Jun 30, 2000


Last day of the month and payday for me! I've heard from numerous people that my site has been very slow for the last week. That doesn't really surprise me as my internet provider has been really choking lately (probably because of the sheer bandwidth I'm drawing). Also, nearing the end of the month this main page gets pretty damn long. I could probably limit it to half-month sections but to do that efficiently I would probably have to implement some sort of database backend system and that:

  • Requires patience, competance, and a person with larger genetalia than myself
  • Would make Larmal cry
  • Would defeat the purpose of this l33t webpage. Fight the power!

Well, Unit3 has finally done it. He's gone out and created a new webpage, hardcore.pwrsrc.net. Here you will find many hardcore things such as rips of my fight club videos. Mr-T has also been re-vamped. In his own words:

Come to mr-t.pwrsrc.net. I now have a daily news feature and news archive, and will be having daily content since Spitfire has not updated Rappablords in 2 days. Also, this is the perfect time to announce my new site: h a r d c o r e . p w r s r c . n e t

As a side note which nobody will care about, it sounds like Razor isn't going to be going to the lake until early next week (when I am working) so I guess I'm not going to be camping :(. Oh well...

Dog Pound w00ped my ass tonight in UT which has left "a sour taste in my mouth". This simply can not do. He has obviously been rapidly practicing since the last time we played. I AM UNSTOPPABA!!!!!

Rappablords finally get the "Seal of Approval" from Dog Pound
(I can't figure out if this is a penis or just DP's arm wearing a boxing glove with lotsa pit hair)

Now I'm really glad that I made this an early update...I just got back from working 2 hours of overtime, and they then informed me that I need to come back in at 3:00AM until 6:00AM...then my normal shift starts at City Hall at 8:00. Hmmmm...I guess I could squeeze some breakfast in there somewhere :). I just wish they could have kept me there all night, would have added up to a lot more O/T. But whatever...I'm off to bed.

Jun 29, 2000


So I talked to Razor today (actually, through email) and he's wanting me to come camping this weekend. Of course the first thing that came to my mind was "Razor just wants to lour me into the bush so that he can beat me up and give me an atomic wedgie", but then I remembered that he is actually I nice guy who would never think of hurting me. heheheh...

I still need more entries for the T-Shirt Design Contest. I just realize that I never actually told you guys how to submit your entries. There are probably hundreds of you out there who are just waiting to submit your entries...anyhow just send them in to me.

Click here for my favorite site

Sorry for the lame update tonight, I ran out for a bit which turned out to be a longer bit and so on and so on. All I can say is I'm really starting to wonder where exactly JayB is...it's not like him to just 'give up' on something that means so much to him.....Larmal. Oh well.

Jun 28, 2000


Almost the end of June!!! I don't know why I'm cheering, as that just means its one day closer to the end of summer. And what a horrible summer it's been too, damn cold for this time of year. Hell, blame it on the jetstream or whatever but we all know these weather patterns are part of some insane government plot to generate more revenue for the bunnyhug and sweater market. Really, I looked into it...

As promised, today I have a new comic by soul_d. WARNING: Viewer discresion is advised.

Current EJ Webcam - Updates every month
Well...just as I was about to right up a memorial speech for EJ, Larmal finally re-emerged. Yes, after a week away from the site no less. I'm beginning to wonder exactly why he ever bothered to write "Updates every minute" under his webcam, I don't think I have ever seen it update twice in a freakin' day. Oh well. I wonder if JayB will ever come back...

Looks like the old rappablords.eu.org name finally resolves again. Now thats service! Only took 3 weeks to process a request...I guess thats what I get for relying on a free service. DNS sucks, especially when you do it yourself. Oh well.

I need some more submissions for the T-Shirt contest, currently I only have 1. Come on you guys and gals, I know I have some original readers out there! _SPACE_! YC! Dog Pound! Lets get some originality flowing here.

For those of you who missed my wonderful stileproject ripoff, you can still see it here. Almost as good as EJ ripoff, hey? Hmmm...I need some new ideas :) Somebody write "Spitfire Licks Sack" across their naked body and take a picture and send it in or something, now THAT would be good content. Until then, I'm afraid your stuck with some usefull camping tips, and terrible geek humour. Sorry guys...

Don't forget to post your comments on the Rappablords Online Discussion Group!

