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Today is Prickle Prickle, the 71st day of aftermath in the YOLD3165

created 10:45:15 AM, November 22, 2002
modified 10:53:15 AM, November 22, 2002 - needed more homo

Well, I've tweaked the design of the page up a little bit, do you like it?

I'm not a very good liar - to be completely honest all of the HTML, code, and concept of this page was developed by a very good friend of mine, who also happens to be one of the better web developers I know: Dog Pound. Please take a moment to check out the DP-Cam to see what he is doing RIGHT NOW. Don't be fooled by thinking its a still-frame - thats realtime footage folks. This man takes his time!

Anyhow, I know y'all didn't come to this site to hear me talk about useless crap. You came here to see Guns, smokes, boobs, and maybe even a little bit of pussy. So there you go.

And just so that you can find your way around in your travels, here's a map:

...notice where the middle east is on this map? :P

Anyways thats it for today folks...

(In)Blah blah blah dirty knees blah blah blah give me money please

created 9:12:15 AM, November 22, 2002
modified 11:20:03 AM, November 22, 2002

WHAT?!? It's NOT Harroween anymore? I don't know what soul_d is smoking over at the new actually I do, but he should be advised that the cool thing to do these days is to kick back and not update webpages. I'm just telling it like it is. HOWEVER, I have a considerable incentive for updating today and it has nothing to do with those folks over there.

First off - I've had a few people point out that my site sucks. Not only does the layout suck and not work properly, but apparently it occasionally looks like trash in Opera and certain versions of Mozilla. Also, most of the links on the left sidebar are broken and have not been updated since some time in the year 2000 (hence the Pike Lake 2000 link), all of the downloads have dissapeared except the last few, and the BBS is broken. I don't refute any of these claims. Truth is - it's probably not going to be fixed soon either. But keep sending in your complaints anyways, because its always entertaining.

Well well well, I didn't think I would ever see the day when Doc Razor updated his page. Not only that, but it isn't some sort of annoying trick. Well...maybe it is. Yeah it is - but it's useful! Check it out and find out yet another reason why you shouldn't use IE (unit3 should like this).

Excuse the picture on the right, but I snapped this one day when I kicked down audiophile's door, and I haven't been able to get the picture out of my mind since. In addition to that, and in appreciation of great camel toes everywhere I present you with this, and this.

Nothing could follow those better than a music video for the Dildo Song. What? You haven't heard of the Dildo Song before? Well - you'd better download it quick!. And no, its not some sort of elaborate scheme to make you view jap bukake. Sorry JayB.

In other 'RBlords community' news:
You know what? I don't talk about myself on this site anymore. I'm sure all you readers out there are wondering "What the FUCK is Clayton up to, and why has he been such a dick lately?". Well, for starters, my current 'winter beater', the bluesmobile, has been giving me problems the past couple weeks. This is partially due to sucky gear reduction starters on 70s Chrysler products, and partially because I went offroading with it and bent the exhaust pipe all to shit. The former is my biggest problem - sometimes the starter just decides not to engage and I spend 10 minutes trying over and over until it does. Fuckin' whitey car, needs a spark-plug! Anyways, I'm I'm left thinking to myself - WHY AM I DRIVING THIS CAR WHEN DOG POUND GETS A NEW TRUCK?!? I HATE HIM SOOOO MUCH!! Haha just kidding, he's alright. *SMASH*

Other than that I'm enjoying the glorious life of being a homeowner - high energy costs (leaving my burner on for two days doesn't help), roof repairs, local kids spraypainting my friend's nice car which is parked for the winter in my backyard...all that regular stuff. Oh yeah, and having no extra money - thats nice too! Anyone want to move in with me? The catch is that you have to share a bed with me. Mel??

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Click on the links under the picture on the left to find out why its a bad idea to drive through large puddles! I especially like how everyone is just standing around watching instead of helping the lady get out of her car! This must be american! Speaking of Americans, I heard on the radio last week that they oncovered a tape that supposedly has Bin Ladin's voice on it, revealing that he is still alive. In other words, the search to destroy Bin Ladin continues, however I think know why they can't find him.

