I'm not sure who wrote this, but it's funny because it's about YC and its true

Date: Friday Nov. 15th/1999 3:30PM

Young Chris was ambushed and imprisoned by
some bullies from Blaine Lake. They could
have raped and killed him, but were moved by  YCís youthful happiness.
So they only raped him. Then asked him a very
difficult question.  YC would have
until grad to figure out the answer; but, if, by grad,
he still had no answer, he would be
failed.  The question was:  Describe, in detail, Gaussian Elimination?
Such a question would perplex even the most knowledgeable man,
and, to young Chris, it seemed  an
impossible query.  Since it was marginally better than failing,
however, he accepted the proposition to have
an answer before grad.  He returned to CST
and began to poll everybody: Bryce, Murray, Andrea, Elmo, and 
even Ron.

  In all, he spoke with everyone but no one could give
him an answer he could understand. What most people did tell
him was to consult Cyril Corp, as  only he would
know the answer.  The price would be high, since Cyril Corp.
 was famous throughout CST for confusing
students.  The last day of the year arrived
and YC had no alternative but
  to talk to the Cyril. He agreed to answer his question, but
he'd have to accept his price first: Cyril wanted to skronk
Stacy, YCís roommate with the fuzzy toilet seats! Young Chris was
horrified:  she was a girl... He had never
run across such a repugnant creature.  He refused to
allow Cyril to perform such a horrible act 
Stacy, upon learning of the proposal, spoke with
YC.  She told him that nothing was too big of a
sacrifice compared to YC life (wink, wink) and the
preservation of the fuzzy toilets seat covers.  Hence, their date was
set, and the Cyril answered YCís question: 

> Gaussian Elimination was simply a matter ofÖ..blah, blah, blahÖ

 Everyone instantly knew that Cyril
had uttered a great truth, although no one really understood what he was
talking about.  And so it went.  The BlaineLake bullies raped YC once
again and then granted him total freedom.

  What a night Stacy and Cyril had!  YC was
torn between relief and
disgust because he could here the noise coming from the bedroom.
Cyril was as confusing as always, baffling and
bewildering.  Stacy put her sluttiest outfit on.  She ate with her
hands,  belched and farted, and made both Cyril and YC
uncomfortable.  The climax approached:
Cyril, steeling himself for a massive jizz....

What a sight awaited!  Bryce lay before him!  Cyril Corp was
astounded and asked what had happened.  The beauty replied that
since he had been so kind to
her (when she'd  been Stacy), half the time she would
be her normal self,  and the other half, she
would be Bryce Barrie, and teach him about how linux rules. Which would
Cyril want her to be during the day and which during the night?  What a
cruel question!  Cyril began to think of his
predicament: during the day a beautiful woman to show
off to his friend, but at  night, in the privacy of his
home, the Bodacious Bryce Barrie?  Or would he  prefer having
by day a Linux instructor to show off, but by night a beautiful woman to
enjoy and annoy Chris with?  What would you do?  What Cyril chose
follows below, but don't read until you've answered the following


 - > > -

Noble Cyril replied that he would let her choose
for herself.  Upon  hearing this, she excreted a strange green fluid from
her mouth and turned into Siegfried Dueck. She announced that she
would be Siegfried all the time,  because he had
respected her and had let her be in charge of her own life, and he knew
that Cyril was horny for Siegfried and fantasized about him daily.

 What is the moral of this story?

 The moral is that it doesn't matter who you fantasize about
Bryce or Stacy, in the end all you really want in a Hungarian Net Admin