Oct 31, 2000


Wooooooo....Halloween....and so what if the update is late, its still halloween while I am writing this so it counts...

Did everybody dress up today?? I was impressed at how many people at work got in the spirit of the day and actually came dressed up today, there were some very creative outfits I must say. The following were my favorites:

Despite the fun costumes at work today, everything was quite busy. I spent my entire day driving from place to place and trying to keep track of the floods of calls that kept coming in for me to fix things. However, for a nice break Dr. Razor and I attended an "Internet Security" seminar hosted by the same people who supply the internet connection this server runs off of. It was pretty boring, and I almost fell asleep, and the cookies they promised us sucked, but overall the seminar kicked ass because it was two hours that I didn't have to answer tech support call. Oh yeah, and then Kim and I got super wasted and started a fight in the lounge which ended in us both being run outta town by the new mayor.

Well...I bit the bullet and went to go see Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows...and I have to admit that I was a little impressed. Whats that you say? How can I say that? Well, quite frankly I heard SO many bad things aboiut this movie that I just expected the worst I could possibly think of...but it really wasn't all that bad. Of course Blue4130 might disagree, he thought this movie was better than the first one but still the suckiest movie that ever sucked.

Anyhow, to all those out there: If you liked the first movie, you should like this one. I personally think the first one was a lot better (sequels can never do justice), but this wasn't really all that bad (just go on a cheap day).

Tired. Going to bed. See ya later. Bitch on the Discussion Board...

Oct 30, 2000


Some links for you today:

So, JayB has started his job working tech support over the phone. All I can say is that I have dialed into tech support lines maybe twice in my life, and from my experience I couldn't image anyone better to place on the other line. I mean, when I phone because my service is poor I expect them not to do anything about it, but I would at least appreciate some humour and/or honesty on the other side to entertain me while I wait for it to come back up. I think Jay should post his work phone # so we can all phone him with our problems...

This site sucks. We're ovre 10'000 hits now which I guess is pretty amazing considering I only have 5 readers and I've only been up for 8 months. Actually, thats probably not very amazing at all. However, I insist on maintaining this page because of its avid suckiness factor and ability to make people complain.

Anyhow...onto some content. I have to say the articles sent in by my avid readers lately have been anything but sane. Here I am opening my mailbox to find a mindless rant about Japanese singers written by Blue4130. I think good ol' Blue is developing deep seeded emotional issues towards the entire world...

Ouch. I was running some wires in the ceiling of my basement yesterday and I now have millions of little glass shavings under my skin from the insulation. It wouldn't be so bad except a few of the bigger pieces have found their way into my heart.

soul_d has been so nice as to bestow yet another huge-ass video unto my site. Today I present you with The REAL Metallicops! This isn't that old animated crap from CampChaos.com, this is live actors people!

The beautiful antique cabinet TV which appeared on my lawn only weeks ago, then found its way to soul_d's house, has claimed yet another victem. Sometime between the time of midnight and 1:30AM the television was escorted to the residence of Kujo, a close friend, and the newest reciepient of the "Super TV Prize Giveaway" founded by Unit3. Kujo was so thrilled upon arrival of this beatiful gem of technology that he was almost speechless, even the next morning, barely being able to utter the simple phrase "Get that fucking TV off of my lawn".

Despite the comotion caused by this whole TV fiasco, I managed to get out and pick myself up a DvD player, which I have wanted for quite some time. I have justified this by thinking that now I have something decent to ask for for christmas - movies. The only problem is that I can't seem to find any of my favorite titles on DvD that I can easily pick up on VHS, such as Tushy Heaven, or Whack Attack 7...

Oh oh, I almost forgot. I recieved a call today from the CEO of KazCorp Industries today, and he informed me that there are some cheap RAM prices available. Check out his page for pricing details...

