Feb 24, 2003 - Sit down for a bit and learn about the important issues with YC


Well, as many of us are anticipating the arrival of summer, winter tightens it's firm grip on our lives. This morning I left for work and stepped out into a paltry -48 degrees celsius (with windchill). Spitfire will be quick to point out that I only actually had to endure this temperature for the 10 meter walk to my garage seeing as I park underground at work, and in rebuttle I simply say "HA, suckers"! Well, I am still optimistic and believe that by early april we will be enjoying some warmer days, so another month of this is all we should have to worry about.

The weekend party was quite enjoyable, JB and larmal made their appearances and both left their mark in one form or another. Larmal decided to leave his by dumping a bowl full of mystery goo on the living room floor, and it had nothing to do with the fact that spitfire had him pinned down on the couch holding the bowl over him and smearing it on his head while yelling "CALL ME A TROOPA"!!! No, nothing to do with that at all. JB left his by stabbing spitfire with my bottle opener shortly before leaving. I wouldn't have found this out except that I was looking for my keys in the morning which are attached to the bottle opener, and upon calling spitfire he realized "oh THAT is what's stuck in my ribs". All in all there was a lot of beer drank, a LOT of gin chugged, mostly by spitfire, and a lot of mess to clean up in the morning.

Now on to a more pointless topic, which none the less I am very stubborn about and refuse to back down on to anybody! There is a right way to do it, and a wrong way to do it. It seems that a lot of people do it wrong, and it's quite disturbing. There are only 2 ways, my way and the wrong way! I am of course talking about........the orientation of which you place your TP on the roller, what more important issue is there than this! The two options are to have it roll off the back (closer to the wall), or off the front (closer to you and the toilet). The proper orientation is obviously to have it closer to you and the toilet, so rolling off the front. There are many reasons that this way is the best so I will cover a few of them for you.

  • First of all the TP has a much lower chance of piling up when rolling off the front, so your maximum rate of unrolling is much higher from the front.

  • Secondly, when you are drunk and having trouble staying on the shitter let alone unrolling yourself some TP, it is a lot easier to simply hang your arm out above where you think the TP is and let it drop, if by some miracle you lined it up above the TP, then you will swat it on the way down and voila, you have some TP out. If you rolled it off the back of the roll, well you might as well just grab one of the magazines beside you and use that.

  • When you are having trouble finding the end of the roll so it will start unrolling it's way easier to see it when it's facing YOU as opposed to facing the wall.

  • The smaller the roll gets, the harder it is to roll facing the back, but it remains just as easy to roll off the front

    Ok that should be enough reasons for any reasonable person. If it wasn't, well then you can just continue on living life as you have been, full well knowing that you are breaking the 11th commandment, thou shalt not roll their TP from the back!

    Ok on to more serious topics, many of you may be concerned about the americans and all the stuff that's been going on down there. Well don't worry because www.whitehose.org is here to the rescue to explain everything from the vice presidents wife to the new patriotism programs they have initiated to boost military enrollment and get women to stay home and have babies! I mean really, who can argue with this? They are also always on the ball to deliver the latest news like when somebody new moves to town. Also don't forget how much they are thinking about your individual safety. They don't want anything bad to happen to anybody, so make sure to take part in their programs, because they are for your own benefit! Enough of this though, I will leave you to paruse the rest of the information for yourself.

    Well now, I couldn't leave you without a little eye candy to go home with. If any of you watched the tv show "Highschool Reunion" then you undoubtedly noticed Holly, the shy girl who came out of her shell after school and decided to pose for playboy, and so, I give you her playboy photoshoot.
    Pic: 1 2 3 4 5

    Well that is all for now! Tune in next time for Folding VS Bunching!

  • Jan 15, 2003 - YC has a new chariot!


    Hey hey, not really much to say, things have been sort of quiet lately. Nice to finally get a few -30 days in, makes you appreciate how nice -20 actually is! Unfortunately I am extremely sick of winter already, and it's only january. Worst of all, no stat holidays until the middle of april. Well, at least there shouldn't be more than another 2.5 months to endure.

    To alleviate some of the mid winter depression, and mostly just because of the fact that I really wanted one, I recently bought a new car, a 2001 honda prelude. It's a sweet car, low km, loaded with black leather interior, sunroof, heated seats, etc etc. Nice step up from my old cutlass.

    Well, enjoy the cold!

    Dec 19, 2002 - Howdy Doody


    Well hello out there, how are you all enjoying the new rblords? I know I am liking it. Especially the kickass domo-kun mascot or whatever it's called, don't piss him off though or he'll stink the place up. Also, for the love of jebus don't put your kittens in front of him.

    So some winter we are having, it's almost xmas and the average temperature is still probably around -5, and there's no damn snow, what's up with that? All I can say about this weather is what the fuck? Speaking of fuck, i'm sure you have all heard this already, but have you seen it matched to a flash video?

