This just came in from Kehfee, I didn't have time to read it so it is currently uncensored. View at own risk:

After reading another deplorable story from that nizza YC. One could not help but think how to get him to stop. Threatening him, beating him up, even telling him to stop never worked. He didn't even stop when I stole his glasses and tried to sell them to Kel. Then I dropped them in the toilet and the toilet was full of feces. Luckily I managed to convince a janitor to fish them out and return them to me... cleaned of course!!. Anyways when he reads this article he will realize I lied to him when I didn't say I knew where they were and will probably want them back. If he promises to stop writing articles I will return them......maybe.

As of the last e-mail from the infamous C-RaD. YC and his right hand man Double D to the BL to the triple mizzand D.J. Dennis Handley had thwarted the attempts from C-RaD and Spitfire to banish the evil SCSI Rappablords from our world back to the world of hardware where they belong and from where YC had freed them.

The evil duo had headed back to Marceland and partook in a celebration of there flawless victory. (The great celebration in fact was just the annual gay-pride march that runs through Marceland all the way to Blaine Lake where all the participants then partake in sodomy.)

Just as the duo and celebrants were nearing BL. The evil blord I-ROTH leapt from the bushes and knocked DH unconscious. I-ROTH then began eating the celebrants one by one, roaring as their fleshy organs were mashed upon I-ROTH's crooked, jagged, teeth.

YC could not abide his loyal friends being eaten by a blord that he felt partially responsible for releasing. YC hopped in the Chevelle and ran over the blord repeatedly until it died. (Or something to that effect). He was a hero all over again. He had saved the townsmen from the evil blord and passed all the blame for the blords release on his sidekick DH. Who was stoned to death by the townspeople. The beautiful maidens offered to thank YC later that night one by one in his bedroom, but he declined and said he would rather play Unreal. When they explained that they really wanted to thank him he threatened to punch them in the eye.

The End.