The Infamous Toga Orgie
By: YC

This story is about a group of friends and some of their adventures. The friends are named:
Spitfire or spit
Lester(a girl)

So, it's friday night, we're all wondering what's gonna be happening tonight cuz it's friday, and CST is NEVER quiet on a friday night. We're having a group huddle throwing some ideas around. Lester and Peemess are shooting down every idea that comes up. We're all thinkin, boy this is gonna suck, they won't do anything fun......

Then Saint pipes up and demands that if they are gonna shoot down our ideas that they had better come up with a better idea or he's gonna start doing his talking hand bit. We all wait impatiently for about 10 seconds when Lester stand up and says "I have it, tonight boys, we're going to have a toga orgie!". We're all going oooh, aaaah, wow Lester, that sounds like fun but i don't know if we're ready to see you and Peemess in toga's, i still need to beable to read andrea's stupid green pen on the board on monday. After receiving a near death beating from Lester and Peemess I agree to go to the toga orgie.

So spitfire and Lester go to find us a hotel room for the nights event. They try one sleezy hotel after another, but none of them have working waterbeds, and Lester refused to go to a room without a waterbed. Eventually spitfire layed the smack down on Lester and got a room at the travelodge with two beds. Lester was insulted that spitfire wanted two beds so she insisted that they push the beds together to make one BIG bed because she doesn't like falling off the bed.

Eventually the rest of the participants are informed of the location and one by one they start to arrive. We all head down to the pool, we're all ready to go water sliding, but Lester wants us to be in the pool and we're not allowed to wear clothes because the life guards won't allow Lester and Peemess to wear a top, so consequently they force us to wear nothing. Well that lasted for about half an hour, and then Lester starts talking about going to do something else because she's getting bored, and she's tired of getting bounced around by YC and Saint. We're all trying to think of something when Lester sais she wants to go watch some pr0|\| back up in the room. We are all kinda scared, watchin a pr0|\| with normal girls would be fine, but with Lester and Peemess? That's just not right. None of us want to say anything about it, then spitfire says, "are you sure that's a good idea?". Lester gets an annoyed look on her face and asks "What's wrong, don't you wanna watch some pr0|\| with me?" as she slide over closely beside spitfire. Spitfire looks towards her, slides away a little, and flattly says "NO". Well spitfire tried to get away but he was visciously attacked by Lester and received many wounds to umb, well, you get the idea. After witnessing that we didn't argue when Lester ordered us back into the room.

Once back into the room we were all ordered to change into our toga's. I said I didn't have one but that wasn't good enough for Lester so I had to wear a bath towel. Then she went around trying to find one for herself, eventually stealing a bed sheet from the hotel, which by the way was thrown out by the hotel afterwards. Then she told Peemess to go order the pr0|\|. Peemess tried to order it but was having technical difficulties. After a lot of heckling Saint went to try it cuz we didn't trust a girl operating anything but a kitchen sink. After Saint wasn't able to fix it Lester insisted on asking the hottest bellman in the hotel to come and fix it for her. When he got there she was all nice to him, inviting him to stay afterwards and showing as much as "respectably" possible with her toga. However he resisted and left, after he closed the door we heard him RUN down the hallway.

So then the pr0|\| started. We were all sitting there waiting for Lester to say something about it but it was Peemess who made the first comment. It was in regards to a specific seen. She exclaimed "Man, that girls **** is all *******, I could do a better job than that". I, not thinking before opening my mouth say "Ya i bet you could". I knew right away that that was not a good thing to say, especially after I felt her bottle of rye hit the side of my head. I woke up a couple minutes later not knowing what had gone on, but hey, I had a bottle of rye beside me so I didn't care.

After another hour of Peemess telling us how crappy the girls were and how much better of a job she could do the show ended. After some more insults from me Peemess left, then I decided to take my leave before Lester got to me, and shortly after Saint left. So it was just spitfire and Lester. Another girl that was with spitfire (picked up on the corner outside of the travelodge), Lester, and spitfire went down to pay for the room. The lady at the desk said, "I see you owe me for a movie", then spitfire said "actually it was not a movie, it was a pr0|\|, they are not the same and Lester made me watch it." The desk lady looked at Lester, winked at her and said "oh your that kind of girl are you, are you coming back tonight?". Lester turned red, payed for the room and quickly left. And no one has spoken of the night until now, but I couldn't let the truth be hidden so I decided to publish it for the public so now everyone will know of the infamous toga orgie.