Anyhow, thats about all for today. Just remember: "Keep fit, and have fun"

Oct 26, 2000


Did everybody notice the nice new flash logo at the top of the screen? It was sent in today as a 'gift' from The SDB Server along with a message for Dog Pound which can not be repeated here. However, out of appreciation for the pretty flash logo, I designate today...

Although I don't know Saul, nor do I know Sanjay very well I think I should take a moment to say one thing, and that is that they run a mighty sweet dealership. What this dealership has to do with their webpage I have yet to fully understand. And although I have a hard time converting Rupees to Canadian dollars, their prices seem to be rock-bottom. Not to mention how cool it is to watch Sanjay kick the shit outta one of the Saturns just to prove to you the dent-resistant panels (although DP found out the hard way that this does not include the hood). I beleive I am going to attempt to sell my Volare at this dealership...

(Click for Theme)
A comment from Audiophile...

"My mind, spirit and soul has been touched by the great power of the lord and I have been reborn into a man of good..... a man of god. I have included in this article a song straight out of the pages of the good book to inspire those of you whom have also experienced the powerful forces of the almighty, and for those of you who feel it is your time to see the ever so bright light that out beloved lord shine down on us......Amen"
God Bless
Reverend Audiophile

The full effect of Audiophile's statement can not be fully realized until you take a look at this picture he sent me as well. If it offends you, deal with him....

Hmmm...seems like our good old friend Dr. Razor is back and stirring up a fuss in the Discussion Board. I guess rumour has it that I will be "retiring" this site. To tell you the truth I have thought no such thing, although I have been working on re-designing the site and in the meantime making it easier to update (via scripts) so that maybe Dog Pound and Razor could help update too. Of cousre this is going to require some effort...ugh. Short answer: I am not retiring RBlords.com, and even if I do stop updating for a short period of time, the server will be staying up so you can still visit your favorite pages like YC World, Razor's Page and __SPACE__...

I just noticed that Razor's Page has been moved to the top of the 'Other Links' section of my menu bar. Thats interesting.

Last but not least today I have some pictures of Blue4130's wreck of a car. You see, before he went out and bought his new '93 Del-Sol, he managed to work over this '92 Beretta pretty good. Take a look at the following pics to see just how hard he hit that old lady who had no place in the middle of the road...

[1] [2] [3] [4]

Ok, now I hope that none of you have forgotten that today is, in fact, SDB day, and as such Saul deserves the repect which that title holds. By linking to his site I will bring him good fortune and so many hits that I'm sure he will be selling Saturns faster than he can say "Beeshnu".

Oct 25, 2000


After yesterdays update I received only one response concerning an interest in the hands-free phone, and that was from Dog Pound. What's wrong with you people? It's much less than a single dollar!! Get your orders in! Come on! It's almost as fun as doing donuts in a parking lot...

Late night tonight, and I don't have a whole lot to say. I picked up my Supra today and I must say its nice to have it back again. I can't really decide whether or not I want to part with it in the spring tho. Dog Pound is calling this a bluff, but financially this car is a money pit of death. Not in maintenance, but insurance, gas and car wash bills :)

In other exciting news, it seems that the Anonymous HaX0r has struck again, altering the SETI Page once again. When will this little pest stop??

Anyhow gnight all, I have some content to slap up for tomorrow as I was too lazy to do so today...

Oct 24, 2000


Wow, I got RH 6.2 installed on apollo today and its working like a charm. Man I missed Enlightenment...but I'm still looking for a copy of BeOS 5 if anyone has one!

As you have likely heard, starting January 1, 2001, most jurisdictions across Canada and the USA will no longer allow the use of a cell-phone in a moving vehicle without a 'hands-free' adaptor. As you know, these adaptors can cost $50 or more.

Remarkably, these hands-free adaptors can cost significantly less than $100/unit USD (on high volume orders). The profit potential is certainly promising.