    In further news, our beloved audiophile is gone until mid january, he's out hangin with the rest of his family in vancouver. We miss ya buddy! Make sure and drink a few rum and eggnog's for me!

    I don't have a lot of links, but I do have one that is pretty funny, try out a few scenarios, you'll enjoy it!

    Oh while i'm at it why don't you all check out this video of a horse nailing a chick!

    Ok ok this is the last part of my update, take the test below.

    Feb 04, 2002


    Ah, hello good rblords readers. This is YC aka the King of Saskatoon dropping by to see what's going on in rblords land. I am stuck in doors lately these evenings, thanks to jack fucking frost and the icy death grip he seems to have on the city. Of course he's only got his spindely fingers wrapped around our city, because in toronto today it was a paultry +12. But enough about that.

    This past weekend I got the itch to build something, so I went home and finally built some boxes for the subs i've had sitting in my closet since july. One for my car and one for my house. I tell you once you watch movies with a sub you won't want to see one without it again. I am well on my way to my desired home stereo, I have a sweet rotel preamp, power amp, and of course my newly built sub. Now I just need to get together the cash to order the speaker kit, and build the boxes for it and i'll be pissing off my neighbours on a daily basis. Isn't life grand.

    The warm spell we had prior to this icy cold got me thinking about my car again. I can't wait for spring to roll around so I can pull it out. I only have a couple things I want to work on before spring so I should still have plenty of time to get them done. We'll see if I can scrape up enough spare cash to slap on a nitrous kit this summer and put me deep into the 11's. However I doubt that will happen as I need to save all my money for the next while or i'll never be able to buy a house.

    I know some of you guys like to play video games at work, so I thought i'd show you this site that is full of cool old games from the 70's. There's some pretty neat stuff in there so give it a look next time your board and your boss isn't looking, unless your clayton, then the rules are different, only half an hour tops for you ;)

    Well, I can't think of anything else to say, I drew a comic but it will probably have to wait until spitfire puts it up, so who knows when that will be.

    In spitfire's latest trend I will also leave you with a very important piece of celebrity advice:
    I PITY DA FOO who don't dial 1-800-COLLECT!!!
    - Mr T

    YC - King of Saskatoon

    Nov 30, 2000


    I'm sick, so here's YC:

    So, looks like i'm in charge of the update today seeing as spitfire is sick.

    So how about that election? Looks like it was over in a day, not like the lame americans who can't count a bunch of pieces of paper in a couple weeks. Maybe those americans should watch a bit more sesame street so they could learn the basic principles behind counting.

    It's pretty obvious in this country that there's a huge split between east and west. The alliance took almost ALL of western canada minus a few seats. Then the rest is pretty much all liberal. I went to Politics Watch and did their little questionaire to see who I should have voted for (because I didn't vote) and it turns out that the alliance was their first recommendation, and big surprise the liberals were the bottom of the pile. What does this mean? That probably every policy the liberals will enact will be contrary to what I want. I tell you what, all a party has to do to get me to vote for them is make indians pay taxes. However we all know that no politician has enough balls to try that. Maybe we could make a deal with them, they pay taxes, we give them quebec. Sounds fair to me :)

    Well, spitfire and I were talking this morning about income tax and how the gov't rapes us every chance it gets. Well it turns out that even though his salary is a reasonably amount more than mine, we have almost the same take home pay because he pays a fair amount more income tax than I do. This is off base salary, however the lucky bastard gets a car allowance as well and works overtime. I don't get paid for overtime at my job, I just get to bank the hours for time off, but that's good too. So after his car allowance and OT he's better off than me, good'ol government jobs. Clayton, you should be buying more volares, you could get a new one each month. I mean what else is a car allowance for if not buying more cars???

    Ok, enough of the serious stuff, now on to some more interesting stuff that your actually likely to read. You know all those pictures you always get in your email, or at least spitfire does. You know, the nekid photo's of usually famous people and sometimes you are left wondering if they are real or not??? Well, for you I have found the answer. It's a site called The Fake Detective. All you have to do is send him the picture and he'll tell you if it's fake or not. If it's a good one he'll make it into a case file for other people to see. Also you can look at all the old case files and see a crap load of fake nude pictures. All the harsh ones are censored out though so if your a sick pervert looking for a hard core brittney spears picture you won't find any.

    Here's something else for you. We all know how hard it is to find a good site that doesn't require a credit card and i'm not sure how I stumbled on to this one but at some point in time I did. It's pretty much the only free site I know of that doesn't ask for a credit card or anything. Just head on over to teens missing their panties. Sorry girls I don't have any sites for you, I don't swing that way.

    Well, that is about all for now, I must leave and continue preparations for the summer of 2001, or as some say, the SUMMER OF YC.

    PS - get your ass onto the message board, i'm tired of having to stir the pot to get any action goin on over there.


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