May 31, 2000


Well, its been a long month (for me anyway) but it's finally over. Went to see Mission Impossible II tonight, it wasn't bad but it could have been much more original.

It seems JayB has an opinion of my recent attacks towards him. If he had any communication with Larmal then he may have noticed him posting this in my message board...

Spitfire you asshole! Our site isn't even loading today.... you fucker..... floodping me will you? you fucking cunt... I'm gonna kick yer ass right before I fuck it.

Of course, I too suspected that nothing would come out of the attack but supposedly it did so hey, nice surprise. As for the emails, they were going to, which I just remembered is no longer active because with your awesome webspace provider you can only have one, lame email account.

Also, I was promised a quick and sweet revenge, however you keep me waiting. My friends, this war is growing stale. If revenge is a dish best served cold, there would be no finer time than now. Freakin' -5C out there gah...

I am sorry for the lame update but I have a job interview tomorrow and I need time to get ready so see all you idiots tomorrow. Watch out for tomorrow's update, its going to be a good one. That is, if my site is able to sustain the inevitable wrath of the l33t haX0rs at EJ.

May 30, 2000

Spitfire this whole EJ<->Rappablords war is getting interesting. To tell you the truth, this whole thing started out as a little joke between sites to help gain a few more hits but I'm afraid it has become much more than that. You see, even though I have been trying to defend Larmal lately, he has turned against me. I think it is about time that everybody out there take a good look at who is a really good friend of theirs and who would stab them in the back the first chance they got.

No matter.

Current word is that they are going to do something 'aweful' to my site tomorrow, I just can't wait. Why? Because I happen to know that I am twice the l33t HaX0r JayB ever will be, and will get him back twice as worse even if it means sacrificing the Rappablords website.

Oh, and seems as though Rappablords has aquired a new enemy, Skinny pElvis. I don't know whats funnier, the fact that some gay little excuse of an internet script kiddie managed to wrestle the mouse away from his slut of a mother for just long enough to post a complaint about my site, or the fact that in an estatic rage of incoherent self-ratification and pro-countenance, this weasle of a character managed to concoct some pitiful 'nickname' which does nothing more than represent the obvious incompetence and embarrasing proportions of his own penis.

Either way, I am happy to announce that now everytime the hatemail button is pushed (now moved onto the sidebar), Jay B will be sent one email and Skinny pElvis will be sent 3. Also, both Jay and Skinny pElvis will be signed up for free online subscriptions to YM.

I just got this email from Unit3:

--- ping statistics ---
57255 packets transmitted, 53499 packets received, +1634 duplicates,
6% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 62.6/98.8/566.3 ms

Good work everybody, keep up the attack and don't stop until they quit being so grumpy about it.

Anyhow, enough about the war already, thats getting old. How about some more pleasant material such as a guy getting sprayed with water or everybody's favorite: guy gets baseball bat in the groin.

Don't forget to post your comments in the new discussion board...

May 29, 2000


Boo hoo, looks like Rappablords may just have to shut down because Jay B is going to rat me out to the @home network. Little does he know, I actually have a contract with @home, who gets 50% of all profits made by this site.

And perhaps I was being a bit rash by poking fun at the loading speed of Extreme Jerks, but you'd think that a corporate webhosting service would be able to supply adequate bandwidth...especially more than my wimpy little P200 on a cable line can...but then again I don't get near as many hits as they do. Also, as days go by I feel more and more sorry for that poor Larmal fellow, who is the true heart behind EJ and always has been. A dark shadow past over the EJ site the day that he allowed JayB to do updates. tsk tsk.

I would like to take a moment to dedicate today's update to my personal hero, Larmal, a man of dreams, a man of mystery, and most of all the man behind everything that EJ once stood for. It is truely sad that their site had to sellout as it did, but I hope that we could all remember the site it once was, when it was all about rock and roll. Is there something you can do you ask? Why yes, there is!

Today is EJ Denial of Service day!!