Get back to me if you have any questions. I have included a photograph for your initial review. (see right)

Today at work I found myself running back and forth between the ground floor and second floor a lot, and after a few times I started to feel a bit out of breath. I suppose I could have taken the elevator, but then I have to wait for it to come down from where it rests on the 54th floor so I don't usually bother. Needless to say when I was done all of this hard work I rested in my office for a moment and attempted to cool myself off with my can of compressed air. If anyone has used one of these cans before you'd know that they can get very cold if you use them a lot, and I ended up with a spurt of cold liquid-nitrogen-like fluid all over my face burning into my skin.

Today I have some pictures sent to me from the notorious Audiophile...all pictures are real and unmodified:

You may have noticed (if anyone actually checks) that the RB SETI Page has been tampered with over the past while. However, I assure you that the hacker has been identified and sacked, and from now on only the appropriate stats will be displayed. Spitfire 6, Hacker 2.


Oct 23, 2000


One more week and a day until payday and I'm really hurting for cash...today I should be able to pick up my Supra and spend what little money I have on my terribly high deductable.

You know, the nice thing about my job as compared to previous jobs that I have held is that I never feel bad on Sundays. I used to hate having to go to work, or to school on Monday morning, but I really don't mind anymore. Hell, if I didn't have to start until noon I'd probably go everyday. I've been really busy at work the previous couple weeks tho, and I think I have to find a better way to keep track of my work. So far I have had a pad of paper on my desk to write down all the jobs I need to take care of. This worked pretty flawlessly as long as I could keep track of the paper, and didn't blow it off my desk with my compressed air can (I love that thing). However, yesterday I had a look at it to see what I needed to do and I came across the phrase "fishbowl comp girl access to something". Does that make sense? It took me two hours to finally remember what that meant and it still didn't really make sense.

Well, Unit3 is going to kill me but I have found some more official Mr. T content. This clip advertises a game-show in which the contestants have to stay in a trailer with Mr. T for a whole month. A difficult task indeed. Check it out! And mad pr0pz to __SPACE__ for the link!

"Who's gonna give Mr. T a foot rub???"

This past Friday I ended up at Blue4130's house and had a breif discussion with Unit3 about destroying things. It appears there are plans in the making regarding the TV that is sitting in soul_d's backyard. It seems that there will be a lucky 'prize recipient' within the next week or so.

Above are some sweet Volare pictures taken fresh from this weekend by Dog Pound's digital camera. On the left you see the Volare facing some harsh Saskatchewan weather (we get frequent dust storms), in the center is a sweet profile of the super-volare, and on the right is the super-volare pushing a Ford Fairmont (for sale *reduced* $45 - phone 230-6173).

Last but not least, I have an article from the one and only Audiophile. In this article, he discusses the state of today's modern high school student, Check it out! I added the pictures to give it some color...

Note from DP to soul_d: "FREE JAMES WAYNE OR ELSE!"

Oct 20, 2000



YO YO YO!!! This is the one and only Dog Pound , giving out a special shout on rblords first annual DOG POUND DAY!!! After months of petitions, and thousands aof calls, Spitfire finally decided to make history!! How he made history is still yet to be seen...but hey...DOG POUND DAY!!

Some sweet DP pics:

This is a day of reckoning, a day of looking at the sweet sweet leisure girls, and most importanly, an intimate look into the man called Dog Pound Down below are some sweet pictures, of yours truly, all representing Dog Pound's past, present and future!!! Dp's school of higher learning, his younger days, to his more present"care free" attitude!! I have also attached a hilarious movie, hoping one day this will happen to someone I know!!!

Pictures of the tornado I survived, when I was temporarily possesed , and a FIRST for rblords.....a scantily clad DOG POUND!! Better prepare those toilets folks, cuz this one's a heaver!! So many words....let's let the pictures tell the story, of a young man's torment, coming of age, and most importanly, small wang..... So sit back, enjoy some sweet Dog Pound content, and watch all your worries grow into huge, boil like creatures....

Last but not least, enjoy this funny movie about what happens when you're name is Jack.


