Once in a lifetime a movie comes along that is so moving, so touching, that a reporter like myself can't help but write a bitchin' article about it. This years "CST Project", written, directed, and staring our very own CST class!

The CST Project - staring Ryan Buhl, Leslie Bealie and Shannon Kacher has scared the pants off of audiences all across the country since its debut nearly one week ago. The $6 budget film was never expected to meet with such success, and now the reviews all point to the same idea: this movie is gold.

The movie begins with 3 CST students who have hiked into the woods in hopes of finishing their dreaded homework, but ends up in a mess the second they realize they don't know where they are.

The movie, which has grossed nearly $34 million already, has already been nominated for many awards, including the best CST film ever award!!!

Download this great movie now by clicking here (123 megs!)