Jul 31, 2000


Wow, for some reason it seems like a hell of a long time ago that I did the last update, I guess this just seemed like a long weekend to me. Must be the new car.

Speaking of my new car, I took it out for a cruise Friday night and raced a couple Mustang 5 litres, a new Dodge truck, a GTO, an '83 Camaro, a new Honda Accord :) and a funky early 80's Oldsmobile. I beat them all except for the funky oldsmobile who pulled away and promptly bottomed out the entire underside of his car, the sparks were quite magnificent :). That Olds had some hopped up big block in it...

Dog Pound has sent me some links for today's update. The first link is the webpage of a die-hard super mario fan (my old webpage), and the second is a link to the anti-napster Metallica Forum. Seeing as how everyone is so mad at Metallica right now, it might be a good idea to check out their side of the story.

Dog Pound sent me more but I will save it for another day.

News Flash

Microsoft Publishes Windows 2000 Bug List!!

"Microsoft today published the full bug list for its Windows 2000 operating system. For the first time ever, all known and reported bugs are to be made available to the public. Mr. Hyan-Lee of Japan (photographed above) made the mistake of printing the whole list..."

Wow, what a fitting link mrp just emailed me. Let this be the new official anthem for my car! :)

Jul 28, 2000


Yay! It's Razor day on rblords! What does that mean? Well, Razor send me a whole bunch of content the other day (he's setting a good example :) ). He sent me SO much content, that I am going to have to make an entire update about it.

Everyone probably knows about the whole Napster Vs. Metalicca legal war. Well, to make a long story short Friday (today) will be the last day for Napster. Make sure to grab all your mp3s today! You can read more about this on Napster's Site or on CNN's website.

Remember that old campchaos video about Metallica and Napster? Well, there's a new one (an old on actually, I just didn't know about it until Razor told me about it). Click on the picture on the right to watch the video.

Razor has two Audio picks for the day. The first is Burn in Hell by Twisted Sister. But since, according to Razor, "most of the pansy-asses that read this site are too preppy or too young to have ever heard Burn in Hell", the second choice is We're not Going to Take it. Either way it's Twisted Sister, so eat up! Bitch!

A personal favorite of Razor's, originally discovered by mrp of pwrsrc.net: Tux the Penguin in ASCII Art!

Oh, and for all those who care, I picked up my car today and all I can say is Damn. That thing's too fast for me :).

Jul 27, 2000


Damnit, I forgot to post the update last night! I totally did a lame one up and then forgot to post it. Oh well, now you just have even more to read.

It just occured to me by looking over Hellsh0k's Webpage that this page is really damn plain and ugly. At least it is easy to navigate (kinda). Still, I sometimes I wish that I didn't lack the creativity, time and patience to create a nice looking site. I guess I'm also not a fag.

Well, looks like Heather from the Discussion Board is a real person after all, and is reading our page all the way from Mississippi! You know what that means? It means I have a fanbase greater than 10km, that that really makes me happy. I also got a scarey letter today from the tech support people of the exhibition grounds here in Saskatoon. I'd rather not talk about it...

If all goes well, by tomorrow's update I should be a proud owner of this 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo. I'm going to be blowing all my money (plus some that isn't mine) to drive a sporty little car, but I think it will make me happy. Someone kindly pointed out to me the other day how difficult sex in the back seat of a supra would be, and for that reason I am going to have to keep the '65 Bel-Air around for awhile yet :). Actually, the Supra is just meant for a daily driver so that I can get some work done on my Bel-Air finally...

Well, Doctor Razor finally got on my back about not having his banner up on my menu bar, so up it goes. Is it just me or has his page been relativily static lately? Although he gets a hell of a lot of hits so I'm going to shut up now :). In the mean time I have taken down the SDB Server banner until Saul gets his ass in gear and updates it.

Razor forwarded me this link today urging me to purchase 100,000 feet of Ethernet cable with my newfound job-cash. If only I had $25'003.75. Thats a hell of a lot of cable!

The official video of the day is Happy Happy Joy Joy by Ren and Stimpy. This video is 25megs and you probably don't want to download it but it's there if ya want it :)...

