made it out to see Charlie's Angels (on cheap night of course), and Dog Pound insisted that I do a review so here it is...

This movie was a lot like you might expect it to be (from the previews). There was a decent plot (surprisingly), and even the acting was alright, but what made this movie as good as it was happened to be the same thing that earned the TV series its short fame as well, kung-fu action babes and lots of booby shots. In some sort of cross-breed between a James Bond movie and the Matrix, this highly-predictable film is still worth a look, but make it on a Tuesday. I should also note that Bill Murray was in it and he is always hilarious...

This movie gets 3 Dog Pound heads. Its large amount of skin and explosions earned it this rating more than anything else. Oh, and it also had Drew Barrymore and she's my girl.

Well, I have been contemplating the future of this page for a very long time now. RBlords has grown a lot larger than I once intended it to be, and as such it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. I am finally in the process of converting the page into a database-driven architechture which would make updates faster, and easier for other people to update as well (like DP or Razor). This could take some figuring, so if you notice any funny things going on with the page, it is probably a result of me moving things around and I apologize for any inconvienience.

Not much news today, except that I finally broke down and ordered myself a new monitor on Tuesday. I have been living with a 14" monitor that was found in the garbage until now, but I will now be able to join the world of 19" wonders. Damnit I wish monitors weren't so expensive...but to anyone out there actively seeking out a new monitor please take a look at If you're Canadian (like me), just hit the 'Canada' button at the top of the page to have all prices printed in Canadian dollars. Their prices are very competitive and they offer FREE shipping. You know how much it costs to ship a 19" monitor across Canada? Neither do I and I don't have to worry about it either :)

Only other thing to mention today is that I finally got around to taking my film in to get developed from my trip to Edmonton. Hopefully once I have the pics scanned, soul_d will provide a breif summary of everything interesting that happened to us (remember YC came along on this trip).

And don't forget to join the fun on the Discussion Board...

Nov 21, 2000


Good day, and welcome to November the 21st.

In geeky tech news today, the long awaited Pentium 4 chip has been officially released and will be in stores near you very soon. The new chip boasts compatibility with a 400Mhz Bus architecture using new, and more expensive PC800 RDRAM. To soften the blow of having to buy this hard to find and expensive RAM, Intel will be packaging 128megs of RAM with some of their CPUs, straight out of the box. Another important thing to note is that these processors are available in a 1.5Ghz model, making it now finally ahead of AMD in clockrate.

I won't get into comparing the new Pentium to its close rival, the Athlon, but if you are interested in a comparison of the two, stop by SharkeyExtreme for a summary/review of today's leading edge processors. In my opinion, I think we will see a real comback from Intel as they claim back some of the market that AMD managed to grab.

I should also note that Unit3 dislikes everything about the new P4 and believes it to be "Nothing more than a waste of money", and also denies that it could be superior in any way whatsoever. Since he also believes that any document published in html format is the god-spoken truth and un-argueable proof, I would like to direct him (and you) to this site (cudos to soul_d for the phat link)

I got to work today and the parking lot was a fucking mess. For one reason or another, people have just given up parking in their own spots and have decided that it is more fun to park halfway in their spots, sideways, or even in the middle of the parking lot. This may be because the majority of people who park in this parking lot are cops and are therefore somehow imune to any kind of law. One thing they are not imune to, however, is the long, heavy door of my Volare smashing into their brand new SUV.

I have provided a picture on the left to give you an example of how bad things have gotten. I realize that you can fit more cars in the same space by standing them on end, but it really does turn out to be more trouble than its worth...

Enough ranting and back to some new juicy news. Jay B seems to be worried that Bla-Bla (the ISP for EJ) is going to go under sometime in the near future. I would like to take this time to extend my hand to his, and offer the hosting of his site free of charge if it shall come down to that. As a payment, I would simply ask that he cover my ass when his company finds out that I am running servers using their service. Oops, I wasn't supposed to say that. Anyhow, I believe this to be an ideal solution for the both of us, and we could then sit down, have a drink, and celebrate the moment with the adding of hand to penis.