Many people do not know how easy it is to annoy other sites and sometimes even take them down. Today I encourage everyone to help bring down EJ. How? It's easy!

If you are using linux (preferred) or some derivative of a Unix-style operating system, and you have access to the 'root' account, simply type the following line:

ping -f

For best results, this command should be left executing for at least 24 hours. If you are using a windows machine, this gets a little bit more difficult. Windows does not come with built in functionality to floodping other people, but you CAN still ping them. As of right now (3:00AM May 29th) I am beginning my floodping.

If you are too lazy to participate in this war, the least you can do is press the following button which will send JayB hatemail...

Please feel free to press this button as many times as you feel neccesary.

May 28, 2000


Alright, another weekend update. Why? Because I can. I'm graduated and I have nothing better to do at the moment than pay attention to the site. Hopefully I can get a few more toys up here, like a discussion board, and maybe a voting topic or something lame like that.

JayB is getting particularily nasty in this Rappablords <-> EJ war. At least I have Dog Pound and Blue4130 on my side, but they have the giant black cat on their side. This could be an interesting war. In fact, today I have decided to post an interview I did with Jay B just a couple days ago.


Thats right, I've finally implemented an online discussion board for rappablords. Feel free to post meaningless rants, accusations and general comments here. I especially welcome any comments about the current war with Extreme Jerks. I encourage anyone and everyone to add at least one message to the board, just because I am curious as to who exactly reads this page.

Don't forget to keep checking back to the site, as it is going through some major renovations currently (now that I have time). Expect an updated archives section, comic section and other goodies as well. Perhaps even a new layout if I get adventurous enough.

May 27, 2000



Well, thats all there is to it. Two years have flown by so quickly so now here I am standing with a diploma and looking for a job. Actually, I'm really in no rush at the moment as I am quite content in enjoying my temporary holiday.

Last night at the awards ceremony for my graduation I was awarded a 'webbie' award. This award wasn't really geared towards rappablords itself, but moreso towards The CST Instructor Cards which gained so much attention back around Xmas time. JayB was awarded an award for being full of himself. Go figure :) Oh yeah, Larmal got an award too.

Memorable Quotes

Jay B: "This banquet is stupid, its just a bunch of old people. I wish I didn't come"

Bryant: "Let smash this bitch Office Space style!"

Larmal: "Did someone say something about guys kissing???"

You know Larmal, I try and support the fact that you are heterosexual but you just don't help me out any...

Dog Pound would like to announce:

"Dog Pound fully endorses the EJ <-> Rappablords war and is on Rappablords side. From now on Extremejerks will be known as"

May 26, 2000


What a busy day! First I get slaughtered on a terrible networking exam (terrible because I didn't really study for it and it was harder than usual), then I have to set up for grad all night. 8:00 rolls around and I realize that since I am the M.C. (along with Blaine) I am going to have to come up with some sort of speech. D'oh. Guess this is what you call the last minute huh?

Because of this whole graduation mess I'm not going to have a very impressive update today (sorry) but since school will be officially over, I promise to come up with something good by Monday. I won't be seeing much more of Larmal or JayB anymore in person but the EJ<->Rappablords war shall continue.


Yeah, think about it...

Unit3 forwarded me an article about the new Voodoo5 card form 3dfx. Sounds pretty impressive:

"Basically, at E3, we had a room dedicated to a "challenge". In it we had identically configured WinPC's running our V5 and their GeForce 2. We didn't identify which machine was which. Then we asked all the media in attendance to individually take the challenge and tell us which they'd rather use. Needless to say the answer was V5!!

I think I may just have to pre-order one of these things...

Anyhow, the war between Extreme Jerks and Rappablords is far from over as Jay B has produced another truely horrible comic depicting me having gay sex with JC. He also tried to make some lame excuse for not updating yesterday AT ALL. What a fag. Either way, watch for a comic to appear soon.