Watch for tomorrow...our first "Official Razor day".

Jul 26, 2000


Oh geez, not much time for an update tonight, sorry guys.

I have a video link from Dog Pound today which is quite interesting. An IBM-Linux commercial. All you geeks out there should take a look.

soul_d has been doing major damage to my computers lately, every time that he visits my place. I think I am going to have to do something to teach his FAG ASS a lesson.

Today for the first time in my new job I had to call in sick because of some freakin' virus that soul_d passed on to me. I got up this morning and my head was pounding so hard I was like "Fuck this, I need to go back to bed". So I called in and went back to bed for a few hours, and I'm glad I did. Work has been unusually slack lately, and I don't like that one bit. I actually cleaned up my office the other day because I was so bored. This is not a good sign...I forsee that there is going to be a huge rush of business soon.

On a side note, I'm beginning to worry that Unit3 isn't going to be bringing me an arcade machine because he doesn't want to drag his ass over to the arcade story. This saddens me deeply, but I could probably also use the money back as well. What am I saying? If he doesn't buy me an arcade he'll probably buy me a big $240 bag of sugar or something.

Jul 25, 2000


Well everybody, its the moment you've all been waiting for! YC-World is back and better than ever! Well....its back anyway, and you can get to it from the easy to remember url ycworld.net.

The page is now being hosted off of the ever-growing rappablords network. If you would like your page hosted at this site, let me know and I'll consider it.

Stupid soul_d gave me his damn cold...I had absolutely NOTHING to do at work today, mainly because my supervisor called in sick (which I should have done). Blech.

Is is just me or are these milk advertisements getting better all the time? I mean, maybe I'm crazy but I found this add to be particularily hilarious. What does Jennifer Love Hate? Osteoperosis! Yay! Only way this picture could be better would be if somebody could manipulate it so that is actually looked like her bones were deteriating. That would rock.

Thank you Dog Pound for finding me my all-time favorite C=64 digitized sound sample. If anybody can name the game that it comes from, I will buy them a doughnut. Honest!

Well, I have myself hooked on getting a Toyota Supra now. The specific one I am looking at right now is a 1988 Supra Turbo. I even found a kit to upgrade it to 470hp. Hehehe...11 second 1/4 mile sounds mighty tempting :)

Jul 24, 2000


Razor (my cyberbuddy) sent me a link the other day to a site where you can calculate how much money you should be making (for computer-related jobs). Apparently my salary should be $113,408/year and I think that is american. That kinda blows my mind as I would like to see now what mrp would score on this test.

I have caught word that Unit3 has been calling me a FAG ASS quite a bit lately. I don't know where this came from but it angers me because I am neither a fag nor an ass. All this plus the fact that I gave him $240 has got me a little worried. I hope he buys me my arcade game soon, I'm going through withdrawl...

I caught this picture off of pwrsrc and like mrp, I almost fell over laughing. There's nothing like the corny ending sequence's of old NES games, especially this clip from Bad Dudes.

I managed to come across a review of Bad Dudes which tells just how great a game it really was. Here's a teaser:

"Ugh and double ugh! Data East is a company who had a great string of arcade games that translated into terrible NES games. Bad Dudes may be the worst yet! In it, you are commisioned by the FBI or some federal agency to rescue the president. Yup, you and your doppleganger bad dude brother are out to save the president, who incidently rewards freeing the leader of the most powerful country of the free world with a hamburger."

It is now the 24th and there has been no softcore pr0n day for the month. Why? Perhaps because I am a lazy ass, or perhaps because I have developed solid morals which told me it was wrong. You pick. Anyway if you have anything worth putting up, just email me.

Slow Server?

Unit3 has complained about the speed of my server, saying something along the lines of it being a direct result of my FAG ASS. I then decided to load up his page and it wouldn't even load. WHO'S GOT THE FAG ASS NOW, FAG ASS???". Oh, and please give me my arcade game.