Tired of reading this yet? Tough, I got more to say. Every week I am required to attend a staff meeting at work, along with 5 other employees, to talk about the various projects we are involved in and the progress being made in certain areas, etc, along with general concerns expressed by our general manager. In this meeting today I was informed that my partner and myself are going to have to be sent for a whole day of "Cultural Awareness" training. Everybody then laughed at us because they all seemed to avoid the recruitment. I really don't care that much other than it sounds like its going to be really boring...maybe I'll just bring YC to make things interesting...

Ok, I'm done now. Bravo to all of you who have been posting on the Discussion Board. I know its lame but it gives me a chance to see that I really do have readers, and these hits aren't all from myself reading my own site like a loser from work. Anyhow, I'm outta here. Word to your mother.

Nov 20, 2000


This will be a fast sloppy update, but I figured that would be better than none at all. It is exactly midnight right now and I am extremely tired from my weekend trip to Edmonton. The total attendance included myself, Dog Pound, soul_d, Unit3, Blue4130, YC, Eli and Dawn (my gf). So there were 8 of us in total. Two nights in a fairly decent hotel, and a day and a half at the mall. I have plenty of pictures which I took with my new camera, but I have promised soul_d that he could have exclusive rights to preduce a summary of the weekend with the scanned images. Hopefully you will see that posted on this site within a few days...

So as a result of my trip this weekend, and only getting back an hour ago, I am very, very tired. The mall was pretty cool, although it was the 3rd time I had been there in 3 years and eventually it does start to become a little less interesting. Mental Note: Don't tell the guys at the stereo shop that you are interested in buying "The most impressive toy in the world". Blue4130 learned this the hard way...

I would like to introduce one of the best games of all time..."Funky-Head Boxing". I have never heard of, played, or even seen someone play this game before, but I happened to stumble upon a review of it just moments ago. Basically it is a shitty boxing game, and they have made all of the player's heads huge and blocky to make it look funny (kind of spices up boxing if you ask me). It is made for the Sega if anybody owns one of those machines, I would appreciate a more in depth review of this game.

Anyhow, I'd love to stay and rant some more, but I just know that I am going to be incredibly tired tomorrow morning so I'm going to leave it at this. Please have a look at the discussion board if you want to have some interactive super-fun...

Nov 17, 2000



Nov 17, 2000


Just to clear up the dirty rumours once and for all, I AM NOT QUITING THIS SITE. I guess it must have all started with the evil Dr. Razor spreading rumors again...

Whats new? Not much. Edmonton trip is tomorrow so I'll be gone for the weekend. YC made a very bold and daring comment on the Discussion Board today and I guess that was kindof interesting. Also, someone died the other day at Harry Bailey (a swimming pool run by the city) during a diving/scuba class. He was trying to see how long he could hold his breath under water and he just never came up. Its pretty sad, but the interesting thing is how much politics is involved downtown when this happens, most of the managers in my department were busy in meetings and writing reports on the subject to straighten out all the details and try to combat any exagerations that the media is known for publishing...

I have a fun little site to link to today which was submitted to me by YC. The site is called "Am I Hot, Or Not?" and basically allows you to vote on a series of submitted pictures, depending on how hot you think they are. You can vote on women, men, or both. Its fun to waste some time with, and I think I saw a pic of Razor in there somewhere...

I also have another mildly amusing link to visit if you have a few seconds. Just click here to waste some time!

Well I promised an article today so an article you will get. I don't have anything from Blue4130, as he said that he would send me an article but he didn't! However, we have a sweet article written by Audiophile which is worth a look. I mean hey, its an article about Dog Pound getting beat up, can you do any less???

Wow, I'm tired. Good thing I can sleep tomorrow during the ride up to Edmonton. Have a good weekend everyone, I'll take some pictures of the carnage that Unit3 causes...

Nov 16, 2000


OK OK, I can't believe it - I didn't update yesterday and people actually complained, how flattering! I've just been really busy planning this whole Edmonton trip for this weekend...and we finally found a place to stay so everything should be settled. Whew.

To overclock or not to overclock?

For those of you crazy l33t overclockers out there looking for a CPU to overclock take a look at They have a really extensive database of overclocking results submitted by readers. I found this very useful when choosing my pair of 366s a year check it out.