Oh well - they can keep looking. And in the meantime we can all sit around and wonder what it would be like if you were there, at the WTC attack, with a high powered dual-laser gun. But hey! Wonder no more! Just click here for a simulation!'s nice to offload some of these piles of content - I have tons more garbage where that came from, but you'll have to wait for another day because right now I'm spent. Oh but wait just a minute - I do have more. And I have saved the best for last. Yes that's right folks - have you ever wanted to know exactly which playmate was in Playboy magazine the month of your birth? Unless you're 50 years old or more, now you can find out! Just go here. That should keep you busy for awhile!

And now - I'm going for lunch.


created 9:24:04 AM, October 30, 2002

Ok. Please excuse the tacky incorrectly spelled title and poorly cut animated gifs, I just got carried away. It is, however, the season to be busting heads and I'm not going to be making comprimises! I have my trusty new sacrificial sword (stupid Ebay TriX0ring me into buying things). I'm going to start chopping and running, and if YOU get in the way its not my problem!!

I don't really have any news to report - other than the fact that I made a trip to Edmonton last weekend which was very fun. Got to visit my good friend Kujo, eat pizza in a hotel room, dick around at the West Ed mall, eat at the Olive Garden, shop at Ikea and beat up some ugly children (I did that for JayB). All in all some good fun. Also this past weekend the young and only YC threw a big party at his house to celebrate his big raise, and promptly passed out to miss half of it!

ACK!! It's Camel-Toe Elvis! Halloween truley does bring out the worst in some people! (Insert joke about my last year's superman costume here).

Well...most people anyways. Check out this sweet bikini! I think that is what __SPACE__ is going to be wearing this year (she told me). I was all like "I don't think that would be a good idea, you might get really cold" and she was all like "shutup I can do whatever I want with my fine, sexy body" and I was like "Damn! True Dat!!"

On a similar subject Dog Pound is really trying hard to think of a good costume that he could wear this year which would also be appropriate to wear to work. Mail him your suggestions if you have some, or maybe just yell at him a bunch. He likes that. Yeah, DP rocks. Anyway, I'm sure he's not going to beat YC's costume!! You know I was just visiting my girlfriend at the Pet store she works at and noticed a sign stated that they will not sell Black cats during the halloween season due to people torturing them (thinking they are witches, I pressume). I thought this was interesting - I guess it would be a good time of year to keep your black cat indoors as well. Anyhow, while standing around I read a book about exotic pets and decided that I want to pick up a pot belly pig. What a practical pet! You can keep him around while he's small and cute, and then when he gets big and mean you can just kill him and eat him! I'm sick and tired of eating cats. SICK and TIRED!

I went and saw the new Jackass movie last night. Before I say anything about the movie I have to complain a bit about the movie prices. $6.50 to watch a movie on a 'cheap' Tuesday?? Whats that? I thought regular price movies were $7! Oh wait, no, they're anywhere from $10 to $13 now! Sheesh - for two people to watch a regular priced movie and get popcorn and two drinks costs damn near $40 now!

Anyway...if you are a fan of the original Jackass series you'll love the movie, plain and simple. If you haven't seen the series - maybe you should get ahold of an episode or catch a re-run (do they even show it anymore?) first. I would rate the movie in DP heads but I just don't think that I could - because its not really a movie. It's simply a two-hour episode of the show! But with the raunchiest, most naked and obscene jokes they could muster that wouldn't possibly be aired on TV.

Don't count on this show making it to your local TV station!! Well that's about it - I threw in a lot of content on this update! (If you missed some of it - go back carefully over all of the highlighted links. ALL OF THEM!). Seems that people are starting to bug me about updating again (now that I've actually made a few). You know what I think? I think you should all start bugging Razor to update HIS page because its getting old. Yeah, you heard me. OLD.



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