May 25, 2000


As many of you may know, I was once a good friend of both JayB AND Larmal. In fact, we went to school together, had a little fun, and hey we even killed a 1st year student together and sacrificed his remains to the instructors. You'd think something like that would keep friends together forever, but some things are inevitable.

What happened? Well, I've never really had anything against Larmal, except for the fact that he slept with my girlfriend, which made me mad for a second until I realized that this meant that he probably wasn't gay, but I still call him gay anyways. JayB however, now there is a troublemaker. He sits there surfing the internet all day, ranting about how EJ is the best site around even though it takes 1/2 hour to load the page and the php never works and he doesn't even have a real email account anymore and the DNS is not updating and the new layout isn't up yet and his family isn't coming to grad and Larmal is sick again, etc, etc. It just gets so sickening. Everyone knows Rappablords is better than Extreme Jerks anyhow. Well, everybody that matters...

But enough of that, I have a final to study for and a graduation to plan and that takes time! Meanwhile, entertain yourself with this video of how not to kayak, or the latest terrible joke.

May 24, 2000


Ahhhhh so Extreme Jerks has tried to outdue me with a softcore pr0n day of their own!! Hehehe, well we'll see what I can do about that. And besides, at least my bandwidth is decent enough for someone to load my page without having to drink two cups of coffee in the meantime


Damnit I was going to explain just how much school sucks right now because of exams, project, and grad stuff but I realized that Jay has already complained about that today. Even so, its pretty terrible and the worst part is that I don't yet have a job. I think its because people don't like me. I mean even Landon got a letter back from one of the places he applied to (and I applied as well). It may have something to do with the fact that I am black, too. I mean come on, give a nigga' a break.


Clean Family Fun
Also, I have been receiving more and more complaints lately about the content of my site. On one side I have YC complaining that my site is "gross, repelling and unacceptaba', and on the other side I have everyone else demanding that I turn into some sort of hardcore pr0n site. You want to know why I don't show hardcore pr0n? Because family oriented responsible individuals like YC read this site daily and are offended by such material! Rappablords is about clean, healthy family fun. That is all.

Dirty Family Fun

Some of you readers may remember the previous version of this site, and may also remember the "CST Instructor Cards" which got me in a lot of trouble. At the time we had promised to publish the "CST Student Cards" as well but until now it was not completed. Thanks to a lot of work by __SPACE__, we now have them up in very rough layout. You can find them on her webpage.

Take a look at this fine clip from one of the stupid marketting videos that we were forced to watch in class. Its almost as good as this one

I'm pretty impressed at how well my server is doing considering it finds more and more errors on the hard drive every 10 seconds. Good ol' Linux

There is also a new comic today. wow.

May 23, 2000



I'd have to say that, overall, this year's pike lake trip was a success. Friday night was probably our highest turnout (also the night we got the most amount of noise violations). Saturday night was a little more mellow but was fun nonetheless.

Memorable Quotes

Morning after drinking 4 litres of Tequila in one chug:

YC: I can't believe I can't remember anything from last night

On 'why men are so fascinated by breasts':

Blue4130: they're just so fun to squish

On camping in general:

soul_d: it's just so intents

On why he didn't come:

unit3: I had to have an emergency apendectomy

On why he purchased 2 $7 spinny flowers and an old man's hat:

Dog Pound: I am not gay

I also have some videos that were filmed at Pike Lake 2k. Unfortunately, we had some battery trouble so we were very limited as to what we could film. Also, during the night (when all the cool stuff happened), we couldn't really see anything in the camera anyways. These videos along with more pix can be found in the Pike Lake 2k Images/Video Gallery

YC drank a little too much on friday night and as a result can't remember anything after that point (about 4 hours worth). Everybody thought he had dissapeared at one point but we found him laying on the hood of Dog Pound's car. This is our conversation (he probably doesn't remember this either)

So in the end it was an eventful trip. I will have some more stills up when I develop them. Also, apologies to Mark and Javagirl who came all the way out to see us and the conservation officers wouldn't let them in. It was nice to see Chris come in from Ontario as well.