If anyone is having problems loading my page (over highspeed), let me know. Near the end of the month it starts getting slower because there is so much to load on the page. Perhaps I should start dividing the months into smaller sections, but that would take a little more work in terms of managing the archives (considering this entire site is done manually). Maybe I will just have to come up with a nifty php dynamic script like Unit3. FAG ASS!

Jul 22, 2000


Oh great, now Unit3 is planning on heading to Tjuana with that money that I mistakingly gave him. Actually, I really don't care provided he brings me back an arcade game. And considering how cheap things are in Mexico, he may just be able to pull that off :). Anyhow, mr-t.pwrsrc.net has a new fancy news engine and he seems to be updating often so go check it out.

What do you get when you slap a 2000 Corvette 350 engine on a motorcycle? A 2000 Boss Hoss. Check out the fan on that thing! It's too bad the tourque from the engine alone would have you on your side on the ground the first time you revved it up. Hell, I once flipped my car that way :)


Thats right...Larmal has finally gone the way of Jay B and has lost interest in his site. Oh well, we all knew that in the end rblords would prevail! Hehehe just kidding Larmal, yer all right :) Anyway, the site should be returning sometime next month with a new gimmick. I also caught word that Jay B has finally found himself a job as a pimp. Right on!

Anyhow, I kinda forgot what day it is so thats why we ended up with a Saturday update. I have to go to bed now so I can get up and run to my bank appointment tomorrow. If I feel like it I think I might buy a car tomorrow :)

Jul 21, 2000


another late update, tonight I had people over at my house until midnight so I have an excuse. But now that I am back and ready to update I realize that I really don't have much to say...

I have a good site that everybody should visit. It's some guy making fun of another guy who loves Honda Del-Sols or something. It's actually quite funny, as I happen to love making fun of people who drive newer Japanese cars and think they can outperform any sports car on the road. Read the article (or some of it anyway, its really long), it's called: Your Kung-Fu is no good.

I'm (again) REALLY REALLY tired so I'm turning in. It's been exactly ONE WEEK since Larmal updated his site so please email him and tell him to get his ass in gear!

Don't forget to post your comments on The Discussion Board.

Jul 20, 2000


Boy am I ever tired today...

All I know is that I am really hoping this Street Fighter Arcade purchase is going to go through. It's all in the hands of Unit3 now but he has reported that the SFII game he had his eye on before wouldn't power up the other day, and the owner of the store wasn't around to tell him why. Oh well.

I finally got ahold of Diablo-II today, looks like a pretty neat game. The full install was 1.5gigs (ouch), but the cinematics are excellent and the gameplay is also very good. I never had the chance to play the original Diablo but from what I have heard this is very much the same game with improved everything. I'll have to report back once I have actually played the game for a decent amount of time (which could be awhile considering how busy I have been lately)

I found a really awesome site today and then forgot to copy the link so you guys don't get to see it...so instead you will just have to make due with some terrible 'Yo Mama is SO Fat' jokes

Quote of the day:

"A Bike + A Canoe + Paddles + Duct Tape = Paddle Boat!"

A reminder to all of you who live in Saskatoon and area, Mel has reminded us on her page that the Exhibition is from August 8th to August 13th this year. See you all there! (Oh, and Mel, you SHOULD be sorry for not entering a T-Shirt in the contest).

On the topic of T-Shirt contests, I am hoping to release the most popular selections by the end of the month, so GET YOUR DESIGNS IN!

As a final note for the day, it looks like YC has found himself a nice cushy job. Posting on the Discussion Board while working...sheeeesh :)

People start sending me content again!

Jul 19, 2000


Its the 19th already and still no softcore pr0n day!! Could this be the end???

I'm gonna get in shit tonight from Razor because he wanted to get to bed early and requested that I do an early update. Of course I had full intention of fullfilling his request, however I ended up getting caught up talking to my good friend Eli (who by the way is selling a Ford Car - $50 (306) 230-6173). While talking with Razor tonight we discussed many important issues such as the recent suckiness of Larmal and the sad death of Jay B.