Jun 27, 2000


One day closer to the end of my life

Kinda of depressing title, isn't it? Well, I'm not REALLY depressed, but if you think about it, it's true. Everyday we are but one day closer to our own demise, and there is nothing we can do about it....well, except sit around and read all these updates to my site, which MAY extend your life by a matter of years. Thats right! Rblords SAVES!

Today I got home from work to find a letter on the table addressed to me from SIAST, where I just graduated. Upon opening the envelope I see that there are 5 job postings inside. I decide to take a look and see what there is going around and come across a job posting for a position in a small town public library, salary: $8/hour. WTF?? This can't be serious? They ACTUALLY expect us to consider an $8/hr job after wasting two years of our lives and 10k+ of our wallets in that stupid course?? Oh well, whatever, I have a job so I guess I have nothing to complain about, but this is about as lame as the time Staples posted a job for $7/hr.

Well, looks like Blue4130 has finally awoked from his tussin-provoked slumber and has sent me a breif message to assure the readers of rblords that he is still alive. Good job Blue4130!!

"I just thought that i should clear some "issues" up about the big party at Dallas' House O' Lush's. I want to state that anything done by me or my affiliates through out the course of the evening was 100% alcohol induced. There was a lot of Tussin' and Lovin' going on that night. I was not tricked into the tussin' like Clay suggests. I can't recall any tussin or vodka comming near my throat therefor it didn't happen. I also don't recall going home, therefor that also didn't happen. I do recall, though, two certain people getting "friendly" Bart and Erica, damn they seemed to go missing for a while. But then again so did I, then i fell off the roof and was found, Problem solved. After nearly being dacapitatd by my wine cork I have decided that wine is a bad idea in more ways than one. But it is still better than Tussin. Its time or this cowboy to sign off. I feel a case of insomniac setting in. Where did I put that remote?"

Does anyone remember that hilarious audio clip with the girl who kicked some guy's dog? Well, it looks like someone has gone ahead and taken this one step further by adding a flash animation to the clip. You can check it out here.

Larmal, in absense of JayB (who is now dead or something), has come up with the great idea to sell T-Shirts off of their site. This is a great idea, and the design isn't all THAT bad. You also have the choice of 5 colors. "Backdoor Black", "Gay Navy", "Fag Orange", "Bright iredecent coming-out-of-the-closet blue", and "Anal virgin White".

All this T-Shirt talk has made me hungry for some Pheonix Claw, but I guess I'll have to settle for some dry rasin bran. Mmmmm.... I hereby present a contest to all of you, my dedicated readers!!


Perhaps I'll even consider getting one made for myself...

On another totally unrelated happy topic, I forgot to pay my $6 parking ticket on time so now I have to pay the full amount, $40. Of course I'm not going to pay this amount or else I would be admitting that I was wrong, which I wasn't, not morally anyway. Parking in hospital emergency zones is perfectly 'morally' just.

Watch out for tomorrow when I will present a comic from none other than soul_d. This could prove very interesting, and I am not even going to look at it until tomorrow.

Jun 26, 2000


Another Monday and almost the end of the month! Saturday night was the big party at soul_d's place and boy did it rock. Just ask Blue4130 who got tricked into drinking a shot of vodka and Robitussin. Just remember, when your outta 'tussin, just pour some vodka in the bottle and you gotz mo' tussin!! But please try not to gag...

Back to work again after my nice long weekend. I have had quite a few people come up to me lately and ask me what exactly it is that I do. In fact, many of them have the impression that I do nothing. I'm not sure exactly how they got that impression, I guess its just because I am a city worker.

Well...I basically do whatever there is to do. For the most part that involves carrying an annoying cell phone and answering calls of people who spilt watermellon juice on their brand new mouse and want a new one. Other than that I have a couple projects involving 're-vamping' badly coded MS Access DB code. Thats what my job IS. I also sometimes have to run to different city locations for help calls. What don't I do? I don't dig holes, climb poles, or draw those pretty lines down the center of the street. Well, not yet anyway...

Anyhow, how do you like my new site design? I'm not sure if I could live with it, although its mildly better than jamming scissors into your crotch, listening to the melodic ring of Dot Matrix printers, or enduring the gay colors of EJ.

Jun 23, 2000


Well, I spent a good couple hours putting some finishing touches into the interior of my car. I have to admit, if I were to do it all again I'd probably have ordered brand new parts rather than switching interiors with another car. Its just so much damn work and nothing ever fits the same, even with identical cars. Especially the headliner.