May 19, 2000


Today is the day, I'll see ya'll out at Pike Lake hopefully! If your coming out but you don't know where to look don't forget to phone 241-5440...there will be a recorded message there describing where we are plus any details (like if we've been kicked out yet or not)

Dog Pound. This will be his last article on this subject. Why? Because the content is getting more and more iffy and Dog Pound just keeps getting worse as well. So basically I encourage these two to write some new articles!!! No more fat chicks, scat pr0n, retard pr0n, etc...

Ever wanted to know where YC lives? Here's a map to his town of Marcelin. ROCK ON!!

Blue4130 sent me an email today, it seems he's mad that I accused him of not researching the information in his article:

You want to know what kind of research i did for my article....well i banged 20 chicks out side of the Bez and only 3 said "OH GOD!!!" the rest said "You're MY Daddy"

Nuff said.

There is a new Terrible Joke today and it is really truely terrible, thats for sure.

mrp: "ummm what IS she trying to do..."

Since today is departure day I suppose I should remind everyone that the Pike Lake informational hotline phone number is 241-5440. The phone probably won't be on, but there will be a message regarding our location and any other important details. Looks like the weather is gonna kick ass too :). I don't have a comic up yet today but that is because Unit3 promised me one so I'm waiting on it.


If all goes as planned, I will return with photos and videos so that those who were unable to attend can still witness the greatness that IS PIKE LAKE 2000.

Also, I would like to mention that Extreme Jerks has finally mentioned me in an update. About freakin' time considering 90% of their hits come from this freakin' site. Sheeesh. Now if they wren't such fags their site might be alright.

May 18, 2000


Today was an especially long day at school. Perhaps thats just because its almost at an end...I should just take Jay's attitude and just not show up anymore.

The folks at have come up with a hilarious video conerning Metallica and their lawsuit against Napster. This is extremely hilarious, you must watch it.

Had enough of the whole religion issue yet? First you heard it from YC, then you heard it from Blue4130. Now I present to you probably the most intelligent article this site has ever had, and will ever have. Prepared for you last night by Soul Devourer, our newest article: An Open Letter to the Unfaithful. This site is slowing turning into a religious discussion board.

I'm still planning on creating a discussion board for rappablords, but until then you'll just have to occupy yourself with something else. YC complained yesterday about the 'advertisement' i put up for Busch with the guy puking all over the place. He said it was too harsh.


soul_d has asked me to display the following regarding the Pike Lake trip, so listen up!

Pike Lake Information Hotline.
Phone for recorded messages regarding updates and site locations
Hot line goes live at 4PM CST
(306) 241-5440


(306) 230-6173

Thats it for today...tomorrow Audiophile is moving here. Wahoo! He has requested that I tell everyone that his email is officially changing to I can't believe that name wasn't already taken...sure beats my old

May 17, 2000


I knew I was off to a good start yesterday when I realized at about 3:00PM that I had forgotten to show up for court at 8:00AM...

Boy do we have a fun-filled update today!! First of all Blue4130 has finally submitted his newest article. I'm not sure exactly what kind of 'research' he claimed he was doing. Anyhow its a bit of a poke at YC's article from way back. Enjoy Audiophile sent me an urgent message about the Pike Lake trip. I don't want to paraphrase it so here it is:

Heya Spitfire

A busload of Taiwaneese tourists stopped in front of my place and they can't get the bus started so they're staying at my place. They would like to know if they can come with me to Pike Lake. I will now hand the keyboard to Wing-Nup Chan. "Hi we's go flying bus to Sakaston with bitch tit tour guide for time. Cook we can Taiwaneese food for all the troops. I am job." There you go, it's your decision, you're the co-ordinator.... TAIWANEESE FOOD FOR ALL!

The answer is yes, we can always use more Taiwaneese food. Bring all of them.

Dog Pound would like to send out a message to his missed friend and musical partner, Ritz, who is currently in Australia. Here is his message.