So I went to see X-Men the movie tonight and it was pretty good. Fact of the matter is that I figured it was going to be pretty terrible and it really wasn't, I'm quite impressed. In fact, I recommend it to all of my readers as a good night's entertainment.

Now THERE is a useful roadsign.

Damn Blue4130 for getting a bunch of bad rap stuck in my head from our trip down to Regina this weekend. All I can hear, over and over, in my head is nothing but Eminem, Geto Boys and the Rascals. For this reason, I am going to have to make the song of the day "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta" by the Geto Boys.


Dog Pound is insisting that "Heather" from the Discussion Board is just myself in disguise. If you are reading this, heather, why not send me an email to prove that you are, in fact, a real person and an avid reader of the best damned site on the internet.

LAST MINUTE ADDITION: mrp just posted this video on my Discussion Board and it is freaking hilarious. I would like someone to translate it if they could, but give it a watch!

Jul 18, 2000


I fought the law and the law won. Damn. $100 parking tickets aren't my idea of a good time.

I know mrp already posted this on his site but its just too funny for anyone to miss out on. Therefore I present to you the ultimate lamer prank.

While I'm on a run ripping off links, here's a link about a new camera filter that lets you see through clothes.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's update that Unit3 took his knife back. Stupid him.

For a bit of a nostalga effect (and since I am already graduated), I have decided to bring back the part of my site which got me in trouble many days ago. These pages were maintained as part of the rappablords site far before it grew to form its current state. At that time the page was read by a select group of CST students only, as only they would have any interest reading the content. I have restored these pages, along with the story which gained so much controversy. You can get to these pages by hitting the new link in the menu bar or by clicking here.

And to enhance the nostalgia effect, I have restored some historial information about the creation of this site dated October of 1999, one century ago! Read More.

Is it just me or is this world getting weirder and weirder?

Don't forget to post your comments on the Discussion Board!

Jul 17, 2000


Well today I have to go to court for a parking ticket I was issued way back in January or something. Only problem is that I was hoping to gather up some evidence (photos, measurements) to help my case but I never got around to it, and then I just realized that the trial is today. I think I might need a little more than heresay to beat this count of Murder 1.

This weekend was fairly eventful. I went to visit Unit3 and pick up an original Street Fighter II arcade machine but the arcade was closed! That sucked hardcore, but I left some money with Unit3 so he could pick it up for me some day and then just bring it back to S'toon in his wagon when he moves here in a couple weeks. I was aboiut halfway back to Saskatoon when I realized that I had just handed him $240 cash and he just casually slipped it into his wallet and ran away. I hope he doesn't flee the country in search of sugar.

I wish I could put some more effort in this update, but I really need some sleep and I also have to recover from being slashed to death by Unit3's cats.

Jul 14, 2000


Okay, here's my late but still existant Friday update. Its actually Saturday morning right now, almost 3:00AM but I'm still updating just because I don't want to break my perfect record so far!

I must say I'm quite impressed with the number of hits this site has been drawing, and I really don't know why. Many of them come from the states, so somebody is spreading the word. WELCOME VISITORS! I HOPE MY PAGE SUPPLIES YOU WITH PROSPERITY AND OVERALL MEDIOCRE VIEWING PLEASURE.

It was freaking hot today in the good ol' town of Saskamatoon. So hot that I woke up this morning and said to myself "Damn! I best be gettin' out to the lake to do some swimmin'!". And so I did, and I swam good. I was also on call today for work, but when people phoned I basically just told them all that I wasn't able to help them and that they had better wait until monday :).

I know everyone has probably seen this banner before but I just can't get over the whole premise. These guys are selling internet service by premoting the fact that you could download illegal pirated copies of Metallica mp3s faster than a regular modem. Thats pretty sweet. Next thing you know there will be drinking instructions on Lysol cans.

Tom Green and Drew Barrymore are actually getting married now. This sort of bugs me, probably because Drew Barrymore is MY girl but hey I guess these things happen. I suppose I can take some refuge in the fact that I don't think I am all that different a person than Tom, in which case Drew would equally like me, right? Anyway, I also think its kinda need (or lucky) that Tom started his own little comedy special which got popular in canada, then the states, then he got hired my Pepsi to do TV commercials and then he meets and marries a hollywood actress. Just goes to show what a little stupid humour is capable of. Damn.