Believe it or not, we have ANOTHER profile today. This time by Dr. Razor himself. In fact, I have received so many profiles from so many people (ok, not THAT many), that I have created a new section in the side bar under "Some more fun" called 'Reader Bios'. Go there to read all the older bios.

Last day of the work is over, and now I get to lounge around on a Friday and get paid for it! I really quite like my job most of the time, but sometimes you have to deal with REALLY stupid people and it can be really frustrating. Just to prove what exactly I mean, I took a video camera to work today and had my partner follow me around. Here is a clip of my day.

Note to YC: By putting up this picture I do not mean to degrade or make fun of you in any way. I am merely suggesting that in your future years you may consider engaging in sexual intercourse with animals.

Oh, and I lied the other day when I said that rappablords.com worked, I guess it does not. Well, it does if you point your dns server to :). I'm not sure why its not working but I don't really care all that much either.

Jun 22, 2000


New Bios

As promised, today I present you with another couple of bios. Today we have __SPACE__ and Dog Pound. Please be aware that Dog Pound's profile contains a lot of vulgar commentary and suggestive outlooks/statements which will most likely bother you. Also, I have never had a duck tail before and have no idea what he was talking about there. We also have a very special last minute entry today, YCs profile. Tired of reading these yet? :)

Just checked and found out that rappablords.com is now working as well :) Fancy that. I am now officially rblords.com, rappablords.com, rappablords.eu.org, oden.pwrsrc.net, and oden.binaryboys.eu.org. Wow, eh? So you can just type in whatever you darn well want. Something to note tho, however, is that if my ip changes again, oden.pwrsrc.net will work much sooner than rblords.com or rappablords.com will. Just letting you know!

What day could be complete without a terrible joke to lighten things up?

In other news, Dylan from thock.com sent an email to mrp the other day asking how he got our VPN working. Hahahahahahhahahhhaha. Mr. Linux super-guru can't get his VPN working :(

This Friday is my first EDO!! That means that I don't have to go to work but I still get paid for it, pretty sweet! So as I have been thinking about what I should do on my Friday I for some reason thought of JayB and the things he taught me during my years at SIAST. "Life is all about keepin' it real" he would say. "Remember when it was all about the music?". He's right, life IS about keepin' it real, however you manage to do it. God bless that man and all that he stood for, rest in peace old friend.
A good example of keepin' it real

Jun 21, 2000


Somebody draw me some comics!

Today I was sent two more bios to post, but unfortunately due to time restrictions they will have to wait for tomorrow...sorry :). On the topic of bios, soul_d seemed to think that the template that was supplied was too vauge so he has created his own bio to fill out. Here it is:

1. What is your name: COWBOY
2. Give yourself a title: Early Morning Stoned fucking Pimp
3. when does a girls ass become to much ass: when it disurbts the lives of migratory birds
4. What is the most impotant thing you learned in life and who taught it to you? I learned how to really really bother peple from clayton.
5. Have you ever had to piss so bad that your kidneys hurt? Fuck of course I did i wrote this thing dammnit
6. Have you ever needed surgery? no.
7. If you could have any virgin girl you wanted, who would it be, and which rock star would you have present to watch? hehehehehehehehehehehehehe. I WANT LYNETTE AND I WANT EDDIE VAN HALLEN TO WATCH
8. What's the deal with Larmal? pride.
9. What is the dumbest thing you did that resulted in personal injury? I stuck my thumb in a cigarette lighter to see if it was hot.
10. What is it about YC that really turns your crank? His combine hat.

I got to attend a special Microsoft meeting today at work. They sent some guy all the way down to give a one hour presentation to all the administrative staff on how to customize the installation of Office 2000. Wow! Such excitement I have never experienced, this even beats the time larmal slept with his client during his school project to help him pass (or so he says). Anyhow, the most entertaining part of the presentation was when he couldn't get Word2000 to load and it kept crashing :). After that I began to fall asleep...I closed my eyes, and began to feel a sort of inner peace flowing through my body. Then I realized that it was just my cellphone set to vibrate.

Sorry for the short update! I'll be back tomorrow with more bios than you can handle, along with some very exclusive Dog Pound material!

Jun 20, 2000


Wow......so much content rolling in, so little time! Seriously, this site is beginning to become a bit of a pain in the ass to maintain. I tried to design it to be easy to update but as it grows bigger, the demand to organize it better grows, and quite honestly I just don't have the time. As it is, I spend at least an hour or two just updating the site each night, and it takes a lot out of me!

I'd like to take a moment to respond to mrp's comment about my comment about his comment:

suck MY offensive content!

