This was just sent in by YC himself:

Ok, a couple days ago me (YC) and the boys, Elmo, Spit, Kehfee, Saint, and Razor are sittin around after our session and are shootin the shit. We're discussing the crappyness of our newest assignment, the CST crap shoot. Suddenly there is a long pause and we're all slowly gazing at one another waiting for somebody to bitch about something when all of a sudden spitfire jumps up and yells, I need pron NOW!!! We all kind of jump back, scared by spitfires pron depravation rage, we all know what happens when spit doesn't get his pron. We're all freakin out, except for elmo. Elmo looks him straight in the eye, spit squints his eyes as if challenging him. Elmo slowly wispers, I gots what your lookin for and stands up and opens his jacket revealing a stash of old crappy 70's pron icluding a cst special. We're all confused about the showdown that is taking place infront of us.

Well Elmo thinks he has spit beat, but just when he's about to start his victory song spit pipes up, HEY, ELMO MAN, ya i'm talkin to you. Your gonna have to do better than that cuz I'VE SEEN EM ALL. Spit is happy but still pissed off because of his pron depravation rage, then I see a glint in Elmo's eye and he remarks, I've got some shit at home that you've NEVER seen the likes of before, i garontee.

Spit seems intrigued by this statement and sais, well don't just stand there man, bring it ON! So spit and elmo jump in elmo's offroading machine and blast off.

Elmo and spit arrive at elmo's aboad. That's the easy part, getting in is the hard part, the gate keeper into elmo's grounds is very stubborn and won't let just annybody in. Elmo raps on the door a few times, the gate keeper answers. "WHO IS IT?!". Elmo replys "it's Elmo, let me in". The gate keeper yells back "don't pull that shit with me little elmo, who's your bitch?" It's elmo and mes amigo" sais elmo. Well the gatekeeper doesn't like this, he retorts "Yo elmo, don't talk none of that spanish nanojiberish with me, you give it to me straight, hard and when I tell you to or you don't get in". Elmo decides to say hell with this and somehow jumps up onto the top of the house and dives head first down the chimney. This is followed by a loud crashing noise, followed by a lot of yelling and screaming and then the gate keeper flying out of the 3rd story window. You see elmo has learned many fighting moves from his role model cyclops.

Then the gate opens and a loud speaker screeches out "Enter Spitfire". Spit walks in, never before seeing elmo's yard. The door opens, spit enters and the door slams closed behind him. Elmo leads him into the front room where the entire room is one huge TV wrapping all around you, even the floor. Then elmo sais, are you ready for the EURO PRON! Spit gets scared, then elmo flicks on the TV and spit gets blown away. After 10 minutes spitfire is in shock, he can't handle any more so he makes elmo take him back to school. Spit arrives back at school happier than a pig in a mud hole so we are safe from spitfire and his pron attacks for another day.