I'm gonna be gone tomorrow...I'm off to Regina to visit Unit3 and possibly buy a stand-up arcade game. Perhaps on Monday I will be feeling brave and try and bring Razor a box of doughnuts at the police dept. I think I may need to get a few boxes because by the time I get to Razor most of them will be gone :).

Jul 13, 2000


Today I have for you an article written by Dog Pound. If you live around Saskatoon you would have heard of the mass destruction that occurred at Martins lake a little while ago. Until now many people have wondered exactly what happened that night, but now it has all been revealed in Dog Pound's short but informative article.

Congratulations go out to Razor who just scored a job working for the police department as a (correct me if I'm wrong) software support technician. Yes, this was the job I had posted on the discussion board but he had applied long before that. I'll be by Razor's place later to drop off a box of doughnuts. I'm sure he would appreciate any charitable donations coming his way...

I have noticed that Larmal has been getting in the habit of updating weekly instead of daily. Also, the EJ Webcam which is supposed to update every minute hasn't changed in over a week. I feel really ripped off. Anyhow, JayB made a guest appearance the other day with an update. I wonder what ever happened to that guy, he doesn't seem to be cracking SETI Blocks anymore either. Either way, I feel for the demise of EJ so I am calling on all you loyal readers to go support the page which we were once at war with. I just can't help but feel bad for Larmal sometimes...he's just so damned cute.

Dog Pound just found out that thumbnails aren't just for porn! He's as surprised as you are!

Here's a mind-bender for ya'll

A just recieved an important, sad email from Dog Pound regarding his new love. I now share it with you... Is it just me or is DP getting a little soft?? I remember a time when a little letdown like this would only encourage the guy. Just remember, there are plenty of other ho's in da sea!

Well thats it for today's update, had to do some more O/T tonight and I am going back in at 6:00AM. I'm not looking forward to this but I am hoping to sneak away to the lake sometime this weekend, considering I was hoping to get to Regina saturday night but it looks like Unit3 isn't going to be around to visit. Maybe we'll still go...we'll see.

Jul 12, 2000


I have received overwhelming response to the comment I made yesterday about Dog Pound being in love. Yes, it is true. And yes, he is in love with a human being. I have made this video the depict the extent of this love between Dog Pound and an anonymous woman who will be known hereafter as 'Katie'

Thats right! If you already have an account on my server you already have an email account too! Just call up your favorite email reader (Outlook, Netscape...) and enter rblords.com as the pop3 server. You will have to use a different smtp server, however, so if you already have an existing pop3 email account somewhere else just enter the smtp server from that account. If you can't get it to work just let me know and I'll fix it up! If you don't have an account already, then you can leave me a message about why you feel you deserve one and you may just get one afterall.

I apoligize if my site has been loading slow lately, but it seems that my ISP has been under a bit of load lately or something. Or perhaps its just the local neighbours fighting over bandwidth. Either way its slow but will hopefully get better.

Jul 11, 2000


As this week goes by I am thinking that I should be going somewhere this weekend. I have this friday off so that means long weekend for me, but I just can't think of anywhere to go. I wonder if Razor is camping in his new tent this weekend?

I had this link forwarded to me today and it made me chuckle and shake my head. As many of you know, I like Linux. I started to run Linux in September of 1999 because I needed an NAT Firewall for the rest of my network, and linux seemed to be the popular choice. I had used mrp's box to retrieve my email, etc, for some time (even used it for dialup internet access for awhile), and I quite liked the feel of the operating system. Coming from an Amiga background, Linux offered the type of power and configurability that I felt Windows lacked. But enough about me, I have prepared a short article about why I like linux, and have tried to remain as non-biased as possible to offer an intelligent opinion.

For those of you who care, I am working on getting a pop3 server running here. It is already technically working but incoming only. If you have an account on oden (I have to make you one) then you have an email account. Just fire up your favorite email reader and plop in rblords.com as the pop3 incoming server. At the moment you cannot write mail unless you know of an open smtp relay server. I hope to get this fix0red soon.

