This was forwarded to me the other day by my good pal Kehfee

Date: Friday Oct. 8th/1999


Its time to talk about the new declared leaders of the SCSI Rappablords. They are listed in order of importance from least to greatest. I-ROTH, X-ROTH, Z-ROTH, and |<-|'/\ |p (Loose Translation of machine code) These are the leaders of the Blords. I-ROTH is the leader of the weakest clan called the BloRdS. X-ROTH leads the MegAblOrdS, and Z-ROTH is the leader of the most evil and powerful group the SCSI RAPPABLORDS. |<-|'/\|p is and Overblord and I don't know anything about him except that he keeps it real. There are some artist compositions of each provided.



|<-|'/\ |p