Well I think I will start off today's update with some sad news...there will be no more Fight Club. Blue4130 has moved out and thus, the parties must end. No matter, we will find someone else's house to wreck. For now I will leave the Fight Club Page up simply because of the massive amount of hits that it receives.

Since its been a long time since I've posted a song on the site, I thought to myself "What better to post but the king of rock and/or roll???". Kid Rock. I offer to you my favorite Kid Rock song, Ya Keep On Going. I should also mention that this song has the marked approval of soul_d, so download away!

Anybody tired of these long, long personal profiles? Well tough, we have another one for ya by none other than soul_d. It seems that mrp has filled out his own but instead of submitting it to me, he put it up on his own site. Check it out. Oh, and to mrp: SSSSSCCCCCCCCCSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

I promised soul_d I would advertise Soul Devourer Online, not to be mistaken for The SDB Server. Soul Devourer Online is a collection of everything that makes up soul_d, including some mp3s he made in Impulse Tracker! Check it out!

Jun 19, 2000


Today you, my readers, are blessed! Another terrible joke from Unit3 has been posted! And there are more to come tomorrow! God shines his graces upon this fine establishment...

There are so many unique people out there, especially the ones who actually read this site, so today I have provided a wonderfully acurate personality test. Everyone is encouraged to take it, as it is very accurate and takes very little time to complete. After all, it involves looking at colorful shapes!

Well...finally got around to scanning those Pike2k pictures that I was talking about. All I can say is that I'm really dissapointed in my scanner, I had to sit there for an hour and play with the settings to make the pictures look semi-decent, so please excuse the bad quality. Thats what I get for owning a $90 scanner :). Anyhow if you don't know me, these pics probably won't interest you.

Well, it's too late for me to be up at the moment (1:45AM), as I have to work at 8:00 this morning. However, I just got back from a mission with Blue4130 to get his stolen bike back. He tracked down a kid who was involved in stealing it and we were able to get the frame back (which was worth $500). The next house we arived at, the kids dad called the cops on us and so we had to wait around until they showed up and well...of course nothing got done after that. I'll post more tomorrow as we are planning on going back out to get the rest. Congrats to Blue4130 who punched some little 14 yearold kid in the stomach and made him keel over while standing in the rain in only his boxers. Thats right, you don't f*ck with us.

Jun 16, 2000


QUICK UPDATE: I was just catching up on mrp's recent entries on pwrsrc when I came across a link he put up to my site. He then began to talk bad things about rblords, using such phrases as "objectification of women ", "offensive", and "sensless drooling". I'd like to set something straight right here and now, and that is that the staff of rappablords is in no way discriminitory against the female sex, in fact being a completely male staff (do I have a staff or am I just mumbling?) we simply find ourselves rambling on and on sometimes. I try and make a point not to put up 'offensive' material on the site, and I like to keep the vulgarity down as well. I originally designed the site wanting a fun, original place for people so see funny or interesting things, as well as a place for people to share their opinions and stories, the site was never intended to be a stileproject clone. In closing, I would like to state that the opinions of the writers on this site (YC especially) are not neccesarily the opinions of the staff of rapablords (me).

Hey, maybe I SHOULD get a staff...might cut down on my work a little. Anybody out there interested?

On a side note, I received 100 hits between midnight and noon this morning, what the hell is up with that? Am I getting actual reoccuring visitors or is someone with Parkisons just hovering over the reload button on their browser? I've even had hits coming from Microsoft. There goes my idea of posting illegal copies of Office 2000 on the site...

Wahoo, finally got my email up and running, which means that anyone with an account on my machine now has an email address of @rblords.com. Wowee! I considered setting up a POP3 server just for fun but then decided against it seeing as how I really don't need one, but if someone were to ask for it I just may. I really don't know of anyone who uses my system for email anyway. Anyone??

If anyone wants to learn all about me, I have filled out profile of myself just like Freds. Try not to laugh to hard and beware - its very long. I invite all of you other guys and gals out there to fill one of these out as well, just send them in to me

Damnit was I ever busy today, and because of that I apologize for the lame update today. Its Thursday night and I spent the whole time running around trying to get ready to go to the lake tomorrow. The plan was to have everything ready so that all I would have to do tomorrow is leave after work. That's always the plan, but it never works. But you know what? I don't really care, I love camping and even if it rains on me all weekend I'll be happy.

Hang on, here comes another terrible joke from Unit3.