Need protection? Hire APA Protection (Make sure to have sound on)

Anyhow, for videos today Razor has submitted The Platrix - basically "The Matrix" but with South Park characters. Its actually pretty damn good. If you don't like it then you can go to hell.

I'm currently working on setting up a rappablords discussion/message board. I think this would be the best solution for Audiophile and Dog Pound's arguements. This will also provide a chance for the readers to express their opinions. Hehehehehe....


Does everybody remember that old Dr. Seus cartoon "The Grinch"? Well, Jim Carrey is starring in a new movie based on the cartoon. Check out the trailer

Busch - The drink of Champions

Well...thats about it for today. Don't forget that this week is PIKE LAKE COMIC STRIP week. This comic strip series will predict the events of the upcoming Pike Lake trip. Oh and by the way, so far the weather forcasts have been favorable so all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. The Saint has agreed to supply women to please Dog Pound's hunger

May 16, 2000


I've decided to put Dog Pound's article up afterall, minus the obscene picture he included with it. Out of all people who submit to this site (there aren't many), Dog Pound is the only one that can go above and beyond my restrictions and produce something so horrible I can't even link to it. Well, I guess you will just have to use your imagination.

Can't have a week without having a video of somebody getting hurt. Let's start with a good Frying pan across the head. Nothing quite beats that...well maybe a James Bond style parking job

I just caught word from soul_d and he would like me to publish one of his musical masterpieces, La Grace de Dieu. He sent this song to me and when I asked him what relevance it had to rappablords he replied:

"If you don't put this mp3 up, I expect three chinese in a rickshaw singing "Funky Town" being pushed by Ben Stein, who just happens to be wearing only a towel"

...well I couldn't find just such a video for him so I guess its going up. You can call it a Rappablords Exclusive...

There is also a new comic up today. This will be the first of a series of comics predicting the outcome of the May log weekend

May 15, 2000


Well well well, it's Monday AGAIN and I have another stupid quiz to write. I don't really have much to say today. Dog Pound sent in an article for me to post but the content is a little harsh for this family oriented site so....I'm gonna wait on that.

Saul Bahir has taken over control of The SDB Server. Apparently it was too much for soul_d to keep up with between that and the U.S.M.C.

You guys had enough of the Waaaazzzzup video parodies? I've got another one for ya! Actually, this has to be one of the better ones...check it out.


I just found out that this site doesn't seem to load in all...not even in 4.7....stupid Netscape...solution? Get IE Thats all I can do...

May 14, 2000


Another weekend update, this is nuts! Still waiting for Blue4130 to send in his damn article. Enough research already!

In other news, ExtremeJerks is finally working 100% so its safe to check it out now, even though it sux. Jay wants people to start sending in pictures with people displaying the words "EJ SUX", hopefully on their nude body parts. This should prove interesting...remember, its YOUR job to participate. Don't hold back folks.

why the hell am I writing this? It's Sunday, I'm supposed to be doing stuff. This was the most useless update I've ever done...

May 13, 2000


I never update on the weekend but here I go anyways, its 3:00 in the freakin' morning and I don't feel like going to bed quite yet.

I have to wonder how many people actually read the content on this site, I mean my webcounter shows 3500 hits as I am writing this but I'm sure a great deal of those are me. I also think this site needs another re-design. Its looking pretty stale compared to all those other exciting sites such as and The SDB Server. But then again I'm l33t and every single update is done manually, by me, using a text editor (pico), none of that pansy Dreamweaver crap like YC uses for his site.

