This was forwarded to me the other day by my good pal Kehfee, orininally written by one of our many sources C-RAD:

Date: Friday Oct. 1st/1999 9:30AM

Damn that YC nigga has done it again. Him and the mic masterbasin, freestyling, gansta bangin, bumrushing, sidekick NYC Dennis to the double d mizzhand. Have hopped a fairy to marceland and have freed yet another SCSI blord of the mizike. This one is considered far more dangerous than the previous one and must be stopped at all costs. It loves sandwiches and I attempted a compository pic of the creatute in which I used all my artistic ability. We have to leave right after Cyril Corp's three hour math class in which you will be doing Gaussian/Brogorian/minotauring algorithms using curve fitting with pi. Now you prepare.

Love C-RAD