Oct 19, 2000


Awwwww.....too late for me. Another day, some more overtime and I'm tired as hell. Some crazy email virus downed the exchange server in a matter of about half an hour and the rest of the night was spent getting the virus software on many of the machines updated so that this thing won't just attack again. What a pain in the ass...

On the bright side of things, I finally got a chance to clean up my office today. How? I dumped everything from my desk onto the floor and then used my compressed air can to blow all the dust, dirt, and hard drives onto the floor where the janitors are sure to take care of them.

Coming soon: DOG POUND DAY

Oct 18, 2000


Damnit...seems like this week should be over already and its only Wednesday. Its a really long time until next payday, and I have a rather expensive deductable to pay for my car (yeah, I know YC, I should have a package policy)...

You guys all have to check out this mp3 I came across of William Shatner giving a 'I Am Canadian' speech. I must warn you though, if you are a die-hard trekkie fan like Dylan then this may depress you. I have to give Shatner a thumbs up for this one tho, as he has a good sense of humour about himself...

Click on Shatner's face to download the sample, or Click Here.

I caught some interesting news today, which you probably all already know, but I think I will post it anyways:

"Microsoft has set internal delivery timetables and design goals for its next-generation Windows release, code-named Whistler. September 18, 2000 4:51 PM ET The product: Microsoft's 'Whistler,' a Windows 2000 successor. The goal: To go gold on April 18."

Is is just me or is it a little early to be introducing another Windows version already? Talk about flooding the market, pretty soon nobody will have the right version of windows to do everything and software developers will become so frustrated that they will just go back to writing software for the Commodore 64, and then there would be much rejoicing from my end. C=64 rox.

I have some exciting pictures for everybody to get us into the halloween spirit, but they will have to wait for tomorrow because I like to make you wait for everything. Thats right, complain all you want. Wait, I don't hear anything...

And start posting on the Discussion Board already, its getting pretty dull...help me hit that 10'000 hit mark!

Oh yeah, and

the king of kings, asked to be mentioned in this update and I am honored to refer to him on my presigious site...

Oct 17, 2000


Not much of an update today...sorry folks. I've been so busy reading The Sacumbee Affair that I almost forgot about my site. There's something fishy about that Armago, and I can't quite put my finger on it. But there is no question that Mance is the one who must put an end to this Vega fellow, whoever it is. I'm just hoping to see Armago's robot partner appear again soon.

Today I managed to get a ride in Blue4130's new Honda Del-Sol. Pretty sweet ride if I must say so myself, and this made me want to re-link to that old site about how Del-Sols are better than any other car, but unfortunately that page has been taken down :( Anyhow, I've been promising myself I'll go to bed earlier every day so away I go. You'll have to amuse yourself by checking out Mel's Page, Razor's Page, or how about a little Mr. T?

Oct 16, 2000


Thanks Mel for informing me I had my dates all messed up on my last few updates, sheeesh where did I lose 2 days from?? Thats really weird, I honestly think I slept through a whole day or something...

I know the olympics are all over and done with, but there's just something about sports bloopers that makes you have to watch them again, and again, and again. So I present to you another painful sports moment: live from Sydney...

Audiophile, one of the two people in my Supra with me at the time I scratched it up, has drawn a comic depicting the reason the accident ocurred. At first I was a little embarrased about the whole ordeal, but the truth has to be told...

Oh, and Audiophile, I finally started reading that book I borrowed from you "Advanced Speaker Systems". As soon as I'm done I will have to start on soul_d's book "Sound Systems for places of Worship". I'm thinking of building a church...

And speaking of soul_d, I swung by his place tonight to pick up some old tires of mine and got drilled by his parents about the TV they figure I left in their backyard. I kept telling them it was Unit3's TV but they kept insisting that I remove it anyway. To make matters worse, I work with soul_d's dad so this could get to be a daily thing...