As a funny note, I was trying to get to YC's webpage the other day and I accidently typed in which is some kind of Japanese pr0n site or something. Kinda like typing in instead of

Anyhow, so I was out with Dog Pound and soul_d tonight and we were cruisin' on down 8th street when some guy in a decked out honda civic appears in my rear view mirror and he's zooming up beside me ready to cut me off. Naturally, I hit the gas. Noticing he was going about 90-100km/hr I figured he wouldn't have the time to stop and probably just cream into me (or the car to the front-right of me) which would have been cool. But somehow he managed to squeeze through and get in front of me which really pissed me off. Luckily we saw the guy again later on and witnessed him cutting someone else off REALLY bad. To make a long story short, we ended up at a 7-11 and soul_d gave some cop the guys plate number. You'd think that would be satisfactory enough but Dog Pound REALLY wanted to splash the last 2 litres of my gigantic super doctor pepper drink all over the guys car so we found where he lived and did so. So in the end I feel much younger again...

Enuf of the chit chat, Audiophile has submitted another article in the ongoing war against Dog Pound. Be warned there are disturbing pictures used in this article.

Quote of the day: "I don't think there's anything more entertaining than a crazy mexican" -- Me

May 12, 2000


Well, I had some more downtime yesterday during the morning because of another hard drive failure (same hard drive). Ugh. I will replace it as soon as possible as its really frustrating to have such a sporatic server

If you haven't heard of enough bugs in Microsoft's products so far, there has been yet another security hole found in IE. It appears by using some nifty javascript tricks, a hostile server can gain access to all of the cookies stored on your machine.

Saul Bahir has prepared an advertisement for the May long weekend trip. Accept this as an invitation for all of you to come out and help raise a little hell.

In other news...

*** Dog Pound has officially disowned me for being a lying faggot ***

...and I am at a loss for content so somebody send me in an article or a comic or even a terrible joke!!

Did you know that Dog Pound used to be a goth poet? This is a pic he sent me long ago's Friday, my exam is over, life is good. All I can say is I think I will go on vacation somewhere far away for the weekend. Yeah, that sounds good. Perhaps I'll take a night train.

May 11, 2000


I received an email from Blue4130 yesterday informing me that he is hard at work on an article for the site but it isn't quite done yet. Fair enough, however he did manage to prepare a short blurb for me to put up. He also said that he would be sending me a picture to put somewhere within this blurb but I never recieved it, so if he does get around to sending that pic in I'll post it.

As promised, today is softcore pr0n day, behold! :

Here's a video from Blue4130 which reminds us why you should never stand behind a horse, least not while trying to brand its ass.

Dog Pound seemed very disturbed that the videos he sent me the other day were not up on the site. Well, amongst all of the constant articles, videos and mp3s submitted daily I barely get the chance to look at them so I am sorry I missed these! Anyhow these videos are clips of the Big Show imitating good ol' Hulk Hogan. There are two videos, #1 and #2

I had this great idea for about 30 seconds of dumping all my videos in a FreeDrive account, thinking it would be faster, but it seems that they have taken certain precautions to directly prevent that from happening. Stupid free services.

For some good reading today, I suggest you check out the Jerky Clay Interview on Extreme Jerks, its freakin' hilarious.

May 10, 2000


OOPS - Server was down today for most of the day because of a hard drive failure. Damnit, I need a new HD, anyone got a 500meg - 1gig HD floating around I could use??

Alright so I lied, today isn't going to be softcore pr0n day. But what I have for you is ten times better!! Well maybe not, we'll see...

A new model has been picked for the character of Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider sequels: Lucy Clarkson. Born July 6, 1983 (thats right, that makes her 16), she's 5'11, 140lbs and a 32DD. Ouch

Anyhow her dad was apparently a tomb raider fan and was the one who actually suggested that she apply.

Well everybody, the May long weekend is coming up and you know what that means? Probably not. Well, anyway for the past 5 years I have been going out to Pike Lake every May long weekend to party hard and freeze my ass off at night. I'm looking forward to this year as well, and to celebrate I have written my first article for this site: Rubber Tire Concern: The Game, The Myth, The Legend.

For the link of the day: Ever wondered how to enlarge your breasts naturally by up to 20%? Well now its possible by some means of extracting estrogen from dead cows then freezing it and injecting it into your veins or something. Just read the site.