Last minute update:

Dog Pound is in LOVE

Thats right, and you heard it here first...

Jul 10, 2000


I can't believe how much this site is taking out of me. Every night I have to make sure to put away at least an hour to update the damn thing, and then I look at my counter and realize that I've only gotten 20 hits in the last week. That fucking blows. Even EJ gets more hits than me and Larmal doesn't even update anymore! This is just my rant for the day, and I will not stop updating so those of you who DO stop and read my site once in awhile won't be completely without content. I'm gonna try hard today tho, I really am.

If you have been following the conversations in the Discussion Board, you would already know that YC has announced that he will be leaving to persue a career in the nearby town of Humbolt. For those of you who don't live in this area, Humbolt is an angry farm town which produces the finest moonshine this side of moosejaw. Hopefully wherever YC moves into he will have internet access but who knows. To commemorate this occasion and to send a farewell to the great YC I have prepared a comic to mark the occasion.

So I was driving around with Blue4130 and soul_d the other day when I (once again) heard The Real Slim Shady on the radio. When I first heard this song I absolutely hated it. Now, Blue4130 has convinced me that its a half decent song. As far as I'm concerned you might as well be listening to Sons of Prozac. Anyhow, right after the song ended they played Christina Augilera's Reply to the song. You see, Eminem insulted her in his song so she ripped off his song and made her own version. Quite sporting of her, really, and quite hilarious, check it out.

The link of the day comes from Blue4130, www.icebox.com, "its got lots of cool flash cartoons and shit". Just take a look at Episode 6 of Zombie College.

Wow! Mel has changed her page! It now features a semi-daily update and a new design, but don't worry, you can still find the usual content such as the ever so addictive game MelYatzee! Make sure to check it out, she needs the hits to help feed her children!

I revamped the Comic Page a little today. Basically, I just organized the old comics a little better into a Comic Archives section.

Jul 08, 2000


A small power surge from the big storm last night knocked out my main server, as well as a couple of my other computers. When I got up this morning, the only computer running was my Amiga. Anyway, I started it up and it seemed to be fine. Must have been a good spike though because oden (my webserver) is running off of an AT motherboard which, of course, has a hard power switch (unlike ATX which has a soft power switch). When I found it this morning the switch was of course still in the 'On' position but it was completely shut down. I don't imagine that's too good on the power supply. However, my alarm clock (plugged into the same outlet) wasn't reset. Oh well, if anyone missed seeing my site last night between the hours of 2:00AM and 8:00AM I apologize.

Send them to me!

I think it's time to pay tribute to one of Saskatoon's greatest bands, Slab Drab. I first heard these guys perform in Razor's basement (one of the members is Razor's brother), and I have to say they kick some majoy hardcore ass. Check out their webpage which includes samples of their music.

I don't think Larmal is updating his site any more. This must mean that he has aquired some kind of a life. Thats odd. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that I haven't heard from any of my readers in the last week. I must be the only one left on the internet...and here I am wasting my time updating a stupid site that nobody cares about. (sigh) I need some good lovin.

Today's quote comes, again, from Dog Pound:

"I'm telling you, its my goal in life to make way more money than you"
Dog Pound referring to my new job

Jul 07, 2000


Wow, got home late today so I don't have much to say. However I wouldn't want to leave today blank and risk dissapointing my dedicated readers (ha!) so I'll have to make something up. Hmmm...just checked my email AND the Discussion Board to no avail. I am afraid all of my readers are dead, or just not contributing. Either way I'm in a bit of a hole so I am going to have to make up my own content. Sheeesh.

Looks like 3dfx has finally released their Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 card lineups. For those of you who don't know me, I tend to be a very big fan of 3dfx. I get a lot of flak for supporting them although I don't know why. Sure my Voodoo3-2000 may not be the fastest card in the world but it cost me $100, I get 45fps in 1024x768 in UT, and both linux AND BeOS recognized it right away and had drivers available!