It seems the new big overclocking revolution is centered around the Duron chips, although I would like to get my hands on a couple of Celeron 533s...

I know that some of you have heard of the new Alice in Wonderland game coming out from ea, those who haven't I guess now is your chance. Blue4130 sent me the trailer for this long-awaiting game which promises to be very evil, twisted and gorey. Sounds pretty good, lets see if it can live up to all the hype...

Anyone who uses the RBlords mail service mail have noticed that it wasn't receiving mail over the past few days. I'm not exactly sure when this started but it has been fixed, and all of the email that had been sent in the meantime should have been delivered shortly after so there should be no loss. I haven't exactly figured out why this happened, it seems that once every month or so, oden (the server) just starts rejecting email for so reason and the only way I have been able to fix it is to reboot, which I should never have to do! Ugh. Oh well.

Man, Dog Pound must be having a fit with all of the politics going around lately (he's really into this stuff). First we have the election in the states (see pic on left), now we have an election in Canada. This is just nuts...

I for one am probably not going to vote. Maybe I will, if I feel like it. When asked why I don't want to vote I usually reply "because it would be in the public's best interest that I not". This usually confuses the other person, but honestly if I were to vote it would be the old 'einy meiny miney moe' pick, and who's going to benefit from that? I'll leave the voting to people who have reserched it and know what they are doing. This combined with the fact that I think that all of the parties are lying to us anyways about what they want to do is what has turned me this way....

On a side note, I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but Razor's page has kinda died. I'm hoping for a glorious comeback. The Dark Project is also down due to The Saint's lack of hard drive space (hard to believe as he has 1023402gigs). __SPACE__'s page is live and flourishing, so I suggest you have a read. Other than that, the internet is dead. Oh, and I should mention that SDB Blue has been updated...

Wow thats the longest update in awhile! Stay tuned for articles in the near feature from both Audiophile AND Blue4130. And don't forget to leave your comments on the Discussion Board...

Nov 14, 2000


No update yesterday because it was a holliday for me. Its kinda funny, ever since I started working with computers on a daily basis, I'm far less inclined to actually use my own computer at home. In fact, the only time I ever use my computer anymore is to update this site, and sometimes I just do that from work anyhow. I really want to buy a new monitor to replace this crappy 14" which I have had forever, but I just can't decide whether it is worth it or not when I look at how much I use it. I spend more time using my linux box than my main machine when it all comes down to it...

I know its a little old, but how about a video of Bill Gates getting hit with a pie?

Seems JayB has been getting a little bit blue over the maintenance of his site and it almost sounded like he was considering discontinuing it. So why don't you fire him an email to remind him just how much you really care.

Nov 10, 2000


Another day, another late update. Will this pioneer a trend? Maybe so, who knows. But as long as I keep getting home late or staying up playing in BeOS then I will continue to forget to update. As a side-effect, I have also been sleeping in which is starting to become a little too frequent. If I'm not careful I might end up getting myself a promotion.

BeOS 5.0 kicks some serious ass. Not a whole lot more ass than 4.5 did, but there is definately a significant increase of ass kicking present. My favorite part about BeOS is that EVERYTHING is multi-threaded, which makes dual processors a true dream. I haven't found any SW for BeOS yet that doesn't utilize dual processors, except for the crappy SETI client which for some reason won't even let me run two instances of it. Installing my network card and SB16 was a pain tho, you would think that a SB16 would be generic enough, but its ISA so it had to be manually entered :(

Time for another test...

So those makers of the original purity test finally got around to making a test that many of us can relate to much easier, and one for each gender:

For men, The Bastard Test
For women, The Bitch Test

After taking both tests, I found that I am 37% bastard and 33% bitch (That must mean that I'm 30% PURE good). Although I have to admit some of the bitchtest questions were pretty hard for me to "Have you ever faked a pregnancy just to get attention". I may have, but thats personal...

This guy is 95% bastard. Watch out for him, there are 36 different methods to his style. Kinda like Heinz.

Blue4130 has announced that he is going to be having a LAN party at his rockin' place this weekend, Saturday. It promises to be a rockin' good time of UT playing, and maybe even some oldschool AvP. We just need tables. Playing on the floor sucks ass.