On a happier note, I receieved an Ass-Gram this morning from an individual by the name of Saul Bahir bearing some political message about YC

As a side note for the day, don't forget to email Larmal of ExtremeJerks and remind him that his site only loads properly 1 out of every 24 reloads.

May 09, 2000


Ok, all I got was complaints today when I went to school that my site wasn't updated in time for everone to see it yesterday. When I informed Jay that I had updated the site within the first hour of the day he then replied "ah ah ah! I update 10:00 the day previous". Then everyone around mumbled to each other then nodded in agreement staring at me like a deer caught in headlights. Fuck that shit, here ya go, an update at....uhhh....11:00. Happy? Anything to remain popular I guess.

Know what pisses me off? I was going to put up a selection from The Killa Bees but the page has been taken down because of "excessive hating". Heh, damnit they were the bomb. Anybody out there got any of their stuff? I'd be happy to host it.

Today is official Audiophile day. Since he's such a ripped mofo I thought he deserved a dedication. Ever wonder why he's called Audiophile? Listen to this A&W commercial which he personally stared in several years back.

GAHHHH I just realized (actually Larmal informed me) that those videos I put up yesterday need the special ATI VCR codec to view them. Damnit. Well until I convert them you get always download the codec yourself for Win95/98 or Win2000. Beware the Windows2000 drivers are huge (6 megs)

Heads up, tomorrow may be another softcore pr0n day

Ooo ooo....just found out that our class is attending an E-Commerce festival/circus tomorrow. I will certainly be getting back to you on how exciting it was so watch for that too! Possibly on Thursday

May 08, 2000


Just a quick update before I go to some links for ya from the gracious mrp and Unit3 (who hasn't submitted many jokes lately!). Are you tired of all those terrible Wazzzup videos yet? Well, here's yet another spoof, this time with Microsoft.

Ever wanted to be able to just burn a whole bunch of mp3s onto a cd and play it in your car cd player? Well, now you can. AIWA charges about $350US for this beast which is a little steep but hey, mp3s

Finally got around to clipping those videos of Dog Pound beating on Unit3! Check them out, but I warn you, I didn't have the time to convert them to mpg so they are in avi format which means 5 megs each :). I must say though, this takes Extreme Backyard Wrestling hands down! I think I promised these videos some time back in March

If you'd much rather look at a smaller, more educational videos, check out these clips which teach you where NOT to put your head. Here and here. Whoa, thats a lot of videos for one day, I'm gonna pay for that in bandwidth...

Well thats it for today. All I can say is Audiophile is gonna be moving down here on the 18th and I think I am going to be forcing him to take care of the site, so there may actually been some half-decent content.

May 05, 2000


Boy do I have some treats for you today!! First off, after bugging Audiophile for weeks, he's finally decided to write an article about how much better he is than all of you. About time too.

Secondly, for all you who enjoyed the flash video of Mr. T killing TuPac, the prequel has finally been released, telling the tale of what exactly happened that night before the Cheetos were stolen. Thankx to Jay for the K-Rad link

Our link of the day today is to an awesome article on the topic of urinals and the untold story behind them (well, kinda). It was written by one of the many talented authors at

Mel must have seen that I had linked to her page because I see she has done a bunch of work to it. Looks good! And I'll try and figure out the problem with my damn modem quickly, thank you. In fact I believe that it is fixed now.

As a last minute entry, Dog Pound has sent me an article in response to the one Audiophile wrote today....sorta. I warn you don't read this if you are easily offended because DP doesn't hold back.

Finally Extreme Jerks is back up and running? If you're wondering why the the site looks different, its because they sold out. I would also like to point out that Rappablords has always been about selling out, so its not like this is a new idea.

May 04, 2000


Got some more videos for ya from a secret source which razor revealed to me. Today we have yet another wazzzzzup ripoff and a very interesting milk commercial. Interesting.

Hmmm...things seem to be really dry around here lately, no new comics or terrible jokes or anything. I would think that by putting up a search engine would easily double the number of hits my page gets but for some odd reason it didn't, and now I'm really choked because I spent a lot of hard work putting that together!