I should also mention that soul_d gave me a demonstration of his home stereo system consisting of 4 10" subs, 2 15" subs and a pair of horn-tweeters that could break glass. I think he took about 5 years off of my hearing when he blasted some Sir Mix-a-lot towards my fear-stuck face...with bass that actually made my vision blur...I guess thats what you get when you put an auditorium stereo system in a room slightly bigger than my car.

What an adorable bunch...

Somebody broke into the Super-Volare the other night. Well, perhaps I shouldn't say broke into, but rather just opened the door and stole stuff. Actually, I probably shouldn't say stole stuff either, but rather just cleaned my car up. As far as I can tell, they walked off with:

  • A chrome tire cross-iron (my favorite one too!)
  • Four or Five pennies that I had sitting in the console
  • A 4 Litre jug of windshield fluid (Just bought it - $1.59)
  • A Geode rock, which was in a bag sitting on the console.
They may have also stolen some other miscellaneous garbage, but I'm not sure. The only reason that I even noticed that somebody had been in the car was because the glove box was open and the floor looked a lot cleaner. I think they vacuumed it or something.

I really don't think that I should have to go to work tomorrow. About half an hour before it was time to leave on Friday, one of our main servers crashed. The hard drive died, completely, meaning that the whole damn thing had to be re-installed and restored from off-site backup tapes. And, of course, almost everybody had already gone home (including the guy who handles the backups - although we managed to get ahold of him and force him to come back). Needless to say my first 'on-call' weekend was pretty fun, with 4 hours of overtime on Friday night, and 7 hours on Saturday. Luckily, I was able to pull a lot more information off of the dead HD than I originally thought possible so our loss was minimal...which is good, but I'm still a little tired...

Oct 13, 2000


Damnit I feel like shit today, I think I may have been infected by something from one of my many sexual partners...

A couple days back I received an email from Javagirl with a poem that describes why it is that computers crash. This Dr. Seuss-like poem explains a lot of things, but works against the whole Rappablords theory which JayB had me convinced of for so long. Either way, its worth a read, so READ IT!

No matter how often you do a job, never comprimise safety.
This applies to every proffesion, from Programmer Analyst, to prositutes, to Beavers....

Dr. Razor gave me an mpg of an old Warner-Bros cartoon featuring some good old fashioned racism. I have to warn you - its 80megs and you would be stupid to download it, but here it is: Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs.

Wow, we are now nearing 10'000 hits, and I am thinking more and more that I need a site redesign. Hmmmm... websites take too much time, its kinda stupid. You know, like I should just be able to think things and they should appear in a pretty layout for me. Damnit, if somebody would come up with software to do that I would give them $1, no questions asked.

Thought of the day: It is impossible to fold any piece of paper more than 7 times

Oct 12, 2000



Excuse me for being a bit slow, but I just got around to reading the updates on EJ and found out that Larmal, co-ruler of ExtremeJerks.com, has retired. This is a sad, sad time in the history of the internet. However, that doesn't have to stop us from honoring/makingfunof him! So, in the spirit of things I am declaring today official Larmal day!

Sifting through the classifieds at work today, I came across a gem of a car. 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon. Originally posted at $700, reduced to sell at $450. Need I say more? If I didn't already have enough of a handful with the Super-Volare around, I'd pick this thing up in a second. I mean come on, its three times the car!
Ahhh...good ol' Aussi Water Polo

I finally managed to get Office 2000 installed on my machine (thanks Audiophile for the copy) and I was able to read and post Blue4130's new article. I thought it would have been bigger, but it DOES announce a large super-party at his new place so check it out!

To finish off today's crappy content, I have a new comic for you all in honor of the end of the Larmal era...so check it out!.

Oct 09, 2000


Alllright... Long weekend, busy busy busy. I have just finished completely wiping oden and re-installing everything in a desperate attempt to get rid of whatever it was that was crashing the machine every 8 hours. Hopefully the problem is now gone, and we are back up and running with no interuptions. Then again, I never seem to be that lucky...