So anyways, I'm off to Martins lake for the weekend. Today I got my first paycheck so I'm quite happy about that, first time in 2 years that I'm going to make more than $200/month :). Quite the financial blow, I hope I can handle it. I'll probably just blow it all on used arcade games next time I go to Regina. Oh well, at least it will be well worth it.

Something you don't see everyday

Haven't gotten any submissions yet for the 'send your picture in for YC' contest. Come on, there HAS to be SOME lady out there who could like a go at the fine male specimen that is YC. Send yer pics to me

The site of the day is freeloto.com because a guy I work with got a check from them today for $1. The funny thing is that it probably cost more for them to send it than $1, but he's going to cash it simply because he figures they don't expect him to. Thats it, fight the power! Anyhow its free to play so give it a shot.

Again, sorry for the lame update, I'll try to get the rest of my Pike Lake 2k photos scanned for Monday. Have a good weekend!

Jun 15, 2000


Well, I really don't wanna blow all my readers away, but today we have AN ARTICLE!. Hehehe, but before that we have an amendment to an article posted the other day by Razor. This time he has added some executeables which you can use to gain more functionality out of napster, such as transfering files other than mp3s. Check out his article, and make sure to visit his newly renovated homepage!.

Wait a minute....what the.......HEY! pfffft hey Razor, I think you need to come up with something a little more attractive to draw hits to your site :)...

Today we have an article from YC about women. Usually when I get an article from YC its a long, rambling story that has no real meaning. Today is no exception, however I can guarantee he has provided the male readers of this site with some mighty fine eye candy so you don't really even have to read the words. Score!

Wow, lots of almost naked girls on this site lately....which is ok, but we need some other content as well! How about some comics?. Just send them to me!

And now for some Dylan quotes courtesy of thock.com, submitted by Dog Pound...

"Utopia: Creation of a Nation is a lot easier than I remembered (but then, I played the world where you didn't have to fight space monsters). After a couple of days of on/off playing, I managed to get 100% QOL :) I think there's a bug in the game, though. I was producing aprox 3 times the amount of megawatts of power my city required, and storing it in the flux pods. However, once every few months, the "droooooooooooooo" of power outages would sound, and flash its icon (the flux pods would also magically empty themselves)."

Here is the terrible link of the day submitted by mrp of pwrsrc.net

I've got more to put up but unfortunately I really don't have enough time to do it all today so it will have to wait one more day...on a side note, YC has requested that I announce that all female readers send in their pictures so that he may look at them and masturbate (well, thats roughly what he said). You can send them to me

Jun 14, 2000


Mofo Porno

Today we have a comic! Wow! And drawn by none other than YC himself.

I am so incredibly impressed at the content submitted to me today by everyone! That combined with the fact that somebody I don't know actually posted in my discussion board has made me a very happy web host. Keep it up! I need you guys to send stuff in every once in awhile so that I know your alive. That, and so I don't have to do it myself :).

by __SPACE__

Dr. Razor has submitted a short article on how to avoid the Napster-Metallica ban. Click on the snazzy logo below to check it out:


Dog Pound forwarded me a link to a new smash hit coming this summer: Godzilla 2000. View the pitiful trailer here. Beware: Scenes may contain horrible english dubbing.

Well, most of you know that I am from the small city of Saskatoon (200'000 people), located in the proud Canadian province of Saskatchewan. You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to get a T1 line coming into my igloo...in fact SaskTel (our service provider...kinda like the RCMP), insisted that I move the a larger igloo so that it would be easier for them to install the line. As if! Anyhow, with our province comes a lot of history and a lot of that history revolves around one of the local inhabitants of a nearby city, Blaine Lake. Well...actually his igloo is a little ways away from Blaine Lake but you get the picture. On the right is a picture I clipped out of yesterday's paper featuring YC himself at the ripe age of 5, our province's proudest 'crop'.

Went and saw Tom Green's 'Road Trip' tonight and I must admit it was pretty damn good. I have always been a big Tom Green fan since I started watching his show on the comedy show (Canadian Channel) where he began. In my opinion, since he moved onto MTV he hasn't been nearly as harsh but he has a big budget now which is cool for him to do all sorts of wacky stuff. Oh yeah, and that blonde in the movie was really damn hot too (Amy Smart).

Wow, even as I am typing this, more content is coming to me! :)

As a last note for today...I am off to the lake again this weekend. Not sure where I am going exactly but it should be some good relaxin' time! You shouldn't notice any lack of updating to the site tho...unless I'm REALLY tired Sunday night.