Lets see...Mel has added a new game to her page called MelYahtzee...its quite addictive, you should try it.

For all you Extreme Jerks fans out there, don't worry about the site it IS coming back eventually. And believe me, Larmal is just as pissed off as you are.

Blue4130 sent me an email today saying he's preparing another hot article, but he has to do some research first. Thats kinda scaring me.

On the right is one of my favorite pictures of Blue4130 which really shows a lot about his lifestyle. You never know where you are going to bump into him next...McDonalds, City Hall, inside a support beam for the Diefenbaker train bridge....

On another note, Audiophile is going to be moving to Saskatoon and that kicks ass because we're gonna take him out to Pike Lake on the May long weekend and we're gonna get him hurt really bad. No wait, that was Dog Pound...well whatever there's gonna be carnage anyway. Especially since YC is coming...

May 03, 2000


Just a quick update before I go to bed, not a lot to say really.

A quick check today revealed that the entire site has reached about 112megs which is pretty big considering only about 80 megs of that is downloads. At this rate I'm gonna fill up my damn drive before summer :). Any donations??

zdnet released an article the other day which got some people stirring. The topic was the ineffectiveness of open-source projects and why they do not work, basing his proof on Mozilla. Needless to say the author is getting his share of response to the article!

Looks like Larmal is having some trouble with his site. He is going to have to rename all of his php files to .php3 instead of .php, which is going to be a big job. Good thing DreamWeaver will take care of all the links for him. Good look Larmal!

Alllrighty, well I guess we are needing some content here. It may not be original, but here's a video of a guy jumping from a rooftop into a pine tree. Ouch, that looks like it hurt.

Remember I'm always on the lookout for more content to rip-off, so if anyone has anything that is Rappablords material (or as soul_d calls it "Rappa-boro-lords"), then send it in! I need pictures, videos, songs and articles!

May 02, 2000


Well, the page seems to work just fine in Netscape now (unless you look at the April Archives).

EJ is still down at the moment and Larmal is just having a fit of rage right now because of his massive withdrawl from his wonderful webmaster life.

Razor found this k33wl site yesterday featuring automated realistic java spline bots. Also, for those Wazzzzzup fans out there, here is yet another spoof. Is it just me or are they getting worse?

Unit3 also shared with me this awesome unix add from the 70s or something. Check it out.

Extreme Jerks is up again! It seems to be a little flakey right now but it is back nonetheless. Click on the banner to check out the new updates!

As the site has been getting rather large (considering it isn't based on a database backend), I have decided to add a search engine! You can see it down near the bottem of the menu bar. At the moment it works, but not especially well. In fact, some of the stuff you might find possibly has nothing to do with the site as it just searches the whole directory structure and its a mess! So if your bored try searching for interesting things and who knows what will pop up!

May 01, 2000


Wow, its May already...if you missed some of last weeks updates, I've moved them on over to the archives

Today we have a new article (lets keep 'em coming!!) written by none other than Blue4130 himself. Don't know who he is? He lives in Fight Club (the house that is), he also has mad skillz. Anyhow he has written us a little blurb about what his life is about so take some time and check it out

I'd also like this time to say that I went and saw the movie American Beauty the other day and it kicked ass. Why? Because it was all about this guy in his 40s who is suffering a midlife crisis and is falling in love with his daughters best friend. Finally a movie I can relate to...well except for I'm not in my fourties.....and I don't have a daughter....but you get the picture.

It seems as if Extreme Jerks still hasn't got their dns updated, but don't give up on them, they will be back. Larmal is having a fit waiting for a chance to do the next update

If you notice, I've added a new section to the left menu bar. "The News" now takes you here to the update page as I noticed that some people are too lazy to press the back button on their browser. Also if you didn't know, clicking on one of the logos at the top of the screen will also return you to the main page. Just thought you'd like to know!

Remember to stop by the Sushi Fortune Teller if you are without peace


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