You gotta love the trendy Cola/Soda industry when it comes to trying to make the most popular drink for teens. Its all about appeal isn't it? I mean, what would you rather drink? Barq's Root Beer or Fuk-ola Cola (which apparently is pronounced foo-kola colo). They probably all taste like shit, but who really cares? Its FUKOLA!!!

This makes me miss those soda drinks with the floaty mushy things in them that lasted all of about 6 months back a few years ago...

Anyhow, I think thats way too much from me this morning. I should also mention that I am working today, while everybody else isn't. For some reason everybody in the country gets the day off today, when us government workers get pushed to Monday. I guess it isn't all that bad, at least traffic was decent on the way to work this morning...

Nov 09, 2000


What?? No update??? Well I TriX0red you good because here it is.

Looks like this trip to Edmonton should be a blast, we have lots of people coming and there will be lots of carnage. If anyone knows of a bitchin hotel to stay at while we're there, let me know because I have no idea. Last time I was in Edmonton we looked up the Travelodge and then found out the hard way that there are, in fact, two of them in Edmonton and the one we found was on 'the bad' side of town, whichever side that is. Needless to say it was a crummy looking Motel/Hotel with a swimming pool the size of my car. On a side note about the Travelodge website, I think its kinda weird that out of all of their locations, they picked the Saskatoon one as one of the 4 pictures that show up on the right side of the page. I guess we DO have a pretty nice travelodge here (now that I have seen the others ones :) )

Audiophile sent me a very educational link to Being's worth a read-over if you're interested in TriX0ring, HaX0ring or just want to be a little more like JeffK. Actually, speaking of JeffK, he wrote a review of Red Alert that DP may be interested in...

In case you didn't notice, today's update was pretty lame, and late. Just thought I'd point that out. For some super-fun happy action, go to the Discussion Board and leave your opinion on the Promise Keepers....

Nov 08, 2000


I just realized that after advertising soul_d online yesterday that I forgot to include the link (oops), so here it is.

Nike's new ad promo with Tiger Woods

Don't really have much to say tonight, except that I finally got my hands on a copy of BeOS 5.0. The copy came from none other than King YC himself. My heart truley goes out to him, as he had to actually steel a copy of the CD from a co-worker and then proceed to outrun him in order to take it home.

Also, the trip to Edmonton is still on for next Friday (the 17th). I'm quite impressed on the crew so far, as we will likely be hauling around 10 people up there. I should run out and grab a battery for soul_d's video camera so that we can tape all of the carnage that takes place as we throw a massive hotel party for two nights.

Viva l'Edmonton!!!

Nov 07, 2000


Wow, day #2 of being broke. I packed my own lunch for today for the first time since I started my job (in early June). Its just not as much fun bringing a lunch, having to watch everybody else eat the delicious cafeteria food....errr.... yeah. Fries and gravy are good, no matter who makes them, or where the gravy came from...

I finally got around to checking my pwrsrc email and discovered that soul_d has littered it with many gems and treasurers. First of all, The Real Ghostbusters is being shown on channel 64 @10:30. There isn't much sweeter than the ghostbusters. Except maybe a 20 meg Jennifer Lopez music video He also sent me the following:

"Remind the world that soul_d online is not dead. I think people thought it was, because it said "happy thanksgiving" for almost a month, but soul_d online celebrates thanksgiving for 28 days. We have lots to be thankful for at Soul_D online."
I also have a funny (and much smaller) video for you all which teaches us where NOT to hide your wedding ring. You'd better watch this one...

I must compliment Blue4130 on finding one of the best links that I have ever been sent. As much as I would like to talk about the product, I think all you really have to do is look at the picture. You can also visit the website for more info. The product is 'JonnyGlow'. Enough said...

"Jonny for me...halleluia I can see where to pee! Jonny glow is really neat, because I don't go back to bed with two wet feet!"

(Download JonnyGlow theme song here)

Thats it for today. I'm tired. I'm also planning a trip to Edmonton next weekend because I think I need a vacation. If we go (which we probably will), I will try and take pictures (or video) and bring back good footage of me and Unit3 wrecking stuff...