Another note: If the site isn't loading under rblords.com, try oden.pwrsrc.net. This will ALWAYS resolve before any other dns, and for some reason rblords.com has been a bit flakey (the pointers keep randomly changing...don't know why). So keep reading! I'll still be up!

Jun 13, 2000


The Birth of

I would like to take this opportunity to explain the choice of the name rblords.com. You see, while sitting at home thinking about some cunning name to use for my site, I simply cut out the 'appa' from 'Rappablords' and got 'RBlords'. Upon the realization that my readers probably can't remember shit all, I decided to go for a .com instead of a .net. Wow. And thanks to Joker.com I was able to obtain the name for a very low bargain price.

And now for the Dylan quote of the day:

Somewhat fun flirting with some cute University student at bus stop. She claimed all engineers are heavy drinkers and can't speak english (x/y, what are these?). Denied that it was only in University that engineers are able to drink longshoremen under the table. Also showed of TI85. Chicks dig engineers with big, black calculators ;-)

ugh...enough said...

I was told by YC today that my site is beginning to suck and I realized that he was right. I haven't had a comic up for ages! Wait for tomorrow and I'll see what I can do...I'm just so busy!

Sometimes I marvel at the inventions man has come up with over the past century...I mean what other century has introduced so many useful products into the world? For example, take a look at the picture on the left and remember that without the blessing of the 1900s, we would not have such wonderful devices to aid in the act of men breastfeeding babies. Thinking about these things makes me remember the time I discovered time travel. No shit. One day I woke up from a dream and had a sudden realization of why I had never been able to create a time machine previously...and now I could. However, nobody seems to want to fund my project. Perhaps I will write an article about it later, but I'm not revealing the secret! Oh no...I'm not that stupid...
But amongst all this wonderful technology, where are we? Are we really any better off than we were 100 years ago? Sure, we've got way more toys now and we may live 10 years longer, but back then people were way more friendly and had more sex. How do I know this? Well, I may be just guessing but I think its probably true, I mean they didn't have things like AIDS to scare them off, and the average person got married at the age of 9. No kidding! Oh, that and there weren't so many bums (they just died off because we hadn't invented welfare yet).

Cars for Sale

1981 Camaro - $700
Email: melaniemaryjane@yahoo.com

Ford Car - $50
Phone: (306) 230-6173

Jun 12, 2000


Mid-day Update

Well it seems that rblords.com has gone active, so it's time to celebrate! It might take a couple days for all the cached dns servers to catch up (Shaws anyway), but otherwise its a go. Finally!

Already June 12th and I haven't even had a softcore pr0n day! Well, I hope some of you are still viewing this site. If you are, please drop by the discussion board and let me know that you're out there! I've had a few people comment on the fact that my BBS was a better setup for messages and I have to agree. Therefore I will probably be bringing back the old BBS again, just give me a couple days!

Hellsh0k informed me the other day that while poking fun at thock.com I forgot to mention the most important fact about Dylan, the grand wizard.

Thock it rhymes with Cock. I think this shows conclusivly that Dylan is gay.

I got more pictures back from Pike Lake 2000 today and I will put them up in the gallery as soon as I get them scanned.


I think it is important at this time for me to explain why its not a good idea to allow a Jamaican guy who has been eating chocolate bars to see you while you are excersizing. Well actually its kinda hard to explain but luckily I've found a video which explains what I mean perfectly.

I'd like to take a minute to explain a terrible infomercial that I just saw on TV. You know those after-hours infomercials you see on Fox late at night? Well this one wasn't on Fox but it WAS terrible. It was an advertisement for some company which for some reason wanted to give out loans for broke people to buy new cars so it looked like they had money. Makes sense. The funny part was how they stressed how "anyone" could be approved...but then if you watch the infomercial for long enough (I couldn't find my remote!) they mention that you had to have a permanent residence, a job, a minimum income of $1600/month (thats US folks), and a phone. Now is it just me or would any bank approve a loan to somebody who made $1600/month and lived on their own? The bank would probably also charge less than 13283% interest too. Oh well.

Jun 09, 2000


Mmmmmmmmm......almost Friday!!

Today I would like to take some time to talk about the best damned site on the internet, thock.com. What makes this site so great is that it is run by wizards, one particular grand-wizard named Dylan (9900 hitpoints, maximum charisma). I don't have anything against Dylan really, but I have to ask one thing: Why do you feel its neccesary to create a site which attempts to undermine other's confidence by offering 'tech help' on simple subjects such as linux installations and image blurring (using photoshop), but describe it in complex terms to try and look smart when you could have summed up the whole damn thing in one paragraph without confusing everybody.