This weekend went by rather fast for me, but I did manage to:
  • Eat 2 Thanksgiving Dinners
  • Get a large portion of barbed wire fence stuck underneith my Volare
  • Destroy my Supra
  • End up with a huge old cabinet TV and VCR on my lawn
  • Eat an entire large bag of RAVE Salt&Vinegar chips in one sitting
  • Drag an old 286 behind Audiophile's car over cement road, creating a nice spark shower
  • Overclock an old 486 SX/25 to approx. 50Mhz using an old CB-radio crystal.
Most of that is self-explanitory except maybe a couple...I got in an accident while driving my Supra on Thursday night, ending up with a few scratches and dents on the drivers side of the car. Insured of course, so its going in tomorrow for an estimate. A rather large TV and VCR ended up on my lawn between the time of 2:00AM and 2:30AM Saturday morning. Knowing immediately that this must have had something to do with Unit3, I quickly planned a revenge. Unfortunately I realized that I had no idea where he lives at the moment, I had no choice but to drop it off at soul_d's house, to complete his back-yard arangement. soul_d wasn't too happy about this. NOTE TO SOUL_D: "You will always suffer for the pain Unit3 brings me"

The 486 overclocking experiment hasn't met with complete success yet, but soon will I am sure. I'm hoping to get the thing going at least a gigahertz so that it can beat Blue4130's Athlon. Speaking of Blue4130, he's back online once again after moving into his new place!

Now, I have a whole shit-load of content to post, and I really doubt I will be able to get around to it tonight, so you may have to wait an extra day. Please forgive me if I forgot anything, and let me know if I did. Also let me know if anything funny has been going on with the site (other than it being down occasionally), as these re-installs always leave me forgetting something...

Now THATS motivation

Dog Pound and I have been working out big time lately in hopes to encourage the local children to do the same, and join our unholy army of the night. That's one of the miracles of small children, you can mold them into whatever you want by teaching them how to live, kill, destroy and not care.

First lesson for you kiddies out there: How to catch a football.

I think thats about all the content that you or I can handle for the night. Expect a sweet article from none other than Blue4130 tomorrow, along with various other super-goodies and maybe even some good porn

Oct 07, 2000


Server has been rather unstable. I apologize for the lack of an update yesterday, I know you are all heartbroken. Look forward to oden going up and down this weekend as I figure out what all the fuss in about.

In the meanwhile, take a look at EJ as Larmal has redone the site layout (with the same gay-ass colors).

Look forward to an article or two on Tuesday. I know this is a long time for the next update, but I am trying my best to redesign the site a little bit at the same time...HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Spitfire's thanksgiving tip: "Turkey makes you better in bed."

Oct 05, 2000


Well, just when I thought that I was done with all my server problems, they came back to haunt me and there was a breif downtime tonight of a couple hours. I assume this is a hardware problem and I am replacing parts from oden one at a time to try and isolate the winner. Soon it will be stable again, oh yes!

YC was complaining today that since the server was down for a couple days, his article got pushed to the bottem of the page where nobody will notice it. In response to this complaint I am posting the link again. Just trying to keep my readers happy! Especially the surly ones...

You may have noticed a few changes in the menu panel on the left, including the addition of the 'Old Site Layouts' section. This section is kinda lame, but I figured it should be linked to before I totally forgot about it, and because revamping my site to look like other sites took a fucking long time for only being up for 2 days. Maybe in the future I can get around to ripping off other sites as well...

I have a video today, given to me by the great Audiophile, a video that you should all watch and learn from, so that you may finally realize the true answer to the question you have been wanting to ask for so many years: "Why is Darbie's friend Rebecca in a wheelchair?". It is simply stop-motion videography at its best. Check it out. WARNING: Adult content. :)

Razor is pushing me to update so that he can go to bed, so I'm gonna rush off for today. If anyone knows of a good way to snap a stillframe from a .mpg, .asf or .avi file I would appreciate it if you let me know, because it really pisses me off that just taking a screenshot while the movie is playing doesn't work!