Nov 06, 2000



I guess it couldn't last forever, this wonderfully above-average temperature fall but I suppose its time for the white stuff to stay. This kinda sucks for me as it means I will be condoned to driving the Super-Volare, and the Super-Volare only. Good thing I tuned her up yesterday. Only problem is when I checked the coolant level, there was no coolant so I was like "Well, the block can't crack if it has NO water in it. This must be safe"

You laugh, but I predict that this picture speaks miles of truth about the future of our auto industry. Don't you agree? I mean, we already have chopped down versions of the Windows CE operating system in some of our high-end cars/SUVs today. Pretty soon there won't be anything left for mechanics to do, you will just have to take your car to FutureShop for a tune-up, or processor upgrade...

"Yes, I'd like you to take a look at my car. It seems that whenever I accelerate abruptly, it crashes. I think it needs some more RAM."

The past week at work was a little nuts for me at work. Twice as many calls, twice as many projects, twice as many problems. Of course with all of this comes twice as much powerpoint porno presentations. I get these emailed to me all the time from other people at work. I started to wonder why nobody stopped people from doing this, which is quite hard on the email server, but then I realized that if anyone was to do anything about it, it would be me, and I wasn't quite in the mood for that.

I was FINALLY able to snag a picture of Razor as a kid
Thankx Mel for the wicked link!

Nov 03, 2000


Well my friends, another day passes, and I'm a step closer to going crazy. Work has been really busy lately and its been driving me nuts, but in a good sort of way. To top it all off, somebody walked off with my compressed air can the other day and I have to wait a week to get more in! I can't work without that can. Well....I can, just not well...

Well...I picked up some 'Golden Orb' cooling heatsinks/fans for my BP6 (see picture on the left) hoping that I could squeeze a few more megahertz outta those poor 366s. They were running at 523, and I have them running at 550 now (about 15 Degrees C cooler as well I might add). I had them both running at 600 for a short period but Win2k didn't like that very much. I also picked up another 128megs of RAM ($139!) so I'm up to a quarter gig. It's pretty sweet but I won't be happy until I get my hands on a couple of 533s....

I should mention for those who care (and those who know what I'm talking about), that 19th Street BBS is back up. Just click on the link in the left menu to access it (if you have an account)

Gnight to you all! Sorry for the lazy update but I'm....uhh....lazy...go read EJ or something...

Nov 02, 2000


Hmmm...November already and still no snow... although if its going to be freezing every morning with frost on my windows I think that there could at least be some snow on the ground so that people could crash into each other and make our insurance bills higher. I mean, think about it...

Today at work my friend Mark tried to convince me to apply for a new job posting for a 'Computer Operator'. I was curious as to what this job entailed, so I took a look at the posting. I then found out that this was basically a help desk job where you take calls and work crappy shifts, and if something bad does happen then you call a 'tech-support profesional', which is basically what I am now. Oh yeah, and it paid about 5% less than I am getting paid currently. After informing Mark of this his response was quite simply "Hey, nothing's sweeter than a pay cut." Amen to that, my friend. I'm going to apply tomorrow.

In the news, 6 convicts escaped from our local jail a few days ago. To give all you outsiders a clue about how smart our criminals are, lets look at a few details:
  • One of them got caught shortly after because he appeared in public with blood on him, and when asked by a convienience store employee what happened he said he was mugged. The employee then called the police, which he waited for and informed them that he had been mugged. Figuring he would outsmart the police, he gave them a fake name.
  • Two more of the convicts took up lodging in a place on 22nd street on our west side. An anonymous tip led police to this house late halloween night, where the police then called "Trick or Treat" and when the two guys came to the door (together) the police handcuffed them and took them away.
  • One of the remaining escapees has a last name of 'Slippery'. He will never be caught again.

Last but not least today, I have an incredibly insightful article written by none other than soul_d, the author of your favorite RBlords article, "An Open Letter to the Unfaithful". This time instead of tackling the mysteries of religion and social behaviour, soul_d has taken to writing about are far more pressing issue in today's world..."How Yamahas Work". Its worth a read if you appreciate the writings of this truly unique and perspicacious author. After all, he WILL be a champion of freedom and justice.


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