Freakin' wizards.

Real Picture of Larmal (click for bio)

I was noticing today that JayB has been kinda slow at his SETI cracking. Is he still doing it? Seems a block or two come in every once in awhile. Also, YC has beat razor....tsk tsk tsk. Time for razor to get a new computer.



Jun 08, 2000


Another day, another exciting day of work. Wahoo. I really need some content you guys!! My excitement of the day was a hardcore lesbian powerpoint presentation which was forwarded to me at work by a collegue. You know how in the old days they used to shake your hand to welcome you? Well this is what they do now. God bless the internet.

.eu.org still hasn't returned my email about the dns change and I'm starting to get really mad, I think I will submit it again. I've also been trying to snag a .com address but that isn't going too well lately either. Damnit.

Unit3 forwarded me this link to a bunch of people trying to form a 'freenet'. Basically this involves a huge distributed anonymous filesystem, where users on the internet could share files in an uncencored environment. Does this sound like a huge pr0n and mp3 network to you? Could be interesting...

Razor in his younger days

I've also got a video for everybody today...its a clip from a police motorcycle training session, thats all I can tell you. I want you to watch this clip and then tell me what YOU would do in this situation.

Jun 07, 2000


I put up a new comic the other day, I don't know if you guys noticed or not. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to do any of my own (too bad eh?), because I've just been at work too damn much. On the topic of work, I'd like to say that I totally scored a job working for the city and I am now officially a Programmer Analyst I. What's the 'I' for? Indestructaba!

I don't believe!

Razor has been complaining lately (well, once anyway) that stile has been ripping off all of my content lately. Doesn't that just make you sick? Aparently he's also been putting it up before I even get around to it! The nerve! Well, to keep the tradition, here is another Tom Green video which you've probably seen on that despicable site before.


For those of you who don't know who Tyler is, he's a rock star from Saskatoon's pride and joy rock band 'Bastard Machine". Haven't heard of them before? That's probably because you are dumb. Anyhow, Tyler (in my opinion) bears an uncany resemblance to the internet star we have all come to love, Mahir. Don't you agree? Tyler's favorite quote: "hehehe...I found bones..."

For all those computer techies out there, Linux now supports Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drives. Yes, ATA/100 is the successor to ATA/66, and the reason you probably haven't heard of it is because no, Microsoft does not support it yet. Funny how things are getting supported on Linux now before Windows :).

Extreme Jerks has a Webcam!

Wow, now we can all stare in amazement as Larmal does nothing, LIVE! Hey Larmal, do you think you could take that camera to work with you?

Also, for those of you who noticed, the Discussion Board has been a bit flakey lately. I think I've fixed it...let me know. I haven't heard back from .eu.org yet so I don't know whats going on with my dns....URGH! I'm gonna lose all my readers! Oh wait, I don't have any readers...YAY!

Fredish has requested that more attention be reverted towards her during this week that her boyfriend, Classnone is gone. You can also catch Fred on ICQ (11728070), or catch a self-description of her here.

Now that this site is such an internationally popular site, I am considering reviving the BBS. Please let me know what you think of this idea, it wouldn't be too hard. Only thing is I still haven't figured out multiple logons...

Jun 06, 2000


Does anyone read this site anymore? Is it worth keeping around? Does anybody get anything out of this? The answer to all these questions may be no, but tough luck, it stays. Stay tuned for rblords.com to rise up.

  • Don't have a website
  • Don't have a life
  • Don't have the name Larmal
Now I understand that could apply to many people but the point is, I have had complaints. So what? According to Skinny Elvis from ExtremeJerks, my site only has 4 visitors anyhow so why should anyone care? Hmmmph.

SDB Server, under new management by Saul Bahir will be going live very shortly. You can drop by the site to sign up for the new SDB Mailing list! Saul promises that when it comes its going to be uncomprehendaba'.

Now I know that Rappablords does not usually promote dirty words such as those portrayed on this anti-racism poster, but I feel in this situation it is acceptable. I mean, come on...think about it...nazi's suck. and I'd love to have a friend that was red, black yellow AND brown. I also think he would make a good comando.