My own bias aside, all of the new Voodoo lineups have been released and are in stores now (Blue4130 says he saw them at Future Shop the other day), except for the Voodoo5-6000. Whats so great about the V5-6000 you ask? Well, for starters it has 4 processors operating in SLI performing 1.33 gigapixels a second (the first card to break the gigapixel barrier). You can read more about these cards on 3dfx's site.

I believe the end of the world is coming soon. Animals all over Canada are going crazy. The other day some person is BC got killed by her own cow after the cow turned against her in an angry rage and trampled her. Does this seem strange to you? Let this be a lesson to you all: Never trust a cow.

Being a MicroSoft business, we had a new shipload of updated keyboards shipped to us today to prepare for the office2000 upgrade. They claim they have improved the efficiency of the main office applications so well that only 3 keyboard keys are now required (see above). For their next release they hope that the keyboard will be eliminated alltogether and the package will simply be shipped with a hammer.

Worked some more overtime today so I am tired and I am going to end this here. Please send me in some content everybody, I am running out of originality! Ha. Should get some emails about that...

Jul 06, 2000


Slow day at work today, it was great. After a week of having of pure non-stop work I've finally got some time to sit around and work on more pleasant things. Today one of the other programmer analysts came down and told me he was running out to one of the civic centers to replace a keyboard in one of the offices which had fried. I then looked at him really strangely because he usually never puts out any more effort than necessary, and for him to respond to a tech help call this quickly really quite confused me. I then looked out the window and realized that it was fucking nice outside, so I replied "You think thats a two-man job?". He nodded his head and off we went for a cruise. I love my job :)

I finally got around to seeing the new Shaft movie tonight, and I have to say I have surprised, it was actually pretty damn good. Now thats just my opinion, but Samuel L. Jackson used the word "Mothafuka'" more times than I could count so that on its own should make this movie a sure hit. Lots of violence, lots of car chases, all the movie needed was perhaps a little more naked booty and it could have been perfect.

This movie gets my highest rating ever...3 1/2 screaming Dog Pound heads.

I received a rather frightening email from Unit3 today regarding the picture I put up of my new swiss army knife. It read:

DAMN!! Where'd you find that??? I've been looking for it for months! I was sure it was lost!!! I mourn its loss every single day!!! GIVE ME MY KNIFE@!!@!#!@$!@$!@$!@

I have NO IDEA what he is talking about, I found this knife at a pawn shop downtown and it cost my $20, so unless he can find me $20 then he don't get no knife. Come to think of it, I still owe him $30 or something. So that means he only owes me $10. That makes sense, right? Thought so...

Another comic
today by the great soul_d. Watch out, these are getting more harsh every time.

I wish I could do more for an update but quite frankly I spent too much time tonight wackin off to Larmal's webcam. Damn that bitch is hot. I best be fetchin' me some grits!

Jul 05, 2000


I hope everybody saw my horrible flash animation and expected something truly wonderful on today's update, because there isn't anything. I was just trying to figure out how to use Flash, thats all. Cut me some slack.

Looks like Unit3 is advertising my site on mr-t.pwrsrc.net now, I guess that means I have to put his banner up as well :). As soon as he sends me one I will.

So far I have had 3 submissions for the T-Shirt contest, and I am beginning to think that I will receive no more. This is the last chance to send in your submission before I begin printing them. Get them in!!

This weekend I visited two lakes on my journeys across the vast Saskatchewan prarie...Wakaw and Diefenbaker. Knowing that I would be in full need of a knife, I finally took it upon myself to go out and get myself a swiss army knife. They really are quite expensive, but I got a pretty good deal on this one. Please take a moment to click on the picture for a closer look at the delicate engravings.

Today I have added 2 new profiles to the Reader Bios page. One of them is mrp's which you probably already read but I forgot to add it before. The second one is new, the profile of the great Audiophile

And now for a quote from Dog Pound:

"I have just figured out that 740.00 Dollars Canadian is worth 0.920512 in PLatinum ounces!"

Please spread the word.

Hey, I have a new video today!


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