This was forwarded to me the other day by my good pal B-Fu|\|k.:

Date: Friday Oct. 20th/1999

I am frightened, terribly terribly frightened my children. But why you ask? Very simple... the hip-hop erra has gone to far this time and Death Jam records has signed the SCSI Rappablords to a lifetime contract on one condition: Kill the Binary Boyz. At first I thought this was some kind of sick joke, it could not be true, it just couldn't! But alas my children, I woke up today to find a dead mouse nailed to my bedroom door with an audio tape shoved half way up its ass and a note that read "Read me or SUCK ASS!". I played the tape and the haunting voice of the evil Z-ROTH plagued my ears... behold, what my ears were listening to was the detailed description of how the SCSI Rappablords plan on killing us... but in the form of their first single. Here is just a short excerpt of the song.

You know I'm gonna kill you,
fill you, distill you,
So you betta not run because yo ass is mine.
You think yer size is heftee,
but it won't stop us from wailing on Kehfee.
YC will be next
After driving over X,
his ass is gonna implode
after we break yo f*@!'n teeth on da road.
And that nizza B-Fu|\|k is gonna die After I chew that nizza's eye...

The song goes on for another terribl 18 minutes... Yes my children... we must be frightened. We must take this threat seriously. I'd ask YC to get his chevelle and help defend us but his ass is toast so I'm not gonna bother. Our only hope is that the CST Card Sharks will come out and defend us... I asked "Justice" Jim McHugh to come out, but he looked at me straight in the eye and told me he'd rather see me die than live another day with him at Kelsey. He than proceeded to give me the infamous "Thumb-Down-You-Failed-Your-Supp-Miserably" power... at which I crumbled at the knees and clinched at my teeth in a fetal position. "WHY!" I screamed... "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!".... all hope is lost without "Justice" Jim McHugh... unless we can get Dave "Final-Killer" Frank to give them his deadly "FINAL-EXAM-SLAM". That's our only hope.