This is official non-prejudice day. But prejudice doesn't just stop at color either. People can be sexist, facist, nudist, Sunkist, Larmalist or even ageist. Ageist? Thats right. For example, some people have the impression that all old people are nothing but entities who are collecting valuable pension money which could be used on more useful things, like building strip-bars. I would like to present this video to help clear up any prejudices you all may have about our precious elderly.

TOP NEWS: The soverign nation of Sealand (6 miles off the coast of England) is starting a Data Heaven. There are also job oportunities, so sign up!

Jun 05, 2000


Rappablords is back!

Well, that was a horrible downtime we suffered here at rblords mostly by my own stupid mistake. I made the bad decision of bringing down my network for about 5 minutes in which time my dhcp client decided to graciously release my ip and request a new one. All I can say is that is you're running RH6.2, consider wiping out pump and replacing it with dhcpcd or dhcpxd.

I'm quite happy to see the site layout back to normal. If you missed the big change, you can see it here. I actually had numerous complaints about how gay the colors were and how stupid it looked which really hurt because that took a long time to develop. That, and the fact that EJ stole my layout long ago before I was even able to put it up here kinda made me mad, but what can I do?

I also realized that during this whole war which has come to pass, I have been very disrespectful to my readers. I have not actually pasted any 'real' content on the site for some time. Up to this point I have relied mainly on readers contributions for content but lately I haven't recieved much of anything from anybody so I guess I'm on my own here.

Have you ever wondered about the secrets of the magic 8-Ball? Did you know that there WAS a secret to it? Well, maybe not, but a group of guys took it upon themselves to disect one of these mysterious objects, and here's what they found.

For videos today we have a somewhat amusing video about the Sega Dreamcast and the Sony Playstation II. All you gamers out there might enjoy this.

Blue4130 is on vacation in BC, although he has informed me that he will be mailing in updates of how he is doing.


Click Here to see razor's awesome EJ hack, which most of you probably missed. This was on their hatemail script page, and that is why they took it down.

Jun 01, 2000


Attack from EJ

Finally, a sign of life from EJ. It seems that my old friend Larmal has developed a funny little script that sends hatemails to me. Sounds original, hey? :)

Either way, a simple forwarding rule is now sending them all back to him so I have nothing to worry about, I actually encourage you all to fill it out, but instead of finding the script on their site please follow this link so that they get less pageviews and therfore get less revenue.

Larmal claims there is an even bigger surprise coming, I just can't wait! This is so exciting!

"A weak man, protects not only his weakness, but cover's it with his own strengths. Strengths that do not exist, are only showing the true heart of a coward"

-Dog Pound (in his younger days)
Also, the hatemail button has been upgraded to Version 2.0 ... meaning that now for every press Jay B receives about 20 emails and so does larmal. Emails to Skinny pElvis have been bouncing...seems his account has been disabled or something.

The War is Over

My friends, I believe everything to be done in this war has been done.

In summary, I created a hatemail button on rappablords and introduced the idea of floodpinging EJ, which I honestly didn't think would effect them whatsoever but Larmal claims it took down the site for a day so hey, bonus. Larmal then informed me that he had a devious, evil plan to get back at me which turned out to be just a copy of the hatemail button I made, but this time in a form. I heard this took him all day to code which is really quite funny as a simple forwarding rule on my linux box shot all those emails right back to him. I sometimes tire of being the best.

I then took it upon myself to rip of EJs site design, and I did so manually using nothing more than a text editor. This took a couple hours and personally I can't wait to get back to my original design. By personally skimming through all the source php and html code on the EJ pages I can say without a doubt that this is the most inefficient, cluttered mess of html that I have ever seen in my life! No wonder it doesn't load properly in Netscape. Got news for you guys, drop Dreamweaver and learn how to code html on your own.

Through this war I have made new enemies, namely Skinny Elvis. I would like to take this time to thank SE for his generous compliments to my site, an accomplishment that I believe earns me the right to call myself a jerk. An 'Extreme Jerk' if you will. Larmal and JayB have not only sold out repeatedly, but have consistently maintained a site that not only displays the gayest blue colors in the spectrum proudly and boldly, but hosts articles which with the possible exception of Jerky Clay, have no 'Extreme'ness to them at all. Even now that they are hosted on the notoriously slow bla-bla servers and have permission to use any content they want, there has been very little change in their content at all.

I don't know what to say guys, except that I expected better from you. I end this war now by my own forfeit, because there is nothing more to gain. I have proven that I, Spitfire of Rappablords, am the only EXTREME JERK in this war, and that in itself is reason enough to celebrate. A bid you all goodnight!


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