Oct 04, 2000


Sheeesh...almost 2 full days of downtime. Apparently the cable that runs from my house to the pole broke yesterday from the wind and severed my connection. Then, after they replaced the cable today, their DHCP Server wasn't responding so I couldn't even grab my ip back. After I phoned them up and told them what was happening, what was wrong, and HOW THEY COULD FIX IT, they had the audacity to ask me "Well...uhh...did you reboot?". Ugh. So I told him that I was a net admin and knew a little bit about how networking works (he also tried to get out of helping me because I run Windows 2000 which isn't supported), and he ended up saying "Well...we're having problems right now, so try again later.". After another couple minutes I managed to convince him to refund me at least a week of downtime and here we are back up and running!

Actually, having a day off from updating was kind of nice, but now here I am with nothing to post.....except.....VOLARE PICTURES!!

The pictures developed a little dark, click for a better view!

Thats right folks, the Super-Volare is here to stay. Be prepared for many updates this winter involving me and this car, and how many times it has made me walk home in the cold. Current count: 1.

The other day I was reading through a boring Union flyer that I found on my desk and laughing at some of the terrible articles written within it. I turn to this one page with an article titled "Pay Equity" with a little cartoon picture of a women being refused a job by a male boss. It looked interesting, so I read on...

"People working in female-dominated jobs (secretaries, nurses and librarians) tend to be paid less than people working in male-dominated jobs (labourers, plumbers, electricians) only because the jobs are considered 'women's work.'"
I got a kick out of this paragraph. I don't want to sound like a chauvinistic pig, but I DO think at times these feminists get a little carried away. First of all, the reason that secretaries and librarians get paid less than plumbers and electricians is because they need more schooling (in most cases), and the work is (far) more difficult. Second of all I'd like you to show me one female nurse that makes less than a male plumber...

"When women enter a job or profession, the wages tend to go down because women's work is "worth" less. As more men enter a job or profession, the wages go up - the halo effect."
The what effect??? Did they just make that up? Increase of wages over time is caused by inflation and rises in the cost of living, not because more men are joining your profession! Lets take a situation I know for example...more and more women are becoming Network Administrators and Programmer Analysts in the past few years (in fact my graduating class consisted of 14 men and 13 women, whereas the past year there were no women graduates at all) yet the average salary for this profession climbs yearly, and has never seen a decrease.

I realize that we have had problems in the past recognizing equal rights in our society, but I think we are a bit past that by now. Sure, I'm not a women (let me check...), but I think its time to give it a rest. All of my bosses of my 4 jobs have been female and have always made more money than me, and I don't think that is all that uncommon. I just can't understand how people can read this garbage and go "Wow. I never saw it that way before"...

Anyhow thats my rant for today, sorry to Mel and Razor for the downtime and preventing them from updating their sites...

Oct 02, 2000


Ahhhh another month and a clean slate...

What better way to start off the month, than with a true-spoken article from the heart (of YC). Within, YC insults everything you love, respect and cherish. He also discusses how he likes to watch Pierre Treudo on TV, how some women can't drive, and the true meaning of life. Look out - he is mad, and he is Canadian.

And a link from Unit3...its all you ever needed to know about the most controversial and unsolved problem of todays world. All summed up in one sentence. Wow. This should give something Mel something to think about...

This past weekend you may have noticed this site has been rather unpredictable, and I have traced the problem down to a faulty network card. Lucky, I guess, as I was able to figure that out fairly quickly before pulling apart the entire machine piece by piece. This weekend was a lazy one for me, getting together at Audiophile's place on Saturday night and Blue4130's tonight (for a small apartment-warming party).

Yeah, I know...today's update sucked. I'm sorry. Go check out YC World, its much more exciting...


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